WordPress Salesletter Theme

Dirk Wagner has revealed a WordPress Salesletter Theme, which he’s offering for just $5.

First, I was a little bemused by this. After all WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform – capable of producing many types of sites – including a Blog which it was designed for. Why would you “waste” this amazing software on a simple salespage?

WordPress can be used for review sites, blogs, shopping sites, local sites, homepages, and much more. Surely it’s overkill to use this for a salespage?

Then it clicked. Of course! It’s because WordPress is so powerful that it’s ideal for this!

Simply install the theme and use WordPress’s editor to create your salespage. Maybe there is a lot more to wordpress than sales pages, but that doesn’t stop you using it for one. I have to agree that it DOES make it easy to build one.

So if you want a salespage – powered by WordPress – use this:

WordPress Salesletter

I doubt there’s an easier way to build a salesletter / salespage :-)

PS. This being Dirk, you can earn 100% commissions too.

Accelerated List Building

James Penn is only a teenager, yet he’s grasped the power of e-mail already.

We’re all told how e-mail can make your fortune. Even if today it’s not the money spinner it once was – it’s still more than  capable of boosting your profits and throwing $$$ at you.

It’s not hype. There’s no better way to contact people than via e-mail. Customers, subscribers, and fans of yours are open to new opportunities and are more than welcome to purchase anything they feel can help their business, or help them get started in one.

I’ve discussed list building and e-mail marketing before. It’s still the best way to send out offers, and stay in contact with the people who want to hear from you. After all – we’re all in this together, and the way we find out about new techniques and new offers is via e-mail.

James’ report is a breath of fresh air.

He shows you how to build a list fast. He discusses how to ensure your opt-in conversions can hit 85%. He shows you his own Ezine Articles account to illustrate how simple articles can drive traffic and signups, and even let’s you in on a simple secret that let’s you steal new signups from competitors.

In fact, he’s reduced this to a six step system — but added much more.

You can get James’ system right here.

James himself made $1,500 with 32 sales in 3 days. Maybe that’s not enough for you, but it’s a lot for most people. He then went on to make nearly $4000 over the next few months.

But the beauty of this is that is just an example. It’s easy to replicate!

Effective e-mail lists rely on two strategies. First, you need to build that list, and second, you need to market to that list. He covers both bases with aplomb.

E-mail lists are amazing. I’m on… well, let’s just say more than a few. It’s my primary method of staying in contact with top marketers, learning from the best, and discovering just what works in today’s market. You’re probably the same. That’s the magic – we’re all both consumers and producers. We know how mailing lists work, and we know how to work with them. We all win.

Grab “Accelerated List Building” by James Penn today — for just TEN BUCKS – and get the awesome “Mailing Lists Unleashed” (RRP $37) thrown in!

PS. E-mail rocks. It’s power is undisputed, so take this opportunity to grab a unique guide with some amazing insights at a bargain price. You have a signup form at your site? Learn how to do so much more!

Accelerated List Building with Mailing Lists Unleashed – $10 while stocks last.

PPS. James doesn’t tell you this – but I’ve been to the download page and can  confirm there’s more than one bonus there – along with a special affiliate program… You probably know what I mean 😉

Free Report: MBA In A Box

The Stompernet guys (Andy Jenkins, Brad Fallon, and friends) have released some new material you may find enlightening. This is a free  report.

“MBA In A Box” is a 96 page report full of “plug in, get paid” business information you can put to work right now. These are fast and simple tweaks and ideas you can use over and over again.

This report includes:

  • Little adjustments that can increase profits by 15 to 70 percent.
  • How to offer your customers more value, without spending anything yourself!
  • Send a single letter to past customers, and get them buying again!
  • How to stop wasting money and avoid being overwhelmed and unfocused.

This is a free PDF you can download right now and you don’t have to sign up for anything. Also at the same page you can watch a few videos that explain even more (please read the note further down).

MBA In A Box

And if you didn’t see the Stompernet video that blows the whole “LSI” argument out of the water (a must see!) you can read about it here.

