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Affiliate Marketing is probably one of the most popular forms of Internet Marketing, since it doesn’t involve having to create, stock, or sell problems of your own. You simply earn commissions from referring customers to the affiliated product. It is pure marketing, in that you promote and advertise for a third party.

As I mentioned before whatever you do with Internet Marketing you are basically connecting customers and products. Therefore, finding the right customers, and the right products, is essential.

These days most large online retailers, such as Amazon and eBay, have affiliate programs. There are also vast networks of affiliate programs for almost every industry you can think of. Commissions will vary widely, from around 6% for a book or DVD from Amazon to 75% or more from selling digital products such as eBooks, Software or Memberships. Some affiliate programs will pay fixed fees, such as $50 per customer. Some will even pay recurring commissions, for services that are billed monthly or members for private sites. It’s easy to see why this form of marketing is attractive.

If you want to earn good money from affiliate programs it’s essential you aim for one that suits you. Some marketers will swear by targeting smaller, less overcrowded niches, so you can focus your efforts there and become a big fish in a small pond. Others will aim for higher payouts, so even though the amount of sales might be lower, the overall profits are good. It’s different for everyone.

One of the first things you do is decide what, and how, to promote. Traditionally paying directly for clicks has been proven to work, but getting it wrong can cost you dearly. Using a system such as Googles Adwords you bid on keywords, pay for every click from that keyword, and direct that visitor to a page where, hopefully, they’ll buy. As an example we’ll say you’re promoting a company that sells motorcycles. These are high value items, with considerable potential rewards. If an average sale of $10000 nets you $650 in commissions, and 1 in 1000 customers you send to the website buys, you know that you can afford to spend around $1.50 per customer. Spend less per customer, make more money. You’d therefore target keywords in Google with terms such as “Buy Motorcycle” – but that would be too vague, and cost dearly. So perhaps “2013 Suzuki GSX-R 750″ is a little more targeted. Perhaps you’d discover customers are unlikely to buy a motorcycle online at all, or it’s only 1 in 10000 who’d buy, but the beauty of Pay Per Click campaigns with Adwords and others is that you can quickly get a feel of how much traffic will cost, and how much you could potentially make. Another example is to target local sales, e.g. “Cable TV in Virginia” or “Broadband in Miami, Florida”. Still massive markets.

The other major way of getting traffic is through the search engines directly, so called Organic Search. These are the sites people visit when searching for information or even when looking to buy. To be successful here your site, or pages on your site, must rank highly, preferably on the first page, for terms people use to search. Getting ranked high is an industry in itself, but in short the keywords you use, the sites that link to you, the age of the site, and the content all contribute. It’s always best to aim your site at your human visitor first and worry about the search engines last, as good quality content, regularly produced, will always win out. Sites such as Blogs, Review Sites, and Forums are all easy to build content for in specific niches. Take for example Amazons affiliate program. You might decide to drill down through the categories (Amazons “Best Sellers” in niche categories are a good start) and start promoting their “Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS Unit”. It’s a specific item in a popular but still less crowded niche (and as a bonus, golf players tend to have more disposable income). You could build a few pages around that product, and others, and start including articles on GPS systems in golf to build content. At around $160-$200 a pop the commissions could add up on this one item. WordPress is a great platform for building niche sites. A content site that grows over time could slowly target every variation of keyword, increasing your rankings as you do.

The great advantage of affiliate marketing is that once you’ve found that ideal product and that ideal audience you build from there, either tweaking your PPC campaigns, adding more products to your portfolio, adding content to your sites, or driving traffic from other sources such as social networks, youtube, or even offline (print ads, flyers, phone). Most of the effort involved in affiliate marketing is driving all this traffic. Some affiliate programs even increase commissions are you get more sales, and the top affiliates often benefit from one-to-one partnerships rather than fixed percentages.

Most marketers will start with affiliate marketing due to the ease of starting up. I won’t say it’s easy making a big income, but once you understand how it works there’s only really one way to go… up!

Finally, a popular affiliate site that sells digital products is Clickbank. You can often enjoy 50% commissions plus on products from here, since the seller has no real overheads other than providing their products digitally. Other websites even offer 100% commissions on digital products, usually direct from the site rather an affiliate network, since to the seller the value is not that initial sale, but rather the lifetime of the customer. All this is worth noting when you consider that affiliate marketing not only refers to you making sales as the affiliate, but the flip side – getting affiliates to sell for YOU…


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Succeeding At ClickBank

ClickBank can be thought of as a service in two ways:

1. It let’s you accept credit card payments at your site, to sell products.

2. It acts as an affiliate processor, so you can promote peoples products or ask them to promote yours.

It’s the power of this affiliate procedure we shall look at here.

At ClickBank, like many walks of life, success bring success. The more sales of your product through ClickBank’s servers the higher it will get ranked in the marketplace, and the more attractive it is for affiliates to promote it. Once you get past the first few hurdles in making sales and attracting affiliates, your product will develop a momentum of it’s own.

Affiliates like Clickbank for the ease with which they can promote products. Many professional affiliates will use Clickbank’s Marketplace religiously – tracking and testing new products and popular ones.

Your first task, therefore, is to make it easy for them. Have an affiliate area, and fill it with pre-written ads, e-mails and graphic banners. Give the linking instructions and consider using a third party service to compliment Clickbank’s own “hoplinks”.

