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Membership Tactics 2 is currently on offer for a $1 trial.

It’s crazy – the membership site “design software” alone
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$1 for a limited time… Think of it as an early present for 2010.

We all know how a Members Site is the premier source of a recurring income. You owe it to yourself to try out this offer before it is pulled

Facebook Applications – Traffic, Profits and a Generator!

Facebook is perhaps the most successful social network around. It has overtaken MySpace in a number of countries, and is ranked first or second in most. It’s a site people love to use to stay in contact with their friends or, let’s face it, waste time.

Facebook is massive. For over 30 millon users it’s the first port of call when they go online, and it’s increasingly used from mobile phones such as the iPhone. One of it’s greatest features are the “Facebook Apps” – small applications and games that run within the Facebook interface. Just take a look at this article from CNN back in 2007.

Most of these take the form of simple tests, games, and social experiments. They tend to spread fast, passed from user to user until they reach a critical mass.  The apps are usually simple, passing over “gifts”, but it’s a massive viral playground!

For application developers, it’s a goldmine. A successful facebook app can quickly garner hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users. And each app can carry with it links, banners and graphics to external websites and even micropayments. In marketing terms, this is a thriving, young, affluent market with users willing to spend on what they enjoy. Big business use it for branding, while smaller outfits are more interested in direct income.

Many internet marketers already use Facebook for promotion and advertising, using the sites features such as Groups, Pages, Profiles, Networks, and Events to drive traffic to their external properties. Some use it for networking, to find new partners and customers, but not many use the applications – where the real buzz occurs. There’s a well established belief that having many “friends” can bring a level of success – as witnessed on MySpace, and even Twitter – but the one tool that can be used to bring in more friends is having a popular app. If you have the money you can advertise with Facebook direct – or use it’s “Social Ads” – but even that is unlikely to bring the followers a popular app can bring.

Are you interested in tapping into this market for yourself?

Gift App GeneratorThe new “Gift App Generator” can easily create Facebook Apps – for you!

This unique software tool uses a step-by-step process where you simply enter the relevant information you want to display, add graphics and features as necessary, and then create a fully functional gift app. To pay a programmer to create an app for you would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can see screenshots and a full explanation of the software at the link below.

Early bird pricing during the launch – don’t miss out!

Remember, Facebook is a social network success story. It’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is a celebrity and worth $1.5 BILLION. But that’s not important, it’s the users who make the network – and it’s those users who can help make YOU a success.

Please note: don’t abuse the system. Facebook users will bite back hard if you smack of profiteering. Your gift app should not just be blatant advertising, it should be fun and useful, and as with any social network the people come first.

Giveaway Manager Big Discount

Giveaway Manager

Giveaway Manager

If you want to run your own JV Giveaway, then one of the most popular solutions is Giveaway Manager. It’s a very powerful complete solution to running your own events.

You may have taken part in these giveaways yourself – the simple premise is that you provide a free gift, and the visitors to the giveaway site download your gift in exchange for your e-mail. It means you build your subscriber list, and have the chance to make extra money, usually via a “one time offer” upsell or perhaps branded into the product itself.

Giveaways were very popular, appearing whenever an arbitary anniversary is reached, such as Christmas Giveaways, Easter Giveaways, St. Patricks Giveaway, etc. However, I’ve noticed the market is a little quieter these days – the perfect opportunity to launch your own.

If you run the giveaway yourself, you have an extra benefit. You attract existing marketers to use your site as well as people looking for the freebies. Again, you build your list and can make money, but this time you’ll have arguably a more effective list.  The only real work involved is promoting the giveaway but people actively look for these, and you only really need add your event to the existing giveaway lists and directories that are online.

I’ve managed to find another site selling Giveaway Manager with a massive $100 discount. That makes this around 1/3 of the normal price. These guys have secured resell rights to the system, allowing them to undercut the original. Something to think about if you offer resale rights to your own product(s) yourself!

Giveaway Manager features all the back-end control you need, including managing contributors, users, downloads, gifts, OTOs and much more.

Giveaway Manager $100 Discount

P.S. Theres a full video tour of the system at the link above, so you can see how it works, and view the various back-office tools before you buy.

About This Site…

(this post is not selling anything – please read)

When I first started with Internet Marketing I was, as many people are, seeking for a way to supplement my income.

After all the promises were that you could run a profitable internet business without any of the pitfalls that a traditional “bricks and mortar” business would entail.

There’s a very low barrier of entry to IM, and perhaps that’s the problem.

It’s all to easy to start out – and get trapped into spending a fortune – only to fail pretty early.

The way I see it, there’s three levels of Internet Marketer:

. Those just starting out, making the mistakes everyone makes, and slowly finding their way.

. Those who are making a nice income but probably aren’t doing it full time as their only source of income. This is where, if I’m honest, I and most others are.

. And those who are the “superstars” of IM… you know, those who’se names you see crop up everywhere, those of the million-dollar launches.

The truth is that last category of people, they’re not superhuman in any way. Anyone can achieve what they’ve achieved, and the information is out there — if you know where to look, and mostly for free.

What you do need is the will to succeed and the guts to go for it!

You do need a modicum of technical knowledge (how to set up a site, research a market, run a mailing list, run an affiliate program, etc). But it’s not that difficult. You do need to be tapped in to what’s current, what works, where the money is. And you do need to willing to spend time solving problems. But again, none of this really difficult.

I’ve been online for a long time, since around 1997 or so. The days of 33k modems, dial up access, basic web sites. Before Google even.

Obviously, the internet has changed – a lot.

Read More »

Firesale News

There are two massive Firesales running right now. They’ve been promoted by so many marketers that in fact you’ve probably already either decided to purchase or not as the case may be.