Stompernet is a professional marketing company, selling top of the range courses and products with exceptional production values. It’s unlikely you’ll see a more professional site or video than those produced by Stompernet. Stompernet originated at a very high priced members site, but recently they’ve branched out to make their material much more affordable and available.

While I do personally recommend Stompernet products such as Stomping The Search Engines and Factor 5 I hasten to add that you don’t actually have to buy anything to enjoy their reports and videos. They’re not teasers or advertising material – they’re informative and useful – and there’s absolutely no pressure to join or purchase, even though I think you should at least take a look at what they have to offer.

PS. Check out their blog too – it’s a real eye opener!

PPS. You may remember me promoting “Stomping The Search Engines 2″ a short while back, in it’s free DVD form. You may be interested to discover you can now get it for $1 and access it online… Get there via the blog link above.

Instant Flash Banner Creator

A lot of folk are promoting something called “Instant Banner Creator” right now. It let’s you create flash banners, with ease.

However – I’m going to use this wildy offered software in an experiment. I’m going to show you the alternatives… Other software and services you can find for free just by using the search engines. You see, Google is your friend. Always check the market!

Perhaps unsurprisingly I found a lot of variation in the market for banners.

Here’s one that looks really promising:

Instant Flash Banner

Simply choose a template, enter your text, and embed in your site. However, you pay for each flash banner you create. They are amazingly professional, though. Just be aware you can pay over $20 per flash banner – but it does at least include large rectangles and other sizes. Here’s an idea: Why not sell custom, pre-made flash banners? You could just use this service to create them.

But the next one could be even better. It doesn’t create flash banners, but it does make:

  • Banners
  • Headers / Footers
  • Buttons
  • Peel Away Ads
  • … and more!

You can join this site for free, but the are less templates for free users. However, there’s more than enough to get you going. The site is Instant Banner Creator.

The next site allows you to create all kinds of banners – and it is FREE. The only downside is this takes a DIY approach, where you add your own images and text, but being flash based it does allow you to select various transitions and effects. If you take your time with this online tool you could build some professional looking banners with only a little work.

The site I talk about is Banner Snack.

Other options include:

Banner Generator (free online service – creates flash banners)

Banner Maker Pro (not free, but you can download a 15 day trial)

Flash Banner Creator (free trial)

Finally – for those who like to download software to keep on their computer – and even use them in a bundle, to resell, or use as bonuses I’ve added the following to your free members site:

  • Banner Buddy
  • Easy Flash Banners
  • 125 Flashy Banners
  • 114 banners/intros “Flashy Designs In A Box”

If you’re not a member it’s easy to get the username and password required to get in. Just sign up to us, using the form in the sidebar or by clicking “Join Us!”.

If you are already a member, just go to MembersSite.net and log in. If you’re on our list and forgotten the entry details, just look back through our old e-mails in your inbox (or deleted…). The downloads will be on the “Tools” page.

But wait… let’s get back to basics. Even with all these free tools and downloads, are banners worthwhile?

The answer is both yes and no. Banners are not as effective as they used to be. Many web users will filter them out – either mentally, or through software, and will not click. But the success of Adwords – essentially Google’s own image-and-text banner system, seems to disprove this.

By now you should realise that is never a straight answer in these matters and only your own testing will show if it works for you. For example, banners on your site linking to internal pages or other sites you own can work if your visitors are used to seeing them. And banners that mimic system/error alerts also work – but I wouldn’t recommend those, since they smack of adware. Text banners also vary in their effectiveness.

I can only give you my own experience. Banners that attract the eye and are placed prominently continue to get clicked. And if you run an affiliate program or want to offer people a way to link to your site banners are a great way to do it. People like to put them on their pages – to good or bad effect!

Finally, there are many exchange programs that accept banners, gathering you traffic. These vary from full banners to 125 x 125 buttons, but the end result is real… more visitors.

Banners are in some ways a throwback to the early days of the web and marketing but their presence is still felt. If you do go ahead and use them be sure to test how they perform. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Warning – This Advanced SEO Technique is… Fake?

The StomperNet guys stay on the cutting edge of SEO, and even in this fast moving world they tend to know what works.

So please watch this important video.

