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I’ve updated the Traffic Tips page at this site, so it’s in the new design and re-written. This is basically my master sheet of traffic generation methods. It’s every method that works, all on one page.

So if I get asked “How Do I Promote My Site” again, I can just point that person right there.

Seriously, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about driving traffic to your site. Although there are a myriad of more specific techniques, such as those that work for one specific service, or those that work for one obscure niche everything really falls into one of the categories here:

Traffic Tips

I’ve kept that page as clean and informative as possible and I’ll update as the need arises, so if you want to point your visitors somewhere for traffic tips, consider mine (hint).

I was going to make that into a blog post, but that would bring all of the rest of the blog (sidebars, etc) with it. And I really wanted it to be clean and quick loading for those that need it.

Traffic Tip: Tell A Friend

Tell A Friend systems have been around for a while, and the process is deceptively simple: the visitor recommends your site to his/her contacts.

This is a very powerful concept: It’s social marketing, to the nth degree. It can mean 2,3,4 or any visitors to your site per visitor that arrives. It can literally multiply your traffic.

Of course, not everyone will recommend their friends, so that is where an ethical bribe or two can come into play. For recommending, the visitor will receive a gift or bonus from you.

You can even direct new visitors to a special welcome page, with even more gifts, and ask them to refer their visitors too!

So this not just social marketing, it’s viral marketing.

While tell a friend boxes used to be prevalent on websites in the early days they’ve fallen into disuse lately. There is no good reason for this, yet it means the idea is not oversaturated. More chance for you!

There are various tell a friend scripts available, for free and for a fee, and there are also some commercial offerings. In fact, I’ve just come across a brand new program that does all of the above along with many more unique features. How about automatically importing the users address book for starters… Imagine the possibilities there.

Beware untried scripts: Some years ago I installed a “free” tell-a-friend at my site, and while it worked a dream it later became spyware, and tried to install more spyware and spawn popups on my visitors. The same thing happened with an exit-exchange I used at the time.

I’ll post a review of the new system soon. But this is a very useful traffic generation method you should be using on your website.

Update: As mentioned by Sean in the comments below, there’s a cool widget for wordpress, which I’ve started using. Roll over the button to see it in action :)

Traffic Tip: Download Sites

Most people are aware of the major ways to drive traffic to their sites.

The biggest and perhaps best source of traffic is the Search Engines, so SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is always an issue. Then there is writing articles, promotion via forums and blog commenting, feeds, and social networking.

But there are other lesser used methods. One is using Download Sites.

To use a download site to drive traffic you must have a product, an application or software program, to put there. Luckily you don’t need to know how to program. You can compile an eBook or create a simple tool using something like Software Maker.

Then you only need to submit that tool to major directories such as:

You can promote your website directly in your application, and even require “registration” if you wish to collect e-mails for your list.

More traffic tips soon!

Credit where credits due: I extrapolated this tip from this post in the Warrior Forums.

Parasite Piggyback Traffic

I’ve just come across a useful traffic strategy called “Parasite Hosting”. It’s actually something I’ve been doing for a while, but that term describes it well. The idea is you can piggyback the traffic from major sites and direct it to your own.

There are many, many sites you can be a parasite on. In fact, any site that will host your pages. Here’s some popular ones:


…and hundreds more!

You may already have noticed how it works. Each of those sites have been ranked highly by Google, Alexa etc and can help you in a number of ways:

1. Linking to your own site from them to increase your pagerank. These backlinks are from authority sites.

2. Direct traffic from the users and fans of the services themselves.

3. The ability to create strong keyword-based pages on them, to help with organic SEO.

So if you create a hubpage, squidoo lense, Blogger blog, and WordPress blog on your choosen subject, you can put content there and also link back to your own site.

For example, if your site has movie reviews, you can create sattelite sites on as many parasite hosts as you can find. Each of these will be a movie-related theme, and each of them will link to each other, and to your own site.

If done correctly Google won’t mind. Just as long as you provide real content for the end user.

I’ve just bought the rights to a couple of products than can help you find and utilise these sites for driving traffic to your own. The first is “Taking Advantage Of Parasite Hosting” which is a full guide to this strategy, along with 13 Videos illustrating and explaining the concept. This also contains details of the best hosts to use, what content to put on them, and how to utilise the traffic-building potential to it’s utmost.

The second is “Profiting After The Sale” – a great guide to increasing the income you can generate from each main sale you make.

I’ve also thrown in a free copy of the 5-Minute Traffic Tip, since it really is a pretty cool technique in it’s own right :)

All three for only $7 — and that’s with full Master Resale Rights!

You don’t need this guide. This post outlines the tactic, so you can you try it yourself. But having everything in front of you in a PDF and Video form will certainly help you understand how powerful this underrated technique is.

Traffic Tools Pack

Brett Ingram has just released his new Web Traffic package.

This is a collection of tools that can help you increase the traffic to your web pages, in many unique and interesting ways. And, since traffic = profits , this is a very useful collection.

