Firesale Magician

Here’s a great new PLR product I’ve just discovered, that shows you how to run an Internet Firesale.

Firesales are something “brick and mortar” stores have used, now with this report you can learn the correct way to structure, run, and succeed with your own Firesale!

The best thing about this package is the amount of PLR goodness you get. PLR of course means “Private Label Rights” and it grants you the right to treat this package as if you had created it yourself, even down to renaming it or crediting yourself as the author. A boon for resellers.


The Firesale Magician Report – which you can brand or edit to your hearts desire.

A Giveaway Report – ideal for list building or tempting prospects to purchase your main report. This is also brandable, and it even comes with…

A Squeeze Page – designed to suck customers in to your free report, and from there onto your paid ebook.

Graphics, Templates, and more – so you can edit the site or use the images in your own promotional activities.

And to make it even easier, you’ll get prewritten blog posts, autoresponder emails, e-mail ads, a keyword list, and even an affiliate program you can use for extra revenue should you wish!

This is in all honesty one of the most complete PLR offers I’ve ever seen. The guide is amazingly useful for those who want to enter the exciting world of Firesales, but the PLR part of the project means you can build a complete site with lead funnelling and more to resell it.

Firesale Magician

PS. There’s a special offer on at the time of writing, where the first 50 people get a real bargain. Check the link to see if it’s still valid!

Membership Site Tactics 2.0 for $1 ($995 in Free Gifts)

Membership Site Tactics 2 $1 Trial - Build  your own Membership Site

Membership Tactics 2 is currently on offer for a $1 trial.

It’s crazy – the membership site “design software” alone
is worth over $197. Yours for $1. And that’s not even
including everything else.

Check it out here:

You’re going to get nearly 2.7 hours of video training
as well.

You’ll discover the secret for working 5 hours a month
and making nearly $20k from your membership site.

And the one traffic secret for filling up your fresh
continuity program with members.

Click the this link now

$1 for a limited time… Think of it as an early present for 2010.

We all know how a Members Site is the premier source of a recurring income. You owe it to yourself to try out this offer before it is pulled

838 Products With Rights

This has been a very popular collection of resell rights material of late. I’ve promoted bumper packages like this before, and given you a ton of ideas on how to use them.

838 Products

I’ve often toyed with making my own mega collections, but why bother when other people have already done it?

You’ll get:

  • Resell and Master Resell Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Private Use Rights

On a wide selection of:

  • Scripts
  • Ebooks
  • Software
  • Videos

So what do you do with all this?

Why not, for starters…

  1. Rebrand the Private Label products and use them as giveaways or low cost sales (perhaps with an affiliate program) that lead to further products from the collection as an upsell? You will find more tips on utilising the hidden  power within every PLR product in this post.
  2. Use one or more products – or even better, rebranded PLR products – to build your list? Consider using Giveaway Events, too.
  3. Use one of the videos, streaming from a webpage, to use as a “squeeze” — or even upload them to YouTube or one of the many, many video sharing sites?
  4. Simply bundle together some of these to make your own sale?
  5. Or even just promote the entire package, as I have done. It’s the lazy way to be sure, but it works.

Most people will simply download the entire collection and do nothing. Don’t be one of them – and have fun :-)

WordPress Micro-Membership System

You all know by now that I love WordPress. It’s a simple to install, highly configurable, and fast blogging and content system.

You could create a simple blog and customise it to your hearts content, as I’ve done here. But did you know that you can also create a complete members site with it, too?

You know the score – it’s consistently drummed into the minds of Internet Marketers, experienced and new alike. A Members Site allows you to make money from your content, even a recurring income, letting you focus on recruiting new members and creating content.

Paul Myers, of Talkbiz fame, is currently running an offer on the “WordPress Micro Membership System“. This powerful plugin – easily installed – let’s you:

  • Handle recurring income via PayPal or Clickbank (the latter option giving you the option to get affiliates to promote your site).
  • Set recurring billing options to any number of days, allowing you to charge per month, quarter, year or any period you like.
  • Control access via post, category, and more. This let’s you run a “normal” blog with perhaps a “Members” category that only members can see.
  • Use “Delayed Feeds” to deliver your content over time. Ideal for courses, drip-fed downloads, and more. Keeps your subscribers subscribing!
  • Allow up to 6 levels of access, ideal for free members, free-but-registered members, paid members, “Gold” members, and more.
  • Create easy opt-in forms.
  • And this includes powerful backup features to export your members, save your content, and more.

As you can see this deceptively powerful little plugin gives you the option to run a private members site. Just imagine: You can offer free content to entice new members, preserve the best content for your paying members, and even get affiliates (hint: use existing members) to promote the site for you!

The WordPress Micro-Membership System Plugin is available here.