This new video is from Leslie Rohde. If you don’t know who Leslie is, let me just give you the quick description:

In 2002, Leslie was the very first person to advance the idea that Search Rankings could be affected by using the text in links that point to a page.

…Yeah, THAT Leslie Rohde.

Since he’s an SEO Engineer, and a StomperNet Faculty Member, I figure this video is going to cause trouble. Lots of trouble.

Just a quick note: When we were trying to figure out the
subject line for this email, one of our staff suggested:

“You can’t spell Bul**h*t” in SEO without LSI”. That’s how
controversial this video is.

(Believe me, I was tempted. :) )

LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. In 2006, Google
filed a whole bunch of patents that led a LOT of SEO folks to
believe that LSI was in FULL FORCE and EFFECT at Google.

(Too bad NONE of those patents were actually about LSI – they
just LOOKED like they were.)

No matter.

In this video, Leslie will PROVE to you that LSI is NOT having any effect on your Search Rankings. Which means, if you’ve been struggling to get Rankings on Google because you’ve been chasing LSI – STOP.

Do this instead: Leslie is going talk about an SEO Strategy that
you ARE going to want to know about…

…It’s called “Referential Integrity”, or “RI” for short.

Yes, this New Video marks the beginning of the SIXTH series of
StomperNet’s famous Going Natural Videos. (I heard a rumor they’re re-opening their awesome Stomping the Search Engines 2 and Net Effect Journal for just $1!)

If you want to stop wasting time on SEO and only getting
mediocre rankings, then you need to watch this video – more SEO Video Goodness from StomperNet.

P.S. You’re not gonna like the ending. But you really should opt in and see the 2nd part of the video. And if you opt-in, they’ll also send you a 7-part report from Jerry West called The 7 Deadly SEO Mistakes.

Launch Videos

There are a number of big marketing products either on sale, or heading that way right now, and I find the launch material pretty interesting. There’s a heavy use of video, for example, and often a longer launch period with new information appearing daily.

This goes far beyond the old model of “recruit JV’s, send teaser e-mails, launch product”!

Note: I’m not promoting the first few here, so they are not affiliate links, and I’m merely looking at the launch sites and material and not the product.

First up is “Launch Tree”, by Anik Singal and Mike Filsaime. The first thing I notice about this launch is that it’s far less serious, often jokey and friendly with short animations, and even a little parody in a “Myth Busters” skit.

There’s quite a few videos in this launch and a so-called leaked chapter you can read/download. These videos ARE entertaining, and worth watching. Here’s a link to the Frank Kern video.

I’m not sure what Launch Tree is actually going to be. From the clues at the site I guess it’s going to be something to do with launches via free products, so expect information on trials, upsells, subscriptions and the rest. It’s a flashy site, but I’m not sure whether good presentation equals a worthwhile product, and whether any of this is really “new”.

Next up we have Eben Pagan’s video on how he has created his own businesses, and how you can too. 44 Mins of video, to be exact! This takes a commitment to watch, since by it’s nature attention spans on the web are very flighty, but it is worth your while if you take that step.

Finally we have something called “Mega Red Package“.  For the awesome price of $697 you get … pre made membership sites you can sell. Am I missing something here? I must be!  This is promoted heavily, leading me to think (a) high commissions and (b) possibly an affiliate contest.

It’s difficult to talk about launches negatively because you look at the process in two ways. On one hand, you’re happy for the marketer and those who aspire to be marketers because it proves massive amounts of money can be made, and quickly, and that anyone can do it. On the other hand, as a customer, you might think some of this is overpriced, that the information is rarely as unique as it is claimed (but, disclaimer: I haven’t looked at any of these products) and in the end you might just be falling for hype.

Which leads me to the last launch – something I am promoting, and something I believe is worthwhile, since it teaches you, and keeps you current with, SEO and Website Promotion.

This is a very interesting video from the Stompernet guys about “LSI“. This passes my own personal test for a products worth because it is NOT overpriced, and it is valuable. The techniques and information you learn here can be put into action at any website. Of course you could possibly find this information elsewhere on the web if you look hard enough, but it’s unlikely to be in a form that educates you and takes you by the hand.