There are 15 products included in total, such as:

Give-A-Tron – How to get happy subscribers.
Intelligent 404 – Put your error pages to work
Exit Feedback Trapper – Interesting take on exit-traffic
PR Ninja – Boost your PageRank
SEO Spider – Essential competitor research
Content Clamp – Squeeze content!
Squeeze Buzz – Squeeze page maestro

Plus: a selection of top guides on List Building, Advertising and S.E.O. , the Multi Media Autoresponder software, and much more.

To see the full contents and to grab your copy, please click below:

Web Traffic Tools

(And… Shhh! …. Brett is offering 100% Commissions!)

101 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

101 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
By Ruchir Chawdhry

Increasing blog traffic is incredibly easy. You just need a blueprint. A blueprint that lists what you should do to drive more traffic to your blog. In this article, I present to you 101 ways to increase blog traffic. Just follow the points given below to increase blog traffic:

1. Write great content. By writing out articles that are helpful/entertaining and engaging, you’ll double your chances of getting visitors and retaining them.

2. Write link bait

3. Use Yahoo! Groups (

4. Use Yahoo! Answers (

5. Join Add as many friends and join as many communities as you can per day.

6. Use a ping service like

7. Leave comments on blogs in your niche

8. Write press releases

9. Participate in forums in your niche and put your URL in your forum signature

10. Link to other bloggers in your niche

11. Include your blog URL in your email signature


For some amazing Video and PDF guides to Yahoo Answers, Stumble Upon, Social Websites, Yahoo 360 and more check out this special Dimesale:

This top quality package starts at five bucks and includes 50 Minisite Templates and a Traffic E-Course as bonuses!


(tips continued)

Read More »

Super SEO 2008 and more – $7 !

I’ve just come across an amazing package that’s being sold as a “dimesale” at just $7.

This collection contains three very useful products that can help you design and market your own website, something nearly all Internet Marketers spend a great deal of their time doing.

For your small outlay you’ll get:

Web Design For Internet Business Owners:

This is an audio guide and an book focused on designing websites with a business slant. This isn’t your usual ebook since it concentrates on important factors like font selection, site navigation, color schemes and multimedia. There are tips here that can make all the difference on that important first impression! The guide comes with resale rights and PLR rights, though you cannot pass those on.

Super SEO Guidebook 2008

This is a very thorough guide to the intricacies of Search-Engine Optimisation. If you want to rank high in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others you need to know these basics as well as the advanced the techniques. Good SEO grows with you, and by implementing some basic strategies at the start and adding others as you go along you can have an “authority” site on a subject of your choice – by following the rules. This could be the only book you would need to own…

Super SEO Guidebook even has two useful tools included: Page Rank Ninja and Web Spider.

To round this package off there are five impressive and powerful “One Time Offer” templates you can use to quickly and easily add effective money-grabbing sales to almost any site you own. Just take the template, modify as needed, and watch the money roll in.

This package is $7 and comes with all the products above as well as some special bonuses on your thank-you page after ordering. You can even promote this for commissions, and I’m sure it can be some easy sales for you :-)

Web Design Dime Sale

Traffic Tornado Dimesale

Traffic Tornado is an excellent tips bundle that aims to help you drive as many visitors as possible to your site , promotion or link. This includes the new “750 Traffic Tips” product that was released just a week or so ago!

For just $6.95 you’ll get:

750 Traffic Tips: The full 6 Volume Package containing traffic building, site optimization, fast traffic, long-term traffic, and monetization reports.

Traffic Tidbits Pro (with the Advanced Edition!)

Traffic Dictionary A-Z

Traffic 2.0

This complete bundle is just $6.95 , availiable to download immediately while the promotion is running!

Traffic Tornado

Traffic Hybrid – Save $10 !

Note: The following link saves you $10 on the price of the new “Traffic Hybrid” System. Instead of paying $27 for this valuable and profitable information, you’ll only pay $27. This discount will appear once you click the order button – ignore the salespage which lists the original price.

Traffic Hybrid is a new system that literally mixes and matches the worlds of paid and free traffic. It’s the best of both worlds.

It’s Fast, Scalable, Lazy, Stable, Sustainable and … SAFE

This system involves getting other people to post on your industry forums, but with your links. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that – which is why you’ll need this guide for this unique and highly interesting system.

This guide is literally jam packed with information on finding the biggest and best forums, posting to them correctly, formatting and writing your “sig” files, and actually getting other people to the legwork for you!

It’s not often something comes along with a neat twist like this marvelous guide. And for $17 (with my discount link) you can’t go wrong.

Traffic is everything in this business: grab your share!

Traffic Hybrid System

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FREE: Web Marketers Traffic Course

Courtesy of you can now download this comprehensive guide to generating traffic – for Marketers. Discover how to promote, advertise, and drive those visitors to your website!

Traffic is everything for marketers. Essentially, traffic=sales. So if you’re not generating enough hits – read this.

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