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I’ve been away from this site – and business – for a while, so I thought I’d come back with a look at… “The Other Side”.

I may talk about all the usual things in this blog, such as traffic, affiliate programs, advertising, promotion (and much more) so maybe it’s about time to mention some of the other viewpoints around.

Take a look at these sites then continue reading:


Warrior Forum Sucks

Salty Droid


Now I won’t try and state the obvious so much. I’ve never really hidden that “Internet Marketing” is two sides of a coin. There’s the obvious business model of promoting products to prospects, to get sales and/or commissions. This is no different to many, many other business models such as the guy who stands in your shopping mall selling cable, breakdown cover, insurance, legal services… He’s after commissions for sales. It’s also no different to those who place advertisements in magazines and newspapers, send mailshots, do telephone campaigns… or – in our case – run promotional campaigns over the internet.

Then there’s those who are out to blatantly scam, promise undeliverable goals, spam, join the “good ol’ boys club” where it’s just some kind of inner circle who like to buddy up.

It’s easy to become irate and poke a finger and blame people when things go wrong, but we’re all adults. Many people have become rich in this business but many, many more have made a comfortable second income or some pocket money doing something they see as a hobby. The niche doesn’t have to be part of the go-around of selling Internet Marketing products to other Internet Marketing customers. And you don’t have to spend $1000’s to learn any big secret. I’ve said this many times.

I’ll let you make your own mind up. Just remember it really is your mind, and you don’t have to believe in any dreams, but neither do you have to believe those who shoot them down.


We’re Back!

After (another) hiatus, this blog is back in business :-)

Expect the same mix of Internet Marketing Tips, Tactics, Articles, Real-Life Examples, Product Reviews, Opportunities and much more.

There’s a lot happening in the IM world – and we’ll be here to cover it. For all pockets!

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The Top 3 IM Forums

Forums are great places to get news, help and support on almost any subject – and Internet Marketing is no exception. The fact that it’s so easy to start a forum means there are a lot of spam-ridden and low-post forums around, but the three choosen here have stood the test of time.

If you’ve been marketing on the net for a while you’ll no doubt already been familiar with these, but if not they may be an eye opener for you. If you want information on breaking news, want to make deals or contact fellow marketers, or grab a bargain, these are the places to hang out.

1. The Warrior Forum

As the masthead of this site states the forum has been around since 1997. Originally, it was a private forum as part of the Warriors “club” but now it’s open to all.

You’ll find many top names here and a lot going on, and it seems more professional than many other forums. The Warrior Forum is where the players discuss strategies and big deals are struck. Anyone can join, so go along and say “Hi!”.

There are a number of sections in the Forum but perhaps it’s unique selling point is the Warrior Special Offer. Many have quietly made substantial sales here, while others can take advantage of exclusive and unique offers. You can ask for help and advice, post articles, download free ebooks, or simply join in the discussions and offer help to others. All in all a great place to visit.

If you want a taster here’s some extremely useful and comprehensive threads for newbies and here’s the best posts over the last few years.

2. The Anthony Blake Forum

This is the second main Forum that’s been going for a long time. For a number of years this and the Warrior forum ran neck and neck for the most popular place to be in IM circles.

In recent years it’s changed from a more open threaded style of forum to one similar to the Warrior forum, but the information there is still easily accessible and the place seems more friendly than the former. There are a number of ads for Anthony Blakes products, but they don’t obscure the discussions.

Interesting places to look there include the Rants, Name and Shame and Marketplace sections.

3. Digital Point

Like the wild west of the marketing world. This is a rag tag bunch of results driven marketers, who’ll take any chance to get ahead of the competition. It’s a fascinating place to do anything from find true bargains, black hat techniques, or even freelance workers who’ll do anything for a buck.

It’s extremely popular but can be a bit strong for the sensitive soul :-) Personally, I love to browse here once in a while and see what the cutting edge currently is…

Worthy Of Note:

The How To Forums

This is Michael Green’s long running forum, and another popular source of help and ideas. Unlike the other forums listed above this is just a long list of threads, but you’ll find some fascinating discussions inside.

You can find more forums on the old page here. It’s an ugly, unformatted page but the info is still there.

SEO Code Breaker

As the tagline for this product states “Complex SEO Techniques Made Easy” this package will help you get high rankings and drive traffic to your website.

With SEO Code Breaker you’ll get over 5 hrs of video and full access to the exclusive members program – for only $17 !

The best part is the videos proceed in a logical manner, as a proper course should. You’ll start off with the basics, that include finding your market, seeing if that market is viable and more before going onto keyword research.

