Recipe For Riches

Jo Han Mok – the IM’er all the way from Singapore – has released his new “Recipe For Riches“. This is an insightful guide to Copywriting from the point of view of the Internet Marketer.

Do you want to create e-mails that sell, webpages that attract orders like never before, and ads that almost force people to check them out?

Jo Han Mok’s guide is written with the premise that anyone can succeed in this business. He’s proof of it. I don’t usually place much trust in “income claims” but there’s no denying that this guy deserves credit for his success. He mentions his live demo he run in 2006 (I remember this well) where he made almost $80,000 in 72 hours. This doesn’t mean you can, of course, he does have an advantage – but it shows you how strong and even “basic” techniques work very well indeed when applied correctly.

I’d go further. It’s easy to fall for complicated systems and plans in this game, but it’s the core methods that have worked in the past and will continue to do so. Copywriting – writing with the intent to sell – has worked ever since the first direct-mail guys started and the first advertising guru’s were plying their trade. A well crafted page of text still pulls in the punters!

Don’t get me wrong. Copywriting isn’t as sexy as those uber-packages that promise you millions with little work, but it’s an essential skill. And it’s one anyone can learn. It’s simply knowing how your prospective customers will behave, how to promote your product correctly, and how to take advantage of human psychology and those little nuances that define us. And unlike the technical aspects of Internet Marketing or the research-and-test statistical nightmare of running PPC campaigns Copywriting is as simple as it gets, or as powerful as you want.

Let’s get back to this product :-)

First off, remember Jo Han walks the walk and talks the talk. He practices this stuff daily. And here he’s compiled one of the best primers to the subject as well as one of the most advanced guides to Copywriting from a web/email perspective.

This is his personal sales letter template. It’s the way he writes his own mega succesful pages and e-mails. And it’s ready to be yours…

Get ready to take your business to the next level. Top copywriters can easily charge many tens of thousands for an ad or sales letter – it’s THAT important – so why not learn this essential skill yourself? Why not turn a mediocre sales page into a money-spinning, order-attracting powerhouse? Why not write that e-mail that starts pulling in orders almost immediately? Believe me , when your account starts filling with payments there’s no feeling like it :-)

The price? Let’s just say very affordable. As in under ten bucks :)

Check out the webpage for more information or to grab your copy. And be prepared to be filled with ideas for your own sales pages – current or future – by the time you finish!

Recipe For Riches by Jo Han Mok.

(Sorry if this sounds hyped up – this is a great product that teaches you an essential skill and well worth your time and investment)

Buying Incentives

So… you have a site, and you have a product on that site – and perhaps you’re even making sales. Now you want to increase those sales.

There’s a lot of obfuscation and plain BS in Internet Marketing, but only one thing counts, and that is profit. Simply put, your sales price minus your overheads. Or: Profit = Sales * (Price – Costs). You could go further,  such as as Sales = Visitors * Conversion Rate, but that just complicates things…

All you need to know is profit can be altered by a number of variables. You can increase the price of your product, you can increase the number of sales, or you can cut your overheads.

Here, I’m discussing increasing sales. And again, a number of variables come into play. You can increase the raw number of people who visit your site, which involves promotion (discussed elsewhere) or you can increase your “conversion rate”, which involves getting more of the people who do visit to buy your product.

When it comes down to it, marketing is simple, juggling figures, and I’ve talked about it before. But in this post I’m specifically going to talk about increasing your sales by increasing your conversion rate by using incentives.

Incentives are little tricks and tactics that can help urge a visitor to buy your product. You’ll have seen many in action yourself, and perhaps become jaded to them, but if you do come across a sales page using them make sure to make a note so you can copy it for yourself. Look to what works in the real world – after all, if others are doing it, perhaps you should to.

1. Reduced Stock

This simply means you only have x number of copies to sell. You can do this honestly, by using a script that counts down as each sale is made, or alter the salespage manually, or dishonestly by changing the figure every now and then.

And sell-outs are not neccessarily the end. You’ll often see marketers re-offering products due to new additions, refunds, or special events.

2. Increasing Price

By stating the current price is time-limited you can give prospective buyers a little push to urge them to buy, now. Again, automated scripts can do this – especially as “dime sales” – or you can simply increase the price at a set date. Again, it’s not set in stone.

3. Time Limits

By putting a product on sale for a specific time only, you can incentivize people to buy since it simply won’t be available after a certain date.

4. One Offs

Similar to the Time Limit, you can say this product will only be on sale now, and never again.

5. Extra Bonuses

Bonuses can can also influence someone to buy, but ensure they are relevant to your main product. Sometimes bonuses go way over the top, to the extent where they are worth more than the main product, but a well thought out bonus needn’t be too extravagant. You could even include this incentive as a time limited offer or only for x amount of sales.

6. Build The Buzz

By creating a buzz *before* the sale, you can attempt to generate an initial rush to your site. Usually this is accomplished via affiliates who are instructed to market over a certain period, during a pre-launch effort, releasing teasers and hints of what is to come.

7. Enforced Delays

Combined with the buzz, a deliberate delay can also help build anticipation for your offer. It’s debatable whether this works well, but it does give those who miss your original “deadline” a chance to jump in.

