7 Days To Profits Anti-Salespage & Purple Elephants

7 Day Profit System Ok. There’s this product – 7 Days To Profits – from David Bullock. At first glance it’s your usual Internet Marketing “system” that promises you the earth, and that may or may not work for you. That’s alright, it’s how most of these things work.

But start looking at the salespage… It’s almost an “anti salespage”. It’s clean, crisp, and looks good – but read that copy!

“Prepare to be blown away!” it says, followed by “Ok. I had to fill you with you BS there”. And “You already know how to do this!”. It’s refreshing, as sales pages go. Quite funny, with a little story about making his brother his guinea-pig in this system and dotted with little footnotes throughout. Sorry to keep on about the salespage but when you’ve looked at as many as I have the gems shine through. Of course, this all part of the ploy to keep you reading but what the heck, who says a salespage can’t be entertaining too?

Anyway – back to the product. This contains a mixture of video and bonus ebooks, all aimed at helping you dominate the niche(s) of your choice. The way it does this is by using sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages and Article Directories to build up the content for the niche of your choice, then monetize it via a variety of means.

This is proven stuff – but it’s nice to have it all in one place and it will help you make money. It doesn’t claim to be anything “new” (what is?) but the presentation is top-notch and if you haven’t tried this kind of marketing before this package is as good as it gets. It’s important you remember that this does work and it’s not some head-in-the-clouds idea you see so often these days.

The videos total almost 40 mins. Then there’s the e-books.

Guru Commission Stealer – horrible name, but interesting idea.

Squidoo Blueprint – a popular book about using Squidoo. You may already have a copy, it was everywhere once, but if not it’s a nice addition.

All in all a very nice package that will either show you a new technique you haven’t tried and give you the push to try it, or shows you something you already know but in a nice way – depending on experience.

[note]Don’t forget the purple elephant I mentioned in the post title.

Click the elephant image at the end of the salespage for an instant $10 discount![/note]

Rating: 8 / 10 – An excellent guide to using content and third party sites to dominate your niche.

7 Days To Profits

PS. You’re not supposed to mention this in salespages, due to paypal policies, but in reviews it’s ok. This offers 100% commissions.

The Truth About Turnkey Web Sites

Turnkey Sites are everywhere. If you’re looking for an Internet Business, or if you want to add another income stream to your portfolio it’s easy to see why a turnkey site could be attractive.

The appeal is obvious. You’ll immediately own a ready-built site that is all geared up to accept payments, with little or no work from yourself.

But it’s never that easy… If you place a upload a website and make it “live” it is very unlikely to do anything at all – it will just sit there, most probably gathering virtual dust.

Turnkey sites come in many shapes and formats. They could be wordpress blogs, scripted sites that give you a service such as an auction, dating site, game site, or similar, or you could simply get a template – a basic outline where you are expected to fit in the relevant information for whatever market you hope to target. It could be a ready-built site that you simply upload to your web space or could even be a complete pre-built site, with it’s own domain, where you literally need do nothing to make it work.

You can buy turnkey sites from one of the main retailers of such services, or find them on eBay and other internet marketplaces. The price will also vary – anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred. But before you buy there’s one important fact you should take into consideration…


Unfortunately, many turnkey sites are not. Simply searching Google for some of the information that is preloaded into it will probably throw up quite a few similar sites, even exact clones. Unless you have paid especially for the site to be built for you, but that takes you out of the turnkey market and into something a little more expansive than this post.

You can fix it, by editing the site you have. If you’ve bought a turnkey site that is prebuilt into it’s own domain you might not have the technical knowledge to do this. But if you have a template or a site you upload to your own space you probably do. Simply altering the text a little may be enough to distinguish it from it’s rival, but adding your own content is even better. The best kinds of turnkey sites have back-offices built in where you can edit or add information.

Once you have a unique website, uploaded, and ready to run the second part of the formula comes into play. You need traffic. This where many a purchaser has fallen down. It won’t make sales, earn advertising revenue, or even attract readers if you don’t promote it.

You’ll need to get it listed, and ranked, in the search engines as well as pursue other avenues of traffic such as forums, articles, pay-per-click, social bookmarking, and the like. Take a look at our traffic page for some more ideas.

