Choosing An Ad Network

There’s more to life than AdSense. In fact, there are many alternatives that could be used that can deliver higher profits. While some people swear by AdSense and make a tidy living from the proceeds, there are many more who struggle to make even a few dollars.

So what do you choose?

Well… it’s just got easier :-)

The Rubicon Project is a site that aims to automatically recommend the best ad networks for your site. In fact, it bills itself as an Advertising Optimization service.

So if you have space on your site in which to run ads, and you want to choose the most entertaining, efficient and relevant advertisers, look no further. No one has the time or inclination to search through the 300+ advertising networks by hand – let the Rubicon Project help!

The Rubicon Project

(Note: This will not make money on it’s own. Remember, adverts need visitors!)

9 Proven List Building Techniques

Mailing Lists are simply a collection of your subscribers / prospects e-mail address and other details, such as their names etc.

They’re created so that you have instant access to potential customers, readers for your articles and ezines, and fans who can help you with future projects.

Creating an e-mail list is , in theory, quite simple. You just ask people for their details. But in practice that’s rarely enough. Here’s some techniques that have proven to work:

1. Use an autoresponder. You can create e-mail lists without one, including manually adding requests to a hand-built list (unbelievably, once done this way!). But why bother? Today’s autoresponders automate the entire process. They manage your contacts, manage unsubscribe requests, allow simple broadcasts, send out pre-made messages to a schedule, and much more.

You can install a script at your own site, such as “Autoresponse 3″ or you can use a third-party solution. The former means you have more control, and the second path may help with e-mail delivery since companies such as aWeber and Getresponse forge ties with the likes of Yahoo Mail to ensure your messages are received.

2. Use a bribe. If you have a form on your website asking for a prospects details, offering a gift in exchange for the information will help urge them to complete it. The gift needn’t be expensive to yourself: digital goods such as ebooks are often used. E-courses make especially good bribes since the material is provided over time, to the e-mail address, ensuring your subscriber stays with you at least in the short term and surely long enough to make an impression :)

3. Use a squeeze page. This is an e-mail request form that is in reality a front-end to the main website. In other words, you cannot access the site until you enter your details. In effect the entire site itself is the bribe.

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101 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

101 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
By Ruchir Chawdhry

Increasing blog traffic is incredibly easy. You just need a blueprint. A blueprint that lists what you should do to drive more traffic to your blog. In this article, I present to you 101 ways to increase blog traffic. Just follow the points given below to increase blog traffic:

1. Write great content. By writing out articles that are helpful/entertaining and engaging, you’ll double your chances of getting visitors and retaining them.

2. Write link bait

3. Use Yahoo! Groups (

4. Use Yahoo! Answers (

5. Join Add as many friends and join as many communities as you can per day.

6. Use a ping service like

7. Leave comments on blogs in your niche

8. Write press releases

9. Participate in forums in your niche and put your URL in your forum signature

10. Link to other bloggers in your niche

11. Include your blog URL in your email signature


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(tips continued)

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Traffic Tornado Dimesale

Traffic Tornado is an excellent tips bundle that aims to help you drive as many visitors as possible to your site , promotion or link. This includes the new “750 Traffic Tips” product that was released just a week or so ago!

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Traffic 2.0

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Google Adsense Secrets 4.0

Joel Comm, Bestselling Author, has released version 4 of his famous Adsense Secrets book. And, unlike earlier versions of this comprehensive guide, this newly updated 2008 release is now just $9.97 !

This book has been on the market since 2005 (costing from $77 to $97) and continuously updated since then.

In Adsense Secrets 4.0 you’ll discover all the insider tips to making the most from Google’s extremely popular and lucrative Adsense advertising program.

Learn how to build content-rich websites that people will love, yet still make you money from Adsense. Find out how to optimise your site for the highest paying clicks, how to drive traffic to your site, how to format your ads, how to use articles and scripts, read your server logs, and much more.

This 222 page guide is all about using content on your pages and placing and using the right ads for the most possible money. It even includes real, working website example and case studies!

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Adsense Secrets 4.0

FREE: Web Marketers Traffic Course

Courtesy of you can now download this comprehensive guide to generating traffic – for Marketers. Discover how to promote, advertise, and drive those visitors to your website!

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Dimesales Roundup

Another couple of low-cost bargains have hit my desk today so here they are if you’d like to visit them. Quality products, at affordable prices – with *that* cool profitable twist thrown in!

Ok. You know the score by now. Most Dimesales will give you 100% commissions if you promote their products. The customer pays YOU. However, many Dimesales won’t display this fact on their sales page because it’s against PayPal rules to display this fact as an incentive to buy.

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Millionaire Traffic System

I’d like to show you Jo Han Mok’s “Millionaire Traffic System”, now half-price!

This is a fully online video product. With your membership you’ll get access to 14 powerful videos that share 21 awesome traffic tips.

. How to legally and ethically spy on your competiton
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, forum marketing, ebay marketing, traffic magnets…
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FREE: Traffic Encyclopedia

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Traffic Every Day

“Traffic Every Day” from Wes Blaylock is a true step-by-step Blueprint to driving tons of traffic to your site(s)…

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