Build Your List Now (Dimesale)

“Build Your List… Now!” is a great e-book product containing more than 100 tips on the art of List Building.

As you may know or have heard e-mail is STILL perhaps the main key to building a strong online business. A responsive list of customers, subscribers and friends to which you market responsibly is a very strong income stream.

This book is a quick and easy read, and is full of tips you can act on – today – to either increase your list-building success, or start one if you’re not already doing this.

Right now this is around $7 but the price is rising by 10c every 20 minutes. In other words, buy it NOW or pay more :-)

You can also earn 100% commissions directly.



Pipeline Profits

Here’s an amazing site, because it’s full of great videos from Brock Felt and Buck Rizvi you can learn from - including real-world marketing campaigns!

-> Pipeline Profits

This actually reminds me of what Frank Kern and Ed Dale were doing last year. There,  I didn’t purchase or promote the product (Underachiver, etc) but I loved the videos. Same goes for the “Stompernet” marketing campaign with Brad Fallon. Yep they are pushing something but you can still learn. Good stuff.


High Page Rank Finder (Dimesale)

Right now you can gain access to Dirk Wagner’s “PR Backlinks Generator” for less than $5.50!

This is an amazing tool, providing similar features to those that cost more than ten times this. It will seek out High PR (Page Rank) Blogs for you, so you can post comments in them.

That doesn’t sound exciting? Let me explain…

Page Rank is one of Google’s Methods of ranking webpages. It counts links to your site. It also gives more importance to links which come from sites that have a high Page Rank themselves.

So… this tool will find you those sites (Blogs). It means you can post a comment on these high PR Blogs, with your link, and that will count as a link TO your site FROM a high Page Rank one!

And even better – because this is a `one way` link – i.e. they link to you, you don’t link to them, it even counts even more…

In short by following the simple instructions you can get higher search engine rankings, the easy way. And that means more traffic. And that means more profits…

This is a Dime Sale, so the price is rising – act fast. You can also earn 100% Instant Commissions.


Frugal Friday Deal Dimesale

This weeks Frugal Friday includes “The Magical Formula For Creating Life Changing Income”. This is a very packed 12 Week Training Program for Internet Marketing that comes with full unrestricted rights, including Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights. The course includes text and video and you can simply enjoy it for yourself, sell it on, utilise the PLR rights to sell it `as something else` or just provide it to your own readers/visitors.

The second package in this weeks Frugal Friday is IPC Audio Wizard, which will help you get Audio onto your websites in 5 minutes flat :-)

BOTH these for $5 (if you act right now) and you can earn 100% Commissions…


Instant Optin Profits (New Dimesale)

Here’s Louis Burleson’s latest Dimesale.

“Instant Optin Profits” is right now under $5 but the price is raising quickly. It will never be lower than it is right now! Plus: you can promote for 100% commissions, paid instantly….

The product is a video collection of five videos showing you how to build your first opt-in list, and profit from your subscribers.

Video 1: Five easy ways to get many more of your visitors to opt-in.

Video 2: How to add and benefit from Email Capture methods.

Video 3: Advanced Email Capture tactics.

Video 4: Step-by-step through an actual website that profits within 5 mins of email capture.

Video 5: How to build a special page to help you profit from every subscriber.

Click Here To Access

Total running time, 81 mins. Viewed in your browser. Remember, the price is rising fast!


End Of Year Firesale

Here’s Sharlene Raven’s “New Year Firesale”. Please note that the price rises every couple of days then the offer ends, so get it while you can.Right now you’ll get around 150 complete products with Master Resale Rights… And although this is a `pile em high` offer just take a look at the site before you make up your mind… 

I’d say about 75% of the products there I don’t already own! Believe me, that’s an amazing achievement in a collection this size. And while you won’t need or want everything that’s in there I guarantee there’ll be a few products you’ll like, and for the asking price it’s a no-brainer.

Sharlene is actually running this Firesale to raise funds for her hubby Scott who’s been ill for a while now. Everyone has their reasons for venturing into Internet Marketing and you’ve just got to admire hers.

If the products don’t interest you perhaps the opportunity will. You’ll get 50% commissions on your referalls. And this is a hot seller…



A Quick Note about Super Gifts

If you joined the Super Gifts site through my link and were a little confused because it was all about `list building`, then you entered through the partner site. It’s the same site, but you may have been mislead. I’ll make it easier for you:

1. If you just want to download the gifts and freebies, join here

2. If you want to add your own products, and build a list, join here

Hopefully, that will clarify things a little! This is a site well worth joining, with many opportunities for those who grab them…


New Private Label

I have a brand-new package from Liz Tomey called “Private Label Rights In A Box”.

Here you can get four brand-new products, which are:

1. The Newbies Guide To Internet Marketing
2. Profit Paths Riches
3. My First Website (Video Course)
4. The List Builder (Video Course)

These all come with full Private Label Rights including source files, source graphics etc. That means you can edit these, perhaps add your links, or even turn them into entirely new products copyrighted to YOU.

You have two options to grab these:

A. Purchase direct from me for an unbelievable $19! This is over at:

B. Purchase the “Ultimate Private Label” Upgrade Pack – which now contains over 70 PLR products including these new additions. And any new products that come along are added here, so this is a one-off membership for everything there now, and added in the future.


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