Grab Your $7 Mall !

This literally JUST launched.

The $7 Mall…

The features are amazing, and you can get a fr-ee silver membership today that features some of the DIAMOND content for the first few hours.

This is a premium mall packed full of $7 offers.

Amazing products, scripts, ebooks, tools and more for Internet Mark.eters at the unbeatable low $7 price.

This is NOT full of crap, no cheapie mass-produced ebay books in here :-)

Grab your silver membership and you get your OWN mall you can promote and earn from.

Lots of extra freebies included too, such as a full copy of the $7 book and script itself among others.

This is new. Get your membership, enjoy the content, and promote like wildfire.

I grabbed the *diamond* package myself, but it’s your choice. With Diamond you can get 100% commissions on EVERY product, fr-ee advertising credit, links, popus, banners and other traffic builders, your own product included, and much more.

But it’s your choice – whatever you decide , join today.

I’ll get back to you on more of the features soon but for now please grab your own membership and play around. I honestly believe you’ll be surprised at just what you can do with this site.

Tube Pros

Do you remember the Tube Pro’s multimedia training pack that came out a few weeks back?

Well know you can grab it for the princely sum of $7

This is everything you want to know about using Video in your marketing including:

Top 10 Secrets
Adding Special Effects
Using Viral Techniques
The Top 20 Fr-ee Sites
Add URLs to your Video
Fr-ee and Easy Video Editing
Creating Communities, Channels and more

100% commissions for promoters 😀

Massive Birthday Package (Don’t Miss!)

You’ve probably seen multi-sales like this before, but wait – just check out their URL:

There’s a great collection there ready to be grabbed and used!

10 PLR Books,
6 PLR Reports,
The PLR Dozen,
Optin Rotator
and even the full Resell Rights Boot Camp !

An amazing package, and that little list is just the start.

I urge you to check the site and see what’s there. I’m sure you’ll love what you’ll see.

The price is rising but should still be low when you see this. My advice is don’t delay, grab it today.



Unblockable PopUps

Do you want TRULY unblockable ads on your site?

With Michael Ambrosio’s new “You Can’t Block This” you can!

This is a great new software tool that lets you create a new type of popup with ease.

You have full control over how your popup looks, including colors, borders, etc.

You can set a delay, so the popup will appear after a few seconds.

And yes, your popup can include Video and Audio!

This is an EASY way to add promotions, signup boxes, special offer “act now” boxes or whatever you like to an existing page.

And since this is unblockable, it will appear to every visitor!

Right now only $7 at:

New tools like this usually start out at around $47-$37 so this is a real bargain.

And make sure you pay attention to the OTO. It’s good. Very good – if you can see the potential…

The Three Step SEO Secret

The next stop on our tour of the newest bargain sales is a very informative SEO book called Three Step SEO Secret.

This is a well written guide to some innovative SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Techniques. If you want your site to rank higher in the search engines – and then get you tons of traffic – look here.

Find out all about getting backlinks the easy way, how to use your “keyphrase”, keyword tips and tricks, a great piece of advice about domain names, and much more.

100% Commissions on referrals.

List Bandit

ListBandit is a matrix list builder, you can join for free:

The idea is by promoting the site, you build up a membership. It’s really a way for marketers to leverage from each others lists.

But because of the Matrix it means that the people you refer will also be building your list…

You can join for free or with a powerful paid option (giving you the option to mail thousands, like having access to endless solo-ads).

There are many features in ListBandit including a co-reg facility (build your own private list) and the unique Random Matrix which is a second list you get to mail.

Give it a whirl. Join Here:

The Lost Traffic Saver

This is released as the new “Crazy Week” sale.

The title is not as world-changing as you’d think, essentially it’s a 404 Error Page tool.

Perhaps you’ve already replaced your error page manually (or via your host). Perhaps you have another tool that does the job. This however is more powerful, since it uses “intelligent selection” to show one of various new pages, depending on which page the visitor originally tried to get to.

If you don’t have a tool like this I’d say give it a try. It’s only around $5 now and you can get 100% Commissions.

The idea behind this is that whenever anyone lands on a page at your site that doesn’t exist – e.g. a bad link, a moved page, or a typo, then a standard, and unhelpful, “404 Error Page” is shown. With this you can replace that with your own much more useful page, perhaps showing your visitor where to go, or even promoting a product or affiliate link.

Get it here:

Crazy AdSense Formula

The Crazy Adsense Formula is a big package.

It’s an automated tool that will make you one of 155 different niche sites… at a press of a button.

Simple to use, and you only need to enter basic information such as your Adsense Id. This will then spit out the correct site, ready formated, for you to use!

The price is rising fast.

These are the same 155 AdSense Sites that have been doing the rounds for the while, but the fast is most people never get around to using them. It’s the automated configurer that makes the difference here, because you can just put in your details and a true ready to use site is popped out…

However if you do already own these sites, including as part of my mega Ultimate AdSense package then think before ordering.

Free Video Training

Ameer Salim, of Hot Marketing Videos fame, has just launched an amazing no-cost resource you can enjoy.

This is the “Hot Marketing Videos – Starter” site.

There’s absolutely no cost and you’ll get a number of components – including a selection of marketing videos, a 30 Day Plan, the Affiliate Marketing course as well as Ameer’s full Viral Video set !

AdSpy Pro

Would you like a tool that will tell you what affiliate promotions and what campaigns will be profitable – BEFORE you waste money testing them ? 

Here’s a new tool/script from JP Schoeffel that essentially does the same thing as X-Ray Domination ($1500) and Undercover Profits ($291 a month).

However, in comparison THIS is only $47!

AdSpy Pro

So what does it do?

AdSpy Pro is an amazing tool that can literally tell you what niches will be profitable BEFORE you even start dipping your toes in the water. Used correctly, you’ll never make a mistake.

You feed it a bunch of quick keywords and a period for it to scan then it will run and analyse thousands of PPC ads. It discovers what are normal ads and what are affiliate ads, and will it monitor positions and other information.

In a nutshell it will do this: Look at your competition, see what works, and give you the information to go do the same thing yourself :-)

It means you will know which campaigns, keywords, and products are selling. What else can give you this info (apart from the high cost tools I mentioned…)?

There’s a lot of cool features here. It will recognise 15 affiliate networks, including ClickBank, Commission Junction, AdWords, Linkshare and more on the way. It will give you a simple “green light” to tell you what will go. You can monitor multiple campaigns, and you can use it all from a powerful but simple control panel.

With this information a profitable campaign is literally just a matter of creating quick PPC ads with the green-lighted info AdSpy Pro gives you, and pairing it with a powerful product of affiliate link of your choice!

There’s bonuses and more here, so give it a whirl. Just $47 during this launch period – then $67 after, but why pay more?

Click Here For AdSpy Pro


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