“PR 38″ Backlinks ?

Dirks new Crazy Week sale is pretty unusual. It’s a product that can help you get an astonishing level of good Backlinks (the KEY to high search engine rankings) to your site!


Of course, there’s no such thing as PR38 – the highest “Page Rank” level is 10, but the idea is your links are spread across tons of high ranking websites. In fact, it’s now really “PR120″ :-)

There are many other features included, including an RSS Robot, automated website registration and domain setip, among others.

This is an advanced Social Linking Robot that can really help you find those elusive top 10 ranking spots. I’m still playing with it but I can say so far I’m impressed.

Only $5 – right here:

20 Niche PLR for $5 !

Straight from Sharlene Raven at Monday Madness is an excellent collection of 20 Private Label Niche Products you can have for just $5.

Private Label – meaning you can edit, rename, change anything in the product right down to calling yourself the author. Niche – because these cover subjects outside the usual marketing related ones, such as Treadmills, Video Ipods, DIY and Skin Beauty.

Grab them here and use them to reach new customers. Example: Use them as a giveaway, a list builder, a pre-sale, on ebay, or more.


Firesale Bandit w/ PLR

In another valuable offering from Scott you’ll find the cool “Firesale Bandit” software – for around $6 (but rising – act fast!).

This package will help you run your own Firesales, and go from there to finding affiliates, driving traffic, building lists – as well as of course profiting from your sales directly.

Scott’s even giving you full Private Label rights to the product!

Grab Your $7 Mall !

This literally JUST launched.

The $7 Mall…

The features are amazing, and you can get a fr-ee silver membership today that features some of the DIAMOND content for the first few hours.

This is a premium mall packed full of $7 offers.

Amazing products, scripts, ebooks, tools and more for Internet Mark.eters at the unbeatable low $7 price.


This is NOT full of crap, no cheapie mass-produced ebay books in here :-)

Grab your silver membership and you get your OWN mall you can promote and earn from.

Lots of extra freebies included too, such as a full copy of the $7 book and script itself among others.

This is new. Get your membership, enjoy the content, and promote like wildfire.

I grabbed the *diamond* package myself, but it’s your choice. With Diamond you can get 100% commissions on EVERY product, fr-ee advertising credit, links, popus, banners and other traffic builders, your own product included, and much more.

But it’s your choice – whatever you decide , join today.


I’ll get back to you on more of the features soon but for now please grab your own membership and play around. I honestly believe you’ll be surprised at just what you can do with this site.

Vault DimeSale

Tere’s another great dimesale package over at the Vault:


There’s 4 hot products with full Private Label Rights – and let’s face it, who doesn’t love PLR Rights 😀

You get the E-Magic Linker Software
Competitive Keyword Research Script
Bootstrap Graphic Design package
and Affiliate Partner Success Secrets book

All for LESS than Ten Bucks if you hurry…


Massive Birthday Package (Don’t Miss!)

You’ve probably seen multi-sales like this before, but wait – just check out their URL:

There’s a great collection there ready to be grabbed and used!

10 PLR Books,
6 PLR Reports,
The PLR Dozen,
Optin Rotator
and even the full Resell Rights Boot Camp !

An amazing package, and that little list is just the start.

I urge you to check the site and see what’s there. I’m sure you’ll love what you’ll see.

The price is rising but should still be low when you see this. My advice is don’t delay, grab it today.

-> http://www.launchalerts.com/bdaysp6/go.cgi/essjayar_ad


MySpace Traffic Finder

Dirk Wagner releases new software each week and mostly it’s something I’ve never had the pleasure of using before. This is no different.

Introducing: Myspace Traffic Finder!


Most people are aware of how much traffic MySpace gets – and where there’s traffic, there’s mark’eters :-)

There’s been many courses about MySpace trying to introduce people to the power within the site,

This will actually build a database from scanning the entire MySpace site for prospects that may be interested in your niche site/product.

This is a Dimesale, so the price remains low. Click the URL above for more information.

Phoneix Podcast Studio

Podcasts are probably more popular than ever because of the iPod and the iTunes store.

With the Phoenix Podcast Studio you can have a place to create Podcasts AND have them in a compatible format to add to iTunes itself!


This easy to use product does a lot, right down to creating an enclosure file, and even turning a text file into an audio one :)

Three Private Label Packages

Sharlene Raven launched the new Monday Madness yesterday featuring 3 PLR products. Meaning you whatever you like with them, including editing, renaming, rebranding or whatever.

It’s only $5 but please check if you already own these first :)

You’ll get:

Fast Track To Google Top 10 Rankings
Turn Old PLR and MMR Products Into Cash
Earn $150 A Day With Bum Marketing


The Three Step SEO Secret

The next stop on our tour of the newest bargain sales is a very informative SEO book called Three Step SEO Secret.


This is a well written guide to some innovative SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Techniques. If you want your site to rank higher in the search engines – and then get you tons of traffic – look here.

Find out all about getting backlinks the easy way, how to use your “keyphrase”, keyword tips and tricks, a great piece of advice about domain names, and much more.

100% Commissions on referrals.

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