Script Dojo

Script Dojo is a “business in a box” site from Joel Comm.

Basically, it’s an Internet Marketing script review site where all the latest products are reviewed and promoted.

Setup is simple: Script Dojo gives you a personalised review site / store and helps you build your downlines and make sales. You simply add your Clickbank, Dealdotcom, Paydotcom and PayPal details and Script Dojo does the rest.

You can earn 100% Commissions right off the bat, and the first 30 days membership is just $0.01 ! (After that it’s $9.95 per month, but the first month at 1 cent should give you plenty of time to see if this works for you). Since the subscriptions are paypal-based you can easily end your membership before the first month is out if you decide to quit.

Give it a try… Get your own Script Dojo today!

Script Dojo

IM Triggers

IM Triggers is a new package that’s garnering very good reviews across the Internet Marketing community. Basically, this is a book and software combination that helps you utilise psychological sales triggers in your websites to “urge” your visitors to take action – whether that action is to buy your product, sign up to your list, or whatever.

This is actually a first volume entitled “Scarcity and Urgency” – two well known triggers you may already know about or at the very least have already experienced…

The best part is this thorough guide also comes complete with a script called “IM Urgency” that helps you put some of this theory into action!

Only $9.97 and offers 100% Commissions. Download below.

IM Triggers

Toolkit and Bloggers Adsense Guide

Internet Marketing Toolkit -and-
Blogger Adsense Guide

Dimesale: Currently $7 and Rising…

The new Dimesale Dollars this week is a great offer that includes the full “Internet Marketing Toolkit” from Daniel McGonagle (with Audio and Video) and the excellent “Bloggers Adsense Guide”.

I don’t have the room to show you everything in these two products, so I urge you ot visit the URL shown above.

This special double-pack can be promoted for 100% Commissions and you can also sell the items yourself, individually or packaged.

Turbo Affiliate Link

This is a very useful product that can turn your plain, old, cloaked affiliate link into something much more powerful.

Once setup, your link can now:

i. Spawn a unblockable popup,
ii. Play audio file
iii. Provide live chat
iv. Add an unblockable exit screen

This is a pretty unique and interesting product that can do all kinds of great things to a vanilla link!

This sale starts at $5 and only runs for a few days, so act fast.

Private Label Megapack

Richard Wing has put together a massive pack of 48 Private Label products over at his “best damn sale” site.

You’ll get : way too much to mention here!

The price is amazing for a package of this depth and breadth. It contains hot products, with full sales pages, and all graphics – as well as the source codes you can edit, change or do whatever you like with!

You don’t need much more than this to start your OWN infoproduct empire, except perhaps a little bit of self control. Don’t get carried away but make sure you grab this one :-)

Niche Marketing Videos

VIDEO rocks. It allows you learn “passively”, just by sitting and watching a demonstration, perhaps with a cup of coffee or whatever takes your fancy :-)

This next package from Xaiver Nelson is a great way to discover exactly how to find hot niches you can exploit:

Discover how to find niches that work, see how it will be profitable in 3 minutes flat, and even make sure no-one else knows about it except for the people you sell too!

You’ll often hear marketers talking about niches. Because, basically, that’s what marketing is: finding a market (niche) that has a profitable potential and where there’s not too much competition. After that the product itself is the easy part lol.

This is a 4 1/2 hours info-packed video ready to watch right now at:

Dimesales Roundup

Another couple of low-cost bargains have hit my desk today so here they are if you’d like to visit them. Quality products, at affordable prices – with *that* cool profitable twist thrown in!

Ok. You know the score by now. Most Dimesales will give you 100% commissions if you promote their products. The customer pays YOU. However, many Dimesales won’t display this fact on their sales page because it’s against PayPal rules to display this fact as an incentive to buy.

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Traffic Every Day

“Traffic Every Day” from Wes Blaylock is a true step-by-step Blueprint to driving tons of traffic to your site(s)…

These are techniques Wes uses himself every day, so they’re time-proven and straight from the horses mouth.

Wanna know the Search Engine Tactic that actually works? Check!

Wanna discover how Wes pulled in $60,000, 8000 subscribers and 3,100 customers with only 3 days work? Check!

In fact you’ll find tons of useful tips and strategic techniques here you can use each and every day.

As a bonus Wes is also giving you a copy of his “100% Commission” software which means you can also launch traffic and sale hungry offers like this yourself, which in fact also pays you 100% commissions itself!

This is very affordable, but it’s a Dimesale so the price is rising. Take advantage now…

The Seven Dollar Explosion

Just a quick note that the $7 Mall is now fully functional. If you want a one-stop source for the latest carefully selected (that means… no rubbish!) low priced products then go here:

Seven Dollar Mall

As a bonus, most $7 products also offer 100% commissions but due to PayPal rules may not mention the fact on the salespage itself.

If you’d like your own mall, and earn commissions from every product there (a powerful feature) look a few posts down or click the corner ad at the mall itself. This is free and you’ll also get a copy of the $7 book and script itself as well as other bonuses.

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