838 Products With Rights

This has been a very popular collection of resell rights material of late. I’ve promoted bumper packages like this before, and given you a ton of ideas on how to use them.

838 Products

I’ve often toyed with making my own mega collections, but why bother when other people have already done it?

You’ll get:

  • Resell and Master Resell Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Private Use Rights

On a wide selection of:

  • Scripts
  • Ebooks
  • Software
  • Videos

So what do you do with all this?

Why not, for starters…

  1. Rebrand the Private Label products and use them as giveaways or low cost sales (perhaps with an affiliate program) that lead to further products from the collection as an upsell? You will find more tips on utilising the hidden  power within every PLR product in this post.
  2. Use one or more products – or even better, rebranded PLR products – to build your list? Consider using Giveaway Events, too.
  3. Use one of the videos, streaming from a webpage, to use as a “squeeze” — or even upload them to YouTube or one of the many, many video sharing sites?
  4. Simply bundle together some of these to make your own sale?
  5. Or even just promote the entire package, as I have done. It’s the lazy way to be sure, but it works.

Most people will simply download the entire collection and do nothing. Don’t be one of them – and have fun :-)

iProfits eBook Package

For a long time, I’ve offered the iProfits Ebook Package at ProductPacks.com

It’s been a strong and consistent seller.

If you’ve never resold a package before, and if you’re very much a beginner when it comes to “Resell Rights” this is a great place to start. Here’s why:

1. This is a package of 180 full products, with webpages, and resell rights so you make all the profits.

2. It comes with an attractive salespage you can simply upload, with your own PayPal button, and so receive all the sales to your own account. This is not an affiliate program!

3. It has a salespage creator, so you don’t even have to mess with editing the files if you’re not comfortable doing so.

4. It has lifetime updates. And not like other packages, where the support and downloads dissapear after a few months. I’ve been selling this for years – and it’s constantly updated with new additions.

5. You don’t have to host the downloads page yourself. Your download page sends visitors to the iProfit Website where they can download their purchases, and a side benefit is the download page will always contain the latest package. No need to mess with updating!

This is a very useful package that makes an ideal addition to any website. Offer the iProfit Package to your own visitors or subscribers – and rake in the profit!

iProfit can be viewed at http://www.ProductPacks.com

Dimesale Uber-Sites

I still love Dimesales, they still work well, and my favourite sites for these are:

Dirk Wagner’s “Crazy Week” Sales

I love Dirks sales because he always comes up with amazing deals and usually with software or collections you probably haven’t seen before. This is no exception.

This week, you get some  unique “WordPress Plug-In-Profit Themes”!

That means you can build a blog – or even modify an existing one – using the widely popular and easy to use (not to mention free) WordPress Software that come complete with money-making elements.

This is currently just over $5 at:

You also get some amazing niche templates you can use to build sites dedicated to things like Ipods, Gossip, Ebay, Dating etc. Just think, a monetized Dating or Gossip Blog where all you have to do is find and add info each day and kick back and enjoy the success :)


More after the break…

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Ten Top IM Sites To Bookmark

Here’s a selection of informative, and useful sites you should Bookmark. YMMV. 

1. Free Monthly Gift
The name says it all – a free download each month, and there’s tons already on the site.

2. Paul Myers TalkBiz
A great mailing list that’s always packed with useful insights and tips to help you profit.

3. Paid Content Blog
This is one of the “biggies” in terms of subscibers. The Blog is dedicated to the paid content model of business.

4. A List Apart
The tagline says “For People Who Make Websites” and that says it all…

5. Pro Blogger
For anyone who writes or even profits from Weblogs.

6. Dosh Dosh
A very informative Blog I found recently, packed with information on monetizing your website.

7. The Anthony Blake Forum
One of the top 2 Internet Marketing Forums

8. The Warrior Forum
The second of the top 2 Forums!

9. Free Traffic Tip
Tinu Abayomi-Paul’s  Blog on Traffic and Testing.

10. Top Rank Blog
A well established Blog all about IM.

Use Google to find more! Anything by Frank Kern, Ed Dale, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins is worth reading, try using Technorati to find the top Marketing Blogs, or Feedreader, and use IMNewsWatch.Com as a great smorgasbord of posts, ads, tips and tricks from all over the web :)

Firesale News

There are two massive Firesales running right now. They’ve been promoted by so many marketers that in fact you’ve probably already either decided to purchase or not as the case may be.

