Choosing An Ad Network

There’s more to life than AdSense. In fact, there are many alternatives that could be used that can deliver higher profits. While some people swear by AdSense and make a tidy living from the proceeds, there are many more who struggle to make even a few dollars.

So what do you choose?

Well… it’s just got easier :-)

The Rubicon Project is a site that aims to automatically recommend the best ad networks for your site. In fact, it bills itself as an Advertising Optimization service.

So if you have space on your site in which to run ads, and you want to choose the most entertaining, efficient and relevant advertisers, look no further. No one has the time or inclination to search through the 300+ advertising networks by hand – let the Rubicon Project help!

The Rubicon Project

(Note: This will not make money on it’s own. Remember, adverts need visitors!)

Toolkit and Bloggers Adsense Guide

Internet Marketing Toolkit -and-
Blogger Adsense Guide

Dimesale: Currently $7 and Rising…

The new Dimesale Dollars this week is a great offer that includes the full “Internet Marketing Toolkit” from Daniel McGonagle (with Audio and Video) and the excellent “Bloggers Adsense Guide”.

I don’t have the room to show you everything in these two products, so I urge you ot visit the URL shown above.

This special double-pack can be promoted for 100% Commissions and you can also sell the items yourself, individually or packaged.

RSS Website Builder

This RSS tool is ideal for building automated websites about almost any subject you like. It scours the web for content and can incorporate it into a unique design of your specification.

Ideal for creating “adsense sites” or “traffic portals”. These sites have automatically updated content, and can be focused on any niche.

Include Amazon feeds, Adsense code, blog contents and more in any number of RSS Sites of your choosing.

As a bonus you’ll also get “SEO Secrets Uncovered” complete with audio version and master resale rights.

Only $7.30 at:

Grab Your $7 Mall !

This literally JUST launched.

The $7 Mall…

The features are amazing, and you can get a fr-ee silver membership today that features some of the DIAMOND content for the first few hours.

This is a premium mall packed full of $7 offers.

Amazing products, scripts, ebooks, tools and more for Internet Mark.eters at the unbeatable low $7 price.

This is NOT full of crap, no cheapie mass-produced ebay books in here :-)

Grab your silver membership and you get your OWN mall you can promote and earn from.

Lots of extra freebies included too, such as a full copy of the $7 book and script itself among others.

This is new. Get your membership, enjoy the content, and promote like wildfire.

I grabbed the *diamond* package myself, but it’s your choice. With Diamond you can get 100% commissions on EVERY product, fr-ee advertising credit, links, popus, banners and other traffic builders, your own product included, and much more.

But it’s your choice – whatever you decide , join today.

I’ll get back to you on more of the features soon but for now please grab your own membership and play around. I honestly believe you’ll be surprised at just what you can do with this site.

Premium AdSense Sites

DimeSale Dollars still have copies left of their premium Adsense Pack.

While the price is no longer at it’s lowest the good news it’s stop rising, so if you don’t own a copy it’s still very reasonable.

These Adsense Sites (theres 40!) include such features as tons of articles, Adsense Feeds, and Amazong Feeds.

They are very well designed and there’s plenty of choice in niches you can market.

Get traffic to them, and there’s a buch of income streams working for you hands-free :)

View them here:

Remember, these are premium sites and everything is done for you. Simply add YOUR information and away you go!

Google Adwords Primer

Quick Question

What can you get for $5 ?

A year or two back – heck, even a few months back, the answer WOULD NOT have been a great IM book.

But now titles such as this:

are often released.

This is the Google Adwords Primer.

And if you’re at all interested in Googles amazingly successful advertising program, you should grab it.

83 Pages of pure information, all about Adwords.

100% Commissions on referrals :)

Crazy AdSense Formula

The Crazy Adsense Formula is a big package.

It’s an automated tool that will make you one of 155 different niche sites… at a press of a button.

Simple to use, and you only need to enter basic information such as your Adsense Id. This will then spit out the correct site, ready formated, for you to use!

The price is rising fast.

These are the same 155 AdSense Sites that have been doing the rounds for the while, but the fast is most people never get around to using them. It’s the automated configurer that makes the difference here, because you can just put in your details and a true ready to use site is popped out…

However if you do already own these sites, including as part of my mega Ultimate AdSense package then think before ordering.

The Worlds Shortest Marketing Guide

Just for fun, and just to show how simple to core concepts are, I’ve written The World’s Shortest Marketing Guide, which covers most of the topics within the “Internet Marketing” umbrella in just a sentence each. This is meant to show you how to cut through the lies and exagerations that plague this industry… it really is this simple!

1. How To Make Money Online

-> Create or find an in demand product or service, and ensure potential purchasers find it.

2. How To Optimise Your Site For Search Engines

-> Ensure your webpages have content built around the keywords your potential visitors would use to find you, and make sure they are linked from other sites including search engines, blogs, social sites and directories.

3. How To Build A Mailing List

Read More »

Pimp Your Blog

A popular type of site is the humble Blog… After all, you’re reading one right here.

But if you have one, are you making the most of it?
And if you don’t have one – why not start off with the right approach.

“Pimp The Blog” covers things like Social Tagging, Video Content, Adsense, Affiliate Programs, “Pinging” and more.
I’ve written a report here on this Blog (search for “How I Run My Blog”) discussing some of these tactics, but this low-priced book covers much more in a convenient and informative way. 

Just $7 with full 100% Commissions on offer.

Monster Marketing System

Today, I’d like to point you towards a fabulous new course I’ve come across called the Monster Marketing System:

This covers everything you need to know about running an info-product empire of your own!

This shows you how to set up a simple system from which you can earn. And once you understand this system, it’s easy to move on, rinse, and repeat :-)

For example – are you aware just how quickly you can create an ebook, put the all-important marketing mechanisms in place, and earn, say, $500 within the first few hours?

I advise you to look at this webpage right now for more information.

Right now there’s a special pre-launch offer and you can grab a substantial discount if you want to buy. You only pay $17 for the full course!

(100% Commissions Included)


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