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Psychology Of Color In Marketing And Design

Colour CircleThis is a guest post from Andrew Harrison, a professional design and marketing consultant. Here he discusses the importance of color in your site design – and shows you how it can alter how people perceive your site and act upon it. This is a subject not often debated in Internet Marketing, so please take the opportunity to read this important information.

If you want to learn more, Andrew offers a free course at the end. Andrew also runs a full membership site with videos, information, software and more to help you make the most of your site design. Please see the “members card” at the end of this post for more information – this is a truly original site that you will want to see.

How to use color to improve your websites performance

What colors did you choose for your site? Blue? Green? Maybe blue with orange? Why did you choose them? Maybe because they look pretty, or maybe because you saw someone else using the same colors. Not choosing the correct colors for your site and or products is a drastic mistake. Every single product in this world has unique colors. Here is an example. Have you ever noticed in the grocery store that the colors they choose for packaging encourage you to buy?

Colors set a mood, and when you use the secret color combinations of big business, your sales will increase. Just choosing some colors that someone else chose will not help you make more sales.

Did you know that some shades of blue actually chase prospects away? You see, not all color shades have the same impact on your site visitors. Choosing colors is a science, not just throw mud at the wall and let’s hope it sticks.

What you need to do is very carefully choose the message that your colors send. I don’t mean from all that free stuff floating around. I can assure you that after 15 years of helping people choose their colors, that all the free stuff will do more damage than good.

You need up-to-date information, examples and a proven formula that works. Please read on, I have included my McDonald’s example. All of the big companies know the power of colors in marketing. In fact, these same companies spend a small fortune to just get it right. You won’t need to spend what they did though.

Okay, here we go.

Yellow = Sun, Life, Energy, Friendly, Innovative etc. . .
Red = Is a color that stimulates the adrenaline glands in the brain. they chose red for this specific purpose. There are other reasons they chose the red, BUT the major one is the chemicals it creates in the brain.

Now ask yourself this, WHO does Mcdonald’s market to? Apes? Dogs? Adults? Children? They have built their empire on directing ads at kids. In fact, those little toys they hand out have done well for them. Enough about that though.

What colors do children respond to? PRIMARY COLORS. So there we have the red. PLUS, adults respond to red as well. (The adult is the action taker) Who has the money to pay for little Johnny’s lunch? So of course, they need to focus on mom or dad in the process. RED is a call to action, AND it also stimulates the appetite.

Now the yellow. Why yellow? Yellow represents MANY things, it all depends on the message being sent, the product and the actual yellow itself. In this case, the message is FRIENDLY. At least one of them anyway. Are they friendly in Mcdonalds? Yes, they are. See my point?

Now let’s move onto the clown. He just screams out so many messages.

Red hair. Red stripes and red shoes. Knowing that red can represent energy, exciting and courageous, well you see what I am getting at. The color red was chosen for the clown very carefully. Now what does Ronald do? I want to really make my point here. HE HAS LOTS of energy. He is also very excited, AND he portrays joy. (Yellow can also represent joy) Do you see what I am getting at?

Now why would he wear yellow? In this case it is because he is friendly, and whose friend is he? The children’s. . .

Yellow can also mean caution, and red can be related to sex or war. It does not matter. It is the message that you want to send and how it relates to your product. This is an example of a company that chose their colors very carefully so that they could send a message, and it has worked out well for them. Colors are processed on a subliminal level.

Hope you enjoyed that. Just please keep in mind that the colors you choose for your site send a message. You can increase your sales by sending out the correct color message.

Let me ask you a question, the pretty flower gets the bee, right? Use the wrong colors on your site, or just go and borrow someone else’s colors because you like them and the results will show. Now, I know a lot of people are making sales with poor color schemes. The point is, if your color scheme is well thought out and chosen correctly, YOU WILL MAKE MORE SALES. I have seen this over and over. The prospect will hang around longer if the colors are attractive and send the correct color message.

Don’t forget. The color is the message. Again, for anyone who does not believe in all this, look at the packaging in the stores, look at the colors BIG companies use. Screw your colors up, or use the wrong ones in the wrong place. . . and.. well you get the point.

Andrew Harrison has been a professional color and marketing consultant for 15 years.

Secrets Of Big Advertising

You can visit to get YOUR free 4 day color and graphics course. This course will teach you how to increase your sales with colors and graphics. Remember, websites are like books, judged by their cover.

