Massive Video Pack Bargain

Here’s a great bargain at a really insane price, that will suit all kinds of internet marketers, such as:

  • Those looking for training, information, and guidance.
  • Those who need a newbie-friendly course to help them get started.
  • Those who want a powerful income-earning package.
  • And those who simply like bargains, or like to offer them.

It’s called the “Amazing Video Tutorials Mega Pack” and it includes 370 videos in 16 packs, all with Master Resale Rights, Commissions (on two levels), and immediate download!

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • Pay Per Click Powerhouse
  • SEO Education 101
  • Marketing Secrets for Newbies
  • How To Research A Product
  • Article Marketing Explosion
  • Traffic Generation Explosion
  • SEO For WordPress Secrets
  • Web Traffic Secrets
  • How To Stream Live Video
  • Yahoo Answers Secrets

And much more. Click Here for the full listing.

Here’s what’s great:

These are all video courses, so simply grab a coffee, kick back, and learn all about traffic, online video, and much more.

You can then promote this package to your list, at your site, from your thank you pages, or wherever – and earn 100% commissions on 75% of your sales, as well as 25% of the sales of those you sign up. Believe me, that can add up to a nice paycheck. It’s paid instantly to your PayPal to boot.

Or, since these come with full Master Resale Rights, add them to your own members area, blog, webpage or wherever. For example, they’ll make an ideal addition to your marketing – perhaps as an OTO?

Here’s the clincher.

It’s just $12.

Grab it while you can :-)

Amazing Video Tutorials

Review Blog System

You may have noticed a few “systems” lately doing the rounds showing you how to create review sites, or – more specifically – review blogs.

It’s not really a new idea , but it seems to have caught the eye of many marketers and so you start to get many copycat systems.

The thought behind this is that people, when looking for a product, will first search the Internet for reviews or opinions on that product to make an informed decision. You, as a marketer, will tap into that mindset in order to provide those reviews – and then reap affiliate commissions, ad revenue, or whatever.

There is a tricky moral issue at play here since in the affiliate situation, the reviews are unlikely to be unbiased. But if you’re happy with that, go ahead! There are a few workarounds, of course – like sprinkling bad reviews around… for products you do not want to promote (lol). And liberally using messages such as “This site uses affiliate links in order to support our hosting costs. The price of the products do not change whether you use our link or not – you are simply helping to keep this site operational. However, if you do wish to access the product directly you can use the “plain” links provided at xxxx. We are 100% unbiased and do not wish you to think we are only providing these reviews for the revenue…” . Or similar. You’ve probably seen such notices before :)

The good news is although I’m being a little harsh here these Review sites can work – and work very well indeed. A quick template, and you can add content regularly to increase your search engine profile. You aim to have to many pages interlinked with each other, and with descriptive titles and URLs. A few basic link building techniques later and a good ranking can be yours.

You don’t have to get your income from direct affiliate links, either. Adsense or other ads, such as Kontiki, can work well – since people searching for reviews are in a purchasing frame of mind. And this site format lends itself to niche sites of all kinds and sizes.

As I said at the start, there are a number of products out there that aim to automate or simplify a review site in some way. An early proponent of the idea was the “Conduit System” by Chris Rempel at the Lazy Marketer. He later provided extras to the method.

Here’s another system that’s just come to my attention. It’s called the Review Blog System and it features a clean and attractive wordpress theme, with ratings and other extras such as “Most Popular Reviews” etc.

The best part is this:

The theme itself is only $17 and and you get the full package including the theme itself, the plugins, and extra header images you can use.

Or you can get the larger package that is ideal for those unfamiliar with the whole process of installing a working wordpress / theme combination. This features an automatic installer, tutorial videos, editable graphics, and much more. This is a true plug & play option.

Whatever you decide, take a look at the informative site here and at the sample site they’ve provided. You’ll see how review sites can rank high and how professional they can look.

