Dimesales Roundup

Another couple of low-cost bargains have hit my desk today so here they are if you’d like to visit them. Quality products, at affordable prices – with *that* cool profitable twist thrown in!

Ok. You know the score by now. Most Dimesales will give you 100% commissions if you promote their products. The customer pays YOU. However, many Dimesales won’t display this fact on their sales page because it’s against PayPal rules to display this fact as an incentive to buy.

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“PR 38″ Backlinks ?

Dirks new Crazy Week sale is pretty unusual. It’s a product that can help you get an astonishing level of good Backlinks (the KEY to high search engine rankings) to your site!


Of course, there’s no such thing as PR38 – the highest “Page Rank” level is 10, but the idea is your links are spread across tons of high ranking websites. In fact, it’s now really “PR120″ :-)

There are many other features included, including an RSS Robot, automated website registration and domain setip, among others.

This is an advanced Social Linking Robot that can really help you find those elusive top 10 ranking spots. I’m still playing with it but I can say so far I’m impressed.

Only $5 – right here:

AdSpy Pro

Would you like a tool that will tell you what affiliate promotions and what campaigns will be profitable – BEFORE you waste money testing them ? 

Here’s a new tool/script from JP Schoeffel that essentially does the same thing as X-Ray Domination ($1500) and Undercover Profits ($291 a month).

However, in comparison THIS is only $47!

AdSpy Pro

So what does it do?

AdSpy Pro is an amazing tool that can literally tell you what niches will be profitable BEFORE you even start dipping your toes in the water. Used correctly, you’ll never make a mistake.

You feed it a bunch of quick keywords and a period for it to scan then it will run and analyse thousands of PPC ads. It discovers what are normal ads and what are affiliate ads, and will it monitor positions and other information.

In a nutshell it will do this: Look at your competition, see what works, and give you the information to go do the same thing yourself :-)

It means you will know which campaigns, keywords, and products are selling. What else can give you this info (apart from the high cost tools I mentioned…)?

There’s a lot of cool features here. It will recognise 15 affiliate networks, including ClickBank, Commission Junction, AdWords, Linkshare and more on the way. It will give you a simple “green light” to tell you what will go. You can monitor multiple campaigns, and you can use it all from a powerful but simple control panel.

With this information a profitable campaign is literally just a matter of creating quick PPC ads with the green-lighted info AdSpy Pro gives you, and pairing it with a powerful product of affiliate link of your choice!

There’s bonuses and more here, so give it a whirl. Just $47 during this launch period – then $67 after, but why pay more?

Click Here For AdSpy Pro


Autoresponder Script

Do you want your own Autoresponder on your site?

Do you want full control of your list building, email sending, ecourses and all the great uses for an Autoresponder – without relying on a third party service?

And do you want this without the expense of the industry “standards”?

You’re in luck –

Here’s a great Autoresponder Script you can own for only $7!

Having your own Autoresponder is essential to your online business. You can use it to capture email addresses, automate delivery of emails in sequence, send ecourses, send product download details, and much more. Once installed at your site, it’s truly automatic and something you’ll come to rely on.

This Autoresponder is a full MultiMedia Autoresponder – meaning you can send text, web pages, Audio, Video or almost anything to your recipients inbox!

Grab it today – Click Here


Ebay Fortune Pack

Ebay is Brilliant! The first bucks I ever made online were with eBay. And whenever anyone ever asks me for advice on starting out, I always say to start there.

Ebay Rocks.

Ebay is a ready made market of millions, all in a buying mood, for every niche under the sun.

You can sell new, used, digital, or any kind of goods you can think of.

For marketers, it’s a place to try out new products, and new markets. To build lists. To drive traffic. To “seed” products.

So… you need to look at this:


That’s the new Ebay Fortune package from DimeSaleDollars. It’s around $5.55 right now.

For that you’ll get two new eBay packages with Private Label Rights, plus a bonus pack of five further complimentary products.

It’s literally everything you need to get started with eBay! And don’t forget that little fact that the main two guides are Private Label. You can do whatever you’d like with those – right up to making your OWN product.

The price is rising, so don’t delay. Grab your eBay pack today:


Unstoppable Traffic 101

Here’s a popular book that’s recently been launched from Aurelius Tjin.

It’s called “Unstoppable Traffic 101″ and it does exactly what it says on the cover.

Right Now, you can grab this for just $5 !

This book covers a wealth of traffic building techniques, including:

The Three Kinds of traffic you need
What you need to do *first*
On and Off page SEO
5 Ways to Low Cost techniques
Why Blogs work so well
Four more ways to a Traffic Stampede

$5… from this link:


P.S. Just added a bunch of bonus reports!


Affiliate Undercover

Banned By ClickBank! 

This book shows you the insider information from a ClickBank affiliate master. In fact, he claims ClickBank won’t even let him list this is in their Marketplace because of the techniqiues discussed.

This includes how to dominate ANY niche, with some controversial dirty techniques that will help you generate cash, and build a list.

Intrigued? Visit this link:



Video Web Wizard

Here’s a tool that can be used to quickly add video to your site. It’s called VIdeo Web Wizard, and it’s probably the easiest way to create streaming video.

Click Here To View

There’s just six easy steps you click through to get your video on your site.

This product is cutting edge technology, and it comes with full Master Resale Rights and the chance to earn 100% commissions.

Get It Here

(Visit that site for tons of screenshots, video demos, and more so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting)


SalesPage Graphics

here’s an amazingly economical way to bag yourself a fistfull of very cool salespage images.

For just $4 you can get an eye-catching set of web-graphics that can really boost your conversion, and give your site that much needed “polish”.

There are 317 graphics including Buttons, Arrows, Bullet, Badges and Subscription Boxes.

For the price they’re asking, you really can’t go wrong!

Click Here For Access

Since this is a Dimesale that “stupidly” low price won’t last. Get in quick, and you can also promote for 100% instant commissions…


These are great, attractive images you can use on your sites, blogs and salesletters right now. Don’t miss this chance!

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