Succeeding At ClickBank

ClickBank can be thought of as a service in two ways:

1. It let’s you accept credit card payments at your site, to sell products.

2. It acts as an affiliate processor, so you can promote peoples products or ask them to promote yours.

It’s the power of this affiliate procedure we shall look at here.

At ClickBank, like many walks of life, success bring success. The more sales of your product through ClickBank’s servers the higher it will get ranked in the marketplace, and the more attractive it is for affiliates to promote it. Once you get past the first few hurdles in making sales and attracting affiliates, your product will develop a momentum of it’s own.

Affiliates like Clickbank for the ease with which they can promote products. Many professional affiliates will use Clickbank’s Marketplace religiously – tracking and testing new products and popular ones.

Your first task, therefore, is to make it easy for them. Have an affiliate area, and fill it with pre-written ads, e-mails and graphic banners. Give the linking instructions and consider using a third party service to compliment Clickbank’s own “hoplinks”.

Clickbank ranks products with a figure they call “Gravity” to show how many sales it is making and how popular it is. You need to JV with other marketers to raise this figure, and try to sell your product as much as possible. This is the hardest step. (I am of course assuming your product is already set up, with an effective salespage, and ready to hit the market)[important]Special Offer: “Clickbank Results” shows you how to boost your gravity in three easy steps and bring in the super affiliates to promote YOUR product.

Special Offer: $6.99 while this promotion lasts!

Click Here for access.[/important]

Search for keywords relating to your product. Contact the webmasters of any site that sells similar products, asking them to sell yours too. Look in forums, and offer your product with a 60% commission or more. Even consider using Pay Per Click like Adwords to both sell your product direct, and advertise for affiliates.

If you already have a mailing list, website, customers and/or a Blog use those to sell your product. And think about running an affiliate competition to generate a buzz about the promotion. Make it an event.

Selling the product directly, and asking for affiliates, go hand in hand. You can attack on both fronts. And don’t forget those who buy may also be interested in promoting, and those who are promoting should be urged to buy.

Before you start you should  join Clickbank as an affiliate and see how other marketers are pushing their products. Copy the best techniques. If you want to sell you should note that it’s a one-off payment of $50 for an account… but you can promote multiple products with it.

Using Clickbank, as opposed to other payment processors, brings with it a full community of active affiliates. Consider this when you make your choice, and note that Clickbank can now accept Paypal as a payment method along with major credit cards. Fees are reasonable, payments prompt, and the environment professional.

Also See: Harvey Seagal of Supertips fame is an expert on Clickbank. See his site for more help and advice.

More WordPress Plugins and CSS

Since the last time I tried a selection of WordPress Plugins, which you can read here, things have changed.

I’ve removed a few, sometimes because I’ve found something better, or because the plugin didn’t work as well as I liked. I’ve also started to use quite a few more which I’ll tell you about here.

These are not the kinds of plugins you’ll see in most “WordPress Plugin” articles. My blog was working happily, these are not essential, but they each add a little flair or a little safety to your blog.

Add Post Footer

I’ve noticed many blogs using their post-footer real estate a lot more, so I’ve added an info box and some clickbank ads at the end of my posts. Using a plugin or widget rather than editing the themes directly means you don’t lose your changes if you change themes. Unfortunately, I’ve altered my theme quite a lot but the plugin is still very useful.

For the info box I simply sourced an “information” graphic and put that, and some links to various areas of my site, into a CSS based box. Yes – I’ve been delving into CSS a little too, but more on that later.

For the Clickbank Ads I used a simple tool that’s on the Clickbank site itself to generate a simple script.

There’s also a few other plugins that do the same job, such as HeFo (HEader FOoter) that also lets you change other areas, and also a feed footer tool that let’s you add footers to your RSS – great for getting your info out if your blog content is scraped/stolen!

Sexy Bookmarks

I used this because, simply, it looks pretty… There are countless social bookmarking plugins for WordPress, and I use a few here, but this is a nice addition that has attractive icons. I still use the venerable Add This and Tell A Friend plugins which a similar job, but Sexy Bookmarks are a little more immediate than a pop-up button menu.

WP Greet

I find WP Greet a rather amazing plugin! In some ways it is a little similar to “What Would Seth Godin Do?” which a lot of bloggers use, but it’s more flexible.