But if you somehow haven’t seen this or you’re sitting on the fence here’s the details:

1. The “SendUsTo.Us” Firesale:

Details: This is only running for seven days so you better decide if you want it.

You’ll get 100 Master Resale Rights products for $37 at launch, then $47 thereafter. That’s 37c to 47c per product!

There’s tons of great stuff here. If you don’t believe go visit the site: Most of this is being sold elsewhere on the net for MORE than this entire package…


Don’t delay if you want the discount .


2. The “Hot Summer Blowout” Sale

This has `only` 50+ Master Resale Products (never thought I’d be saying only for that amount!) but has some serious good software in there.

If you’ve already taken a look, visit again. Some new additions there that may tip you over the edge.

It’s $47 for this collection, around $1 per product. It’s worth comparing this to the previous sale as it seems (IMHO) quality is over quantity on this one.


This site has some unique products, including the massive “Barking” video courses 😀 in fact, MANY *premium* titles.

I don’t know if $47 and $37 will seem a high price to you in todays world of seven-buck sales and dimesales but if you think back that was the normal going rate for just single ebooks. Big ticket items today go for $299-$1499. If you factor in the “47c per product” once broken down this is really a no-brainer.

And don’t get me started on how much a real-world business would cost you…

Just trying to put this price into perspective. If one product in either of these packages could make you even a $100 then you’re laughing.

Download today. Run your own dimesales and $7 sales. Pack them into bundles. Resell seperately. Use to drive traffic from giveaways and ebay. There’s so many uses for quality resale-right products you’ll can literally turn these into thousands of bucks with the right approach…

Grab Your $7 Mall !

This literally JUST launched.

The $7 Mall…

The features are amazing, and you can get a fr-ee silver membership today that features some of the DIAMOND content for the first few hours.

This is a premium mall packed full of $7 offers.

Amazing products, scripts, ebooks, tools and more for Internet Mark.eters at the unbeatable low $7 price.


This is NOT full of crap, no cheapie mass-produced ebay books in here :-)

Grab your silver membership and you get your OWN mall you can promote and earn from.

Lots of extra freebies included too, such as a full copy of the $7 book and script itself among others.

This is new. Get your membership, enjoy the content, and promote like wildfire.

I grabbed the *diamond* package myself, but it’s your choice. With Diamond you can get 100% commissions on EVERY product, fr-ee advertising credit, links, popus, banners and other traffic builders, your own product included, and much more.

But it’s your choice – whatever you decide , join today.


I’ll get back to you on more of the features soon but for now please grab your own membership and play around. I honestly believe you’ll be surprised at just what you can do with this site.

Massive Birthday Package (Don’t Miss!)

You’ve probably seen multi-sales like this before, but wait – just check out their URL:

There’s a great collection there ready to be grabbed and used!

10 PLR Books,
6 PLR Reports,
The PLR Dozen,
Optin Rotator
and even the full Resell Rights Boot Camp !

An amazing package, and that little list is just the start.

I urge you to check the site and see what’s there. I’m sure you’ll love what you’ll see.

The price is rising but should still be low when you see this. My advice is don’t delay, grab it today.

-> http://www.launchalerts.com/bdaysp6/go.cgi/essjayar_ad


Three Private Label Packages

Sharlene Raven launched the new Monday Madness yesterday featuring 3 PLR products. Meaning you whatever you like with them, including editing, renaming, rebranding or whatever.

It’s only $5 but please check if you already own these first :)

You’ll get:

Fast Track To Google Top 10 Rankings
Turn Old PLR and MMR Products Into Cash
Earn $150 A Day With Bum Marketing


(FREE) Internet Marketing Training Videos

This is an awesome free site.

Around 50 free Videos teaching you stuff like

How To Get A Domain Name and Hosting
Setting Up Email Accounts
Basic Tools
Write HTML and Design Websites
Publish Your Own Ezine
Accept Credit Card Payments
Affiliate Marketing
Search Engine Secrets
Creating Ebooks

…and much more!

All this is free of charge, all you need to do is sign up here:

Free Marketing Training Videos



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