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WordPress Crusher (Discount)

WordPress Crusher is a unique package of pre-made plugins for Internet Marketers, as well as instructions on how to create your own.

You’ll get 9 ready made plugins that will help automate your WordPress blog(s) with 31 minutes of quick-start videos that will get you up and running right away.

  • Plugin features include:
  • Article Drip-Feed Importer
  • Twitter Button
  • RSS Drip Feeder
  • Video Importer
  • Comment Bribe Machine
  • Twitter Reposter, and More!

You might have seen similiar plugins before – but to own these all in one package enables you to have a blog that is fully automatic. You can easily embed videos, auto-create posts over time from articles you have, include content from RSS feeds, and even “bribe” your visitors to leave comments!

This ideal for any niche sites, adsense sites, or extra content to any kind of site.

But that is not all…

Because WordPress Crusher also teaches you how to create your own plugins!

You’ll get 7 videos lasting over 5 hours showing you how to edit the included fill-in-the-blank templates to write your own WordPress Plugins, sometimes in 60 seconds or less!

This is the shortcut to creating unique wordpress plugins, and blogs. It lets you build your own 100% unique features to your blog, something you can use to sell your blog, or even sell the plugin.

This is a unique package, available for $47 from this link.

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WordPress Crusher – build unique automated blogs, and create your own plugins, today.

Psychology Of Color In Marketing And Design

Colour CircleThis is a guest post from Andrew Harrison, a professional design and marketing consultant. Here he discusses the importance of color in your site design – and shows you how it can alter how people perceive your site and act upon it. This is a subject not often debated in Internet Marketing, so please take the opportunity to read this important information.

If you want to learn more, Andrew offers a free course at the end. Andrew also runs a full membership site with videos, information, software and more to help you make the most of your site design. Please see the “members card” at the end of this post for more information – this is a truly original site that you will want to see.

How to use color to improve your websites performance

What colors did you choose for your site? Blue? Green? Maybe blue with orange? Why did you choose them? Maybe because they look pretty, or maybe because you saw someone else using the same colors. Not choosing the correct colors for your site and or products is a drastic mistake. Every single product in this world has unique colors. Here is an example. Have you ever noticed in the grocery store that the colors they choose for packaging encourage you to buy?

Colors set a mood, and when you use the secret color combinations of big business, your sales will increase. Just choosing some colors that someone else chose will not help you make more sales.

Did you know that some shades of blue actually chase prospects away? You see, not all color shades have the same impact on your site visitors. Choosing colors is a science, not just throw mud at the wall and let’s hope it sticks.

What you need to do is very carefully choose the message that your colors send. I don’t mean from all that free stuff floating around. I can assure you that after 15 years of helping people choose their colors, that all the free stuff will do more damage than good.

You need up-to-date information, examples and a proven formula that works. Please read on, I have included my McDonald’s example. All of the big companies know the power of colors in marketing. In fact, these same companies spend a small fortune to just get it right. You won’t need to spend what they did though.

Okay, here we go.

Yellow = Sun, Life, Energy, Friendly, Innovative etc. . .
Red = Is a color that stimulates the adrenaline glands in the brain. they chose red for this specific purpose. There are other reasons they chose the red, BUT the major one is the chemicals it creates in the brain.

Now ask yourself this, WHO does Mcdonald’s market to? Apes? Dogs? Adults? Children? They have built their empire on directing ads at kids. In fact, those little toys they hand out have done well for them. Enough about that though.

What colors do children respond to? PRIMARY COLORS. So there we have the red. PLUS, adults respond to red as well. (The adult is the action taker) Who has the money to pay for little Johnny’s lunch? So of course, they need to focus on mom or dad in the process. RED is a call to action, AND it also stimulates the appetite.

Now the yellow. Why yellow? Yellow represents MANY things, it all depends on the message being sent, the product and the actual yellow itself. In this case, the message is FRIENDLY. At least one of them anyway. Are they friendly in Mcdonalds? Yes, they are. See my point?

Now let’s move onto the clown. He just screams out so many messages.

Red hair. Red stripes and red shoes. Knowing that red can represent energy, exciting and courageous, well you see what I am getting at. The color red was chosen for the clown very carefully. Now what does Ronald do? I want to really make my point here. HE HAS LOTS of energy. He is also very excited, AND he portrays joy. (Yellow can also represent joy) Do you see what I am getting at?

Now why would he wear yellow? In this case it is because he is friendly, and whose friend is he? The children’s. . .

Yellow can also mean caution, and red can be related to sex or war. It does not matter. It is the message that you want to send and how it relates to your product. This is an example of a company that chose their colors very carefully so that they could send a message, and it has worked out well for them. Colors are processed on a subliminal level.

Hope you enjoyed that. Just please keep in mind that the colors you choose for your site send a message. You can increase your sales by sending out the correct color message.

Let me ask you a question, the pretty flower gets the bee, right? Use the wrong colors on your site, or just go and borrow someone else’s colors because you like them and the results will show. Now, I know a lot of people are making sales with poor color schemes. The point is, if your color scheme is well thought out and chosen correctly, YOU WILL MAKE MORE SALES. I have seen this over and over. The prospect will hang around longer if the colors are attractive and send the correct color message.

Don’t forget. The color is the message. Again, for anyone who does not believe in all this, look at the packaging in the stores, look at the colors BIG companies use. Screw your colors up, or use the wrong ones in the wrong place. . . and.. well you get the point.

