Project Of The Day: PLR For Fun And Profit

PLR For Fun And Profit

Wait – scratch the “fun”. This is pure profit!

The package I’m using for today’s example is DimeSale Dollars new 38-PLR Pack. You can use whatever PLR you have to take part, but I recommend this. It’s new, it has some very useful content indeed, and it’s only $17.

Yep – 17 measly bucks for all this. I just don’t understand how people make money these days when they’re practically giving away quality information for next to nothing. But, hey – their loss – your gain :-)

What the heck is PLR anyway?

PLR basically stands for “Private Label Rights”. In it’s traditional sense it was used to mean you can brand a product as your own. So, for example, you could run your own hosting company without actually running one, another company would supply all the expertise and you just bring in the customers to what ostensibly looks like YOUR hosting company.

However, in today’s market it usually means almost no restrictions at all. You’re given complete products, and you can cut up, re-brand, and re-use the information in any way you see fit. Way-hey!

How do you monetize this stuff?

It’s easy. Or as as easy as it gets.

You see there’s really two parts to any web/internet business. First you have the product, whether it’s a service, or a download, or a members site, or whatever. Then you have the customers. Bring the two together and it’s a business.

Getting the customers to the product is probably the main thrust of marketing. It involves promotion and everything that goes with it. But all that will go to waste if you don’t have the product to entice them. Creating those products can prove to be a real time-sink. Sending your customers to an affiliate link is one solution, but you lose out on a substantial part of the income that way.

PLR is Affiliates on steroids. You don’t have to create the product, but you get full control and more importantly, 100% of the income. When you read these tips you’ll see how simple it is to get a complete mini-empire tackling the who selling process on a number of fronts, from viral marketing to affiliate marketing, blogging, RSS feeds, and beyond. All from one PLR product.

So – grab that package and away we go…

Tips For PLR Success

1. The easiest way to earn on those products is to immediately turn around and re-sell the entire package. Not very exciting, but it works. If you like something enough to buy it, someone else will too. By the way… the package I told you to grab? It has an instant 100% affiliate program attached. How easy does that get?

2. Or you can split it. There’s 38 products included there. Sell them individually or make some mini-packs from them. I notice there’s a few “traffic tips” products in there. How about a traffic pack?

3. Or you can get more imaginative. First, rebrand the products. If you have the ability tweak the graphics too – you may find photoshop .psd files included in some and that makes it uber-simple to change the images. For example – “Fly Fishing Basics by Joe Bloggs” can become “Catch That Fish! by Your Name”.

4. Never forget that this is CONTENT. Content can be reused. Instead of selling “Fly Fishing Basics” (or “Catch That Fish!”) you could launch a Blog with each chapter, tip, or section making a new post. You can post it all at once for an instant content-rich site, or post daily. With modern blogging platforms you can set up the posts in advance so you have a month or two worth of posts automatically posting each day…

5. Blogs are great, but you can also use the content for search engine bait. Why not send the pieces of content out as articles to the article directories, sending traffic back to the main site to purchase the complete book. Or even send the articles back to that blog – and use AdSense, Affiliate Links or whatever you wish to monetize that blog?

6. Don’t forget Fly Fishing is just an example. It probably doesn’t tickle your fancy, or rock your boat (see what I did there?) but it’s a great example of a hot niche. If Internet Marketing is your thing you could just as easily create a “Traffic Tips” blog or article packs or new product.

7. Content is wonderful. Why not create trial versions? You could release freebie products that only containt the first chapter or two with a link at the end to the complete book. Just make sure the sample has enough content and doesn’t just cut off after the introduction. For example, re-use “Traffic Tactics” to create a “Linking Basics” book. That book is given away, and you can can offer a more complete traffic solution at the end.

8. Remember – YOU control these products. If you use the content to create a site, it’s yours. You can add ads, affiliate links, and complete products to monetize that site. And you can have your own affiliate to drive traffic to it. Give them the images, articles, and samples to make their job easier. Even let them re-brand those mini-books. Make affiliates jobs easier and they will thank you in the form of more traffic + more profits.

