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Over the years, we’ve given away a lot of e-books and software tools at this site. In addition, we’ve provided links to even more downloads from third-party sites.

Of course, you won’t need all of these. And I wouldn’t recommend you download everything even if you did.

It’s all too easy to drown in an avalanche of information, and end up not digesting any of it at all!

The best way to proceed is to download a few books or tools that interest you and read them, or at least skim through them. If you find the information useful, store it away in a “to be read” folder and act on it. If it’s useless to you, simply delete.

I used to download everything until I had hundreds of e-books that I never read at all. And I wasted a lot of time sifting through this and not acting on it at all. Even worse, I missed out on some truly useful guides that could have saved me a lot of time – and money!

You see, the best thing about this industry is that a lot of other folk have been before you and already made the mistakes. And a lot of other highly skilled people have tracked and tested beyond belief to find out what really works – and lived to tell the tale :-)

Here’s all the freebies we’ve offered — but with one caveat: as I’ve said, ensure you filter what’s useful to you, and act on it.

10 Free Marketing Gifts -  a carefully selected giveaway from ourselves.

Our Super Six Giftpack

Our free Members Siteyou’ll need to register here (just an e-mail subscribe)

Our Mega Bonuses Page – a BIG list of everything we’ve come across so far…

Every “Freebie” Post in this Blog

Take care when downloading, and in advance I’m sorry for out-of-date books and dead websites. This happens, but good information is never out fashion!

Back To Basics: Introduction

I realise not everyone who comes to this site and blog are versed in the “lingo” and buzzwords associated with “Internet Marketing“.

That’s the reason for this series of posts that will (hopefully) help you get started, or – if you’re coming back to the fold, refresh your memory.

First up, we’ll start with a definition – my definition – of what Internet Marketing is.

(Please note if you’re already Marketing, this will all be a little humdrum to you. You can safely ignore this series!)

Internet Marketing is Marketing on the Internet. That is to say, it’s all about connecting buyers with products.

To complicate matters further, a Buyer means a customer. They don’t necessarily need to buy something upfront, but – somewhere down the line – you’ll hope that they do.

And a product doesn’t necessarily mean something tangible, like a new broom, a book, or a helicopter. It could mean a downloadable piece of software, access to information, membership to a site, or a subscription to a service.

If you connect the two – you’re in business.

The whole science (or art!) of Internet Marketing is finding and indentifying those buyers, and connecting them to the products. The products could be something you’ve created yourself, they could be stock you hope to sell and profit from, or they could be products you can earn a commission from.

Then there’s the important “Internet” part of the equation.

You see, using the Internet you can access literally millions of potential customers worldwide. There has never been an easier way to do this. This is perhaps the only business you could set up in your own home, or even just a desk in your own home.

However – there’s no point simply throwing offers at millions of people, you’d quickly go bankrupt. You need to target your business. I.e. You only want to contact those people who may be interested in your product.

This part of your business is Promotion. It’s something we’ll cover in detail later.

Finding the right people and the right product are a huge part of the process. If you could discover the right group of people, a group that has a large disposable income, who are hungry for a specific tool or product, and there are few other businesses (the dreaded competition) offering this solution – then you’ve hit gold, my friend.

Again, this is something we’ll cover later.

Since this is the Internet, you’ll also need a website of some sort. You’ve guessed it – we’ll cover that later!

And because you want to save time, you’ll learn a lot of techniques that can be automated.

For now, you can read the various other beginners guides I’ve written in the past. They mostly cover the same ground, but from different angles:

Beginners Guide @ Squidoo
Newbies Start Here!
(old) Beginners Guide
No Bull Guide
Building An Email List (at Squidoo)
Traffic Tips Master List

See you soon with the first part of our Back To Basics articles: Identifying Your Market.

We’re Back!

After (another) hiatus, this blog is back in business :-)

Expect the same mix of Internet Marketing Tips, Tactics, Articles, Real-Life Examples, Product Reviews, Opportunities and much more.

There’s a lot happening in the IM world – and we’ll be here to cover it. For all pockets!

Keep us bookmarked, and use the “Join Us!” link above to subscribe via RSS and/or e-mail to be sure you don’t miss a thing.

Tweet Riches

Tweet Riches

Tweet Riches

You’ve probably seen some of these “ReTweet” services before. They’re designed to get you followers, and – of course – the service owner followers too.

So how about running your own?

Tweet Riches gives you the chance to run your own ReTweeter and gather more followers than you ever thought possible. There’s also various affiliate programs included, at many levels, include a 100% commission option.