Tip: Why not focus on creating niche sites, and use free and PLR content to fill them? This plugin can handle anything you can throw at in, built upon the industry leading WordPress back-end :-) Affiliates can get you traffic, you only need to promote the site to start the ball rolling…

Build Your List For Free

Subscription Rocket

Subscription Rocket

We all know a mailing list is a very powerful tool. With one, you can contact your subscribers and let them know whenever you have a great deal or tips, articles, and information to share. Building a list invariably involves using an autoresponder and forms on your website, but you only get new subscribers by promoting that site.

Another way to build your list is through exchanges, where a group of website owners and marketers will drive subscribers to each other – in effect sharing their lists indirectly.

One such tool I have used in the past was Subscription Rocket – a very powerful and simple to use exchange that you can install on any webpage. This will show a quick window with a selection of lists and e-zines and it allows your visitors to opt-in to these lists if they so desire.

Of course, YOUR list/e-zine will also appear in these windows, across many, many, websites, thus gaining you additional readers without having to promote to them directly!

Version 2 of Subscription Rocket is due soon. It’s not open quite yet, but NOW is the time to join the announcement list and be ready when it does.

Because Subscription Rocket also uses a great referral system, you can promote the service itself to other e-zine and list owners and build your own memberships that way. So get on board before the crowds and make sure YOU are in a great position to benefit.

Subscription Rocket

Update: Subscription Rocket is relaunching as “List Crew” – still the same great service, plus more! I’ll be posting extra information soon.

Accelerated List Building

James Penn is only a teenager, yet he’s grasped the power of e-mail already.

We’re all told how e-mail can make your fortune. Even if today it’s not the money spinner it once was – it’s still more than  capable of boosting your profits and throwing $$$ at you.

It’s not hype. There’s no better way to contact people than via e-mail. Customers, subscribers, and fans of yours are open to new opportunities and are more than welcome to purchase anything they feel can help their business, or help them get started in one.

I’ve discussed list building and e-mail marketing before. It’s still the best way to send out offers, and stay in contact with the people who want to hear from you. After all – we’re all in this together, and the way we find out about new techniques and new offers is via e-mail.

James’ report is a breath of fresh air.

He shows you how to build a list fast. He discusses how to ensure your opt-in conversions can hit 85%. He shows you his own Ezine Articles account to illustrate how simple articles can drive traffic and signups, and even let’s you in on a simple secret that let’s you steal new signups from competitors.

In fact, he’s reduced this to a six step system — but added much more.

You can get James’ system right here.

James himself made $1,500 with 32 sales in 3 days. Maybe that’s not enough for you, but it’s a lot for most people. He then went on to make nearly $4000 over the next few months.

But the beauty of this is that is just an example. It’s easy to replicate!

Effective e-mail lists rely on two strategies. First, you need to build that list, and second, you need to market to that list. He covers both bases with aplomb.

E-mail lists are amazing. I’m on… well, let’s just say more than a few. It’s my primary method of staying in contact with top marketers, learning from the best, and discovering just what works in today’s market. You’re probably the same. That’s the magic – we’re all both consumers and producers. We know how mailing lists work, and we know how to work with them. We all win.

Grab “Accelerated List Building” by James Penn today — for just TEN BUCKS – and get the awesome “Mailing Lists Unleashed” (RRP $37) thrown in!

PS. E-mail rocks. It’s power is undisputed, so take this opportunity to grab a unique guide with some amazing insights at a bargain price. You have a signup form at your site? Learn how to do so much more!

Accelerated List Building with Mailing Lists Unleashed – $10 while stocks last.

PPS. James doesn’t tell you this – but I’ve been to the download page and can  confirm there’s more than one bonus there – along with a special affiliate program… You probably know what I mean 😉

Giveaway Manager Big Discount

Giveaway Manager

Giveaway Manager

If you want to run your own JV Giveaway, then one of the most popular solutions is Giveaway Manager. It’s a very powerful complete solution to running your own events.

You may have taken part in these giveaways yourself – the simple premise is that you provide a free gift, and the visitors to the giveaway site download your gift in exchange for your e-mail. It means you build your subscriber list, and have the chance to make extra money, usually via a “one time offer” upsell or perhaps branded into the product itself.

Giveaways were very popular, appearing whenever an arbitary anniversary is reached, such as Christmas Giveaways, Easter Giveaways, St. Patricks Giveaway, etc. However, I’ve noticed the market is a little quieter these days – the perfect opportunity to launch your own.

If you run the giveaway yourself, you have an extra benefit. You attract existing marketers to use your site as well as people looking for the freebies. Again, you build your list and can make money, but this time you’ll have arguably a more effective list.  The only real work involved is promoting the giveaway but people actively look for these, and you only really need add your event to the existing giveaway lists and directories that are online.

I’ve managed to find another site selling Giveaway Manager with a massive $100 discount. That makes this around 1/3 of the normal price. These guys have secured resell rights to the system, allowing them to undercut the original. Something to think about if you offer resale rights to your own product(s) yourself!

Giveaway Manager features all the back-end control you need, including managing contributors, users, downloads, gifts, OTOs and much more.