9. With content and traffic it’s a no-brainer. But remember if you’re in a crowded niche it’s harder to make yourself heard above the noise. While, say, SEO and general Traffic Tips will have a lot of competition more targeted sub-niches such as Linking Strategies or Article Marketing will have less. They’re still big niches, but not as big as the first two. Dig even deeper and you can target, say, One-Way Backlinks or How To Create Teaser Articles. Use Google’skeyword tool to dig around and find something you like.

10. Finally, combine all the above. There’s a few volumes of Traffic Tips included in that 38-pack. Try this:

  • Re-brand the whole thing. Change the graphics.
  • Create a salespage selling each volume seperately, with a one-time-offer, a mainpage offer, or an upsell for the entire collection.
  • Create a blog using snippets of the content to create the posts. Include a footer after each post linking to the main salespage. Include links to free ebooks in the sidebar or the header. Spread those free books (linking to your blog or salespage) around free book collections, too.
  • Create articles to drive traffic to the blog, and from there to the sales.
  • Start an affiliate program. Give your affiliates articles, graphics, and re-brandable versions of the free books.
  • Get imaginative. You can use content in so many ways to drive traffic. Start a twitter account, tweeting traffic tips. Create a mailing list or autoresponder to send them out, perhaps an e-course. Use Adwords promoting the free e-course, books, or blog – or the paid books or collection of books. Submit the content as “guest posts” to other blogs. Content rules, have fun with it.
  • The whole lot is now linked. You have viral ebooks. You have articles. You have a blog. You have RSS feeds (from the Blogs). You have a salespage, with upgrade offers. You have affiliates. You have an instant mini-empire from just one lot of PLR products!

You have the content, you have the strategy – grab that 38 uber-pack of PLR goodness and get going!

Free Report: MBA In A Box

The Stompernet guys (Andy Jenkins, Brad Fallon, and friends) have released some new material you may find enlightening. This is a free  report.

“MBA In A Box” is a 96 page report full of “plug in, get paid” business information you can put to work right now. These are fast and simple tweaks and ideas you can use over and over again.

This report includes:

  • Little adjustments that can increase profits by 15 to 70 percent.
  • How to offer your customers more value, without spending anything yourself!
  • Send a single letter to past customers, and get them buying again!
  • How to stop wasting money and avoid being overwhelmed and unfocused.

This is a free PDF you can download right now and you don’t have to sign up for anything. Also at the same page you can watch a few videos that explain even more (please read the note further down).

MBA In A Box

And if you didn’t see the Stompernet video that blows the whole “LSI” argument out of the water (a must see!) you can read about it here.

Stompernet is a professional marketing company, selling top of the range courses and products with exceptional production values. It’s unlikely you’ll see a more professional site or video than those produced by Stompernet. Stompernet originated at a very high priced members site, but recently they’ve branched out to make their material much more affordable and available.

While I do personally recommend Stompernet products such as Stomping The Search Engines and Factor 5 I hasten to add that you don’t actually have to buy anything to enjoy their reports and videos. They’re not teasers or advertising material – they’re informative and useful – and there’s absolutely no pressure to join or purchase, even though I think you should at least take a look at what they have to offer.

PS. Check out their blog too – it’s a real eye opener!

PPS. You may remember me promoting “Stomping The Search Engines 2″ a short while back, in it’s free DVD form. You may be interested to discover you can now get it for $1 and access it online… Get there via the blog link above.

Launch Videos

There are a number of big marketing products either on sale, or heading that way right now, and I find the launch material pretty interesting. There’s a heavy use of video, for example, and often a longer launch period with new information appearing daily.

This goes far beyond the old model of “recruit JV’s, send teaser e-mails, launch product”!

Note: I’m not promoting the first few here, so they are not affiliate links, and I’m merely looking at the launch sites and material and not the product.

First up is “Launch Tree”, by Anik Singal and Mike Filsaime. The first thing I notice about this launch is that it’s far less serious, often jokey and friendly with short animations, and even a little parody in a “Myth Busters” skit.

There’s quite a few videos in this launch and a so-called leaked chapter you can read/download. These videos ARE entertaining, and worth watching. Here’s a link to the Frank Kern video.

I’m not sure what Launch Tree is actually going to be. From the clues at the site I guess it’s going to be something to do with launches via free products, so expect information on trials, upsells, subscriptions and the rest. It’s a flashy site, but I’m not sure whether good presentation equals a worthwhile product, and whether any of this is really “new”.