The basic, free service gives you access to create the neccesary forms, but the OTO gives you ownership of the script, plus various other scripts and useful downloads. At free you can still promote, but the upgrade gives you the most options.

This is worth checking out – and if you love Twitter be sure to see the other tools and services at the site.

Twitter may be starting to get a little overexposed, and it’s now pretty common to be pretty jaded by the whole thing. The fact remains however that Twitter gets masses of traffic, it’s still in the public eye, and a simple Twitter form for say access to your service can get you a lot of Twitter Love.

FYI my Twitter account is “stuartjreid” and it’s an ideal way to keep up with my blog posts, plus any other interesting links and information I find on the web. I use TwitterFox to stay in contact with Twitter and post links, and use the WordPress Plugin Twitter Tools to incorporate Twitter in this blog. There’s a lot of Twitter tools and plugins around but those two are all you really need.

You can join Tweet Riches here.

Niche Adsense-Enabled Websites: Dimesale, $1?

George Pluss of “My Profit Affiliate” has released another of his immensely popular “Double Packs” of Niche websites. These come with some amazing features including:

  • Professionally Designed Webpages
  • Built around High-Paying Keywords
  • Several Adsense Blocks on each page
  • Completely customize the site(s) from just one config file
  • Designed to draw visitors to the Adsense Blocks
  • Built in admin-section to moderate Comments, Link Exchanges, etc.

They also feature PLR articles with content based around the sites keywords, auto-updating news content, user generated content in the form of comments, keyword related videocasts, auto link exchange and auto RSS feeds !

Throw in Amazon Adsense links, the ability to change the Google Ads to anything you wish, and you’ll see these Adsense sites are a step beyond what you normally see, and include the features you really want.

And there’s the Adsense Portals…

Well – I know how these can look too good to be true, and you might want to think carefully about the purchase. In today’s market you have to be aware of spammy offers and junk downloads.

So here’s the clincher:

1. This is a DimeSale. The price rises over time. I just purchased, and it was $0.70 – yep, 70 cents. When I checked back it was $1 – so the quicker you act the lower the price will be.

2. I’ve uploaded a copy of one of the sites. You can see it in action. The danger is here, of course, you could clone or copy the site – but I think for the price you’d rather own the whole pack. See it at

The portal demo is at

At this moment I’ll just mention those took around five minutes to setup and upload. It’s that simple, and full instructions are included.

And just so there’s no surprises:

1. The price rises, as I said, so I don’t know what you’ll see. It will be low though.

2. There’s a one-time offer to get 40 sites, followed by a second to get 20 sites if you didn’t want the first. These are again low prices, and are of interest to those who get the package. Treat them as a bonus – if you don’t want them you can skip them.

3. There’s 100% commissions for affiliates. It doesn’t affect YOUR purchase in any way, but if you like marketing why not offer this yourself? The affiliate program is not advertised on the site to stay within PayPal rules, and I’m not sure if I should mention it – but I like to be transparent.

You can download the Double Pack Volume 6 here, and remember, for the lowest price act now!

Project Of The Day: PLR For Fun And Profit

PLR For Fun And Profit

Wait – scratch the “fun”. This is pure profit!

The package I’m using for today’s example is DimeSale Dollars new 38-PLR Pack. You can use whatever PLR you have to take part, but I recommend this. It’s new, it has some very useful content indeed, and it’s only $17.

Yep – 17 measly bucks for all this. I just don’t understand how people make money these days when they’re practically giving away quality information for next to nothing. But, hey – their loss – your gain :-)

What the heck is PLR anyway?

PLR basically stands for “Private Label Rights”. In it’s traditional sense it was used to mean you can brand a product as your own. So, for example, you could run your own hosting company without actually running one, another company would supply all the expertise and you just bring in the customers to what ostensibly looks like YOUR hosting company.

However, in today’s market it usually means almost no restrictions at all. You’re given complete products, and you can cut up, re-brand, and re-use the information in any way you see fit. Way-hey!

How do you monetize this stuff?

It’s easy. Or as as easy as it gets.

You see there’s really two parts to any web/internet business. First you have the product, whether it’s a service, or a download, or a members site, or whatever. Then you have the customers. Bring the two together and it’s a business.

Getting the customers to the product is probably the main thrust of marketing. It involves promotion and everything that goes with it. But all that will go to waste if you don’t have the product to entice them. Creating those products can prove to be a real time-sink. Sending your customers to an affiliate link is one solution, but you lose out on a substantial part of the income that way.

PLR is Affiliates on steroids. You don’t have to create the product, but you get full control and more importantly, 100% of the income. When you read these tips you’ll see how simple it is to get a complete mini-empire tackling the who selling process on a number of fronts, from viral marketing to affiliate marketing, blogging, RSS feeds, and beyond. All from one PLR product.

