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Subscription Rocket

Subscription Rocket

We all know a mailing list is a very powerful tool. With one, you can contact your subscribers and let them know whenever you have a great deal or tips, articles, and information to share. Building a list invariably involves using an autoresponder and forms on your website, but you only get new subscribers by promoting that site.

Another way to build your list is through exchanges, where a group of website owners and marketers will drive subscribers to each other – in effect sharing their lists indirectly.

One such tool I have used in the past was Subscription Rocket – a very powerful and simple to use exchange that you can install on any webpage. This will show a quick window with a selection of lists and e-zines and it allows your visitors to opt-in to these lists if they so desire.

Of course, YOUR list/e-zine will also appear in these windows, across many, many, websites, thus gaining you additional readers without having to promote to them directly!

Version 2 of Subscription Rocket is due soon. It’s not open quite yet, but NOW is the time to join the announcement list and be ready when it does.

Because Subscription Rocket also uses a great referral system, you can promote the service itself to other e-zine and list owners and build your own memberships that way. So get on board before the crowds and make sure YOU are in a great position to benefit.

Subscription Rocket

Update: Subscription Rocket is relaunching as “List Crew” – still the same great service, plus more! I’ll be posting extra information soon.

9 Proven List Building Techniques

Mailing Lists are simply a collection of your subscribers / prospects e-mail address and other details, such as their names etc.

They’re created so that you have instant access to potential customers, readers for your articles and ezines, and fans who can help you with future projects.

Creating an e-mail list is , in theory, quite simple. You just ask people for their details. But in practice that’s rarely enough. Here’s some techniques that have proven to work:

1. Use an autoresponder. You can create e-mail lists without one, including manually adding requests to a hand-built list (unbelievably, once done this way!). But why bother? Today’s autoresponders automate the entire process. They manage your contacts, manage unsubscribe requests, allow simple broadcasts, send out pre-made messages to a schedule, and much more.

You can install a script at your own site, such as “Autoresponse 3″ or you can use a third-party solution. The former means you have more control, and the second path may help with e-mail delivery since companies such as aWeber and Getresponse forge ties with the likes of Yahoo Mail to ensure your messages are received.

2. Use a bribe. If you have a form on your website asking for a prospects details, offering a gift in exchange for the information will help urge them to complete it. The gift needn’t be expensive to yourself: digital goods such as ebooks are often used. E-courses make especially good bribes since the material is provided over time, to the e-mail address, ensuring your subscriber stays with you at least in the short term and surely long enough to make an impression :)

3. Use a squeeze page. This is an e-mail request form that is in reality a front-end to the main website. In other words, you cannot access the site until you enter your details. In effect the entire site itself is the bribe.

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If you are interested in a top quality list-building package for under ten bucks, then check this out:

1. 17 Deadly but simple e-mail marketing techniques,
2. “Red Hot List Building” with Master Rights and Branding Rights,
3. The BBO Adwords Formula aka How To Build A List Of 5000+ With Adwords
4. Three PLR Bonuses (click offer to view)

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My List Profits

This is Neil Harvey’s book that is more about conversion – or turning those subscribers and visitors into buyers.

It includes hot information on creating profitable SMALL lists, as well as information on how to get a 25% convering website…

Only $7… and it even has a full audio version thrown in too.

And before you ask – yes, you can earn 100% comms :-)

List Bandit

ListBandit is a matrix list builder, you can join for free:

The idea is by promoting the site, you build up a membership. It’s really a way for marketers to leverage from each others lists.

But because of the Matrix it means that the people you refer will also be building your list…

You can join for free or with a powerful paid option (giving you the option to mail thousands, like having access to endless solo-ads).

There are many features in ListBandit including a co-reg facility (build your own private list) and the unique Random Matrix which is a second list you get to mail.

Give it a whirl. Join Here:

Same List, More Profits DVD

Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose are no strangers to list building, and recently they held an exclusive workshop on the topic of “How To Earn More Profit From Your Email List” – which cost almost a thousand dollars to attend…

Luckily for you they recorded the whole thing…

And you can now get it, on DVD, from $2 !