You’ll then enter the “onpage factors” section, where you’ll learn about the various aspects of your webpage that you can fully control, to help the search engines rank you correctly. From there it’s time to get onto the offpage factors and the linking strategies you’ll need to really rise to the top.

This is one of the best SEO courses I’ve seen – especially for the money. For anyone who needs to increase the search engine penetration (and that’s everyone!) this is a must have. I like the way it starts from the basics – so anyone can benefit – right up to real hardcore tactics that will shoot you the top.

I urge you to at least check the website, and see the “SEO Proof” video as well as the full itineray of what’s included.

SEO Codebreaker

Parasite Piggyback Traffic

I’ve just come across a useful traffic strategy called “Parasite Hosting”. It’s actually something I’ve been doing for a while, but that term describes it well. The idea is you can piggyback the traffic from major sites and direct it to your own.

There are many, many sites you can be a parasite on. In fact, any site that will host your pages. Here’s some popular ones:


…and hundreds more!

You may already have noticed how it works. Each of those sites have been ranked highly by Google, Alexa etc and can help you in a number of ways:

1. Linking to your own site from them to increase your pagerank. These backlinks are from authority sites.

2. Direct traffic from the users and fans of the services themselves.

3. The ability to create strong keyword-based pages on them, to help with organic SEO.

So if you create a hubpage, squidoo lense, Blogger blog, and WordPress blog on your choosen subject, you can put content there and also link back to your own site.

For example, if your site has movie reviews, you can create sattelite sites on as many parasite hosts as you can find. Each of these will be a movie-related theme, and each of them will link to each other, and to your own site.

If done correctly Google won’t mind. Just as long as you provide real content for the end user.

I’ve just bought the rights to a couple of products than can help you find and utilise these sites for driving traffic to your own. The first is “Taking Advantage Of Parasite Hosting” which is a full guide to this strategy, along with 13 Videos illustrating and explaining the concept. This also contains details of the best hosts to use, what content to put on them, and how to utilise the traffic-building potential to it’s utmost.

The second is “Profiting After The Sale” – a great guide to increasing the income you can generate from each main sale you make.

I’ve also thrown in a free copy of the 5-Minute Traffic Tip, since it really is a pretty cool technique in it’s own right :)

All three for only $7 — and that’s with full Master Resale Rights!

You don’t need this guide. This post outlines the tactic, so you can you try it yourself. But having everything in front of you in a PDF and Video form will certainly help you understand how powerful this underrated technique is.

I’ve Launched Another Blog

I’ve created another blog at

This site is an old one of mine that I’m `relaunching`. It’s a personal site, outside the Internet Marketing niche, where I’ll post about interesting websites, games, books and movies.

If that interests you please check it out. It’s still new, but I’ve posted about a fun games membership site, a review of “Speed Racer”, and an interesting page full of celebrity computer ad videos.

More coming soon!

Quick Links

( If you’re looking for  the $5 Traffic Review – It’s the next post [Click Here] – posted wrong link in the mailout )

You may have noticed I’ve started using Twitter to post small, quick links. These appear at the very top of this blog’s homepage, and you can also follow me at:

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the interesting sites I’ve linked lately:

1. You can get a free, full merchant account and start accepting Credit Cards from IPowerPay. This seems to be for US residents only, but if you want to accept payments without having to use paypal/clickbank etc. this is an awesome deal.

2. Here’s a fun website: Greedy People. Basically, this asks the question “What would you do for money?” and people post all kinds of serious and not-so-serious offers here.

3. Free Book from Harvey Seagal: The Ultimate Supertip. This has a very interesting and powerful income opportunity attached.

4. Commission Blueprint is a new business opportunity that is being promoted heavily right now. It’s an interesting way to promote affiliate products via Google, and the authors claim to have made almost $110,000 in 30 days from one ClickBank product…

5. Free Memberships! First is Membership Millionaire, and we also have MiniSite Profits Exposed

Remember, I’ll be posting many more links like this as and when I find them. You can view them right at this blog, or via the Twitter page as mentioned above.

Free Frank Kern Video

Ooohhhh… it’s been – what – over two months since the last post ?

Well, no excuses. I’ve had an “extended break” but now I’m back.

Here’s the first belated post of 2008. And it’s another great video / signup / package from Frank Kern.

Of course Frank is pushing a product here, and you can see he’s building up to a launch, but he’s the master of this kind of thing and even if the information here doesn’t interest you the methodology should.

Here’s the link to “Mass Control”:

The first video should load immediately, but there’s more if you sign up, including the catchingly titled “How To Make Lots Of Money Forever (It’s Working For Me Anyway)”! Come on, the best video title – ever 😀

If you can’t tell yet the videos ARE about list-building, selling, promoting. Basically, where the money is for those of us who do not run massive corporations.

Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you soon.


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