So – grab that package and away we go…

Tips For PLR Success

1. The easiest way to earn on those products is to immediately turn around and re-sell the entire package. Not very exciting, but it works. If you like something enough to buy it, someone else will too. By the way… the package I told you to grab? It has an instant 100% affiliate program attached. How easy does that get?

2. Or you can split it. There’s 38 products included there. Sell them individually or make some mini-packs from them. I notice there’s a few “traffic tips” products in there. How about a traffic pack?

3. Or you can get more imaginative. First, rebrand the products. If you have the ability tweak the graphics too – you may find photoshop .psd files included in some and that makes it uber-simple to change the images. For example – “Fly Fishing Basics by Joe Bloggs” can become “Catch That Fish! by Your Name”.

4. Never forget that this is CONTENT. Content can be reused. Instead of selling “Fly Fishing Basics” (or “Catch That Fish!”) you could launch a Blog with each chapter, tip, or section making a new post. You can post it all at once for an instant content-rich site, or post daily. With modern blogging platforms you can set up the posts in advance so you have a month or two worth of posts automatically posting each day…

5. Blogs are great, but you can also use the content for search engine bait. Why not send the pieces of content out as articles to the article directories, sending traffic back to the main site to purchase the complete book. Or even send the articles back to that blog – and use AdSense, Affiliate Links or whatever you wish to monetize that blog?

6. Don’t forget Fly Fishing is just an example. It probably doesn’t tickle your fancy, or rock your boat (see what I did there?) but it’s a great example of a hot niche. If Internet Marketing is your thing you could just as easily create a “Traffic Tips” blog or article packs or new product.

7. Content is wonderful. Why not create trial versions? You could release freebie products that only containt the first chapter or two with a link at the end to the complete book. Just make sure the sample has enough content and doesn’t just cut off after the introduction. For example, re-use “Traffic Tactics” to create a “Linking Basics” book. That book is given away, and you can can offer a more complete traffic solution at the end.

8. Remember – YOU control these products. If you use the content to create a site, it’s yours. You can add ads, affiliate links, and complete products to monetize that site. And you can have your own affiliate to drive traffic to it. Give them the images, articles, and samples to make their job easier. Even let them re-brand those mini-books. Make affiliates jobs easier and they will thank you in the form of more traffic + more profits.

9. With content and traffic it’s a no-brainer. But remember if you’re in a crowded niche it’s harder to make yourself heard above the noise. While, say, SEO and general Traffic Tips will have a lot of competition more targeted sub-niches such as Linking Strategies or Article Marketing will have less. They’re still big niches, but not as big as the first two. Dig even deeper and you can target, say, One-Way Backlinks or How To Create Teaser Articles. Use Google’skeyword tool to dig around and find something you like.

10. Finally, combine all the above. There’s a few volumes of Traffic Tips included in that 38-pack. Try this:

  • Re-brand the whole thing. Change the graphics.
  • Create a salespage selling each volume seperately, with a one-time-offer, a mainpage offer, or an upsell for the entire collection.
  • Create a blog using snippets of the content to create the posts. Include a footer after each post linking to the main salespage. Include links to free ebooks in the sidebar or the header. Spread those free books (linking to your blog or salespage) around free book collections, too.
  • Create articles to drive traffic to the blog, and from there to the sales.
  • Start an affiliate program. Give your affiliates articles, graphics, and re-brandable versions of the free books.
  • Get imaginative. You can use content in so many ways to drive traffic. Start a twitter account, tweeting traffic tips. Create a mailing list or autoresponder to send them out, perhaps an e-course. Use Adwords promoting the free e-course, books, or blog – or the paid books or collection of books. Submit the content as “guest posts” to other blogs. Content rules, have fun with it.
  • The whole lot is now linked. You have viral ebooks. You have articles. You have a blog. You have RSS feeds (from the Blogs). You have a salespage, with upgrade offers. You have affiliates. You have an instant mini-empire from just one lot of PLR products!

You have the content, you have the strategy – grab that 38 uber-pack of PLR goodness and get going!

“Free”, by Chris Anderson

Remember Chris Anderson? He wrote the hugely influential “The Long Tail”. His new book, Free, is now available.

In Free Anderson looks at the economics of given things away. He discusses the free marketing methods used for items as diverse as razors, music tracks, movies, books and more. He shows how Free can make you money, and how Free can even succeed where Paid cannot.

Chris is even taking his subject to heart. You can read the entire book online and even download an unabridged audio version for, you guessed it, Free!

