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Over the years, we’ve given away a lot of e-books and software tools at this site. In addition, we’ve provided links to even more downloads from third-party sites.

Of course, you won’t need all of these. And I wouldn’t recommend you download everything even if you did.

It’s all too easy to drown in an avalanche of information, and end up not digesting any of it at all!

The best way to proceed is to download a few books or tools that interest you and read them, or at least skim through them. If you find the information useful, store it away in a “to be read” folder and act on it. If it’s useless to you, simply delete.

I used to download everything until I had hundreds of e-books that I never read at all. And I wasted a lot of time sifting through this and not acting on it at all. Even worse, I missed out on some truly useful guides that could have saved me a lot of time – and money!

You see, the best thing about this industry is that a lot of other folk have been before you and already made the mistakes. And a lot of other highly skilled people have tracked and tested beyond belief to find out what really works – and lived to tell the tale :-)

Here’s all the freebies we’ve offered — but with one caveat: as I’ve said, ensure you filter what’s useful to you, and act on it.

10 Free Marketing Gifts -  a carefully selected giveaway from ourselves.

Our Super Six Giftpack

Our free Members Siteyou’ll need to register here (just an e-mail subscribe)

Our Mega Bonuses Page – a BIG list of everything we’ve come across so far…

Every “Freebie” Post in this Blog

Take care when downloading, and in advance I’m sorry for out-of-date books and dead websites. This happens, but good information is never out fashion!

New Internet Marketing Freebies

I’ve just created and uploaded a major new package of Marketing Products, which you can have for free!

This is one of the best compilation packages I’ve created to date – you can download it at the link below.

There are TEN items in total, ranging from eBooks to Software that will help you sell and promote your products and sites online. Individually, these also have rights included so you can use them in your packs, sales, membership sites and offers if you so wish.

You’ll get:

Real World Traffic Strategies
Contact Automator
Unleash The Book Within
The 17 Method
PPC Affiliate Marketing
The Newbie Toolkit

…and much more!

Free Internet Marketing Products

Free Internet Marketing Products

Free eBook and Software Giveaways

A brace of new giveaways have launched recently, including the PLR Giveaway, Newbie Giveaway, Labour Day Giveaway, and more.

Each of these are free download sites where you can download products in exchange for your e-mail.

I’ve listed them all over at the Freebies/Giveaway Blog

For useful tips about using Giveaway Events to grow your list, managing your e-mails so you’re not deluged, and much more you may find this guide useful. Has Re-Opened

I’m pleased to announce the Members Site is back!

You’ll find tons of eBooks, Tools and Articles within, all at absolutely no cost.

This free site is for subscribers to Netpreneur Now. If you don’t have the current password and username it is being sent out today. If you’re not a subscriber, you can join here (we just need your name and email) and the password/username is sent in your welcome message.

To celebrate, I’ve just uploaded some new products you can grab right away.

Affiliate ID Manager
Super Affiliate Tips: Rosalind Gardener
Super Affiliate Tips: Allan Gardyne
Easy Clickbank Cash
Ewriter Pro eBook Creator
Yahoo 360 Mass Generator
Six Steps To Six Figures, List Marketing
The YouTube Revolution

and Marketing Tips Volumes 1-3

Just click to , log in, and download.

JV Giveaways

I’ve finally updated the “Free Resell” Blog where I list all the latest marketing Giveaways.

If you go over there you’ll see a quick and easy list of many places on the web you can download free eBooks, Software, Memberships, PLR and more.

These are Giveaways – so you have to sign up for the various gifts – so be sure to read my “Freebies Guide” (update soon!) for valuable tips on downloading, using and profiting from these products.

Free Resell Blog

Free Marketing eBooks and Audios

Today is Freebie Day!

1. Look at how Viral membership sites can work for you. This examines how quick membership sites can become viral traffic funnels.
Viral Members Report

2. Develop your own product in 30 Days? Read this complete course.
30 Days To Product Development

3. If you’re an Affiliate here’s a guide covering what NOT to do…
Affiliate Mistakes Report

4. Promote with Social Bookmarking Sites the right way.
Bookmark Traffic

(more after the break!)

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Niche Giveaway

There’s a cool Giveaway event running right now, called the Niche Giveaway: Episode 1, Advertising and Traffic Generation.

That title pretty much sums up what kind of products are included and what you can download for free!

Here’s some of the goodies you’ll find:

AdFactory Pro, 8 Audio Reports, Secrets To Web Traffic Overdrive, Niche List Builder, Getting Started Bundle, Yoono Traffic Videos, and much more.

If you’ve never used a Giveaway before here’s what’s involved… You sign up to each offer, give your email address, and download the software/ebook/package.

There’s a lot of good stuff here but you won’t want all of it. My advice is to only download whatever product seems useful or interesting to you – and don’t use your main e-mail address. You WILL be on mailing lists but you can unsubscribe from any you don’t like.

Niche Giveaway

Free Software Alternatives

I’ve mentioned before that before you buy a product, you should check the web for free alternatives. There are many!

The same goes for Internet Marketing products…

The difference with IM products is that you might get Resale Rights and a Website, so you can sell on the product or perhaps give away / add it to a membership site – but if it’s for personal use please check out this list I’ve compiled.

Free Alternatives To Popular Software

First, here’s the common ones:

Microsoft Office
Try Open Office. It’s a very popular open source alternative that has more than enough features for most users. Includes Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and more:

Try Gimp ! This has grown from a unix command-line program right into a fully interfaced and very powerful graphic manipulation tool. The only problem is most of the scripts and tutorials you’ll find *are* for Photoshop but there’s plenty out there for the Gimp too. Once you’re familiar with the system you’ll be free to create, edit, and touch up all sorts of photos and images.

Web Design Software
There are a lot of commercial tools to help you create websites, but if you want a simple WYSIWYG editor that allows you to layout text, graphics, tables etc. try Nvu.  There’s also an internet marketing based alternative that is free from Ewen Chia. (Ewen’s)

Now here’s some more useful tools that will help you with your site and your business.

(Continues After Break)

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Ten Top IM Sites To Bookmark

Here’s a selection of informative, and useful sites you should Bookmark. YMMV. 

1. Free Monthly Gift
The name says it all – a free download each month, and there’s tons already on the site.

2. Paul Myers TalkBiz
A great mailing list that’s always packed with useful insights and tips to help you profit.

3. Paid Content Blog
This is one of the “biggies” in terms of subscibers. The Blog is dedicated to the paid content model of business.

4. A List Apart
The tagline says “For People Who Make Websites” and that says it all…

5. Pro Blogger
For anyone who writes or even profits from Weblogs.

6. Dosh Dosh
A very informative Blog I found recently, packed with information on monetizing your website.

7. The Anthony Blake Forum
One of the top 2 Internet Marketing Forums

8. The Warrior Forum
The second of the top 2 Forums!

9. Free Traffic Tip
Tinu Abayomi-Paul’s  Blog on Traffic and Testing.

10. Top Rank Blog
A well established Blog all about IM.

Use Google to find more! Anything by Frank Kern, Ed Dale, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins is worth reading, try using Technorati to find the top Marketing Blogs, or Feedreader, and use IMNewsWatch.Com as a great smorgasbord of posts, ads, tips and tricks from all over the web :)

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