The Fast Start Marketing Kit

Just released: This brand new package of two hard-hitting reports with bonuses can be yours for as little as $8

Short Contents (click above for full details): Traffic Strategies Revealed,  Email Strategies Exposed, Email AutoFormat, How to get your e-mail Whitelisted, Power List Building Videos (Alex Sampson),  Sonic OptIn, Sara Brown’s Ultimate Income Plan,  SEO Predictions For 2006 and Beyond.


The ListFX – Massive Profits, Tiny Lists!

ListFX is a great site from Keith Wellman that shows you how to build a 2000-strong list in 30 Days — and more importantly, profit from it. Keith had great success with this site and there are many, many happy members.

Here’s the good news. The price of just under $10 for a full, lifetime membership still stands! So those of you still building their lists who are not members here’s your chance to get in.

The site itself is packed with recordings, teleseminars, transcripts and more from Keith himself, Ewen Chia, Gary Ambrose, Stephen Pierce, Liz Tomey, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Alice Seba, Russel Brunson and more. Folks who have made more than $10M online! 

Keith has also added bonuses such as a full rundown on how created and marketed his first success “ViralFX” and a video interview with himself. You’ll also get an awesome 100% commissions if you promote your membership.[]

Secret Article Source Free PLR

How about this: A ton of private label articles for free?

Yep – it’s here. And a free Article Submitter and website building software. And you can get 80% commissions on this site.

There’s no catch. It’s all at “Secret Article Source”!

It’s up to you what you do with these. Rework the articles, call them your own. Build them into ebooks. Add your own profile to the articles and submit them to directories to get traffic. Give them away. Do whatever you want – that’s the beauty of “Private Label”!

Full Access At:


Controversial Blog Marketing Techniques

Baby Blogging Bonanza from Rob Benwell is a limited-offer package of awesome Blogging Tools.

This includes both White Hat and Black Hat techniques so please don’t visit if easily offended. Some of these are pretty controversial methods!

Discover how Rob makes over $1800 A DAY with Free Blogs…

Items in the package include tools that Rob uses to automate his business as well as books and reports by Rob that teach his radical techniques.

Oh, and the title? Simple – Rob is celebrating being a new father :-)

Controversial Blog Marketing – Price Raising Fast!


Free Viral (Brandable) PDF Book Site

Free PDF Ebooks is a site that contains thousands of PDF format reports, that are instantly branded with your details.

You can search for PDF Reports you’d like to give away, and each one will contain your name, site, and a 250-word ad. In addition it will be branded with your Clickbank affiliate link and your FreePDF ID.

Here’s a sample: Adsense Article

I can think of a number of ways to use this site. You can download and provide individual PDF’s. You can link direct to PDF’s as I’ve done above. You can link direct to the homepage of the site so the visitor can search for their own PDF’s. You can even get an RSS Feed on a search-term and use that!

As you can see from the example each PDF is branded with your name, link and advert as stated above. There are also small clickbank-ads inserted (with your affiliate ID), plus there are “You May Also Like…” recommendations that link to further PDF reports (again, branded to you).

Basically this is an article database that builds PDF’s on the fly. This can be a great extra revenue stream simply by including some PDF’s as bonuses on any and every download page you have or at your main site/blog. Some editing and discretion is advised – not all the results are worth using – but it is an easy way to get neat little tools. Also be aware some ads at the end you have no control over.

Join Here


Free Ad Tracking

Ad Tracking is important if you drive traffic to your site. Without it, you won’t know where your traffic is coming from and you could waste your time on strategies that aren’t working.

TrackThatAd from Craig Heywood is a free service that will let you create special links that will count your hits and give you important information on your traffic source.

For example, say you were to run an ad in an ezine. Instead of the ad linking directly to your site, just pop over to Trackthatad, create a special Tracking Link, and use that in your ezine ad. This way you’ll know how many hits came from that particular campaign.

TrackThatAd also includes free list-building features, and downline features that will help you build downlines in other traffic programs.


Important Google AdWords Changes

Google has made some important changes to it’s Adwords algorithms. Basically, sites that provide a `poor customer experience` have to pay much more for they clicks. Advertisers who used to pay 4 or 5c a click now find themselves needing almost 50c for a top-slot! Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and the like are the main offenders.

Read this report from Affiliate Classroom for more information on the issue.


Free Instant Buzz Membership

Click here to get Free Targeted Website TrafficInstant Buzz, the premier toolbar-based traffic generator from Mike Filsaime, is now open for free memberships.

Previously you had to be invited to join but now you can just click the link below:

Free Instant Buzz Membership

This system displays one-line ads as a toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox. It won’t effect your surfing experience but your ads will appear on hundreds of thousands of browsers. You can also use the system for website-based ads “Hyper Ads” and e-mail based ads “Mailspace Ads”. You can earn credits via purchasing them, free with your membership, or by showing and clicking other ads.

As a surfer you will find some new programs and opportunites and as a user you will get your ads viewed and much-needed highly targeted clicks to your site.

Recommended! Join Now.

P.S. If you are a member log in and click “Promote”. You know have a link you use permantly whereas before you could only personally invite new members. You can earn up to $98 on certain memberships.


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