FREE (full book) by Chris Anderson

You can find out more about the book and purchase the hardcover from Amazon (US | UK) and from Wired where you can hear the Audio version. To download the Audiobook, visit

7 Deadly SEO Mistakes

This a free course from the Stompernet team – delivered via e-mail.

7 Deadly SEO Mistakes

I’ll be upfront here: this is, of course, promoting Stompernet but that doesn’t mean the course isn’t worth getting. Stompernet knows SEO!

I’ve posted before about the “LSI” video you can see, and how to “reverse engineer” (or at least figure out for yourself) how Google ranks sites, and you can still see it from the URL linked above.

In fact, along with the 7 Day e-course you’ll get access to 3 quality and relevant videos. All are well worth studying.

If you don’t want the Stompernet Stomping The Search Engines product don’t worry, there’s no pressure, but it is worth considering the trial at least :)

Build Your List For Free

Subscription Rocket

Subscription Rocket

We all know a mailing list is a very powerful tool. With one, you can contact your subscribers and let them know whenever you have a great deal or tips, articles, and information to share. Building a list invariably involves using an autoresponder and forms on your website, but you only get new subscribers by promoting that site.

Another way to build your list is through exchanges, where a group of website owners and marketers will drive subscribers to each other – in effect sharing their lists indirectly.

One such tool I have used in the past was Subscription Rocket – a very powerful and simple to use exchange that you can install on any webpage. This will show a quick window with a selection of lists and e-zines and it allows your visitors to opt-in to these lists if they so desire.

Of course, YOUR list/e-zine will also appear in these windows, across many, many, websites, thus gaining you additional readers without having to promote to them directly!

Version 2 of Subscription Rocket is due soon. It’s not open quite yet, but NOW is the time to join the announcement list and be ready when it does.

Because Subscription Rocket also uses a great referral system, you can promote the service itself to other e-zine and list owners and build your own memberships that way. So get on board before the crowds and make sure YOU are in a great position to benefit.

Subscription Rocket

Update: Subscription Rocket is relaunching as “List Crew” – still the same great service, plus more! I’ll be posting extra information soon.

Testimonial Generator? What are you thinking?

Over the past day or two I’ve been seeing a lot of e-mails about something called “Testimonial Generator”.

I have a couple of big problems with this.

At first I thought it was being promoted because of the usual reasons: It’s shiny and new and has an affiliate program. The usual people will jump on board because of that alone. I’ve said it before – give something a fresh lick of paint and an attractive commission and it will be promoted all over the web.

But, come on – seriously guys – a Testimonial Generator? How wrong is that?

Many will simply shoot me down right here. Those that believe that a sale is a sale, and that anything that can get you profit is worthwhile. Those who say that Internet Marketing is really one big hoax anyway: a way to get money from the gullible who need to make money themselves.

Well – I don’t subscribe to that. By now you’ve probably seen and realised that the Internet Marketing world is stuck in a strange world of it’s own. Selling to the converted. But that’s “marketing” in it’s purest form. As the well known phrase goes, with the right skills you could sell sand to the Arabs. Or ice to the Eskimos. Or any number of race-based epithets.

But “testimonials” should be just that: A honest review of a product. Of course you would cherry-pick those reviews, and of course those reviews may be glowing just because the reviewer want’s their name, photo, and link on your salespage. So what’s the harm?

It’s because the whole idea of faking testimonials so obviously and charging for a product to do so just strikes me as wrong – in so many ways. First, if you absolutely had to fake a testimonial it’s easy enough to write it yourself. And don’t worry about people recognising your “voice” in the text – just write it from another viewpoint. Treat it as an role.

You don’t even need to do this in the first place. Simply asking for testimonials should work. Even offering free previews of your book/software/product in exchange for a testimonial will work. They’ll be biased – sure – but it’s still infinitely better than an automated one.

The real way to use testimonials to your advantage is to post the bad along with the good. One or two negative reviews – maybe even tailored to mention only a single point – would bring some credibility to your product. As long as they are outweighed by the positive ones. Believe me – if a potential customer wants to buy something they will use their inherent bias to only really notice the positive reviews anyway.

Names bring with them weight. The only truly effective testimonials are those from the respected people in your field. And you cannot fake that without a threat of lawsuit :-)

Testimonials are only a small part of a salespage. From a customers point of view a salespage should detail how a product can benefit them, but from a marketers viewpoint it’s better to actively elicit that emotional response, that need. If you wear both hats (being both a buyer and seller) you need to be as honest as possible while still obtaining that sale or commission.

It can be a difficult balancing act, but it will pay out in the long term. Believe in what you promote.

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