Getting Started with Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Marketing is probably one of the most popular forms of Internet Marketing, since it doesn’t involve having to create, stock, or sell problems of your own. You simply earn commissions from referring customers to the affiliated product. It is pure marketing, in that you promote and advertise for a third party.

As I mentioned before whatever you do with Internet Marketing you are basically connecting customers and products. Therefore, finding the right customers, and the right products, is essential.

These days most large online retailers, such as Amazon and eBay, have affiliate programs. There are also vast networks of affiliate programs for almost every industry you can think of. Commissions will vary widely, from around 6% for a book or DVD from Amazon to 75% or more from selling digital products such as eBooks, Software or Memberships. Some affiliate programs will pay fixed fees, such as $50 per customer. Some will even pay recurring commissions, for services that are billed monthly or members for private sites. It’s easy to see why this form of marketing is attractive.

If you want to earn good money from affiliate programs it’s essential you aim for one that suits you. Some marketers will swear by targeting smaller, less overcrowded niches, so you can focus your efforts there and become a big fish in a small pond. Others will aim for higher payouts, so even though the amount of sales might be lower, the overall profits are good. It’s different for everyone.

One of the first things you do is decide what, and how, to promote. Traditionally paying directly for clicks has been proven to work, but getting it wrong can cost you dearly. Using a system such as Googles Adwords you bid on keywords, pay for every click from that keyword, and direct that visitor to a page where, hopefully, they’ll buy. As an example we’ll say you’re promoting a company that sells motorcycles. These are high value items, with considerable potential rewards. If an average sale of $10000 nets you $650 in commissions, and 1 in 1000 customers you send to the website buys, you know that you can afford to spend around $1.50 per customer. Spend less per customer, make more money. You’d therefore target keywords in Google with terms such as “Buy Motorcycle” – but that would be too vague, and cost dearly. So perhaps “2013 Suzuki GSX-R 750″ is a little more targeted. Perhaps you’d discover customers are unlikely to buy a motorcycle online at all, or it’s only 1 in 10000 who’d buy, but the beauty of Pay Per Click campaigns with Adwords and others is that you can quickly get a feel of how much traffic will cost, and how much you could potentially make. Another example is to target local sales, e.g. “Cable TV in Virginia” or “Broadband in Miami, Florida”. Still massive markets.

The other major way of getting traffic is through the search engines directly, so called Organic Search. These are the sites people visit when searching for information or even when looking to buy. To be successful here your site, or pages on your site, must rank highly, preferably on the first page, for terms people use to search. Getting ranked high is an industry in itself, but in short the keywords you use, the sites that link to you, the age of the site, and the content all contribute. It’s always best to aim your site at your human visitor first and worry about the search engines last, as good quality content, regularly produced, will always win out. Sites such as Blogs, Review Sites, and Forums are all easy to build content for in specific niches. Take for example Amazons affiliate program. You might decide to drill down through the categories (Amazons “Best Sellers” in niche categories are a good start) and start promoting their “Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS Unit”. It’s a specific item in a popular but still less crowded niche (and as a bonus, golf players tend to have more disposable income). You could build a few pages around that product, and others, and start including articles on GPS systems in golf to build content. At around $160-$200 a pop the commissions could add up on this one item. WordPress is a great platform for building niche sites. A content site that grows over time could slowly target every variation of keyword, increasing your rankings as you do.

The great advantage of affiliate marketing is that once you’ve found that ideal product and that ideal audience you build from there, either tweaking your PPC campaigns, adding more products to your portfolio, adding content to your sites, or driving traffic from other sources such as social networks, youtube, or even offline (print ads, flyers, phone). Most of the effort involved in affiliate marketing is driving all this traffic. Some affiliate programs even increase commissions are you get more sales, and the top affiliates often benefit from one-to-one partnerships rather than fixed percentages.

Most marketers will start with affiliate marketing due to the ease of starting up. I won’t say it’s easy making a big income, but once you understand how it works there’s only really one way to go… up!

