Smart Site

Here’s a great package called “Smart Site” that’s all about making your website design and implementation tasks much easier:

Smart Site is a package of templates, graphics, buttons, headers and more designed to help you get a site up – quick.

It allows you to build websites for:

Squeeze Pages
Lead Capture
One Time Offers
Thank Yous
Mini Sites
Sales Pages

Or whatever else you could want.

It includes web editing software, mailing list software, and much more. Since there’s templates included you can literally have an attractive, fully functional site in minutes.

This is a Dimesale, so the price is rising and you can also earn 100% Commissions.


Confessions Of A Niche Marketing Maniac

This new eBook reveals how to master the art of “Niche Marketing”, that is tapping into high profit markets that have little or no competition. It shows you how to research markets, find products to sell, and then – well – start selling them!

These are simple strategies anyone can use right now, and start throwing up quick websites that do ONE thing (sell) and do it well.

This also comes with a bonus “Vision Form” and MP3 Recording. The price is under $6 right now, and you can even earn 100% Commissions…

Click Here To Access


Day Job “Crusher”

This title has been called the “Day Job Killer” alternative. It even has a (deliberately, I’m sure) similar name… it’s called “Crush Your Job” and comes with an awesome $5 price-tag :-)

Read more about it here:

Since “DJK” costs $99 now, Crush Your Job looks like a real bargain. It follows the format of a number of books released recently, that aim to teach online marketing techniques to people who really only want a replacement for their day job.

It’s all well and good promising millions and aiming for the stratosphere and selling over-produced courses for $997 that include DVDs, Manuals and more but for MANY people a simple guide to how exactly money can be earned on the net – for the average person – is all they want.

After all, once you’re earning say $300-$500 a week and can afford to live from the proceeds how much further could you go?

I’m all for this approach. Have lofty goals, and big aims, sure – but remember to keep your feet on the ground and don’t overstretch yourself. Read a book like this and put the ideas into action. Aim to be able to quit your dayjob first, and then build upon your foundations.

Grab your $5 copy today, and remember you can also promote this and earn those five bucks back!


Traffic Strategies

We could all do with more traffic. It’s what makes your website work, makes you sales, and gets you subscribers. The #1 task for any online business is TRAFFIC.

So why not try this?

Keith Needham and Javed Akram are offering the “Secret Traffic Strategies for 2007″ step-by-step report for just $7 for the next 48 hours.

It’s at:

It includes hot information on using scripts, getting repeat visitors, getting google to work for you, using web directories, and much more. Highly recommended.

You can also get 100% Commissions with this!


The Day Job Killer

Launch: Day Job Killer 

Right now it seems everyone is promoting this. That doesn’t mean it’s bad – It’s a refreshing look at a Marketing Strategy that for once doesn’t promise you the earth :-) Instead, it aims to show you how to earn enough to replace your day job, hence the name.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is one of those $197 + products that, frankly, a lot of people would not find beneficial. But. it’s not. You CAN afford this. Also…

1. This includes proof of the $1M ClickBank Account. I know income proof reports may not be of any use to you in your endeavours, but you’ve got to admit it’s an awesome achievement.

2. This stragegy relies on a combination of proven techniques, solid methods that work.

3. It’s from the author who brought you “Affiliate Project X” last year. And that was a very popular book. This builds on that includes many strategies the author uncovered during that launch.

If for no other reason than to enjoy the sales page and process visit the link below. Remember, it’s always worthwhile examing other peoples launches and sites for real-world examples.

This is affordable, workable, and will probably excite you with the possibilities. For once this is something that can (really!) help you. You won’t need hardly any capital to get started, and you’ll learn valuable insider tips from six-figure guys who quietly churn out fortunes instead of banging their own drums.

There’s a few things I don’t like – such as the “bash the gurus” approach (never helpful) but the benefits outweigh my reservations. The focus is on affiliate marketing – so you don’t need to write books or create products, and you can get started right away.

(Watch the Video!)


New Dime Sales with 100% Commissions

1. Bum Marketing – First Money Secrets

Just $7, this is the report that shows how even a `bum off the streets` could succeed in this insanely simple business. The full “first money” guide is included as well as a bunch of bonuses including hot keywords, turbo affiliate linker software, and the “think like a marketer” book. (Earn 100% Commissions on Referrals)

2. MySpace Mini Videos

Just $5.40, this package includes video tutorials on harnessing the awesome traffic and promotion possibilities of MySpace, one of the busiest sites around. If you want to leverage a part of this power, watch these.

(Earn 100% Commissions on Referrals)

3. “How To Go From Being A Newbie To Launching A Product In Under 2 Weeks Flat!”

This special video interview/report features Dan Dennis and Keith Wellman. This is only $7 and includes the full launch information of the “VideoGuy” launch. Dan, for it is he, went from a unknown to an overnight success. Find out exactly how!

(Earn 100% Commissions on Referrals)


500 Free Marketing Strategies

You can now grab 500 Free Marketing Strategies courtesy of Larry Dotson:

Yep – at that link above you’ll be able to get a no-catch no-cost membership to Secret Marketing Strategies, and learn some techiques with evocative names like:

The Won’t Believe It Strategy, The Upside Down Strategy, The Lying Down Strategy, The Lock It In Strategy, The Misprint Strategy, and a LOT more!

This is 100% Free so go on, sign up and enjoy.


A Quick Note about Super Gifts

If you joined the Super Gifts site through my link and were a little confused because it was all about `list building`, then you entered through the partner site. It’s the same site, but you may have been mislead. I’ll make it easier for you:

1. If you just want to download the gifts and freebies, join here

2. If you want to add your own products, and build a list, join here

Hopefully, that will clarify things a little! This is a site well worth joining, with many opportunities for those who grab them…