Like WWSGD this plugin will welcome someone who hasn’t been to your blog before, with a little message that slides in above your post. This allows them to subscribe to your RSS feed, or whatever.

However, where it goes further is that it detects where your new reader has come from. If they come from Digg, for example, the message will say “Welcome Digger!” and emplore them to Digg your post. Or “Welcome Stumbler!” and ask them to give a thumbs up. There’s a lot of such social networks built into this plugin, and each comes with a nifty icon along with the message.

For people who arrive via search engines there’s another feature. Along with the “Welcome Googler!” message there will also be the search term used, and a list of related posts.

SEO Booster Lite

An ingenious idea. This finds if your visitor has arrived to your site from a page 2 listing at Google, and then creates a new link which is displayed via a widget with that search term in it – linking to the original post.

An example might explain it better. Say, a user searches for “How To Cook Fish” and you have a post that lists for that term, but only on page 2, then this plugin will create a new “How To Cook Fish” link in your blog sidebar (via that widget).

The end effect is it gives a little boost to the ranking you have for that term, and may even get you to page 1.

And it’s also fun to see the search terms people find you with – the page 2 ones at least – appear on your blog. They might not always be what you expect!

Twitter Tools

This plugin gives you numerous ways to work with Twitter. The most useful are the fact you can display your tweets as a widget (usually in your sidebar), and auto tweet for every post you make.

You can also automatically make a post, or a daily or weekly digest post, of your tweets, and tweet directly from the widget/sidebar.

Very useful for you crazy twitterers out there but here I mainly using it to display a few tweets and to autotweet the posts. I’m not a big twitter user but this does have a small effect on traffic. If you were a major user you would get much more benefit from this.


The best way to describe this is to send you to the plugin screenshot page via that link above. Basically, this plugin lets you spice up your posts by including notes.

These notes stand out from the post by being bordered and highlighted, but they also have a small image included. Notes can be Note, Tip, Warning, Info, or Important – displaying a, for example, warning triangle on the “warning” style.

It looks cool, and can be useful, but so far I’ve only used it one post.

WP Database Optimizer

This plugin is slightly different. It won’t alter the way your blog looks one bit, and it won’t help you get more traffic. But it can, in some circumstances, help it run faster and more securely.

This will simply optimize your WordPress database. It has more or less the same effect as firing up PhpMyAdmin and optimizing the SQL but since most users won’t be doing that, or even know what it means, this plugin is good way to keep things running quickly and smoothly.

This does a little more, such as remove revisions (those posts that you’ve edited a thousand times that leave behind old versions) and remove spam, but essentialy it does what is says on the box.

Google Sitemap Generator

A simple, but useful, plugin for WordPress. This makes a sitemap for your blog that is updated with every new post you create. Because this blog is on top of a legacy site I hesitated to use this, incase something happened to the rankings of old non-blog pages, but everything seems ok so far.

You can also add pages outside the blog to the sitemap manually – which I have and it can be time consuming. But once it’s done it’s really set and forget.

Go to Google’s Webmaster Tools, add your sitemap, and you’re done. It’s also worth adding their tracking code to your Blog – best put in the main footer, or via a “blog footer” or Analytics plugin, and use Google Analytics to see useful data on your traffic such as the landing pages, referral pages, searches, and much more.

CSS Editing

I don’t know a lot about CSS, so this isn’t worth a seperate post. For editing your blog a working knowledge is quite useful. So far, I’ve managed to add another sidebar to my theme along the top that spans the other two sidebars, as well as tweak a few boxes, change the header, add an RSS button, etc.

Fortunately WordPress makes it easy to change things, since you can edit all the files in the admin area. Just keep backups! And remember, if you alter a theme in this way you’ll lose all changes if you switch themes. Best use plugins / widgets where possible.

The best examples are the blog theme itself. See how one thing works, and you can copy it. Anytime you’re stuck, search the web. Most CSS is simple styling tags , but there’s a lot of them. Tags such as “border-size: 20px” are self explanatory. Just be careful WHERE you put your CSS because it can really mess things up. The wordpress files are usually named “Header” “Footer” “Stylesheet” “Home or Index” etc so you can see where your changes can go. If something goes wrong, just go back.

For those who want to add extra sidebars themselves it IS quite simple, but you might spend a little time figuring things out with your theme. I found here, here and here pretty useful places to look for information.

As for graphics and images and boxes and tables – spacing can be tricky, so I just use trial and error. But hopefully your theme is commented, or you can “read” the other tables and areas, and work around them.

