OTO Goldmine

This free site gives you an easy way to add an extra revenue stream to any site – with a One Time Offer!

Simply join, use the code, and you’re done :-)

Basically, this is a simple way to add an OTO. There are three packages you can use, and you’ll earn 75% of the sale if anyone purchases. You don’t need to upload or host the packages yourself.

Click –> OTO Goldmine



This Weeks “Frugal Friday”

Every week a new Frugal Friday is launched, offering two hot products starting at $5 for the both. These usually come with Master Rights, Private Rights, or a combination of both. Even though the price starts on the friday at $5 it raises throughout the week, so it pays to get there early! You can also earn 100% commissions on the products by referring people to the Frugal Friday site with your affiliate link (given after joining).

This weeks Frugal Friday is:

List Building Supertips (With Private Label Rights)Bootstrap Graphic Design (Video Guide with Master Rights)

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Free Clickbank Mall

Here’s a cool Clickbank Mall site. And you can get a silver membership absolutely free.


This site is simple in the extreme to use. You add your ClickBank ID , you get a full storefront! Promote that storefront page, and enjoy the commissions.

There are other affiliate programs you can also set up within your Mall, and you’ll also get a package of useful Marketing products thrown in. So whaddaya waiting for… sign up now :-)


Innovative Marketing Strategies

Here’s a great book: 133 Pages of no-holds-barred Marketing Strategies called “How To Excite Your Prospects With Impact Marketing”.

This guide covers REAL marketing strategies for the long term – no quick hit black-hat techniques here! Everything from creating a plan to advertising your business is covered.

There’s too much to list here but if you visit this site you’ll see the full Contents and much more information.

The book is completely downloadable and even has a professionaly spoken audio version included.

Price starts at just FIVE BUCKS and you can even 100% Commissions. Good stuff!

Impact Marketing

PS. If you want to run your own affiliate program like this that can automatically raise the price and give 100% commissions instantly, click here.



Agloco – “A Global Community” – is a web based revenue building service that aims to share all advertising revenue with its members.

It’s reminiscent of an earlier program called “All Advantage” from the early days of “Paid To Surf” programs, and in fact some of the people in Agloco are from that company.

Basically the system involves running a viewbar in your browser (just an extra, inobtrusive toolbar) that displays ads and other information. Earnings from these ads are shared with members, and if you refer members yourself you’ll earn extra. This also utilises a `matrix` system, so you can also earn extra if your referrals also refer people. Eventually, the company hopes to issue shares to all members, too.

Join Agloco

Agloco is free to join and use. I don’t know about the long term viabality of this service, since earlier companies never lasted, but it costs nothing so you’ve nothing to lose :-)


Traffic From Youtube and Google Video

Here’s a great new video training product that teaches you how to get traffic from free online video sites.

It will help you get indexed quickly, and start reaping a share of the hundreds of thousands of hits these sites get.

Viral Videos Traffic Secret Expose

In 10 videos lasting almost 70 minutes you’ll learn how to quickly create slideshow videos with or without audio, use inexpensive or free webcam software, how to brand the videos to get hits to YOUR site – and much more.

The best thing of all: You can do this with the windows software supplied with most PC’s!

Just $9.97 – and you can even earn 100% commissions on referrals you make.

Click Here For More Details


Pay Per Lead

“Pay Per Lead” Affiliate Programs are a good way to earn extra money without having to make a sale. As the name suggests, you are paid per lead – that is, per customer you refer to them.The people running Pay Per Lead affiliate programs know their stats inside and out, which is why they can afford to do this. For example, a mortgage company pay know their conversion is rate is 2%, which means on average 2 in 100 visitors will join.

But they also know that each sale they make is worth on avergage $2,000 to them. That’s $4,000 per 100 visitors

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Context Box Generator (Dimesale)

This easy to use tool lets you create cool “Context Boxes” on your website. If you’ve ever wanted to jazz up your webpages with the boxes you see on others – whether it’s to add information, guarantees, testimonials, whatever – this is the tool that makes it a breeze.

Boxes can be dotted, thick, thin, scrolling and anything in between. You can see more examples and download the software here:

Context Box Creator

As little as $8 if you act fast (price raises quickly) and 100% Commissions if you promote!

TIP: Want to create your own sales like this? The software to run them is now on sale here!


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