Giveaway Manager $100 Discount

P.S. Theres a full video tour of the system at the link above, so you can see how it works, and view the various back-office tools before you buy.

Free SEO Video from STSE2

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is now available again, and to celebrate the Stompernet guys are releasing some highly informative videos about various SEO subjects. These are like the “Going Natural” videos released a while back, and again they are 100% free, but change regularly.

This time around the vid is from Dan Thries and shows you interesting things like how to get on Google’s “secret” update list – where they’ll tell you of any algorithm changes to search results. And they show you how to use images on your site to help alter your pagerank. Plus: How to reverse engineer various search engine features!

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is again available with a $1 Trial Offer that includes a subscription to the “Net Effect” magazine. This sold out pretty quickly first time around, but the guys promise there’s no rush this time!

Please note you do not have to buy the package to see the video. The video is part of the sales page, right at the top, and once you get past the few seconds of Stompernet stuff it’s information all the way.

Internet Success Spider – Free

Neil Shearing has released his “Internet Success Spider” software for free.

Back when I was starting out in Internet Marketing this was one of the top pieces of software, used and promoted by a lot of people. It’s a tool used to find the rankings and popularity of sites related to any niche or search term you wish.

It’s been marketed as a “Super Affiliate” finder, and it can indeed be used for that purpose. If you are looking for affiliates for your product or service, or – indeed – affiliates to signup on any two-tier or more program – give this program a whirl.

Internet Sucess Spider

Neil has also released his Real Link Finder software for free. This can be used to get a backlinks to your site – and can be downloaded from:

Real Link Finder

How To Win With Affiliate Programs

So, what is the best strategy to win with an affiliate program?

Most people starting out on the Internet will probably try affiliate programs first, as they are a great way to make money without having a product of your own. And there are affiliate programs for many, many different businesses.

Some pay only a small amount, so you must have a large volume of sales to make real money – this is true for sites such as Amazon. Some will pay big just for getting a “lead”, i.e. getting someone to submit an application or fill out a form, that is true for many loan and credit card companies. But the vast majority will pay a percentage of the sale, anywhere from 5% to 100%.

In real-world retailing, where you are perhaps selling anything from gym equipment to car parts, you can expect low commissions. On contract-based or financial items, such as mobile phones and credit cards, you can expect a lot more. It’s how, for example, mobile phone resellers can afford to throw in a free laptop… their commissions are THAT high!

But the big problem with these resell affiliate deals is that you are fighting with thousands of other affiliates, all selling the same product. It’s hard to differentiate yourself, and it will cost a lot in pay-per-click ads if you take that route.

In the digital realm, of re-selling ebooks, websites, video files and the rest you can make a lot more, and a lot easier. Most of these companies will pay you via PayPal or Clickbank, some even right up to 100% since their main profits come from their back-end offers. They are basically enticing you to promote their products, sometimes giving you the whole sale, in exchange for a new customer.

But after all this, who is really winning?

Answer: The Affiliate Providers!

So to get back to our first question, how to win with affiliate programs: run your own :)

Think about it. You need sales, and you need traffic. You might want a big e-mail list, or database of customers, or just people to visit your site. Instead of getting out there and promoting and chasing customers yourself, why not run an affiliate program and get other people to bring the customers to you.

And it’s easy to do these days. There are simple scripts you can use with PayPal, or even third party sites such as PayDotCom.Com – but by far the quickest, and perhaps the most professional company, are ClickBank.

ClickBank have been around almost as long as the Internet Marketing “boom” itself. You can offer up to 75% commissions through ClickBank, and your product / site will also appear in their marketplace. Affiliates can find you there, and through a simple link promote your product for you. ClickBank will pay the affiliate, and you, every two weeks.

You can sell almost anything, but ClickBank is geared for digital products in the main. That can be anything from e-books, to videos, to site memberships, to product bundles. The process is simple and elegant, you simply specify the landing page, so ClickBank will accept the payment and send the visitor to your page.

So the next time you need traffic, signups, and sales consider running an affiliate program. Instead of putting 100% of your effort into finding customers, put it into finding affiliates. Before long, you could have a digital army of professional marketers promoting your product for you – and giving you the chance to make money but more importantly finding customers. After all, a customer is worth far more than the initial sale.


For a great overview to running your own Affiliate Program, try the brand new Affiliate System Explosion from Rodger Hyatt.

In this series of videos you can literally watch over Rodgers shoulder as he shows you how to set up your affiliate account, find those important “Super Affiliates”, and provide them with the tools they need to promote YOUR product.

Rodgers videos show you how to master the technical side as well as the marketing side of your own affiliate program. And he’s even thrown in four very useful bonuses, such as “My Internet Marketing Newsletter” and “Deadly Webmaster Mistakes” – extra treats since this package is already priced at a very low point.

So for an in depth but easily understandable guide to running your OWN Affiliate Program and recruiting an army of affiliates to sell YOUR product, try Rodger Hyatt’s “Affiliate System Explosion”. Available for direct download, right now.

Affiliate System Explosion

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