Convert More Visitors

In this new Dimesale form Wes Blaylock called “Convert More Visitors” you will find out how! And it starts from just $5…

This new guide is jam packed with conversion tips and secrets, whether you are using email, websites, or squeeze pages. And it doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, from your own product to affiliate programs.

Increasing sales conversion is one way to guarantee a higher income from the same visitors, so Wes’ new guide is surely worth your time and investment.

This is a Dimesale, so while the price is just $5 right now, it is rising every hour. On the flipside, if you purchase you can also promote for 100% Commissions.


Michael Cheney Traffic Videos

Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos launch in 5 days. You’ll probably get a ton of e-mails about this, but for now you can get a FR-EE book from his homepage, called “How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters”. There’s also a video where Michael shows you his home, and how he starts his day in a mini-documentary. Interesting if only for the comparison between a marketers life and a “commuters” life…

I don’t know whether the book and video will be available after prelaunch, so even if you’re not interested in this product it’s worth popping over to the site to grab them now :-)


List Blueprint

David Bullock has a cool package out right now showing how he went from zero subscribers and zero crash to a hot list of 25,000… without spending a dime on advertising.

Called “List Blueprint” this is real, from the horses mouth info on list building.

It follows the tried and tested “formula” of Getting Traffic – Converting It – Following Up that I just love.

This works, but still people manage to get themselves in difficulties. That’s why strong affordable packages like this always get the thumbs up from me. Anything that can help you must be worth a look, right?

List BluePrint is at the important “Under Ten Bucks” price ($9.97) so most people can have a copy. And since that can help you build a real mailing list, without spending a fortune on traffic, believe me – it’s a bargain.


$7 System Further Reading

By now you’ve experienced the power of quick and easy Dimesales and so-called “$7 Sales”.

They are very effective sales processes – ANYONE can use.

They work like this: You buy a low-priced (but quality) product, and you get to promote that product and instantly earn 100% commissions (the entire price) direct to YOUR paypal.

For the author, it’s even better. You get the OTO Sales, new subscribers, and your customers even promote the product for you.

It’s really a win – win situation for both ebook authors and their customers.

The product that started it all is the $7 book from Jon Ledger. It gives you the scripts and the sales process in detail. It is itself, of course, seven bucks and it’s the original guide to the whole process. If you haven’t yet got a copy (shame on you!) it’s at:

However, two brand new books have now hit the market that help you further.

The first is “Recipe For Product Creation” at:

This is a very easy to read guide that shows you how to create new products that you control, quickly. It allows you to crank out profitable products in a very time efficient way.

These you can turn around and sell / give away / promote as you wish – since YOU control them. And the content of the book itself is something you can use to promote further sites and products…

The second is “Recipe for Sales Letters” at:

It’s really the final piece of the puzzle. Since it teaches you how to write effective sales copy. That’s the stuff you use in emails and websites to encourage your visitors to buy. Copywriting is big business, since a product launch will succeed or fail on the strength of it’s writing.

With the Sales Letter Recipe you too will learn how to create money-sucking and seductive emails and websites.

Learn the techniques to master the arts of Product Creation and Sales Copy. Get them both!

(Just $7 each with 100% Commissions if you want to promote…)

If you want to see what others are doing with the “$7 Sales” method, there’s a directory here you can browse:

See how people are using the process, see products you can get for only seven bucks, and everything there you can promote for 100% Instant Commissions…


My Secret AdSystem

Sometimes, the simplest methods work the best, and Anthony Tomei’s “AdSystem” is simple in the extreme. Yet, it works.

At just $10 with 100% commissions on offer, “AdSystem” is a quick working-method you can grind through each day in order to generate valuable, targeted traffic to your site.

You can’t get any simpler than this – click through the links, submit ads, gather leads, and collect the profits :-)

Please don’t disregard the power of the information you’ll find here. If you are willing to put in the effort of clicking a few links you will get the traffic. Guaranteed


Alternative Traffic Ideas

There’s so many ways to generate traffic these days it’s hard to keep track, so here’s a selection of bargain books on ideas you might not have tried:

i. Yahoo Answers Traffic Program

A cool tool, video, and report about using Yahoo!’s “Answers” service to drive traffic… bet you’ve never tried this!

ii. Craigs List – (massive classified site)
“Craigslist Black Book”

iii. You Tube – (massive video site)
“YouTube Primer”

iv. MySpace – (massive social site)
“MySpace Marketing Guide”

v. Squidoo – (a web2.0 bookmarking service)
“Squidoo Silver Cloud”


The $7 Directory

I keep pointing you towards new “$7 Sales” – those low-priced products that offer 100% Commissions – but here’s an easy way to find some cool books, memberships and tools for yourself.

The $7 Directory!

Here you’ll find many items you can purchase for yourself, usually at $7 or so, and that you can turn around and promote easily to get 100% commissions paid direct.

You won’t want to promote everything – as I’ve said in an earlier email there seems to be quite a lot of junk appearing – but there are many gems there. They’re all categorised (it’s not all marketing) and hey, 100% aint bad!


Giveaway Guru

Here’s a new site launched yesterday that is doing the rounds. It will help you build an email list, month after month, on autopilot!

It’s focus is the many Giveaways that happen each year. It includes an eBook Cover generator, and a Lead Page generator, so you can create products/pages for these Giveaways with ease.

You can also get a tool every week, and even a complete “One Time Offer” you can use whenever there is a new Giveaway about to launch (which the site also keeps you informed of)!

There’s a number of membership levels, but you can join for Fr-ee right now at:

There’s only 250 spots, so please go visit soon.

(I’ve built offers for various Giveaways and even run a Giveaways Blog listing them. I’ve had many thousands of subscribers from them. This site is a complete package if you are interested in this, and if this had been around, say, with all those Christmas Giveaways imagine the time it would have saved. )


20 SEO Secrets

This is a nice, easy to read report giving you 20 Tips and Tools to help you rank higher in the search engines PLUS a Video Tutorial on using this information.

This is a great starter point for those wishing to optimise their webpages for higher rankings (and traffic!) as well as full of tips and tricks for those who already do this.

100% Commissions if you decide to promote!


“How I Made $5000 With MySpace and Ebay”

This new book from Alex Mayo and Roy Fielding shows you how Alex made $5000 using two of the most visited websites in the world – the massive MySpace and Ebay.

Many people have heard about leveraging the traffic from sites like this in their internet marketing campaigns, but this guide is a straight from the horses mouth report on how EXACTLY it can work.

If you’ve never tried this approach to marketing, and want to learn something new, I highly recommend you download this report today.

Just $7 for something that could make you thousands. AND they’ll pay 100% Commissions if you’re an affiliate who likes to promote!


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