Clickbank ranks products with a figure they call “Gravity” to show how many sales it is making and how popular it is. You need to JV with other marketers to raise this figure, and try to sell your product as much as possible. This is the hardest step. (I am of course assuming your product is already set up, with an effective salespage, and ready to hit the market)[important]Special Offer: “Clickbank Results” shows you how to boost your gravity in three easy steps and bring in the super affiliates to promote YOUR product.

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Search for keywords relating to your product. Contact the webmasters of any site that sells similar products, asking them to sell yours too. Look in forums, and offer your product with a 60% commission or more. Even consider using Pay Per Click like Adwords to both sell your product direct, and advertise for affiliates.

If you already have a mailing list, website, customers and/or a Blog use those to sell your product. And think about running an affiliate competition to generate a buzz about the promotion. Make it an event.

Selling the product directly, and asking for affiliates, go hand in hand. You can attack on both fronts. And don’t forget those who buy may also be interested in promoting, and those who are promoting should be urged to buy.

Before you start you should  join Clickbank as an affiliate and see how other marketers are pushing their products. Copy the best techniques. If you want to sell you should note that it’s a one-off payment of $50 for an account… but you can promote multiple products with it.

Using Clickbank, as opposed to other payment processors, brings with it a full community of active affiliates. Consider this when you make your choice, and note that Clickbank can now accept Paypal as a payment method along with major credit cards. Fees are reasonable, payments prompt, and the environment professional.

Also See: Harvey Seagal of Supertips fame is an expert on Clickbank. See his site for more help and advice. coming back?

It seems John Reese is relaunching

Back in the day, I was a member of the original which was then used mainly as a redirect service. Because I’m too lazy to change them, I daresay I still have links floating around the web :-) I wonder how much traffic he gets from these old links.

But that was the past. This new is going to be an exciting affiliate-program oriented site. It’s not going to be ready until March 7th but John has a very intriguing video up there, which you can see for free.

It’s about “Affiliate Commission Engines” – and how you can build as many of these as you want to service niche markets of all shapes and sizes.

I’ll have more on when the time comes but for now you can see that video here:

Opportunity.Com Affiliate Commission Engines

Review: $5 Traffic System

I came across this product today being promoted by quite a few marketers. It’s a report that details a neat way to get traffic, and it only costs $5.

This traffic technique involves using Squidoo and/or Hubpages to focus on your niche.

It’s not just creating a quick page, it’s how you list and promote that page that counts. And by using Google you can find exactly where your page should be posted for maximum traffic and pagerank.

You can send traffic to almost any page using the system, but it works best for detailed search terms. If your lens or hubpage is built around a affiliate program, perhaps a clickbank product, then you can expect sales as well as traffic!

Of course, you could also funnel this traffic through a lens or hubpage back to your own main site or blog, and gain extra visitors or subscribers that way.

This is a short, really simple technique and it’s refreshing in that it’s not full of fluff and filler.

$5 Traffic Method

The reason so many people are promoting this? It pays 100% Commissions!

Try this method if you need traffic, the kind of highly targeted traffic the search engines deliver. It’s simple to use and if you feel it’s of no use, and even though it’s only $5, you can have a full refund. Has Re-Opened

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How To Be Wealthy

Why are you reading this post?

Why are you interested in Internet Marketing?

Sometimes it’s important to get back to the basics, and maybe even have a rethink about your strategies.

Wealth is probably your goal. But monetary wealth means different things to different people. Perhaps you want to reach your first million? Pay off all your debts? Own your own home, outright? Have a strong savings/investment/pension plan in place for a wealthy retirement?

Or all of the above :-)

And wealth is even really the main reason, if you think about. Wealth is just the first step to the benefits you really want. I’m thinking of freedom, more time, less stress, better health, nice belogings, the ability to live your dreams. Wealth can bring all these, and more.

So if that’s what you want (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then you need to figure out how to make it happen. First, of course, you must take action. I can’t stress that enough.

You have any number of paths you can take. It may be as simple, to you, as getting a new job or getting a raise in your current one. Or it may be you want/need to start a new business. Online or off. Bricks and mortar or virtual.

Since you’re reading this I can take a fair guess that Internet Marketing is that which interests you most. I can emphasise: this is the easiest, low-risk and low-budget business you could start.

So is it all good? Well… yes! As long as you learn what you need to do, and you’re not afraid of making mistakes, then you’re good to go…

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6 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing is the ideal entry to Internet Marketing in general. After all, it’s the fairest system around: You promote the product, and you get a share of the profits. And that’s without having to stock, host, or support the product yourself…

1. First ensure that the product you choose to promote is paying you enough for the job. I’d say ensure the commission is at least 50%. The exception is the “bulk” type programs, such as perhaps eBay or Amazon, which only pay a small percentage but this can be made up in the sheer number of opportunities to sell.

2. Only promote products where you already have existing experience or at least an interest. If you have a site or list that covers a certain area, then this is easy. If you don’t that’s no problem, but having some knowledge of the products niche will help you find the right places to promote and allow you to get your enthusiasm across – and thus make those sales.

3. Don’t just use the ads, graphics, templates etc that come with the product to help you promote it. Think outside the box and create your own materials to help you stand out from the crowd.

4. If you rely on Pay Per Click or paid-advertising to promote the product, ensure you direct this traffic to your own landing page so you can (a) use your own URL and (b) capture the e-mail address of this visitor.

5. Try many different methods to promote the product, including Social Bookmarking, Writing Articles, Blog Posts, Offline Advertising (flyers, business cards, shop-window ads, newspaper ads), and more.

6. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Search for the product you are promoting, and figure out these other sites and doing business – then outdo them! A tool like the free SpyFu can greatly assist in this.


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