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I’ve talked about Niche Marketing a lot in the past. The reason is it’s probably the best way to earn online in todays market.

Instead of selling “make money” and “internet marketing” products to other marketers, you focus on a seperate subject and create sites or sell products to service it.

With the right niche you can then focus on the search engines and social networks, get traffic to your new site, and profit from sales, ads, adsense impressions, or whatever you put there.

The #1 problem here, though, is noone really talks about what niche(s) you should target, how you find them, and how you find out if they’ll be profitable or not.

There’s a number of tools you can use, from Googles Sandbox that let’s you see interest in search terms, or from scanning competitors sites to see if there’s a way into the market, but of course you have to have an idea of what you’re looking for in the first place.

That’s where this new product comes in : “How To Find Your Killer Niche” from Eric White.

Here he talks about a simple step by step process showing you how to find your niche, properly research it, and find out if there’s interest and a business in it.

He keeps things simple, yet shows you how to beat your competitors and how to see results swiftly.

Eric has been in this business for over 6 years and isn’t afraid to share this information :)

Here’s the cool part – depending on how quick you act you can have this for as little as $4. This is a Dimesale, so the price is rising as I speak. You can then even earn 100% commissions.

I haven’t seen these “old school” Dimesales for a while, so when they do come around it’s important to act fast for the best deal.

Get your copy here:

Killer Niche Dimesale

And maybe you’ll get a bargain , just as I did!

The Niche Virus

Here’s a great little product you can have for under five bucks that explains the ins and outs of running profitable niche sites. It’s called The Niche Virus.

A niche site is really just a site that covers a specific subject, so any focused website is – in effect – a “niche site”.

The trick lies in discovering what subjects have potential, and how to craft and monetize the resulting website. Throw in a bit of traffic, and it really is that simple!

The Niche Virus

There is also a bonus product. Well, I say “bonus”, but really it’s strong enough to be the  main offer in it’s own right.

It’s the Marketing Roadmap – a full 7 Video Course that will show you every step involved in running your business.

Don’t delay on this special, this is an impressive read at an impressive price, and once you find your niche and learn how the system works you can roll these out with ease.

New Dimesales

First we have the latest Frugal Friday deal.

You’ll get 12 really cool Squeeze Page templates you can use to build your list, the “Internet Marketers Guide to Web Design and Graphics” which is a great tutorial on web techniques, from a marketers perspective. And you’ll get 5 Ultra Simple Tactics for Traffic Generation.

You’ll also get a good beginners guide called “Newbie Money Making” there!

Frugal Friday Deal

This is, as I said, around the $5 to $6 price if you act fast. Plus you can earn 100% Commissions.

Over at Dimesale Dollars you’ll get some very nice video packages, with Master Resale Rights plus a couple more products for around $7. Again, this price is rising so it depends on when you act on this.

* List Building Basics Videos – Master Resale Rights
* Google Adwords Basics Videos – MRR
* Traffic Hybrid System – Master Resale Rights
* Niche Video Empire Video – MRR

And as a bonus: Video Game $$$ (personal use) all about the lucrative gaming market!

Dimesale Dollars

Again, 100% Comms.

Butterfly Reports

Mike Filsaime and Rod Beckwith have just released a new site called Butterfly Reports, currently in Beta.

The idea is to give you brandable, viral reports you can give away that will help build your business as well as make direct sales.

This is free to join as a Silver Member:

Butterfly Reports

While giving away branded reports isn’t anything new (anyone can edit a PLR article and turn it into a PDF) this does make the process quick and simple.

Probably it’s killer feature will be the fact you can also add your own reports for others to give away. If the site becomes popular you could get some great exposure.
I see a number of potential problems, such as the fact you really need to upgrade to make the most of this and the branding is limited, but it’s still new and for free it’s worthing checking out.

Mafioso Marketing

There’s a uniquely flavoured package doing the rounds, called “Mafioso Marketing“.

As you can imagine this takes it’s image not too seriously, but the information and tactics it reveals surely are.

This is about Market Domination – about entering your choosen niche and going all out for success.

JD Swanson, the Author, is big on Niches. His tactics are mostly straight forward and ethical, and I’d say that anyone can follow them if they are serious about it. This is not for those who “play around”!

