How I Got 1296 Members…

“How I Got 1296 Active Members To A Brand New Membership Site in 44 Days, Starting From Scratch!”

This is a brand new report from Chris Lockwood detailing the full process to how he’s built a subscriber list and membership to a new members site.

This is in depth information on a highly important topic.

Chris is selling the report for just $9 but only until April 15th, and you can also promote for 100% Commissions.

More details here:


My Contact Station

Joel Comm, a big name in marketing circles, has released “My Contact Station” which you can own right now for just seven dollars.

This is a script you can install that boasts tons of features that enable you to beat spam, increase site security, get feedback, and use web 2.0 techniques to impress your visitors.

This script can be installed easily on any website, including wordpress blogs, and it allows you to have advanced and professional looking contact solutions for your business.

This script is worth it’s weight in gold! Just think, give a fantastic way for visitors to contact you, beat spammers, and more…

Joel usually releases much higher priced products than this, so grab this opportunity while it lasts.

For more details on this product including a video demonstration and audio testimonials from satisified customers please visit the link.

As an added bonus, as well as being able to include this amazingly useful, attractive, and professional script on your site you can also promote for 100% Commissions!

This is brand new – just launched today. If the site is not loading or slow keep refreshing. You should also take this opportunity to promote if you can while the product is fresh :)


The Worlds Shortest Marketing Guide

Just for fun, and just to show how simple to core concepts are, I’ve written The World’s Shortest Marketing Guide, which covers most of the topics within the “Internet Marketing” umbrella in just a sentence each. This is meant to show you how to cut through the lies and exagerations that plague this industry… it really is this simple!

1. How To Make Money Online

-> Create or find an in demand product or service, and ensure potential purchasers find it.

2. How To Optimise Your Site For Search Engines

-> Ensure your webpages have content built around the keywords your potential visitors would use to find you, and make sure they are linked from other sites including search engines, blogs, social sites and directories.

3. How To Build A Mailing List

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More $7 Tips

The $7 Sale bandwagon seems to have no end in site. It’s all good! For 23 tips on your own $7 Sale try this:

William Charlwood will show insider tips on running a top sale, the easy way, with no jargon.

$7 Sales Work – affiliates promote your site, you make mo’ney, they get instant commissions. The original book with the scripts you need plus one or two recommendations on further reading can be found here in this blog post.



Monster Commissions

At just $1, this new members site from Louis Burleson surely has to be a bargain…

But before you join make sure you understand what this site is for. It’s for those who like to promote products – affiliates.

This site will give you advanced notice and the promotion links to promote the new sales Louis launches each month. These products usually have to be purchased before you promote, but a membership of Monster Commissions allows lets you bypass this.

The products will all be 100% Commissions, perhaps as a Dime Sale, and perhaps with more commissions on the back-end OTO. You’ll know it usually pays to get in first, so Monster Commissions is a site worth joining… especially for one buck!


Pick Your Own Price

Pick Your Own Price? What could that mean?Well… there’s a new product from Jahn on offer called “Site Sell Out” where he details a quick and easy way to earn online, that not many people are using right now.

And he’s decided to make the payment amount… voluntary!

So, if you think it’s worth $1, $7, $9 or $29 you just input the amount you’re willing to pay and away you go :-)

The guide is in PDF format and comes complete with master resale rights, all graphics, and an attractive salespage.


$7 System Further Reading

By now you’ve experienced the power of quick and easy Dimesales and so-called “$7 Sales”.

They are very effective sales processes – ANYONE can use.

They work like this: You buy a low-priced (but quality) product, and you get to promote that product and instantly earn 100% commissions (the entire price) direct to YOUR paypal.

For the author, it’s even better. You get the OTO Sales, new subscribers, and your customers even promote the product for you.

It’s really a win – win situation for both ebook authors and their customers.

