The Best Of Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders… it seems he’s been around as long as I’ve been marketing – he’s just always been there.

He’s had many blockbuster products over the years that stand out from the crowd. What sets him apart is the attention to detail on whatever subject he’s covering – and the simple, down to earth way he describes them. Whether it’s website design, getting traffic, or anything else his books and sites are essential.

Over the last few years some of his most interesting output has been with his “Dashboard” type guides, including Marketing Dashboard and Design Dashboard. These are step by step plans, set out as a grid, that take you through every step. I’ve never been a fanatic when it comes to plans but if you need a guiding hand this kind of thing works wonders.

So I’m happy to point you to this: The Best Of Marlon Sanders.

Essentially, this is a distilled version of his “Marketing Minute” ezine (which you’ll also receive) and consists of 20 of his best articles – over 125 pages worth.

It’s 100% free so why not pop over and grab your copy!

P.S. I also have an old page at this site with many other free Marlon Sanders downloads, it hasn’t been updated in a while but there’s still plenty to get your teeth into…

Free Marketers Gifts

It’s been a while since I made a free gift post, so here’s your latest goodies.

Please note that there are many, many other freebies you can get across my sites. Visit the bonuses page for the main list, and also try and searching this very blog.

The Forum List is a very useful resource listing popular forums across many niches – ideal for research or marketing.

You may have to right-click the PDF’s to download, depending on your browser, and have a PDF reader installed (I recommend Foxit). You also have full rights to the products above. Finally, I have a couple of free gifts you can download, courtesy of Geoff Lloyd at DimeSaleDollars. Find those at:

Free Dan Kennedy / Ron Le Grand Audio

Here’s a chance for you to grab a free Dan Kennedy and Ron Le Grand audio and transcript that explains how to start a million dollar marketing business.

Yeah… heard that before? Well – Dan Kennedy is a guy who consults with 9 figure companies (billion dollar companies). He’s the Guru’s Guru, playing a part in the success of people like John Reese, Ewen Chia, Yanik Silver, Jeff Paul, Carl Galleti, Ken McCarthy and others.

Ron Le Grand is a famous marketer, turning a $10 book into a $20 Million dollar empire.

In other words, these guys know what they’re talking about :)

Dan Kennedy and Ron Le Grand Audio

But that’s not even all. This site is there to build buzz for a competion to win the entire Dan Kennedy catalog: Over $5000 worth of products, 4 cartons shipped to your door – free.

And you can also discover how to get the 12-CD Millionaires of Marketing Audio Course. Featuring: Ted Nicholas, Mark Victor Hansen, Dan Kennedy and more!

This site will run from April 25th to the 30th only, a short window – but you can pre-register NOW and get the call mentioned, downloadable right away.

Don’t miss this one-off event. It’s free to get in, and you could end up with some very special bonuses indeed…

Dan Kennedy Giveaway

Free Wealth CD

The incredible true story of how one young bike courier retired at age 27 on $85,172.47 monthly revealed FREE inside. . .

This FREE CD is shipped to your door. “True MLM Wealth Online” reveals how almost anyone can make a small fortune using some basic techniques.

This is a formula – a step by step system and series of strategies that show you how to generate traffic, recruit members, and above all profit from all kinds of programs.

Learn about leverage, developing long term traffic, and marketing on a budget – from this remarkable “newbie” to the world of MLM!

Includes a free special report, 30 day trial Membership to MLM Underground, “Email MLM Formula” and “MLM Big Money”.

Claim Your FREE CD Here

Free Outsourcing Ebook

Ever wonder how certain marketers can release quality products so quickly?

The answer is quite simple. They come up with the killer idea, but get other guys to do all the work!

This is called Outsourcing, and used correctly you have your ebook written, your salespage designed, your graphics created – heck even your support, ordering and affiliate programs handled for you!

Outsourcing is often cited as the easy solution to problems you can’t handle yourself but as with most things it isn’t that simple. There are many pitfalls along the road the unwary can fall into. If done incorrectly you could lose a lot of money and end up with a disaster.

Luckily help is at hand. Download this free eBook from the Outsource Compendium and discover all about Outsourcing, how it can help you, and how to *properly* use the services of others.

Outsource Compendium

FREE: Web Marketers Traffic Course

Courtesy of you can now download this comprehensive guide to generating traffic – for Marketers. Discover how to promote, advertise, and drive those visitors to your website!

Traffic is everything for marketers. Essentially, traffic=sales. So if you’re not generating enough hits – read this.

This comes with full Master Resale Rights.

Download Here

FREE: Traffic Encyclopedia

If you’re a member of Free Monthly Gift you can just login and download this right now.

If not, no worries: It’s quick and free to join:

Traffic Encyclopedia is exactly what it says on the cover: A thorough guide to all the wonderful ways you can drive people to your site(s). And since we all know how important traffic is (it’s EVERYTHING) here’s another piece of advice: Get reading! :-)

Free Monthly Gift from Todd Gross

Todd Gross has an amazing screen presence, in his videos he comes across as much more professional than the usual online marketer – maybe because he was in fact a TV Weatherman.

And this is a weatherman who’s become an internet marketer – not your usual career path, but as we all know this is perhaps one of the most lucrative yet flexible busineses you could be in.

Todd’s latest site is “Free Monthly Gift” and it does exactly what it says in the title. Except so far it’s not been monthly. Todd has been adding stuff like crazy :-)

This is not a giveaway. You do not have to sign up for each gift. These are hand picked gifts that WILL benefit you, that you can download immediately.

Visit the link below to sign up to Todd’s site:

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