The Ultimate Guide To Free Traffic

This is a pretty thorough look at the many sources of free traffic you’ll find on the web today.

Believe it or not, you can generate hits in the thousands to websites of your choice, using only sources. This book shows you how.

Ultimate Guide To Free Web Traffic

This is Volume 1 of the new “Online Profits” series and includes such gems as:

How To Create That Initial Traffic Flow
White Hat Techniques that *work*
4 Places You Might Actually “leak” visitors
The Best Method For Viral Traffic
Using Online Stores To Be An “Authority”
A Simple Strategy for Doubling (or Tripling) existing Hits
… and much, much more!

This is a 70 Page Info-Packed PDF – Download Immediately

Free Web Traffic

As with all DimeSales, the price is rising (it’s around $6 right now) and you can earn 100% Comms.


The Silliest DimeSale Ever

You see sales and bundles all the time when you’re involved with Internet Marketing.

They are usually real bargains – a chance to buy up a lot of interesting books and software at a bargain price for your own use or to resell/rebundle.

Usually, with my own compilations, I like to use a theme. For example, a “Blogging Pack”, or a “AdSense Pack”.

But this time I have so much software I’ve purchased and obtained recently it’s a shame to leave it. So I’ve put together an awesome package of marketing-related downloads you’ll just love, and at a bargain price!

This is a Dime Sale. I’m starting the price at only $7 and it will rise every hour. But to give everyone a chance to get the collection at the start-price the $7 is locked until later tonight.

It means to get the possible price you can, you have to purchase right now.

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And because the price is raising the person who buys from you may even pay MORE than you, putting you in profit with just one sale :-)

For full details of what’s included in the latest Ultimate Dime Sale please visit:

Ultimate Dime Sale

I’ve included software, video, ebooks, Web 2.0, Search Engine Tools, Website Tools, and much, much more.

$7 for these 20 quality products is, frankly, a little silly. And everything included comes with full Master Resale Rights.

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(FREE) Internet Marketing Training Videos

This is an awesome free site.

Around 50 free Videos teaching you stuff like

How To Get A Domain Name and Hosting
Setting Up Email Accounts
Basic Tools
Write HTML and Design Websites
Publish Your Own Ezine
Accept Credit Card Payments
Affiliate Marketing
Search Engine Secrets
Creating Ebooks

…and much more!

All this is free of charge, all you need to do is sign up here:

Free Marketing Training Videos



Same List, More Profits DVD

Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose are no strangers to list building, and recently they held an exclusive workshop on the topic of “How To Earn More Profit From Your Email List” – which cost almost a thousand dollars to attend…

Luckily for you they recorded the whole thing…

And you can now get it, on DVD, from $2 !

This is the new NickleMania X. Although the price is around $2 right now it will rise with every sale.

In the DVD Gary and Keith discuss how you can make more money from your existing list, how to increase your “conversion rate”.

Marketers are starting to struggle with their email lists. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. The industry is changing, but if you are using the right techniques there’s no reason why you should suffer.

List size isn’t an issue (e.g. 94 people list made $6,081, a 3,800 strong list $24,000). Strategy is. You NEED this DVD!

At this price it’s a no-brainer. A real, physical DVD delivered to your door for $2 + S&H ? It’s a steal!

Secure your copy of “Same List, More Profits” today and learn the real power behind an email list.

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Ranking Accelerator

“Ranking Accelerator” is a cool tool that enables you to build content-based Blogs fast.

The main reason for doing this is to help with your Search Engine rankings, and drive more traffic to your site.

This is a very useful piece of software that can automatically build content blogs for almost any niche.

You can secure your copy from $5 right here:

This is a Dimesale, so the price is rising.


Tax Guide for Marketers

Tax – a very important subject but one that people tend to ignore.

So how about building yourself a “Tax Free Income”?

Tax expert Eva Rosenberg has released a new guide to Taxes especially for Online Marketers.

This cover all the basics (what you owe, who you owe it to, and when) to advanced tips on beating the Taxman.

At just $7.77 this is a guide you must own. There’s no other like it!

Find out more here:

*100% Commissions for Affiliates


Autopilot Profits

This is Ewen Chias new marketing product, that includes a free copy of “The Big System To Making Real Money On The Internet” just for visiting.

This is a site that aims to have you creating an automatic income, using a turnkey system you can get started with right away.

The website is pretty comprehensive so I’ll just point you in that direction. Please click here.


Michael Cheney Traffic Videos

Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos launch in 5 days. You’ll probably get a ton of e-mails about this, but for now you can get a FR-EE book from his homepage, called “How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters”. There’s also a video where Michael shows you his home, and how he starts his day in a mini-documentary. Interesting if only for the comparison between a marketers life and a “commuters” life…

I don’t know whether the book and video will be available after prelaunch, so even if you’re not interested in this product it’s worth popping over to the site to grab them now :-)


$7 System Further Reading

By now you’ve experienced the power of quick and easy Dimesales and so-called “$7 Sales”.

They are very effective sales processes – ANYONE can use.

They work like this: You buy a low-priced (but quality) product, and you get to promote that product and instantly earn 100% commissions (the entire price) direct to YOUR paypal.

For the author, it’s even better. You get the OTO Sales, new subscribers, and your customers even promote the product for you.

It’s really a win – win situation for both ebook authors and their customers.

The product that started it all is the $7 book from Jon Ledger. It gives you the scripts and the sales process in detail. It is itself, of course, seven bucks and it’s the original guide to the whole process. If you haven’t yet got a copy (shame on you!) it’s at:

However, two brand new books have now hit the market that help you further.

The first is “Recipe For Product Creation” at:

This is a very easy to read guide that shows you how to create new products that you control, quickly. It allows you to crank out profitable products in a very time efficient way.

These you can turn around and sell / give away / promote as you wish – since YOU control them. And the content of the book itself is something you can use to promote further sites and products…

The second is “Recipe for Sales Letters” at:

It’s really the final piece of the puzzle. Since it teaches you how to write effective sales copy. That’s the stuff you use in emails and websites to encourage your visitors to buy. Copywriting is big business, since a product launch will succeed or fail on the strength of it’s writing.

With the Sales Letter Recipe you too will learn how to create money-sucking and seductive emails and websites.

Learn the techniques to master the arts of Product Creation and Sales Copy. Get them both!

(Just $7 each with 100% Commissions if you want to promote…)

If you want to see what others are doing with the “$7 Sales” method, there’s a directory here you can browse:

See how people are using the process, see products you can get for only seven bucks, and everything there you can promote for 100% Instant Commissions…


Profitable List Building

Louis Burleson’s new sale, called “Profitable List Building”,  covers (as you’d expect) the fine art of creating your own email list.

Since a well managed email list is a real cash-cow, and perhaps the biggest asset of your business, you should really be building one.

This product is split into three books covering Basic List Building, Advanced List Building, and Master Strategies.

Almost everything you can imagine is included, from getting started right up to running Joint Ventures.

If you want to start building a list, grow your existing list, or inject some new ideas into your current list building activities this is for you.

Just $7 with 100% Commissions.


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