So, before you buy that turnkey site make sure you have the knowledge, aptitude, and stamina to make it work. You need to be persistent with your promotions, and able to fix any problems that arise (or pay someone else too). Making money online is never as simple as “just” having a site – after all, if it were – wouldn’t the people selling these sites just run them for themselves … :-)


If you do want to dip your toes into the turnkey market you can try this special offer from the Wacky Wednesday team. It’s a complete package of adsense-enabled turnkey sites, with some wordpress templates, and much more for around $5. You will need to upload them to your own webspace, and promote them, but apart from that everything else is there.

These are optimised niche turnkey sites for a variety of subjects that include article based content and adsense ads to earn you revenue. Alter them a little, add some more content, and even consider adding affiliate links for more direct revenue (I recommend searching Commission Junction, ClickBank, or even Amazon) and you’re good to go!

Turnkey, Blog Templates, and Niche-Sites Package.

WordPress is an ideal way to run your own sites with a minimum of effort. There are many plugins available to show ads, accept payments, or even run a store – all from the wonderful back-office that’s built into every wordpress installation.

Free SEO Video from STSE2

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is now available again, and to celebrate the Stompernet guys are releasing some highly informative videos about various SEO subjects. These are like the “Going Natural” videos released a while back, and again they are 100% free, but change regularly.

This time around the vid is from Dan Thries and shows you interesting things like how to get on Google’s “secret” update list – where they’ll tell you of any algorithm changes to search results. And they show you how to use images on your site to help alter your pagerank. Plus: How to reverse engineer various search engine features!

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is again available with a $1 Trial Offer that includes a subscription to the “Net Effect” magazine. This sold out pretty quickly first time around, but the guys promise there’s no rush this time!

Please note you do not have to buy the package to see the video. The video is part of the sales page, right at the top, and once you get past the few seconds of Stompernet stuff it’s information all the way.

The Best Of Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders… it seems he’s been around as long as I’ve been marketing – he’s just always been there.

He’s had many blockbuster products over the years that stand out from the crowd. What sets him apart is the attention to detail on whatever subject he’s covering – and the simple, down to earth way he describes them. Whether it’s website design, getting traffic, or anything else his books and sites are essential.

Over the last few years some of his most interesting output has been with his “Dashboard” type guides, including Marketing Dashboard and Design Dashboard. These are step by step plans, set out as a grid, that take you through every step. I’ve never been a fanatic when it comes to plans but if you need a guiding hand this kind of thing works wonders.

So I’m happy to point you to this: The Best Of Marlon Sanders.

Essentially, this is a distilled version of his “Marketing Minute” ezine (which you’ll also receive) and consists of 20 of his best articles – over 125 pages worth.

It’s 100% free so why not pop over and grab your copy!

P.S. I also have an old page at this site with many other free Marlon Sanders downloads, it hasn’t been updated in a while but there’s still plenty to get your teeth into…

Recipe For Riches

Jo Han Mok – the IM’er all the way from Singapore – has released his new “Recipe For Riches“. This is an insightful guide to Copywriting from the point of view of the Internet Marketer.

Do you want to create e-mails that sell, webpages that attract orders like never before, and ads that almost force people to check them out?

Jo Han Mok’s guide is written with the premise that anyone can succeed in this business. He’s proof of it. I don’t usually place much trust in “income claims” but there’s no denying that this guy deserves credit for his success. He mentions his live demo he run in 2006 (I remember this well) where he made almost $80,000 in 72 hours. This doesn’t mean you can, of course, he does have an advantage – but it shows you how strong and even “basic” techniques work very well indeed when applied correctly.

I’d go further. It’s easy to fall for complicated systems and plans in this game, but it’s the core methods that have worked in the past and will continue to do so. Copywriting – writing with the intent to sell – has worked ever since the first direct-mail guys started and the first advertising guru’s were plying their trade. A well crafted page of text still pulls in the punters!

Don’t get me wrong. Copywriting isn’t as sexy as those uber-packages that promise you millions with little work, but it’s an essential skill. And it’s one anyone can learn. It’s simply knowing how your prospective customers will behave, how to promote your product correctly, and how to take advantage of human psychology and those little nuances that define us. And unlike the technical aspects of Internet Marketing or the research-and-test statistical nightmare of running PPC campaigns Copywriting is as simple as it gets, or as powerful as you want.

Let’s get back to this product :-)

First off, remember Jo Han walks the walk and talks the talk. He practices this stuff daily. And here he’s compiled one of the best primers to the subject as well as one of the most advanced guides to Copywriting from a web/email perspective.