Happy Editing! coming back?

It seems John Reese is relaunching

Back in the day, I was a member of the original which was then used mainly as a redirect service. Because I’m too lazy to change them, I daresay I still have links floating around the web :-) I wonder how much traffic he gets from these old links.

But that was the past. This new is going to be an exciting affiliate-program oriented site. It’s not going to be ready until March 7th but John has a very intriguing video up there, which you can see for free.

It’s about “Affiliate Commission Engines” – and how you can build as many of these as you want to service niche markets of all shapes and sizes.

I’ll have more on when the time comes but for now you can see that video here:

Opportunity.Com Affiliate Commission Engines

Exit Profit Generator – FREE

Exit Profit Generator

Exit Profit Generator

I have an amazing deal for you, to get the Exit Profit Generator for free.

If you go to the main site,  you’ll see it’s still for sale at $27.

However – by following my special link kindly provided by Frank Salinas, you can download this impressive software right now and not pay a cent.

What is “Exit Profit Generator”?

It’s a very cool script that grabs your visitors when they are about to leave your site. It gives you another opportunity to ask them to sign up, subscribe to your feed, take a special offer, or – in fact – whatever you want.

The way it works is simplicity itself. How does a webpage “know” when you’re about to leave? Well – I won’t spoil the surprise. You can see it in action at – BUT DON’T BUY FROM THERE :-)

Instead, just pop over to this special free link and grab your gift. And this time people, pay attention to the OTO. I nearly clicked right past it, as I sometimes do, but it’s a massive deal well worth taking a minute to look through.

One important point:  I won’t use it at this site (though I might at another). I don’t think it’s appropriate for a content site like a blog. But, that said, on a sales type site or a download site I can certainly see the advantage.

I know a lot of you folk will love this tool, so here it is.

Free link to Exit Profit Generator

Just remember – I wouldn’t use this here, but there’s no doubt it’s very powerful. And anything that gives you another chance to grab a sale or a signup certainly has to be looked at. Especially at this non-price…

Insider Secrets To Marketing On The Internet

I get a lot of questions from people who are looking for an “all in one” course they can use to start their new Internet Business.

There are – as you might expect – rather a lot of courses around that could fit the bill. But for many years the #1 course has been that from the Internet Marketing Center, the “Insiders Course”. It has an interesting history.

Insider Secrets Course

The Internet Marketing Center was originally run by Corey Rudl, one of the first true online-marketing superstars, or guru. He built a reputation for offering well written, well designed material – products that delivered what they promised. His course was very popular and launched the careers of many of the top performers online today.

Sadly, Corey passed away a few years ago but his business partner Derek Gehl, a very experienced marketer himself, now runs the Center. And the course has been updated and expanded every year to reflect the new techniques now in operation.

This is the 2009 edition of “Insider Secrets”. It literally shows you everything you need to know to be a success, in a massive 1,250 pages of detailed strategies. It takes you from deciding what you should sell, to creating your first site, getting your first visitor, and making your first credit card sale.

And then it shows you how to ramp up those orders, and start raking in the big bucks!

This is a true do-it-all course. And in it’s new web-based incarnation, it will NEVER be outdated. You’ll also get a special procrastination-busting and goal setting CD and workbook in the mail (shipped free) AND a 30 min consultation with a personal eBiz trainer.

The Internet Marketing Centers “Insider Secrets To Marketing On The Internet” is everything you need. And best of all?

You can now grab a $2.95 trial !

Act fast: I don’t know how long the trial offer will last…

Insider Secrets To Marketing On The Internet

PS. I’ve just noticed that the IMC have added a few freebies to the trial, including a full copy of the eBook Pro software (worth $197) and a roadmap to launch your site as well as an invaluable collection of marketing resources. Please click the link above to see if the offer is still valid, and to see what’s available.

Giveaway Manager Big Discount

Giveaway Manager

Giveaway Manager

If you want to run your own JV Giveaway, then one of the most popular solutions is Giveaway Manager. It’s a very powerful complete solution to running your own events.

You may have taken part in these giveaways yourself – the simple premise is that you provide a free gift, and the visitors to the giveaway site download your gift in exchange for your e-mail. It means you build your subscriber list, and have the chance to make extra money, usually via a “one time offer” upsell or perhaps branded into the product itself.