But if you somehow haven’t seen this or you’re sitting on the fence here’s the details:

1. The “SendUsTo.Us” Firesale:

Details: This is only running for seven days so you better decide if you want it.

You’ll get 100 Master Resale Rights products for $37 at launch, then $47 thereafter. That’s 37c to 47c per product!

There’s tons of great stuff here. If you don’t believe go visit the site: Most of this is being sold elsewhere on the net for MORE than this entire package…

Don’t delay if you want the discount .


2. The “Hot Summer Blowout” Sale

This has `only` 50+ Master Resale Products (never thought I’d be saying only for that amount!) but has some serious good software in there.

If you’ve already taken a look, visit again. Some new additions there that may tip you over the edge.

It’s $47 for this collection, around $1 per product. It’s worth comparing this to the previous sale as it seems (IMHO) quality is over quantity on this one.

This site has some unique products, including the massive “Barking” video courses 😀 in fact, MANY *premium* titles.

I don’t know if $47 and $37 will seem a high price to you in todays world of seven-buck sales and dimesales but if you think back that was the normal going rate for just single ebooks. Big ticket items today go for $299-$1499. If you factor in the “47c per product” once broken down this is really a no-brainer.

And don’t get me started on how much a real-world business would cost you…

Just trying to put this price into perspective. If one product in either of these packages could make you even a $100 then you’re laughing.

Download today. Run your own dimesales and $7 sales. Pack them into bundles. Resell seperately. Use to drive traffic from giveaways and ebay. There’s so many uses for quality resale-right products you’ll can literally turn these into thousands of bucks with the right approach…

Google Adwords Primer

Quick Question

What can you get for $5 ?

A year or two back – heck, even a few months back, the answer WOULD NOT have been a great IM book.

But now titles such as this:

are often released.

This is the Google Adwords Primer.

And if you’re at all interested in Googles amazingly successful advertising program, you should grab it.

83 Pages of pure information, all about Adwords.

100% Commissions on referrals :)

The Day Job Killer

Launch: Day Job Killer 

Right now it seems everyone is promoting this. That doesn’t mean it’s bad – It’s a refreshing look at a Marketing Strategy that for once doesn’t promise you the earth :-) Instead, it aims to show you how to earn enough to replace your day job, hence the name.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is one of those $197 + products that, frankly, a lot of people would not find beneficial. But. it’s not. You CAN afford this. Also…

1. This includes proof of the $1M ClickBank Account. I know income proof reports may not be of any use to you in your endeavours, but you’ve got to admit it’s an awesome achievement.

2. This stragegy relies on a combination of proven techniques, solid methods that work.

3. It’s from the author who brought you “Affiliate Project X” last year. And that was a very popular book. This builds on that includes many strategies the author uncovered during that launch.

If for no other reason than to enjoy the sales page and process visit the link below. Remember, it’s always worthwhile examing other peoples launches and sites for real-world examples.

This is affordable, workable, and will probably excite you with the possibilities. For once this is something that can (really!) help you. You won’t need hardly any capital to get started, and you’ll learn valuable insider tips from six-figure guys who quietly churn out fortunes instead of banging their own drums.

There’s a few things I don’t like – such as the “bash the gurus” approach (never helpful) but the benefits outweigh my reservations. The focus is on affiliate marketing – so you don’t need to write books or create products, and you can get started right away.

(Watch the Video!)


Ebook Paper (Dimesale)

You’re in for a treat today… Because Wes Blaylock has released his “Ebook Paper” system – as a Dime Sale!

For less than $5.50 right now you can grab Wes’ awesome eBook Authoring System and start churning out your own fr-ee and paid-for eBooks, and benefit from the amazing traffic and profits they can bring.

If you don’t own an eBook Creation application you need this. But even if you already do own one, take a look at eBook Paper because it does things no other program does, including:

. Reader Editable Fields
. eBook Compression
. Automatic Expiry
. Password Protect Seperate Pages (ideal for “Uprades”)
. Fully Customisable
. Doesn’t “Extract To Temp” – so no thieves can get in
… and much more.

To be honest, at this price this is unmissable. If you can write, start writing. But if you can’t, start using all that Private Label content you have to quickly throw together eBooks on any subject under the sun. Give them away, eBay them, Sell them, – and watch those hits and profits roll in.

This is a Dime Sale. The price is, as I type, $5.30 but is rising fast. It won’t be lower than it is right now. Be sure to promote and you can also earn 100% commissions!


$3 Lifetime Membership

You can now get a LIFETIME Membership to Ian Del Carmens “Fireball” newsletter for just $3. That’s right – three dollars. Not a trial offer, not paid monthly, that’s it.

Click Here To Join

Issue 1 features information on paid membership sites, ways to build an optin list, incorporating interactive features into your site, and more.

You’ll also get the new products “Fireball Reminder System” and “Niche Keyword Finder” with your subscription. And you can even 100% commissions.

All for $3 …


New Dime Sale – PLR Articles

A new sale has launched at Ultimate Dime Sale. And I have a VERY special deal for you today:

“Private Label Article Blowout” !

Over 1000 hot Private Label Articles you can use as you wish…

* Build content sites, perhaps with AdSense of Affiliate Programs included
* Create hot eBooks and Special Reports the easy way
* Submit to Article Directories, with YOUR links included
* Resell to other content users

With these articles you’ll never be short of content!

As with all our Ultimate Dime Sales, this is starting at just $5 but the price is rising fast. (You’ll NEVER get it lower than it is right now!)

And – with our amazing 100% Commission offer just ONE sale will cover your small outlay. But because the price is rising, there’s a fair chance anyone purchasing from your link will pay MORE than you did!

This is brand new, just launched, so be among the first to promote…


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