Ultimate Dime Sale

I’ve promoted a lot of Dime Sales in the past. I love them, you love them, buyers win, sellers win – what’s not to like? So I’ve gone ahead and launched my own!


At “Ultimate Dime Sale” you’ll find two great products starting at just $5. But hurry, because the price is raising by $0.10 every 30 minutes. You can also – in the spirit of past DimeSales – earn 100% commissions, directly to your PayPal account!

Today, you’ll get:

1. The Auto-Wordpress Script

This allows you to use the fr-ee WordPress Blog platform to create automatically built content sites! Ideal for adsense, niches, SEO, wherever you need content.

2. Easy Poll Creator

This fully configurable script allows you to add Polls to your site. They can be images, text, or a combination of both. Use them to find out what your customers want and what they need. And then send them to a URL of your choice, ideal for a quick upsell!

For more information on both these products please visit UltimateDimeSale.com

This sale will last about a week, and then be replaced by another. But you’ll never get the price lower than it is right now…

Purchase, and promote, and make back your outlay with just one sale. And hardly anyone is promoting right now – because I just created the site and I’m the only one who knows about it! :-)


Context Box Generator (Dimesale)

This easy to use tool lets you create cool “Context Boxes” on your website. If you’ve ever wanted to jazz up your webpages with the boxes you see on others – whether it’s to add information, guarantees, testimonials, whatever – this is the tool that makes it a breeze.

Boxes can be dotted, thick, thin, scrolling and anything in between. You can see more examples and download the software here:

Context Box Creator

As little as $8 if you act fast (price raises quickly) and 100% Commissions if you promote!

TIP: Want to create your own sales like this? The software to run them is now on sale here!


List Formula DimeSale Script

Louis Burleson has released the long-awaited “DimeSale” script, something he created for his own use and has perfected over the preceding 6 months.

It allows you to run the very popular type of affiliate promotion that has become known as the Dime Sale. That is, selling a product where the price raises automatically every, say, 30 minutes, and then allowing all purchasers to promote that product and earn 100% commissions direct to their own PayPal account.

Of couse, just calling it a DimeSale script does it a disservice, since it can do a lot more. Everything is fully configurable and you can use it for all kinds of sites.

The script comes complete with full tutorial Videos, manual, support and lifetime updates. It also has some amazing bonuses such as a Private Label package, Teleseminar, Interview and more.

The List Formula

So… if you want a truly unique way to run a promotion that can build you a targeted list of buyers, as well as earn you quick payments – and a way to build a just as effective affiliate program (since every purchaser IS an affiliate) look no further.

Please visit the site for more information

I’m now offering $227 of Bonuses if you purchase from me! Details Here



New Adsense Dimesale

For less than $4 (if you act fast) you can grab five hot niche AdSense Sites. These are all optimised with carefully keyworded articles, adsense-blocks on each page, and other factors to help you rank higher in the search engines.

AdSense is one way to develop a totally hands-free automated income, and these FIVE complete sites are a great place to start. Google loves these sites, marketers love these sites – and they can work miracles.

Hurry though, because the price raises every 30 minutes. You can also earn 100% commissions on each referral you make.



Ho Ho Audio (Dimesale)

This is a nice little product that will let you add streaming audio to your site, with a christmas flavour!

Click Here To Lock In Your Price

I just bought it for around $5 but the price is raising as we speak. 100% INSTANT commissions for every referral.

Ho Ho Audio includes software to convert your Audio to streaming flash-buttons on your site, with a chirstmas-themed background audio that can fade in and out, plus it will forward to a URL on completion. If you’ve ever used Impact Web Audio you’ll be totally at home with this Christmas version!

Add some Christmas Cheer to your site! (And start promoting for your 100% Commissions…)


Frugal Friday (Dimesale)

Frugal Friday 9 is now live!

You’ll get VIP Profit Site Creator and a Clipart package.

Vip Profit Site is a great product. It’s let you build a cool community type site, where users can join and enjoy your content. For example, you can add pictures, jokes, games, video clips, audio clips, and more – and users can contribute too.

This is just $5 at the time of posting with the price raising every 30 minutes. You can earn 100% commissions on referrals – an easy resell.

Click Here To Join

Don’t forget Wes Blaylocks “Cash From Scratch” system – another Dimesale at five bucks launched today… a few posts down. 


Internet Marketing Goldmine by Richard Wing

This is a great book for newbies that takes you from the first baby-steps to actively selling products online. It’s a cool `one stop` book that covers everything you need to get started – and on the cheap, too!

Everything from selling other peoples products to driving traffic and building a loyal customer database is included.

All this for under $7 if you act quick but hurry – the price raises daily!

(For resellers/affiliates: you can earn instant 100% commissions…)

Click Here For Your Copy


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