Anyway, that’s for the next post, but I have a little time to leave you with more interesting launch product.

This time it’s from John Reese – perhaps the big daddy of the modern marketing-product launch (Traffic Secrets, $1M in a day) where many of the processes and rules used today were set down.

He’s skipped the video this time and opted for a rather interesting PDF of his hand-written scribbles. And they at least caught my eye! His new Opportunity.Com launch is all about Affiliate Programs, and this at least I can wholeheartedly agree is one area that anyone from a newbies to a pro can achieve success.

In many ways launch season is also silly season, with JV partners and Affiliates going all out to earn their commissions on the big launches. Just remember folks, stay sane, only buy what you can afford, and don’t expect any one product to be a miracle. You can always succeed the time proven way – learn, knuckle down, and work. And who knows, one day you can have your own multi-million dollar reward, with your own launch.

Free One Way Backlinks

Here’s a free guide that shows you how to get smart, safe, and clever with your linking strategies.

Smart And Safe Backlinks

(It’s a PDF file, so right-click if you want to download it).

This guide comes from the amazing Free Traffic System site, where you can get hundreds of one-way links to your site, for free!

Since this uses some advance techniques, it’s something I’m testing right now – but by all accounts it works well.

This is not a link farm, or any type of scam, since you submit articles you’ve written to the site which in turn gets that article published across member blogs. You can specify “spun” text within the article, as well as rotating titles,links and link-titles, so each article is different on each blog it is published on. This avoids the duplicate content trap.

If you want to publish these articles, that is also possible – and you’ll get a steady flow of quality articles to your site.

It really takes a few minutes to set up and submit your first article, with perhaps a few more to start adding rotated/spun sections to ensure uniqueness. As I said, it’s totally free to use and join this service – and anything that can help your traffic and ranking has got to be good :)

The Free Traffic System

* It is an affiliate link, and I’ve left it plain, so you can see I have nothing to hide. If you want to join and become an affililate yourself it works on two tiers and helps you get even more backlinks.

Update: I’ve looked into this a little more and it seems it provides the same service that many PAID linking tools do. My first article is already submitted, and as soon as I see it published across the web I’ll give you an update with how well it is doing. I haven’t targetted links yet – just linking back to this blog – but I can see how powerful this could be if you needed to rank a certain site or link for a keyphrase. If you do join, consider promoting via their affiliate program. I don’t know what kind of sites will be linking back (yet) but even if they are low ranked, a link is a link. It seems legal enough, nothing black-hat about it, so everything should be fine at the search engine end.

Facebook Applications – Traffic, Profits and a Generator!

Facebook is perhaps the most successful social network around. It has overtaken MySpace in a number of countries, and is ranked first or second in most. It’s a site people love to use to stay in contact with their friends or, let’s face it, waste time.

Facebook is massive. For over 30 millon users it’s the first port of call when they go online, and it’s increasingly used from mobile phones such as the iPhone. One of it’s greatest features are the “Facebook Apps” – small applications and games that run within the Facebook interface. Just take a look at this article from CNN back in 2007.

Most of these take the form of simple tests, games, and social experiments. They tend to spread fast, passed from user to user until they reach a critical mass.  The apps are usually simple, passing over “gifts”, but it’s a massive viral playground!

For application developers, it’s a goldmine. A successful facebook app can quickly garner hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users. And each app can carry with it links, banners and graphics to external websites and even micropayments. In marketing terms, this is a thriving, young, affluent market with users willing to spend on what they enjoy. Big business use it for branding, while smaller outfits are more interested in direct income.

Many internet marketers already use Facebook for promotion and advertising, using the sites features such as Groups, Pages, Profiles, Networks, and Events to drive traffic to their external properties. Some use it for networking, to find new partners and customers, but not many use the applications – where the real buzz occurs. There’s a well established belief that having many “friends” can bring a level of success – as witnessed on MySpace, and even Twitter – but the one tool that can be used to bring in more friends is having a popular app. If you have the money you can advertise with Facebook direct – or use it’s “Social Ads” – but even that is unlikely to bring the followers a popular app can bring.