Finally, a popular affiliate site that sells digital products is Clickbank. You can often enjoy 50% commissions plus on products from here, since the seller has no real overheads other than providing their products digitally. Other websites even offer 100% commissions on digital products, usually direct from the site rather an affiliate network, since to the seller the value is not that initial sale, but rather the lifetime of the customer. All this is worth noting when you consider that affiliate marketing not only refers to you making sales as the affiliate, but the flip side – getting affiliates to sell for YOU…


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Instant Video Articles

Here’s a unique idea…

Turn your videos into articles!

This is a really intriguing product that will allow you to turn any e-mail or report you have lying around into a video.

That means you can tap into the power of youtube and other media sharing sites, driving traffic to your own offers and promotions!

The process is really quite simple, and to help you out there’s a video below that shows you exactly how it’s done.

Instant Video Articles – Instructional Video

Firesale Magician

Here’s a great new PLR product I’ve just discovered, that shows you how to run an Internet Firesale.

Firesales are something “brick and mortar” stores have used, now with this report you can learn the correct way to structure, run, and succeed with your own Firesale!

The best thing about this package is the amount of PLR goodness you get. PLR of course means “Private Label Rights” and it grants you the right to treat this package as if you had created it yourself, even down to renaming it or crediting yourself as the author. A boon for resellers.


The Firesale Magician Report – which you can brand or edit to your hearts desire.

A Giveaway Report – ideal for list building or tempting prospects to purchase your main report. This is also brandable, and it even comes with…

A Squeeze Page – designed to suck customers in to your free report, and from there onto your paid ebook.

Graphics, Templates, and more – so you can edit the site or use the images in your own promotional activities.

And to make it even easier, you’ll get prewritten blog posts, autoresponder emails, e-mail ads, a keyword list, and even an affiliate program you can use for extra revenue should you wish!

This is in all honesty one of the most complete PLR offers I’ve ever seen. The guide is amazingly useful for those who want to enter the exciting world of Firesales, but the PLR part of the project means you can build a complete site with lead funnelling and more to resell it.

Firesale Magician

PS. There’s a special offer on at the time of writing, where the first 50 people get a real bargain. Check the link to see if it’s still valid!

1200 Articles With No Work And At No Cost

Many Internet Marketers know the power of articles. After all, they allow you to create a “presence” on the internet, establishing yourself as an expert at the same time. They also bring you traffic, both from various article directories and from those who propagate your article – such as newsletters, blogs and websites.

There is another way to profit from articles… run your own article directory!

There are many ways to do this. You could manually create webpages that hold articles, or you could use one of the many scripts that will create and maintain a directory for you. You could also use wordpress, or any blogging or cms platform, to do the same job.

I’ve created a directory at:

And although it needs some work on the design, it now holds over 1200 articles without any work on my part!

How did I do it?

1. Install “Article MS” from Article Trader.

2. Install the “UAW Plugin

Follow the instructions for the plugin, and a service called Unique Article Wizard will drip feed unique article content directly to your site!

How does this work?

Article publishers like UAW and Article Trader make their money from promoting articles for a fee, sending them to thousands of directories just like yours. It’s a win/win for both publishers and authors.

By being a publisher, you get valuable content for your site. The UAW service will automatically post articles according to the categories you have set up. As you can see by mine, I’ve set up categories for subjects such as “SEO” and “Affiliate Marketing”.

The next step is to monetize the site. This can be achieved by adding ads to each page – such as Adsense or Clickbank ads. You can also add affiliate links, or even banners or other content. You can also edit the e-mails sent out to authors as they post articles, and to new members. These, of course, can offer other services that you provide.

There’s a little bit of work to make a plain Article MS site more attractive, but even in it’s native form it works. There are templates available you can purchase on the web, or if you have the ability you could of course create your own. You can also take as much or as little control as you wish, such as moderating all articles or not and using the rating system and other features to order your articles.

Need content for your site? Try this little tactic and watch your pages grow!

PS. For best results, it’s worth adding your new directory to your google sitemap. You are using one… aren’t you?