PS. This system has been used widely for most “Internet Marketing” launches, as you can see if you search for any product such as “Google Nemesis” or whatever. You’ll get pages of “Google Nemesis Review” and “Google Nemesis Scam?” and such like. However, this system works well for any niche you can think of, especially those you can work via Clickbank. Try some brainstorming, and see what you come up with!

The Review Blog System

Find Your Niche

I’ve talked about Niche Marketing a lot in the past. The reason is it’s probably the best way to earn online in todays market.

Instead of selling “make money” and “internet marketing” products to other marketers, you focus on a seperate subject and create sites or sell products to service it.

With the right niche you can then focus on the search engines and social networks, get traffic to your new site, and profit from sales, ads, adsense impressions, or whatever you put there.

The #1 problem here, though, is noone really talks about what niche(s) you should target, how you find them, and how you find out if they’ll be profitable or not.

There’s a number of tools you can use, from Googles Sandbox that let’s you see interest in search terms, or from scanning competitors sites to see if there’s a way into the market, but of course you have to have an idea of what you’re looking for in the first place.

That’s where this new product comes in : “How To Find Your Killer Niche” from Eric White.

Here he talks about a simple step by step process showing you how to find your niche, properly research it, and find out if there’s interest and a business in it.

He keeps things simple, yet shows you how to beat your competitors and how to see results swiftly.

Eric has been in this business for over 6 years and isn’t afraid to share this information :)

Here’s the cool part – depending on how quick you act you can have this for as little as $4. This is a Dimesale, so the price is rising as I speak. You can then even earn 100% commissions.

I haven’t seen these “old school” Dimesales for a while, so when they do come around it’s important to act fast for the best deal.

Get your copy here:

Killer Niche Dimesale

And maybe you’ll get a bargain , just as I did!

How To Win With Affiliate Programs

So, what is the best strategy to win with an affiliate program?

Most people starting out on the Internet will probably try affiliate programs first, as they are a great way to make money without having a product of your own. And there are affiliate programs for many, many different businesses.

Some pay only a small amount, so you must have a large volume of sales to make real money – this is true for sites such as Amazon. Some will pay big just for getting a “lead”, i.e. getting someone to submit an application or fill out a form, that is true for many loan and credit card companies. But the vast majority will pay a percentage of the sale, anywhere from 5% to 100%.

In real-world retailing, where you are perhaps selling anything from gym equipment to car parts, you can expect low commissions. On contract-based or financial items, such as mobile phones and credit cards, you can expect a lot more. It’s how, for example, mobile phone resellers can afford to throw in a free laptop… their commissions are THAT high!

But the big problem with these resell affiliate deals is that you are fighting with thousands of other affiliates, all selling the same product. It’s hard to differentiate yourself, and it will cost a lot in pay-per-click ads if you take that route.

In the digital realm, of re-selling ebooks, websites, video files and the rest you can make a lot more, and a lot easier. Most of these companies will pay you via PayPal or Clickbank, some even right up to 100% since their main profits come from their back-end offers. They are basically enticing you to promote their products, sometimes giving you the whole sale, in exchange for a new customer.

But after all this, who is really winning?

Answer: The Affiliate Providers!

So to get back to our first question, how to win with affiliate programs: run your own :)

Think about it. You need sales, and you need traffic. You might want a big e-mail list, or database of customers, or just people to visit your site. Instead of getting out there and promoting and chasing customers yourself, why not run an affiliate program and get other people to bring the customers to you.

And it’s easy to do these days. There are simple scripts you can use with PayPal, or even third party sites such as PayDotCom.Com – but by far the quickest, and perhaps the most professional company, are ClickBank.

ClickBank have been around almost as long as the Internet Marketing “boom” itself. You can offer up to 75% commissions through ClickBank, and your product / site will also appear in their marketplace. Affiliates can find you there, and through a simple link promote your product for you. ClickBank will pay the affiliate, and you, every two weeks.

You can sell almost anything, but ClickBank is geared for digital products in the main. That can be anything from e-books, to videos, to site memberships, to product bundles. The process is simple and elegant, you simply specify the landing page, so ClickBank will accept the payment and send the visitor to your page.