Are you interested in tapping into this market for yourself?

Gift App GeneratorThe new “Gift App Generator” can easily create Facebook Apps – for you!

This unique software tool uses a step-by-step process where you simply enter the relevant information you want to display, add graphics and features as necessary, and then create a fully functional gift app. To pay a programmer to create an app for you would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can see screenshots and a full explanation of the software at the link below.

Early bird pricing during the launch – don’t miss out!

Remember, Facebook is a social network success story. It’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is a celebrity and worth $1.5 BILLION. But that’s not important, it’s the users who make the network – and it’s those users who can help make YOU a success.

Please note: don’t abuse the system. Facebook users will bite back hard if you smack of profiteering. Your gift app should not just be blatant advertising, it should be fun and useful, and as with any social network the people come first.

Blog Carnivals, Traffic, and Backlinks

Ever heard of Blog Carnivals?

They are collections of like minded blogs, all within the same niche or subject area. It’s a series of posts from participating blogs compiled into one post – and that super-post is called a carnival.

What it means for you is traffic and backlinks!

Blog Carnivals also work to bring together everyone within a particular field. It allows people to network, or simply discover each other. If you have an interest in this field a blog carnival is a great way to see a whole collection of articles and information about that field, as well as the blogs who provide it.

Carnivals can work in many ways. Sometimes, it is all down to one person who seeks out the relevant blogs and posts and compiles them. Sometimes they actively ask for submissions to be included.

You can think of somewhat as a magazine. The organiser is the publisher, and you are the contributor. The time and date of publication is set in advance, and you can submit your articles/posts up to then. When accepted, it means a ready source of traffic to you – and a valuable backlink.

The main site on the net for carnivals is BlogCarnival.com. Here you’ll find a catalog of carnivals, which you can look through and join any you fit in with. Submit your blog/post, and away you go!

Remember – you don’t have to simply join a carnival. There’s nothing stopping you hosting one, too. There’s one obvious benefit in that each blog who submits a link should link to you too, as part of the reciprocal deal. The big downside is that it can take a lot of work to read all the submissions and organise the event. Popular carnivals get literally hundreds of submissions!

Blog Carnivals can be fun, worthwhile endeavours, so please – provide quality content, do what the organiser asks, and do not spam…

Carnival SubmitterIf you want to save time submitting to blog carnivals there’s a neat piece of software called Carnival Submitter that will do the work for you. If you want a ton of traffic to your blog, simply fire up the software, and start submitting. You can even multiply your efforts and submit many articles to many carnivals all at once. This can result in a lot of backlinks, from authority sites, and instant traffic, as well as brand yourself to the people who matter most – your peers. Download Carnival Submitter today and enjoy the fruits of blog carnivals, without the hard work.

Reviews Press 25% Off

Reviews Press

Reviews Press

Remember the “Conduit Method” And the “Review Blog System“?

Reviews Press is another great WordPress speciality theme, giving you the ability to build powerful Review Sites with ease.

Since I first read about the Conduit Method from Chris Remple the idea has really taken off. Simply build a blog around a theme – e.g. Flat Screen TVs – and simply submit posts to it with affiliate links to all the Flat Screen TV’s you can find. Add a short review, and away you go.

These kinds of sites tend to rank high in the Search Engines because you can tailor each review, or post, to a specific keyword. And when people are searching for reviews of these items it’s normally because they are ready to buy – and therefore are more likely click that link than not.

Reviews Press has numerous features to make your own review site stand out. For example, visitors can vote on items, and it will display top 10’s, Key Features, and prices. There’s a full working demo on the page.

There’s a number of themes you can choose from, depending on what type of review blog you aim to launch, and – again – at my special link you’ll get 25% off the prices you see!

Reviews Press – 25% Off

Reviews Press is one of the best looking themes I’ve seen to create a review site. Simply install a copy of wordpress, use this theme, and you’re good to go. Do some quick research for the niche you want to target, find the best keywords for that niche in Google, get an affiliate program from one of the big online stores (e.g. eBay, Amazon or Commission Junction) and that’s it – you are the proud owner of an optimised affiliate-review blog!

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