PPS. UAW also offers a WordPress plugin if you would like to take that route to building content…

For more information on article marketing, you can download my free guide.

Social Media Tactics and PaySpree and 100% Commissions

You probably know that most of the work involved in Internet Marketing is in promotion.

After the initial effort of creating a product, the only way to make money is to get people to see it. This can take many forms, from writing articles, through to getting affiliates (more on this later), paying for advertising, search engine optimisation, and much more.

However, lately one form of promotion that is increasingly taking center stage is using Social Networks to get your product before the masses.

Social Networks are the hot new websites of today. Sites and services like Facebook and Twitter are a hotbed of activity. Some people, for example, use Facebook more than they use Google. In fact, some reports claim Facebook could actually overtake Google!

Today I have an excelent report called Social Media Tactics, which details 77 ways you can use these social sites to send traffic to YOUR sites.

It includes tips on creating a Facebook “Fan Page”, on using Youtube, and LinkedIn, and Google Buzz. It’s ideal for those new to social marketing, and seasoned pros could also learn a valuable tip or two.

Social Media Tactics shows how to create your own Blog using WordPress, using Tumblr to save time, and much much more. It’s a concise and direct report – easy to read cover to cover and leaves you raring to go!

I have managed to secure Master Resell Rights to this exciting report, and so can offer it to you for just $7.

And – in an interesting twist – I’m using the new “instant commission” marketplace of to promote it!

That takes me to the second point of this post.

PaySpree is a new affiliate system that uses PayPal to create instant commission networks. Think of it as Clickbank without the fees, or PayDotCom without the hassle of paying your affiliates manually. You can set up any percentage sales, even 100%!

It’s in beta right now, but fully working. You can join up for free or grab the special offer to really hit the ground running.

I set up this whole offer / experiment this afternoon. This report – Social Media Tactics – powered by You can do the same.

Grab Social Media Tactics here

Join PaySpree.Com here

Remember – having affiliates to promote your producs means free traffic, and sales you would not have made yourself. Payspree makes it easy.

And – through the power of PaySpree – you can earn 100% instant commissions on Social Media Tactics!

Membership Site Tactics 2.0 for $1 ($995 in Free Gifts)

Membership Site Tactics 2 $1 Trial - Build  your own Membership Site

Membership Tactics 2 is currently on offer for a $1 trial.

It’s crazy – the membership site “design software” alone
is worth over $197. Yours for $1. And that’s not even
including everything else.

Check it out here:

You’re going to get nearly 2.7 hours of video training
as well.

You’ll discover the secret for working 5 hours a month
and making nearly $20k from your membership site.

And the one traffic secret for filling up your fresh
continuity program with members.

Click the this link now

$1 for a limited time… Think of it as an early present for 2010.

We all know how a Members Site is the premier source of a recurring income. You owe it to yourself to try out this offer before it is pulled

How To Promote In 3 Easy Steps – Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders has released a new video entitled “How To Promote In 3 Easy Steps“.

As well as this video, you’ll also have the chance to win $300!

Marlon is a personal favourite guru of mine, and I have been following him and his products for years. He has a truly unique presentation style and brings an element of psychology to the marketing world.

To watch the video and have a chance at that $300 just follow this link.

And if you want to find out more about Marlon, you can view my mini resource of Marlon material here. Please note it is way out of date, there’s a lot more material to add, but what’s there is very informative and eye-opening.

* If you’ve never experienced Marlon in full flight before, there’s a great video of one of seminar appearances floating around. Ah… here it is … Dead Ducks Don’t Quack!

WordPress Micro-Membership System

You all know by now that I love WordPress. It’s a simple to install, highly configurable, and fast blogging and content system.

You could create a simple blog and customise it to your hearts content, as I’ve done here. But did you know that you can also create a complete members site with it, too?

You know the score – it’s consistently drummed into the minds of Internet Marketers, experienced and new alike. A Members Site allows you to make money from your content, even a recurring income, letting you focus on recruiting new members and creating content.