This is his personal sales letter template. It’s the way he writes his own mega succesful pages and e-mails. And it’s ready to be yours…

Get ready to take your business to the next level. Top copywriters can easily charge many tens of thousands for an ad or sales letter – it’s THAT important – so why not learn this essential skill yourself? Why not turn a mediocre sales page into a money-spinning, order-attracting powerhouse? Why not write that e-mail that starts pulling in orders almost immediately? Believe me , when your account starts filling with payments there’s no feeling like it :-)

The price? Let’s just say very affordable. As in under ten bucks :)

Check out the webpage for more information or to grab your copy. And be prepared to be filled with ideas for your own sales pages – current or future – by the time you finish!

Recipe For Riches by Jo Han Mok.

(Sorry if this sounds hyped up – this is a great product that teaches you an essential skill and well worth your time and investment)

10 Ways To Earn Back-End Profits

As I’m sure a lot of people realise by now, almost every industry has ways to elicit extra money from customers. It be as simple as “Do You Want Fries With That?” or “Would You Like To Supersize That?” or be far, far more complicated.

The lifetime value of a customer goes beyond the initial contact.

It’s become so commonplace that people know what is happening, but the deals are so good they’ll go along with it – anyway. The initial sale may even be at a loss, or more dramatically for free, if the potential for back end sales is high enough.

How does it translate to Internet Marketing, in general?

1. Upsells

These are simple extra offers that are proffered directly after the main sell. Usually they are complimentary products to the main main offer, provided at a discount.

Sometimes these are promoted as being “one time” only, with the emphasis that you’ll never get that extra bonus again unless you purchase the main product again.

Sometimes you’ll even get a cycle of upsell offers, but this can quickly prove distracting and give a negative impression to your customer.

2. Upgrades

This is similar to an upsell in that it’s an extra sale on top of the main, but it’s usually tied to the main product. It may be as simple as extra additions to your main package, perhaps bonus templates, books, audios, videos, DVDs, or whatever. It could also be extra rights, such as Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights to the first product.

If it’s a membership it could be an upgrade to a higher level (e.g. Gold), or if it’s a service it could be an upgrade to 2 years support instead of 1. If it’s a virtual product, the upgrade could be to a physical copy. There are a lot of opportunities with this kind of upsell.

3. Recurring Income

Back End profits don’t just mean extra sales after the main, it could be a recurring income provided month by month.

This works well for subscription based sales, perhaps for a premium newsletter or content site, or more commonly a membership site.

It’s common practice to to combine the subscription model with a loss-leader front-end. For example, the first month for free or for $1. Just be up front about the recurring part, so you don’t break any laws and you are not inundated with angry customers.

4. E-mail List

One way to ensure you can make your money per customer beyond your initial sale is to capture their e-mail address. This gives you a way to keep in contact.

The easiest way to do this is to ensure the customer has to register the main product, either at the first entry onto the site, or by registering the product after it is purchased.

With an e-mail list of customers you can provide further offers in the months or years ahead. The customer has already proven to be a buyer, so this kind of list is very valuable. Just don’t overdo it!

5. Preferential Discounts

While it’s bad form to charge existing customers for minor upgrades to your main offer, it’s acceptable to do so for major revisions, such as new versions.

And if they’re already a purchaser, a discount is way to entice them to buy – it’s fairer, and it’s easy money for you.

6. Support

One way to increase after-sale profits is to provide a premium support service. While you shouldn’t charge for basic support, extra services such as installation, personal help, coaching, or one-on-one consultations can certainly carry a premium.

7. “Subtle” Promotion

Another idea to promote your brand, site and/or products to your existing customers is to subtly include them with the main product. If you create your own products, you already do this with links, (C)’s and ads included within the product. You can also do it if your product comes in PLR form, allowing you to edit it, or if it is re-brandable. You can even include a a text or html file in the package – let’s call it “readme.txt” or “bonuses.html” – to entice your customer back.

This can also be considered viral marketing, since if your customer resells or gives away the main product themselves – providing you’ve allowed the neccessary rights – all this information will travel with it.

8. Make a Sticky Site

Another way to get your customer back, and therefore allow for further sales, is to include sticky aspects to your site. This can be as simple as a forum, or a members area, or a blog. By stating further bonuses, articles, or help will be forthcoming or is already available your customer has a reason to return. This works well along with a mailing list.

If you have confidence in your products you could also allow product reviews, ratings, and advice to be posted, and even credit your customers with points per purchase / post / vote to be redeemed.