Andrew Harrison has been a professional color and marketing consultant for 15 years.

Secrets Of Big Advertising

You can visit to get YOUR free 4 day color and graphics course. This course will teach you how to increase your sales with colors and graphics. Remember, websites are like books, judged by their cover.

Entrecard’s New Changes

Entrecard has long been a popular ad-swapping service for blogs.

You can see their widget over on the sidebar. The idea is you display cards on your site (which are 125×125 image ads) and you earn credits, and you can click on ads on other sites to earn more credits. You get to approve or deny which ads appear on your site. To place your ad on other blogs you simply purchase slots on them, using up your credits. Unlike a traditional banner display you always had the ability to choose where to leave your ads, and what ads to accept. The cost of ads, in credits, varied according to the popularity of the site in question.

It was a pretty useful service which allowed you to network with other blogs and share traffic. By using the Entrecard Toolbar you could quickly browse other blogs in the network and drop or click ads where you wanted.

Now, and rather controversially, the Entrecard network is accepting *paid* ads. This is so that the owner can monetize his network in some way and – he says – both pay for the service and share the revenue with its members by purchasing credits back.

Of course the Entrecard community, or some quarters of it, are up in arms. It seems a free ad swap network is turning into a paid network with paid ads popping up on users dashboards everywhere. Paid ads are mixed with free ads, and you can still accept/deny them as you see fit or automatically allow all ads according to various criteria – for example, automatically allow all ads, all free ads, all ads in your category, etc. As for the income sharing, it seems you have to register for it, and acceptance isn’t guaranteed…

Other issues like clearing the forum and asking all users to re-register have only made the matter worse. However, even though personally originally I wasn’t too happy about this and quite shocked now that I’ve calmed down a bit I see it differently :-)

Of course the owner has the right to make some money out of it. These servers and other features don’t come free. Also, the way it’s set up means you can still accept or deny paid (or any) ads at will. The traffic sharing element is still there, and the paid ads have a benefit too, as in you earn more credits for them. Closing the forum is probably a bad move, as it smacks of censorship, removing dissent. And the revenue sharing is a bit of a mess, either everyone automatically shares or no-one.

So it’s a bit of a mixed situation at the moment. Entrecard, in it’s favour, is an easy to use, popular, and quick loading / low overhead ads system for your blog. If you want paying for your impressions, there are many better ways – but kudos to the developer for incorporating it well. And if you want traffic from it, it’s success relies on the people in the network – and there are other networks.

At first glance it looks like Entrecard built a business by pulling the punters in to a free service then cashing in on them as many have done in the past. But if you think about it a bit more you see that this was inevitable, and it could have been worse. Nothing is really free in this world – so for now I’ll leave the card widget on this blog and we’ll see how things go. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

The Twitter Effect

Twitter is THE social network of the moment. Forget MySpace and Facebook, this is where the buzz is. Media attention, some high profile tweeters, and the sheer ease of use have combined to create something that is growing exponentially. It’s literally exploding in popularity.

So what do marketers do? Take advantage, of course, and try to get some of that traffic for themselves!

While Twitter wasn’t built for marketing (but neither were Facebook, Myspace or even Google originally) the opportunity is still there. But it has to be done correctly – and not abuse the system.

That is where this video seminar comes in. In the Twitter Effect you’ll discover:

  • How to ensure your links are clicked
  • How to make your twitter page more user friendly
  • How to customize your account
  • How to avoid trouble
  • The essential tools and services you MUST use

This is a comple system on marketing with twitter. If traffic is your goal (and little else matters as much in marketing) then the Twitter Effect is a must have.

The Twitter Effect

Creating A Physical Product

Here’s a useful site I just came across,

They’re a one-stop shop for mastering your CD, with cover, and shipping.

So instead of selling your software bundles, Video, or Audio via a download, you can offer it as a physical product. That means higher perceived value, plus it also means you now sell your digital product back on eBay – but as a physical one.

The cost? Kunaki quotes $1.75 per shipped CD. But they do also charge a 5% transaction fee on your complete orders. That is easily incorporated into your product as a P&P charge or even just built into your price.

There are other fulfillment houses on the web, but Kunaki will even send it out 1 order, or 1000’s. You can design your cover on site, have it stored in Kunaki, and just use the service to send out orders.

There are no minimum orders, no contracts, and no order taking. You simply design your product with Kunaki’s software, and once your salespage is setup simply set the order button to go to Kunaki’s website.

It’s an interesting take on selling your digital products as hard-copies. It’s the cost that really makes the service, a fixed $1.75 per item. The only problem I can see is the operators state this is a machine, not a service, so don’t expect marketing help or anything like that. They simply take your product, and take orders and distribute it for you.

It’s not for everyone, I know, but if you think of Lulu.Com as a print-on-demand for books, think of Kunaki.Com as a print-on-demand for DVDs. And it does also mean you can get your product on Amazon, CD Baby, etc.

Try it out at Kunaki.Com

A few ideas spring to mind already for using this services. Own resell rights to an audio or video series? “Kunaki” it! Want to sell software compilations, “Kunaki” it!

This is based in the USA, they will ship abroad, but the postal charge is obviously higher. The other option is to order copies sent to yourself, and ship then manually, but then we’re Internet Marketers – automation is always the best option :)

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