This is the new NickleMania X. Although the price is around $2 right now it will rise with every sale.

In the DVD Gary and Keith discuss how you can make more money from your existing list, how to increase your “conversion rate”.

Marketers are starting to struggle with their email lists. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. The industry is changing, but if you are using the right techniques there’s no reason why you should suffer.

List size isn’t an issue (e.g. 94 people list made $6,081, a 3,800 strong list $24,000). Strategy is. You NEED this DVD!

At this price it’s a no-brainer. A real, physical DVD delivered to your door for $2 + S&H ? It’s a steal!

Secure your copy of “Same List, More Profits” today and learn the real power behind an email list.

(You can even earn 100% Commissions on this)


List Blueprint

David Bullock has a cool package out right now showing how he went from zero subscribers and zero crash to a hot list of 25,000… without spending a dime on advertising.

Called “List Blueprint” this is real, from the horses mouth info on list building.

It follows the tried and tested “formula” of Getting Traffic – Converting It – Following Up that I just love.

This works, but still people manage to get themselves in difficulties. That’s why strong affordable packages like this always get the thumbs up from me. Anything that can help you must be worth a look, right?

List BluePrint is at the important “Under Ten Bucks” price ($9.97) so most people can have a copy. And since that can help you build a real mailing list, without spending a fortune on traffic, believe me – it’s a bargain.


Squeeze Page Mastery

Louis Allport’s video ebooks are always very popular, and here’s your chance to grab his latest for only $8…

In “Squeeze Page Mastery” you’ll learn how to create highly effective pages that suck in leads, and help you build a powerful mailing list on autopilot.

There are 5 videos lasting 88 minutes that show you:

How To Build functional and attractive mini-sites in less than 20 Minutes
How to create a Squeeze Page, Step by Step
How to use GetResponse and AWeber
How To Build a Survey Page
and more

This is only $8 as I say, but hurry – beacause the price raises every hour.

You’ll also get Full Master Resale Rights thrown in -AND you can promote for 100% Commissions via a special affiliate link!


Profitable List Building

Louis Burleson’s new sale, called “Profitable List Building”,  covers (as you’d expect) the fine art of creating your own email list.

Since a well managed email list is a real cash-cow, and perhaps the biggest asset of your business, you should really be building one.

This product is split into three books covering Basic List Building, Advanced List Building, and Master Strategies.

Almost everything you can imagine is included, from getting started right up to running Joint Ventures.

If you want to start building a list, grow your existing list, or inject some new ideas into your current list building activities this is for you.

Just $7 with 100% Commissions.


Giveaway Guru

Here’s a new site launched yesterday that is doing the rounds. It will help you build an email list, month after month, on autopilot!

It’s focus is the many Giveaways that happen each year. It includes an eBook Cover generator, and a Lead Page generator, so you can create products/pages for these Giveaways with ease.

You can also get a tool every week, and even a complete “One Time Offer” you can use whenever there is a new Giveaway about to launch (which the site also keeps you informed of)!

There’s a number of membership levels, but you can join for Fr-ee right now at:

There’s only 250 spots, so please go visit soon.

(I’ve built offers for various Giveaways and even run a Giveaways Blog listing them. I’ve had many thousands of subscribers from them. This site is a complete package if you are interested in this, and if this had been around, say, with all those Christmas Giveaways imagine the time it would have saved. )


PLR Squeeze Pages

Here’s a great package of Squeeze Pages you can use for any purpose, their main intention being – of course – to gather leads for YOUR business.

Put them up on your site, use them as PopUps or Popunders, perhaps put them into traffic exchanges. Just give them traffic and they’ll give you leads!

These come with full Master Resale and Private Label rights. You can sell or edit these are you see fit.

There’s also an inbuilt 100% commission program if you’d prefer to promote that way…

Squeeze Pages


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