Here Is What Works

Want to know what works online?

Want to escape the Information Overload and just be told exactly what you need to know?

Then you need this:

“Here Is What Works” is the brand new no-bull marke’ting guide from Wes Blaylock.

In this no holds barred course Wes only tells you the information that’s relevant to you.

He covers:

What Works In E-Mail Marketing (Generating Subscribers, Making Your List Ultra-Responsive, And Selling To Those Subscribers)

What Works In Conversion (Converting visitors into Subscribers and Customers!)

What Works In Traffic Generation (How To Get Tons Of Traffic)

What Else Works (How Wes Made $60,000 With A Few Days Work, and many other tactics and strategies that work)

Step By Step Plan (Where it’s all pulled together into a system YOU can follow)

For a full rundown of the the chapters included, and details on all the Bonuses you’ll receive, please visit:

Remember, this is not your average “fluffy” e-book. These are real techniques and tactics Wes uses every day in his business, and you can’t get a bigger endorsement than that!

(There’s a special offer right now during the launch period you won’t want to miss)

This launches TODAY (30th May) at 12PM so if not’s live right now download the fr-ee report that’s on offer, and try back later.


WordPress Membership Sites Video

Here’s a great Video Tutorial you can own for just seven dollars:

That’s the “EZ Membership Sites With WordPress” video guide, and it shows you how to use the WordPress Blog platform to build a fully fledged private members site.

WordPress is often used as more of a content management system that a basic blog because of it’s advanced features, and by watching this video series you will see exactly how use it to run a Membership Site.

You can also earn 100% commissions on this $7 product, making it even better value!


Site Searcher

Dirk Wagner has released a new “Crazy Deal” today which is only $5 at the time of writing this.

The new package is “Site Searcher” – which will let you copy the keywords used by your competing sites.

For example, if you want to find out how the top sites in your niche are ranking, just do a search to find out which sites are ranked highest, and use Site Searcher to see exactly what Keywords they are using. Then you simply copy them :-)

The price is rising on this, and you can also earn 100% Commissions.



Do you need a quick way to make your site stand out amongst a list of bookmarks or favourites?

Simple – just get yourself a Fave Icon !

For more information read:

This book is only $7 and covers everything you’d ever want to know about Favicons, including the software to use, image details, logos, how to add them to your site, and much more.

You can earn 100% commissions here.


Viral Profit Machine

This is a very exciting new product.

It’s a new script from Jon Ledger and Alok Jain called “Viral Profit Machine“.

It’s simple to use, but has amazing potential. Because with this you can create an affiliate program – that uses $7 techniques, clickbank AND paydotcom – you can use on any site.

Especially on a Blog…

You see, once your affiliates join up they can promote your site, whatever it is, and earn commissions on whatever you are running on that site.

It’s fantastic! Basically it means affiliates can now promote your site and earn from anything you decide to include. Much more flexible than the affiliate services ever can be on their own.

Get yours here

$7 Site Template Creator

Do you run $7 Sales or would you like to?

But are you tired of the default web design and want something a little… different?

Then you need this “$7 Template Generator”!

This will spit out unique $7 Sale Websites for you, just by following the prompts. The finished page includes the code required for the “$7 Script”.

100% Commissions, and only $7 in itself.


YouTube Clone Script

Here’s a unique and cool script that allows you to have your own “YouTube” Clone.

It gives you a way to build an interactive site where users can upload videos and view others.

Of course, you won’t complete with YouTube. But you don’t have to! Think outside the box and build Niche YouTubes….

For example, build a “Marketing Videos” site (there’s lots of content around). Or build a site where users can submit their holiday videos, their home-selling videos, poetry recitals, model car demonstrations, book reviews, — ANYTHING.

The point is, think of a niche and you can quickly build a Video Sharing site around it.

I’ve talked a lot about Niches there – I don’t think I need to tell you about the viral marketing effect, which in itself can drive a tremendous amount of traffic… 

Get the script here for just $7! (and earn 100% comms.]

(P.S. If you’re quick you can even claim 3 months free unlimited hosting…)



The Pill Gates Manual

I just had an e-mail from Jo Han Mok about this…

He writes about a reclusive multi-millionaire he calls “Pill Gates” because he’s made his fortune from the health supplement market.

The figures are frankly mind-boggling. Just take a look at the samples on this web page:

The lowest amount, yes – the lowest – was $457,000

While I’m not suggesting you or I can do this, surely his methods and his thinking have to be looked at – right?

After all, if you only learn ONE thing from this book that opens your mind, it’s a worthwhile investment.

And what an investment: Just $9.97!

AND you can earn 100% Commissions.

This is not your regular ebook, rebranded PLR or Dimesale product. This is information from another level.

Grab it today:

(I simply LOVE this webpage, NOT your regular sales pitch :-) )

Apparently, Jo Han is only releasing this in ebook format because of a side-bet with the reclusive “pill” who claims eBooks don’t work. If you look at one site today, make it this, and at least appreciate the  balls-out boldness of it…


The Ultimate Guide To Free Traffic

This is a pretty thorough look at the many sources of free traffic you’ll find on the web today.

Believe it or not, you can generate hits in the thousands to websites of your choice, using only sources. This book shows you how.

Ultimate Guide To Free Web Traffic

This is Volume 1 of the new “Online Profits” series and includes such gems as:

How To Create That Initial Traffic Flow
White Hat Techniques that *work*
4 Places You Might Actually “leak” visitors
The Best Method For Viral Traffic
Using Online Stores To Be An “Authority”
A Simple Strategy for Doubling (or Tripling) existing Hits
… and much, much more!

This is a 70 Page Info-Packed PDF – Download Immediately

Free Web Traffic

As with all DimeSales, the price is rising (it’s around $6 right now) and you can earn 100% Comms.


One Time Offer Templates

We all know “One Time Offers” are an amazing way to earn even more from your product or site. After all, with a well designed OTO you can double, triple or even 10X the earnings from your feeder product.

It’s the fact that people have already paid, the fact that your OTO overdelivers, and the fact that they don’t want to miss out on the deal that usually clinches it. And of course they don’t want to pay again in order to actually reach that OTO!

It’s the design that sometimes lets you down.

Which is way the collection of One Time Offer templates is so cool!

One Time Offer Templates

There are 15 Templates and a smattering of extra graphics you can use, such as “Act Now”, “Bonuses” and “Order Now” images. There’s even testimonial code you can use to add some shine to your offer.

In fact, these designs are so good you basically only need to come up with a great offer yourself and you’re practically ready to go!

At this site, Richard Wing is almost giving these away at just $5 for the whole set:

And you can even earn 100% commissions. So whaddaya waiting for? :-)


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