Next up we have Eben Pagan’s video on how he has created his own businesses, and how you can too. 44 Mins of video, to be exact! This takes a commitment to watch, since by it’s nature attention spans on the web are very flighty, but it is worth your while if you take that step.

Finally we have something called “Mega Red Package“.  For the awesome price of $697 you get … pre made membership sites you can sell. Am I missing something here? I must be!  This is promoted heavily, leading me to think (a) high commissions and (b) possibly an affiliate contest.

It’s difficult to talk about launches negatively because you look at the process in two ways. On one hand, you’re happy for the marketer and those who aspire to be marketers because it proves massive amounts of money can be made, and quickly, and that anyone can do it. On the other hand, as a customer, you might think some of this is overpriced, that the information is rarely as unique as it is claimed (but, disclaimer: I haven’t looked at any of these products) and in the end you might just be falling for hype.

Which leads me to the last launch – something I am promoting, and something I believe is worthwhile, since it teaches you, and keeps you current with, SEO and Website Promotion.

This is a very interesting video from the Stompernet guys about “LSI“. This passes my own personal test for a products worth because it is NOT overpriced, and it is valuable. The techniques and information you learn here can be put into action at any website. Of course you could possibly find this information elsewhere on the web if you look hard enough, but it’s unlikely to be in a form that educates you and takes you by the hand.

Anyway, that’s for the next post, but I have a little time to leave you with more interesting launch product.

This time it’s from John Reese – perhaps the big daddy of the modern marketing-product launch (Traffic Secrets, $1M in a day) where many of the processes and rules used today were set down.

He’s skipped the video this time and opted for a rather interesting PDF of his hand-written scribbles. And they at least caught my eye! His new Opportunity.Com launch is all about Affiliate Programs, and this at least I can wholeheartedly agree is one area that anyone from a newbies to a pro can achieve success.

In many ways launch season is also silly season, with JV partners and Affiliates going all out to earn their commissions on the big launches. Just remember folks, stay sane, only buy what you can afford, and don’t expect any one product to be a miracle. You can always succeed the time proven way – learn, knuckle down, and work. And who knows, one day you can have your own multi-million dollar reward, with your own launch.

Facebook Applications – Traffic, Profits and a Generator!

Facebook is perhaps the most successful social network around. It has overtaken MySpace in a number of countries, and is ranked first or second in most. It’s a site people love to use to stay in contact with their friends or, let’s face it, waste time.

Facebook is massive. For over 30 millon users it’s the first port of call when they go online, and it’s increasingly used from mobile phones such as the iPhone. One of it’s greatest features are the “Facebook Apps” – small applications and games that run within the Facebook interface. Just take a look at this article from CNN back in 2007.

Most of these take the form of simple tests, games, and social experiments. They tend to spread fast, passed from user to user until they reach a critical mass.  The apps are usually simple, passing over “gifts”, but it’s a massive viral playground!

For application developers, it’s a goldmine. A successful facebook app can quickly garner hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users. And each app can carry with it links, banners and graphics to external websites and even micropayments. In marketing terms, this is a thriving, young, affluent market with users willing to spend on what they enjoy. Big business use it for branding, while smaller outfits are more interested in direct income.

Many internet marketers already use Facebook for promotion and advertising, using the sites features such as Groups, Pages, Profiles, Networks, and Events to drive traffic to their external properties. Some use it for networking, to find new partners and customers, but not many use the applications – where the real buzz occurs. There’s a well established belief that having many “friends” can bring a level of success – as witnessed on MySpace, and even Twitter – but the one tool that can be used to bring in more friends is having a popular app. If you have the money you can advertise with Facebook direct – or use it’s “Social Ads” – but even that is unlikely to bring the followers a popular app can bring.

Are you interested in tapping into this market for yourself?

Gift App GeneratorThe new “Gift App Generator” can easily create Facebook Apps – for you!

This unique software tool uses a step-by-step process where you simply enter the relevant information you want to display, add graphics and features as necessary, and then create a fully functional gift app. To pay a programmer to create an app for you would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can see screenshots and a full explanation of the software at the link below.