Paul Myers, of Talkbiz fame, is currently running an offer on the “WordPress Micro Membership System“. This powerful plugin – easily installed – let’s you:

  • Handle recurring income via PayPal or Clickbank (the latter option giving you the option to get affiliates to promote your site).
  • Set recurring billing options to any number of days, allowing you to charge per month, quarter, year or any period you like.
  • Control access via post, category, and more. This let’s you run a “normal” blog with perhaps a “Members” category that only members can see.
  • Use “Delayed Feeds” to deliver your content over time. Ideal for courses, drip-fed downloads, and more. Keeps your subscribers subscribing!
  • Allow up to 6 levels of access, ideal for free members, free-but-registered members, paid members, “Gold” members, and more.
  • Create easy opt-in forms.
  • And this includes powerful backup features to export your members, save your content, and more.

As you can see this deceptively powerful little plugin gives you the option to run a private members site. Just imagine: You can offer free content to entice new members, preserve the best content for your paying members, and even get affiliates (hint: use existing members) to promote the site for you!

The WordPress Micro-Membership System Plugin is available here.

Tip: Why not focus on creating niche sites, and use free and PLR content to fill them? This plugin can handle anything you can throw at in, built upon the industry leading WordPress back-end :-) Affiliates can get you traffic, you only need to promote the site to start the ball rolling…

The Irresistable Offer

Amazing Conversion Rate

Amazing Conversion Rate

In the first of my “Back To Basics” posts yesterday I mentioned that half the battle in Internet Marketing is to find that mythical perfect customer, to whom you would supply the perfect product.

And guess what came across my desk later that day? This video course from Rob Howard and David Bullock entitled “The Irresistable Offer“.

This is all about converting traffic into buyers. After all, why spend all your time, energy and money driving traffic if that traffic is useless to you?

So if you want to discover what makes your perfect customer tick, and find out his buying patterns and keywords, or if you want to push your conversion rates to the heady heights of as much as 20% you need this.

And if you want to work less, and enjoy more, with your business running on autopilot (every marketers goal) get this.

The Irresistable Offer

There are three videos included, total running time of 53 minutes.

  1. How to find your perfect customer.
  2. How to write killer presell content.
  3. Raise Your Response.

Get this, it’s only $4.97, and start increasing your profits today.

PS. I love David Bullocks products (as I’ve stated many times before). He delivers. I like the way he thinks, with statements like “Nothing in Internet Marketing is Hard” and “Why Have I Failed To Make Money” sprinkled across his site. In any case, you have a full 100% money back guarantee stretching to 56 days if you’re not happy. And perhaps the fact that you’ve paid – and not got it for free – will spur you on to actually watch and benefit from these videos.

PPS. A note for Affiliates:  You can earn instant one hundred percent commissions paid directly to you via PayPal, and even grab 75% of the back end.

Tweet Riches

Tweet Riches

Tweet Riches

You’ve probably seen some of these “ReTweet” services before. They’re designed to get you followers, and – of course – the service owner followers too.

So how about running your own?

Tweet Riches gives you the chance to run your own ReTweeter and gather more followers than you ever thought possible. There’s also various affiliate programs included, at many levels, include a 100% commission option.

The basic, free service gives you access to create the neccesary forms, but the OTO gives you ownership of the script, plus various other scripts and useful downloads. At free you can still promote, but the upgrade gives you the most options.

This is worth checking out – and if you love Twitter be sure to see the other tools and services at the site.

Twitter may be starting to get a little overexposed, and it’s now pretty common to be pretty jaded by the whole thing. The fact remains however that Twitter gets masses of traffic, it’s still in the public eye, and a simple Twitter form for say access to your service can get you a lot of Twitter Love.

FYI my Twitter account is “stuartjreid” and it’s an ideal way to keep up with my blog posts, plus any other interesting links and information I find on the web. I use TwitterFox to stay in contact with Twitter and post links, and use the WordPress Plugin Twitter Tools to incorporate Twitter in this blog. There’s a lot of Twitter tools and plugins around but those two are all you really need.

You can join Tweet Riches here.

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