So the next time you need traffic, signups, and sales consider running an affiliate program. Instead of putting 100% of your effort into finding customers, put it into finding affiliates. Before long, you could have a digital army of professional marketers promoting your product for you – and giving you the chance to make money but more importantly finding customers. After all, a customer is worth far more than the initial sale.


For a great overview to running your own Affiliate Program, try the brand new Affiliate System Explosion from Rodger Hyatt.

In this series of videos you can literally watch over Rodgers shoulder as he shows you how to set up your affiliate account, find those important “Super Affiliates”, and provide them with the tools they need to promote YOUR product.

Rodgers videos show you how to master the technical side as well as the marketing side of your own affiliate program. And he’s even thrown in four very useful bonuses, such as “My Internet Marketing Newsletter” and “Deadly Webmaster Mistakes” – extra treats since this package is already priced at a very low point.

So for an in depth but easily understandable guide to running your OWN Affiliate Program and recruiting an army of affiliates to sell YOUR product, try Rodger Hyatt’s “Affiliate System Explosion”. Available for direct download, right now.

Affiliate System Explosion

A True Recession Busting Deal

Here’s an offer you should take a look at: All three of Wes Blaylocks succint, informative e-books – some of the best I have ever purchased!

You can have:

The Secret Followup System – a great way to earn more from every sale you make. Leverage in action :)

More Money Everyday – Some of Wes’ top tips and secret strategies for increasing all your profits.

And the original, “The Profit Funnel Report” – that shows you how to craft a path your visitors follow, where they are funneled into your list – and into your bank account. Comes completes with templates.

All THREE of these books are now available in one package, for under $10. A true recession busting deal…

Click Here For More Information

Quick DimeSale Offer

I haven’t seen a good Dimesale in a while, they were all the rage once since the longer you wait to buy, the higher the price raises. It was a good gimmick, a great “call to action” that you don’t really see outside of the IM industry.

But Greg Lloyd of DimeSale Dollars runs these all the time, so here’s a quick plug for his latest. Because for what you pay, you get an awful lot!

He’s put together a massive collection of video training packages ready for you to either watch and learn from, or profit from. Or of course – both :)

The webpage says it all, so I’d rather you spend a few minutes just browsing that, but in summary today’s offer is:

1. WordPress Advanced Training

I’m a big WordPress fan, and even though I think it’s the most user-friendly blog platform out there I think that everyone will benefit from the 10 videos here. You’ll discover interesting techniques including auto-blogging, desktop blogging, and using your RSS/Feed to your advantage.

2. Article Marketing Made Easy

Another great selection, takes you through the steps of writing (or even avoiding writing them at all) right through to publishing and getting traffic from your articles. Six videos explain it all.

3. Make the most of Hot Trends

I’ve mentioned using Trends before for targetting some quick popular searches, but these 10 videos and 44 page report show you how to put it all into action, from as little as 30 minutes a day.

Bonus: PLR Vids

Includes: 1 hr 20 mins of extras, such as Branding Videos, Live Help Desk, and more.

As I write this it’s around the $5.40 mark for the whole lot, BUT the price goes up by 5c every hour…

Remember, 100% Commissions if you promote, or some serious wealth potentional if you put what you learn into practice :)

Greg runs these sales every week. To see all past promo’s, try this link.

I’m not always a big fan of video based training, especially screen capture ones, but for some folk it works wonders. But you can’t argue about the price here – and if it even helps you one little step to getting your own blog up and running, your own article empire started, or finding your own trend-based hot niches then this is one tiny investment you can’t afford to miss.

Immediate Cash Infusion – Free Videos

This video series is intended to show people how they can use the Internet to make some cash, quickly. They’re intended to help those who have perhaps lost their jobs or their income during these troubled times.

To many existing marketers, they may seem a little simplistic – but if you’re struggling to get anywhere online, through no fault of your own, this could be something that will kickstart your efforts.