8. Early Adoption

For your new whizz-bang technique you’re promoting why not keep pushing the idea that “early adopters” will benefit most? This may help those sitting on the fence to come aboard so they don’t lose out later.

9. Page Elements

Various page features have been used over the years to get people to buy, but overuse can also turn them away. These include floating boxes (an evolution of the humble pop-in), on-page incentives such as discount codes or bonus codes, on-page ads such as corner or ribbon ads, or even a signup box with the promise of a discount. Don’t disregard the e-mail address, a followup message or two can help that initial ditherer take the plunge.

10. Exit Blocks

Again, these can annoy the visitor but catching someone as they leave your page without buying can garner a few more sales. Originally it was simply a popup box with a “Wait!” type message, but now you often see fake live message boxes offering further discounts. Or even a continuous cycle of cut-down packages and consequently lower prices.

As you can see many of these techniques can be combined on your sales page, and many have the problem of turning away potential sales rather than attracting them. It’s down to the individual to test these various methods to see what works. As they become commonplace, their effectiveness is reduced, but especially outside the usual IM markets they can work well.

Happy selling!

The Math Of Internet Marketing (The Numbers Game)

They say marketing is a numbers game, or perhaps a percentages game. And to a certain extent, that’s true.

It’s all about making a profit. That is, getting more money out than you put in.

There are two figures that are important: Conversion Rate and Return On Investment.

Google’s Adwords is an ideal practice ground for trying out these ideas. And after that it’s endless tweaking to try and improve the figures, until you reach that magical realization that you’re basically paying, say, .50c for every $1 you make.

And if I said I’d give you two dollars for every dollar you gave me, wouldn’t you give me every dollar you could possibly could? :-)

Here’s how a simplified process works, and the steps involved:

1. You have a website, that sells a product.
2. You have traffic coming to that website from ads you buy on Google.

Now you need those magical figures I mentioned earlier.

Conversion Rate

By tracking the visitors to your site, you discover that for every 100 people who visit you make 4 sales. That means you have a 4% conversion rate.

You know this from your sites stats. You see 100 hits to your site, and you see 4 hits to the order page. Or, perhaps you see 4 clicks to the order button – whatever works for you.

Because you are selling an eBook for $10, you know essentially your profit is $40 for every 100 visitors. So if you can get 100 visitors for less than $40, you’re in profit.

If you’re running an affiliate program the same principles apply. Instead of sending them to your own site, you can send them to the affiliate site, via your link. And because they pay a percentage per sale, you know you will make 50% of each $20 sale = $10. In effect, the same figures for our demonstration..

So now you need those visitors. Enter Google Adwords.

At Adwords, you discover various keywords for your product. To keep things simple, if unrealistic, we’re going to use one keyword. This keyword costs you $1 per click.

That means you can buy 40 clicks for your $40. Since you need 100 clicks to make $40, that’s obviously not good enough.

So we try another keyword. This one costs us 20c per click. That means you can get 200 clicks for $40. Good! By our calculations, that’s $80 worth of sales for 200 clicks. We have a four percent conversion rate, so 200 clicks = 8 sales = $80.

However, there’s another point we have to take account. Impressions vs Clicks. That’s the conversion rate for your ads themselves. Luckily Adwords only charge per click, NOT by impression. If you were using another method, for example paid advertising on Blogs where you pay per impression, you’d need to know those figures too.

As an example, an ad company charges $40 for 1000 impressions. If you were sending an e-mail ad, it may be to 1000 subscribers. You discover that for every 1000 times your ad is shown, you get 50 clicks to your site (or affiliate site). That’s a 5% conversion rate. Because our site converts at 4% (remember?) that means we get 2 sales: 1000 impressions = 50 clicks = 2 sales. So in the end it’s costing you $40 to make $20 – not good enough.

Time to tweak! If you can increase your ad coversion, by using better ads, you can get more clicks. If you can increase your sites conversion, by a better sales page, you can get more sales. If you can increase your product price or your affiliate percentage, you get more profit. That’s the numbers game.

And that, my friends, is marketing in a nutshell. Not as difficult as some make out!

Return On Investment

This is a catch all term that describes how much you make or lose for how much you put in.

For example, in our simple one man, one site demonstration we make a 100% ROI. We make $80 for every $40 we invest.

This term is also used for more general investments, for example, say you pay a copywriter to overhaul your sales copy, and it costs you $200.

This work means your site is now converting at 6% instead of 4%, so you are now making 12 sales per 200 clicks instead of 8. It means you make $120 per $40 you put in, instead of $80. Over a specific period of time, say a year, that’s many more sales. A high ROI for the $200 you paid that copywriter!

For more information on the subject of conversion rates please read Claud Hopkins seminal “Scientific Advertising” – available freely in our Instant Marketing Library and in our Members Site.

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IM Triggers

IM Triggers is a new package that’s garnering very good reviews across the Internet Marketing community. Basically, this is a book and software combination that helps you utilise psychological sales triggers in your websites to “urge” your visitors to take action – whether that action is to buy your product, sign up to your list, or whatever.

This is actually a first volume entitled “Scarcity and Urgency” – two well known triggers you may already know about or at the very least have already experienced…

The best part is this thorough guide also comes complete with a script called “IM Urgency” that helps you put some of this theory into action!

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IM Triggers

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Smart Site

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