Here’s the best part. Mafioso Marketing usually costs $77 at ClickBank and the main site (go check if you don’t believe me). But… at the following link, you’ll find it for just $27 – a massive fifty-buck saving (until April 30th).

Mafioso Marketing

At the original price this is an excellent guide for those who are determined to succeed. At the new offer, it’s a no-brainer.

You’ll also get the “Lost Chapters”, even more information on the Mafioso Marketing Mindset, Creating Products, Membership Sites and much more. A valuable bonus.

Choose your niche and start taking over – Mafia style …

Mafioso Marketing $50 Discount

*100% Affiliate Program Included 

Traffic Hybrid – Save $10 !

Note: The following link saves you $10 on the price of the new “Traffic Hybrid” System. Instead of paying $27 for this valuable and profitable information, you’ll only pay $27. This discount will appear once you click the order button – ignore the salespage which lists the original price.

Traffic Hybrid is a new system that literally mixes and matches the worlds of paid and free traffic. It’s the best of both worlds.

It’s Fast, Scalable, Lazy, Stable, Sustainable and … SAFE

This system involves getting other people to post on your industry forums, but with your links. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that – which is why you’ll need this guide for this unique and highly interesting system.

This guide is literally jam packed with information on finding the biggest and best forums, posting to them correctly, formatting and writing your “sig” files, and actually getting other people to the legwork for you!

It’s not often something comes along with a neat twist like this marvelous guide. And for $17 (with my discount link) you can’t go wrong.

Traffic is everything in this business: grab your share!

Traffic Hybrid System

Discount Link

Free Traffic From Hubpages

Want a great way to create “authority” pages on any subject/niche you like?

Try Hubpages !

This is a site originally started by ex-Microsoft employees that aims to provide quality, authoriative webpages. And Google thinks so as well – if you look at the rankings these get.

I know about this site because a great report just came out detailing how to use these Hubpages yourself to drive traffic to any site. The page below is full of traffic and search examples, so you can see how effective this can be:

Hubpages Report

This kind of reminds me of Squidoo and other such methods, but by now you’ve probably realised that Squidoo isn’t as easy to rank on as it used to be – so perhaps Hubpages are ripe for the reaping.

Anyway, this great report detailing all you need to know is currently around $3.65 (but rising) and you can earn some great commissions, too. Give it a whirl.

Click Here For The Report

Script Dojo

Script Dojo is a “business in a box” site from Joel Comm.

Basically, it’s an Internet Marketing script review site where all the latest products are reviewed and promoted.

Setup is simple: Script Dojo gives you a personalised review site / store and helps you build your downlines and make sales. You simply add your Clickbank, Dealdotcom, Paydotcom and PayPal details and Script Dojo does the rest.

You can earn 100% Commissions right off the bat, and the first 30 days membership is just $0.01 ! (After that it’s $9.95 per month, but the first month at 1 cent should give you plenty of time to see if this works for you). Since the subscriptions are paypal-based you can easily end your membership before the first month is out if you decide to quit.

Give it a try… Get your own Script Dojo today!

Script Dojo

IM Triggers

IM Triggers is a new package that’s garnering very good reviews across the Internet Marketing community. Basically, this is a book and software combination that helps you utilise psychological sales triggers in your websites to “urge” your visitors to take action – whether that action is to buy your product, sign up to your list, or whatever.

This is actually a first volume entitled “Scarcity and Urgency” – two well known triggers you may already know about or at the very least have already experienced…

The best part is this thorough guide also comes complete with a script called “IM Urgency” that helps you put some of this theory into action!

Only $9.97 and offers 100% Commissions. Download below.

IM Triggers

105 Resell Rights Products $10

David Perdew, as part of his 31-Day Birthday Promotion, continues with his promise to offer remarkable value for money in his big Internet Marketing packs.

This one is no exception. 105 Products spread across 20 Packages all with one theme – “Resell Rights”.

So here you’ll find complete courses, tips, tutorials, tricks, software, ebooks, audios and more to help you learn and earn from Resell Rights.

At just ten bucks you can’t go wrong even if you already own some parts of this set.

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