You can start watching the videos right now, at this link:

I don’t want to spoil the content for you, but it relates to jumping on the Google Trends bandwagon. See what’s hot right now, see what sites are serving it, and then do it for yourself.

They’ll play online or you can download them. If you want them for your own site, or to make a product, the private label rights are only $5.

Need a good guide to Blogging?

I’ve written a lot about Blogging in this, er… Blog, but now that the latest Wacky Wednesday offering from Kathe and Denise has hit my desk it’s all so much simpler. It’s a package of Blogging videos and tools, with an emphasis on how to profit from new trends.

I’ve long been an advocate of Blogging. They are the easiest sites to setup, maintain, and customise. Google loves them, people love to read them. You get an RSS feed of your own, a simple way to update content, and the ability to create sites for any and every niche under the sun.

I did this the hard way. You don’t have to, since you get:

1. Twelve “How To” Videos on setting up your own personal or marketing Blog.

2. Ten “Blogging Made Easy” Videos

3. 250 Plugins, Web 2.0 based, to help you make the most of your new blog.

4. Twelve Pro WordPress Themes

5. Profiting From Daily Trends (7 Videos)

(It’s this last one I actually find most interesting, because blogging about what’s hot right now is a good way to jump on the Internet Buzz)

You can see more about what’s in these videos at the main page.

The all-important price part:

How does $11.95 grab you?

And you’ll even get the chance to earn commissions on this, if you wish.

Blogging can be a real cash cow, and if you’re serious about it you can target potentially hot niches and make a real killing. Of course, your results will vary – but this package is a painless way to learn the technical aspects (not difficult – I promise).

If you already have a Blog, this package is probably not for you, unless you want the Trend videos. For those who are technically savvy setting up WordPress is pretty simple, as these things go, and templates and plugins are available all over the web – but nothing beats having it all given to you in one, easy to download package.

iProfits eBook Package

For a long time, I’ve offered the iProfits Ebook Package at

It’s been a strong and consistent seller.

If you’ve never resold a package before, and if you’re very much a beginner when it comes to “Resell Rights” this is a great place to start. Here’s why:

1. This is a package of 180 full products, with webpages, and resell rights so you make all the profits.

2. It comes with an attractive salespage you can simply upload, with your own PayPal button, and so receive all the sales to your own account. This is not an affiliate program!

3. It has a salespage creator, so you don’t even have to mess with editing the files if you’re not comfortable doing so.

4. It has lifetime updates. And not like other packages, where the support and downloads dissapear after a few months. I’ve been selling this for years – and it’s constantly updated with new additions.

5. You don’t have to host the downloads page yourself. Your download page sends visitors to the iProfit Website where they can download their purchases, and a side benefit is the download page will always contain the latest package. No need to mess with updating!

This is a very useful package that makes an ideal addition to any website. Offer the iProfit Package to your own visitors or subscribers – and rake in the profit!

iProfit can be viewed at

Super Quick Videos Review

This is a new video training package, aimed at “newbies”.

I put that in quotes because I’m not sure this mythical newbie that an awful lot of products are aimed at actually exists – but I still like the package, and I’m sure it will benefit a whole load of people.

Refreshingly, these videos are quick and to-the-point. They each target a specific task, and show you how to accomplish it. Some are awfuly basic – but then, that’s the idea here. These are videos for the kind of task that perhaps we take for granted. Things like opening a clickbank account, setting up a PayPal button, and more.

There are however some more advanced techniques covered. Videos are there for using Camtasia, creating e-covers, and using Facebook and PayDotCom among others.

All in all, a great idea. Not a hour or two bore-a-thon, but 50 short and concise videos over two volumes.

Rating: 8 / 10

For the marketers among you, this is a great package to promote. You can get it from the Wacky Wednesday sale as I did for $14 and promote for comissions, or grab the resell rights. If you have visitors, readers, or subscribers who you could call…. “newbies” :-) then this is a very attractive offer for them.

Super Quick Videos

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