Early bird pricing during the launch – don’t miss out!

Remember, Facebook is a social network success story. It’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is a celebrity and worth $1.5 BILLION. But that’s not important, it’s the users who make the network – and it’s those users who can help make YOU a success.

Please note: don’t abuse the system. Facebook users will bite back hard if you smack of profiteering. Your gift app should not just be blatant advertising, it should be fun and useful, and as with any social network the people come first.

More From The Blogosphere

Here’s another semi-regular feature with a selection of posts from other blogs that deal with Internet Marketing strategies.

Please – Don’t just stop at the posts I’ve selected. These are great blogs one and all, and have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Take a look around, and subscribe/comment if you like what you see :-)

The Bugs Bunny Guide to Link Building (!)

Split Testing WordPress Blogs with Analytics

10 Books about Blog Marketing

59 Things You Should Be Doing, But Aren’t

The Ultimate “Do Follow” Blog List!   (Look at his “Link Lists” too)

11 Marketing Skills that should be second nature

Are you sure you have a great website?  (From Internet Marketing Sucks)

5 Tips For Better Blog Posts

Tips For Improving Your Blogs Image

Succeeding At ClickBank

ClickBank can be thought of as a service in two ways:

1. It let’s you accept credit card payments at your site, to sell products.

2. It acts as an affiliate processor, so you can promote peoples products or ask them to promote yours.

It’s the power of this affiliate procedure we shall look at here.

At ClickBank, like many walks of life, success bring success. The more sales of your product through ClickBank’s servers the higher it will get ranked in the marketplace, and the more attractive it is for affiliates to promote it. Once you get past the first few hurdles in making sales and attracting affiliates, your product will develop a momentum of it’s own.

Affiliates like Clickbank for the ease with which they can promote products. Many professional affiliates will use Clickbank’s Marketplace religiously – tracking and testing new products and popular ones.

Your first task, therefore, is to make it easy for them. Have an affiliate area, and fill it with pre-written ads, e-mails and graphic banners. Give the linking instructions and consider using a third party service to compliment Clickbank’s own “hoplinks”.

Clickbank ranks products with a figure they call “Gravity” to show how many sales it is making and how popular it is. You need to JV with other marketers to raise this figure, and try to sell your product as much as possible. This is the hardest step. (I am of course assuming your product is already set up, with an effective salespage, and ready to hit the market)[important]Special Offer: “Clickbank Results” shows you how to boost your gravity in three easy steps and bring in the super affiliates to promote YOUR product.

Special Offer: $6.99 while this promotion lasts!

Click Here for access.[/important]

Search for keywords relating to your product. Contact the webmasters of any site that sells similar products, asking them to sell yours too. Look in forums, and offer your product with a 60% commission or more. Even consider using Pay Per Click like Adwords to both sell your product direct, and advertise for affiliates.

If you already have a mailing list, website, customers and/or a Blog use those to sell your product. And think about running an affiliate competition to generate a buzz about the promotion. Make it an event.

Selling the product directly, and asking for affiliates, go hand in hand. You can attack on both fronts. And don’t forget those who buy may also be interested in promoting, and those who are promoting should be urged to buy.

Before you start you should  join Clickbank as an affiliate and see how other marketers are pushing their products. Copy the best techniques. If you want to sell you should note that it’s a one-off payment of $50 for an account… but you can promote multiple products with it.

Using Clickbank, as opposed to other payment processors, brings with it a full community of active affiliates. Consider this when you make your choice, and note that Clickbank can now accept Paypal as a payment method along with major credit cards. Fees are reasonable, payments prompt, and the environment professional.

Also See: Harvey Seagal of Supertips fame is an expert on Clickbank. See his site for more help and advice. coming back?

It seems John Reese is relaunching

Back in the day, I was a member of the original which was then used mainly as a redirect service. Because I’m too lazy to change them, I daresay I still have links floating around the web :-) I wonder how much traffic he gets from these old links.

But that was the past. This new is going to be an exciting affiliate-program oriented site. It’s not going to be ready until March 7th but John has a very intriguing video up there, which you can see for free.

It’s about “Affiliate Commission Engines” – and how you can build as many of these as you want to service niche markets of all shapes and sizes.

