Monster Commissions

At just $1, this new members site from Louis Burleson surely has to be a bargain…

But before you join make sure you understand what this site is for. It’s for those who like to promote products – affiliates.

This site will give you advanced notice and the promotion links to promote the new sales Louis launches each month. These products usually have to be purchased before you promote, but a membership of Monster Commissions allows lets you bypass this.

The products will all be 100% Commissions, perhaps as a Dime Sale, and perhaps with more commissions on the back-end OTO. You’ll know it usually pays to get in first, so Monster Commissions is a site worth joining… especially for one buck!


List Blueprint

David Bullock has a cool package out right now showing how he went from zero subscribers and zero crash to a hot list of 25,000… without spending a dime on advertising.

Called “List Blueprint” this is real, from the horses mouth info on list building.

It follows the tried and tested “formula” of Getting Traffic – Converting It – Following Up that I just love.

This works, but still people manage to get themselves in difficulties. That’s why strong affordable packages like this always get the thumbs up from me. Anything that can help you must be worth a look, right?

List BluePrint is at the important “Under Ten Bucks” price ($9.97) so most people can have a copy. And since that can help you build a real mailing list, without spending a fortune on traffic, believe me – it’s a bargain.


Free Video Ebook

Here’s a Video Ebook called “Ebook Secrets Revealed” that I’m going to give away as a free gift.

It’s by Louis Allport and it contains tips and strategies on making the most of your ebooks.

The videos include information on:

How to structure eBooks
Using Frames
Using Video in your eBooks
Collect OptIns through your eBooks
How to change the content – at any time
Tracking how many times your book is opened
How to password-protect your Book
Choosing between EXE and PDF

… and much more. This includes full Master Resale Rights – click the order button on the following page, but you won’t have to pay :-)



Safelists – are they old-hat?

You might be pleasantly surprised. There is a way to effectively use “Safelists”, those gigantic lists of marketers who actively sign up to receive your emails.

Of course, many Safelist addresses are junk, and are never used, but you CAN succede with Safelists, and the “Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide” from Michael Cobb and Soren Jordansen will show you how.

Just $7, with (again!) that all important 100% Commission opportunity, you’ll discover how to turbocharge your safelist advertising campaign.

Find out more here –>


My Secret AdSystem

Sometimes, the simplest methods work the best, and Anthony Tomei’s “AdSystem” is simple in the extreme. Yet, it works.

At just $10 with 100% commissions on offer, “AdSystem” is a quick working-method you can grind through each day in order to generate valuable, targeted traffic to your site.

You can’t get any simpler than this – click through the links, submit ads, gather leads, and collect the profits :-)

Please don’t disregard the power of the information you’ll find here. If you are willing to put in the effort of clicking a few links you will get the traffic. Guaranteed


Monster Marketing System

Today, I’d like to point you towards a fabulous new course I’ve come across called the Monster Marketing System:

This covers everything you need to know about running an info-product empire of your own!

This shows you how to set up a simple system from which you can earn. And once you understand this system, it’s easy to move on, rinse, and repeat :-)

For example – are you aware just how quickly you can create an ebook, put the all-important marketing mechanisms in place, and earn, say, $500 within the first few hours?

I advise you to look at this webpage right now for more information.

Right now there’s a special pre-launch offer and you can grab a substantial discount if you want to buy. You only pay $17 for the full course!

(100% Commissions Included)


Alternative Traffic Ideas

There’s so many ways to generate traffic these days it’s hard to keep track, so here’s a selection of bargain books on ideas you might not have tried:

i. Yahoo Answers Traffic Program

A cool tool, video, and report about using Yahoo!’s “Answers” service to drive traffic… bet you’ve never tried this!

ii. Craigs List – (massive classified site)
“Craigslist Black Book”

iii. You Tube – (massive video site)
“YouTube Primer”

iv. MySpace – (massive social site)
“MySpace Marketing Guide”

v. Squidoo – (a web2.0 bookmarking service)
“Squidoo Silver Cloud”


Membership Income Plan

“Hot News: Guru Marketing Tactic Reveals Huge Income Plan”

No – that’s not a headline. It’s actually the title of this new book you can download right now for $5…


The Income Plan discussed is Membership Sites. Membership Sites have a lot going for them, including easy of use, recurring income, subscribers, customers and affiliates, – and even a higher perceived value.

But it’s not as simple as just throwing up a collection of books and hoping that’s enough…

Read this book to find out more!

This is just $5 right now but the price will start ticking up every 20 minutes. You can also earn 100% Commissions, paid direct, if you chose to promote.


20 SEO Secrets

This is a nice, easy to read report giving you 20 Tips and Tools to help you rank higher in the search engines PLUS a Video Tutorial on using this information.

This is a great starter point for those wishing to optimise their webpages for higher rankings (and traffic!) as well as full of tips and tricks for those who already do this.

100% Commissions if you decide to promote!


“How I Made $5000 With MySpace and Ebay”

This new book from Alex Mayo and Roy Fielding shows you how Alex made $5000 using two of the most visited websites in the world – the massive MySpace and Ebay.

Many people have heard about leveraging the traffic from sites like this in their internet marketing campaigns, but this guide is a straight from the horses mouth report on how EXACTLY it can work.

If you’ve never tried this approach to marketing, and want to learn something new, I highly recommend you download this report today.

Just $7 for something that could make you thousands. AND they’ll pay 100% Commissions if you’re an affiliate who likes to promote!


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