Giveaways were very popular, appearing whenever an arbitary anniversary is reached, such as Christmas Giveaways, Easter Giveaways, St. Patricks Giveaway, etc. However, I’ve noticed the market is a little quieter these days – the perfect opportunity to launch your own.

If you run the giveaway yourself, you have an extra benefit. You attract existing marketers to use your site as well as people looking for the freebies. Again, you build your list and can make money, but this time you’ll have arguably a more effective list.  The only real work involved is promoting the giveaway but people actively look for these, and you only really need add your event to the existing giveaway lists and directories that are online.

I’ve managed to find another site selling Giveaway Manager with a massive $100 discount. That makes this around 1/3 of the normal price. These guys have secured resell rights to the system, allowing them to undercut the original. Something to think about if you offer resale rights to your own product(s) yourself!

Giveaway Manager features all the back-end control you need, including managing contributors, users, downloads, gifts, OTOs and much more.

Giveaway Manager $100 Discount

P.S. Theres a full video tour of the system at the link above, so you can see how it works, and view the various back-office tools before you buy.

Marketing Quickies Volume 3

This is the latest Marketing Quickies video membership site from Mike Mazella and Greg Lloyd. This is full of marketing related videos that each contain an exciting idea or two, designed to both educate and excite you.

One problem I had with this site is that from the homepage you get the idea that this has a lot of free content, but in actuality you only get one free video – an interview with Andrew Fox and Michael Cheny. I’m not saying that this isn’t worth watching but I did think that only providing one free video is a little miserly. So, to get the most out of this site, you need to upgrade to become a paid member.

Now, videos are not for everyone. Personally, I find I can read a lot faster than I can view a video, and I tend to absorb the information better by reading too, making notes as I go. However – we are not all alike. Watching someone explain something in a video, watching a “screengrab” video, or even seeing an interview as opposed to just reading it does benefit a lot of people.

You can join Marketing Quickies via the banner below but please remember, to make the most of this site you need to take the paid option. It’s very reasonably priced, you can purchase a months access for less than $10. But, whatever you do, it’s worth watching the interview with Andrew and Michael and you can decide to upgrade later.

There is an affiliate program attached if you’d like to promote this website. Apart from the lack of free content – just that one video – this is a useful site that will benefit a lot of folk.

7 Days To Profits Anti-Salespage & Purple Elephants

7 Day Profit System Ok. There’s this product – 7 Days To Profits – from David Bullock. At first glance it’s your usual Internet Marketing “system” that promises you the earth, and that may or may not work for you. That’s alright, it’s how most of these things work.

But start looking at the salespage… It’s almost an “anti salespage”. It’s clean, crisp, and looks good – but read that copy!

“Prepare to be blown away!” it says, followed by “Ok. I had to fill you with you BS there”. And “You already know how to do this!”. It’s refreshing, as sales pages go. Quite funny, with a little story about making his brother his guinea-pig in this system and dotted with little footnotes throughout. Sorry to keep on about the salespage but when you’ve looked at as many as I have the gems shine through. Of course, this all part of the ploy to keep you reading but what the heck, who says a salespage can’t be entertaining too?

Anyway – back to the product. This contains a mixture of video and bonus ebooks, all aimed at helping you dominate the niche(s) of your choice. The way it does this is by using sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages and Article Directories to build up the content for the niche of your choice, then monetize it via a variety of means.

This is proven stuff – but it’s nice to have it all in one place and it will help you make money. It doesn’t claim to be anything “new” (what is?) but the presentation is top-notch and if you haven’t tried this kind of marketing before this package is as good as it gets. It’s important you remember that this does work and it’s not some head-in-the-clouds idea you see so often these days.

The videos total almost 40 mins. Then there’s the e-books.

Guru Commission Stealer – horrible name, but interesting idea.

Squidoo Blueprint – a popular book about using Squidoo. You may already have a copy, it was everywhere once, but if not it’s a nice addition.

All in all a very nice package that will either show you a new technique you haven’t tried and give you the push to try it, or shows you something you already know but in a nice way – depending on experience.

[note]Don’t forget the purple elephant I mentioned in the post title.

Click the elephant image at the end of the salespage for an instant $10 discount![/note]

Rating: 8 / 10 – An excellent guide to using content and third party sites to dominate your niche.

7 Days To Profits

PS. You’re not supposed to mention this in salespages, due to paypal policies, but in reviews it’s ok. This offers 100% commissions.

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