I’ll have more on when the time comes but for now you can see that video here:

Opportunity.Com Affiliate Commission Engines

Exit Profit Generator – FREE

Exit Profit Generator

Exit Profit Generator

I have an amazing deal for you, to get the Exit Profit Generator for free.

If you go to the main site,  you’ll see it’s still for sale at $27.

However – by following my special link kindly provided by Frank Salinas, you can download this impressive software right now and not pay a cent.

What is “Exit Profit Generator”?

It’s a very cool script that grabs your visitors when they are about to leave your site. It gives you another opportunity to ask them to sign up, subscribe to your feed, take a special offer, or – in fact – whatever you want.

The way it works is simplicity itself. How does a webpage “know” when you’re about to leave? Well – I won’t spoil the surprise. You can see it in action at – BUT DON’T BUY FROM THERE :-)

Instead, just pop over to this special free link and grab your gift. And this time people, pay attention to the OTO. I nearly clicked right past it, as I sometimes do, but it’s a massive deal well worth taking a minute to look through.

One important point:  I won’t use it at this site (though I might at another). I don’t think it’s appropriate for a content site like a blog. But, that said, on a sales type site or a download site I can certainly see the advantage.

I know a lot of you folk will love this tool, so here it is.

Free link to Exit Profit Generator

Just remember – I wouldn’t use this here, but there’s no doubt it’s very powerful. And anything that gives you another chance to grab a sale or a signup certainly has to be looked at. Especially at this non-price…

Giveaway Manager Big Discount

Giveaway Manager

Giveaway Manager

If you want to run your own JV Giveaway, then one of the most popular solutions is Giveaway Manager. It’s a very powerful complete solution to running your own events.

You may have taken part in these giveaways yourself – the simple premise is that you provide a free gift, and the visitors to the giveaway site download your gift in exchange for your e-mail. It means you build your subscriber list, and have the chance to make extra money, usually via a “one time offer” upsell or perhaps branded into the product itself.

Giveaways were very popular, appearing whenever an arbitary anniversary is reached, such as Christmas Giveaways, Easter Giveaways, St. Patricks Giveaway, etc. However, I’ve noticed the market is a little quieter these days – the perfect opportunity to launch your own.

If you run the giveaway yourself, you have an extra benefit. You attract existing marketers to use your site as well as people looking for the freebies. Again, you build your list and can make money, but this time you’ll have arguably a more effective list.  The only real work involved is promoting the giveaway but people actively look for these, and you only really need add your event to the existing giveaway lists and directories that are online.

I’ve managed to find another site selling Giveaway Manager with a massive $100 discount. That makes this around 1/3 of the normal price. These guys have secured resell rights to the system, allowing them to undercut the original. Something to think about if you offer resale rights to your own product(s) yourself!

Giveaway Manager features all the back-end control you need, including managing contributors, users, downloads, gifts, OTOs and much more.

Giveaway Manager $100 Discount

P.S. Theres a full video tour of the system at the link above, so you can see how it works, and view the various back-office tools before you buy.

Marketing Quickies Volume 3

This is the latest Marketing Quickies video membership site from Mike Mazella and Greg Lloyd. This is full of marketing related videos that each contain an exciting idea or two, designed to both educate and excite you.

One problem I had with this site is that from the homepage you get the idea that this has a lot of free content, but in actuality you only get one free video – an interview with Andrew Fox and Michael Cheny. I’m not saying that this isn’t worth watching but I did think that only providing one free video is a little miserly. So, to get the most out of this site, you need to upgrade to become a paid member.

Now, videos are not for everyone. Personally, I find I can read a lot faster than I can view a video, and I tend to absorb the information better by reading too, making notes as I go. However – we are not all alike. Watching someone explain something in a video, watching a “screengrab” video, or even seeing an interview as opposed to just reading it does benefit a lot of people.

You can join Marketing Quickies via the banner below but please remember, to make the most of this site you need to take the paid option. It’s very reasonably priced, you can purchase a months access for less than $10. But, whatever you do, it’s worth watching the interview with Andrew and Michael and you can decide to upgrade later.

There is an affiliate program attached if you’d like to promote this website. Apart from the lack of free content – just that one video – this is a useful site that will benefit a lot of folk.

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