9. Appeal to Greed

If you know you can make a substantial amount from your customers even after the initial sale, you can afford to pay them, or others, to promote your products for you. This is essentially affiliate marketing, but with the twist that you could even afford to pay affiliates more than the actual initial sale would make – such as for a free product. You have to crunch the numbers to do this, and know your conversion rates in advance.

10. Try another Medium

Finally, one way to catch your existing customers attention is to move to another medium. If you are selling virtual products, perhaps information products downloaded from your site, consider contacting existing customers periodically via mail or even telephone. If you sell physical products, keep in contact with e-mail or a special website / blog.

Keep your customers happy, give them what they want, and ensure you offer value in some way (special pricing, extra support, bonuses) and you’ll soon discover that marketing goes beyond that initial sale.

The “Sales Burst” Manual

Wes Blaylock has another great product released today, called the Sales Burst System.

He’s been a busy man of late, and like his other releases I can certify this is informative, useful, affordable and guaranteed to help you with your business. Forget the big money men who release expensive courses and JV with everyone under the sun (that’s why you see “Get my bonuses for xxxx’s product” e-mails all the time). Wes consitently gives good value for money.

This time around he’s concentrating on sales bursts. Whether you have a product that isn’t do so well, one that’s been released before but can do with an increase in sales, or even a brand new one – the techniques Wes discusses here show you tips like:

  • How to have websites that produce, 24/7
  • How to start your salesletters to get people reading
  • The secret “Tour” tactic
  • The followup list you need to be building
  • 2 different e-mail tactics
  • and much more

I’ve promoted many of Wes’s books in the past because I like them, and this is no exception. As always, this comes with some great bonuses (The Split Test System and More Traffic, Everyday) and this time it’s a dimesale, so the price is low now, but rises by 5c every 30 minutes. So if you are interested, there’s no better time to act than right now!

The Sales Burst System

And if you like this, be sure to check out Wes’s other products. Always informative, always with practical techniques you can put to use right now, and always affordable – with 100% commissions included :-) Search the Blog for them here.

Inside The Herd Mind

Here’s an interesting, unique report that I have had the pleasure of reading. It’s called “Herd Mind Millions” from Wes Blaylock.

Wes’s guide shows you how you can profit from simple human nature – the way in which people like to follow, or copy, other people. It’s how almost every million dollar company operates – and you can too!

The Herd Mind can be thought of as common knowledge, or the ability for people to act like sheep. It’s the collective consciousness, and if you can appeal to that you can write your own check. Think of any important brand or product, and you’ll soon be half way there to understanding this phenomenon.

As he says – if you can tap into the herd mind, you can practically make buying decisions FOR your customers… To put this into practice, to try for yourself, you don’t even need your own product, much time to get started, or even much money.


  • How to make people mad, and even get money from it.
  • The real thing that people want to buy.
  • Who is in the Herd Mind – and how to benefit from it.
  • How to get people to refer others to you, easily.
  • Become a leader or authority.
  • Make your products contagious,
  • and much more!

Special Offer:

Currently, “Herd Mind Millions” comes with “Convert More Visitors” and “JV Simple System” absolutely free.

And the entire package is priced to be very affordable indeed – (go check, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised). Plus: You can get 100% commissions!

Herd Mind Millions

Internet Success Spider – Free

Neil Shearing has released his “Internet Success Spider” software for free.

Back when I was starting out in Internet Marketing this was one of the top pieces of software, used and promoted by a lot of people. It’s a tool used to find the rankings and popularity of sites related to any niche or search term you wish.

It’s been marketed as a “Super Affiliate” finder, and it can indeed be used for that purpose. If you are looking for affiliates for your product or service, or – indeed – affiliates to signup on any two-tier or more program – give this program a whirl.

Internet Sucess Spider

Neil has also released his Real Link Finder software for free. This can be used to get a backlinks to your site – and can be downloaded from:

Real Link Finder

Free Marketers Gifts

It’s been a while since I made a free gift post, so here’s your latest goodies.

Please note that there are many, many other freebies you can get across my sites. Visit the bonuses page for the main list, and also try MembersSite.net and searching this very blog.

The Forum List is a very useful resource listing popular forums across many niches – ideal for research or marketing.

You may have to right-click the PDF’s to download, depending on your browser, and have a PDF reader installed (I recommend Foxit). You also have full rights to the products above. Finally, I have a couple of free gifts you can download, courtesy of Geoff Lloyd at DimeSaleDollars. Find those at:

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