The product that started it all is the $7 book from Jon Ledger. It gives you the scripts and the sales process in detail. It is itself, of course, seven bucks and it’s the original guide to the whole process. If you haven’t yet got a copy (shame on you!) it’s at:

However, two brand new books have now hit the market that help you further.

The first is “Recipe For Product Creation” at:

This is a very easy to read guide that shows you how to create new products that you control, quickly. It allows you to crank out profitable products in a very time efficient way.

These you can turn around and sell / give away / promote as you wish – since YOU control them. And the content of the book itself is something you can use to promote further sites and products…

The second is “Recipe for Sales Letters” at:

It’s really the final piece of the puzzle. Since it teaches you how to write effective sales copy. That’s the stuff you use in emails and websites to encourage your visitors to buy. Copywriting is big business, since a product launch will succeed or fail on the strength of it’s writing.

With the Sales Letter Recipe you too will learn how to create money-sucking and seductive emails and websites.

Learn the techniques to master the arts of Product Creation and Sales Copy. Get them both!

(Just $7 each with 100% Commissions if you want to promote…)

If you want to see what others are doing with the “$7 Sales” method, there’s a directory here you can browse:

See how people are using the process, see products you can get for only seven bucks, and everything there you can promote for 100% Instant Commissions…


List Profits Crash Course

I’ve just purchased a great course on List Marketing for just over $5

And you can do the same – IF you act fast.

You see , the price for “List Profits Crash Course” is rising by $0.01 per sale. It may not sound much, but as more people purchase you’ll have to pay more :(

List Profits Crash Course contains information every good list and email marketer needs to know.

Many marketers, including me, swear by their email lists. You’ve heared it said before but the money IS in the list. Whatever you are doing online, whatever business you are in, and however you currently drive traffic and make sales you MUST be building an email list at the same time.

Otherwise you’re simply leaving money on the table!

But having a list is not enough. It’s how you market to that list, how you treat your customers, and how well you write and format your emails that counts.

List Profits Crash Course includes information on this other side of email marketing, such as:

Common Mistakes People Regulary Make In Their E-Mails
How To Induce Sales With Cleverly Written Text
How To Write Captivating Content
How To Write At Turbo Speed
Response Boosters
The Relationship Factor
Autoresponders, HTML and Personalisation
… and much more.

You even get the full AUDIO VERSION along with ebook so you can learn as you drive, exercise, do the housework, or whatever!

This is an awesome deal. Get in fast and you’re sure to grab it for around the $5-$6 price.

One other thing, you can also promote for 100% Commissions!

(Be sure to check out the OTO – only a further few dollars with some extra special bonuses)


Write That Report

All the quality traffic is no good without a product at the end of it which can make you money, and while you could use Affiliate Programs or Resell Rights why not take the NEXT STEP and start producing your own reports?

In “Write That Report” from Jon Ledger you’ll discover exactly how to find the profitable topics to write about, how to write it FAST, and how to get an army of affiliates to sell it for you.

This is a well thought out guide to an important subject. Quick hard-hitting reports, coupled with strategic traffic generation, can easily bring you a nice income each day.

Write that Report is just $7 with 100% Commissions if you want to promote:


PLR Voodoo

Private Label Rights *won’t* make you rich…

That’s right. Even though PLR Products are an amazing time-saver and a quick way to make your own products, you will NOT make a cent unless you do it right.

In this brand new guide from Louis Burleson you’ll discover exactly how to convert all that PLR material you have on your hard drive into hard, profitable, products.

Discover important techniques such as:

. The Broker Strategy
. The PLR Power Player
. “Niche-ify” your Products
. PLR Flipped

and much more!

This is just currently $9.97 with FULL MASTER RESALE RIGHTS.

You’ll also get a special link to promote for 100%, instantly paid commissions, if you’d rather offer it that way.

PLR is HOT, but only if you do it RIGHT. Read PLR Voodoo and discover exactly how to create your own profitable products in no time at all. Highly Recommended.


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