PLR Bargains – Dimesale

Here’s a quick update on a new Dimesale from Greg Lloyd.

(If you’re quick you’ll get it for around $5 !)

These come with Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights. Meaning you can:

  1. Edit the packages to sell as your own.
  2. Include in your own packages.
  3. Create your own Sales.
  4. Giveaway – perhaps with an OTO or Upsell
  5. Or – as they are mean to be – learn from yourself!

The software included is:

  • Membership Building For Profits in the 21st Century
  • Facebooking Craze For Internet Marketers
  • E-Book Reseller Riches
  • Cashing in Big on the Health and Wellness Industry
  • Dog Obedience
  • Cat Training
  • $1000 in One Week on Ebay
  • Overcome Shyness 101
  • Get Your Ex Back
  • Copy Your Way To Success
  • Article Master Series

Here’s another tip:

Create a Blog – say, “Overcoming Shyness”. Each day or week post extracts from the book, with an option to buy the complete book. OR post the complete book, and use affiliate links for income. Don’t forge tthe “Article Master” product above also contains a ton of fresh articles.

Download Here – and remember, you’ll get full access to Greg’s…

100% Instant Commissions included.

Exit Profit Generator – FREE

Exit Profit Generator

Exit Profit Generator

I have an amazing deal for you, to get the Exit Profit Generator for free.

If you go to the main site,  you’ll see it’s still for sale at $27.

However – by following my special link kindly provided by Frank Salinas, you can download this impressive software right now and not pay a cent.

What is “Exit Profit Generator”?

It’s a very cool script that grabs your visitors when they are about to leave your site. It gives you another opportunity to ask them to sign up, subscribe to your feed, take a special offer, or – in fact – whatever you want.

The way it works is simplicity itself. How does a webpage “know” when you’re about to leave? Well – I won’t spoil the surprise. You can see it in action at – BUT DON’T BUY FROM THERE :-)

Instead, just pop over to this special free link and grab your gift. And this time people, pay attention to the OTO. I nearly clicked right past it, as I sometimes do, but it’s a massive deal well worth taking a minute to look through.

One important point:  I won’t use it at this site (though I might at another). I don’t think it’s appropriate for a content site like a blog. But, that said, on a sales type site or a download site I can certainly see the advantage.

I know a lot of you folk will love this tool, so here it is.

Free link to Exit Profit Generator

Just remember – I wouldn’t use this here, but there’s no doubt it’s very powerful. And anything that gives you another chance to grab a sale or a signup certainly has to be looked at. Especially at this non-price…

Giveaway Manager Big Discount

Giveaway Manager

Giveaway Manager

If you want to run your own JV Giveaway, then one of the most popular solutions is Giveaway Manager. It’s a very powerful complete solution to running your own events.

You may have taken part in these giveaways yourself – the simple premise is that you provide a free gift, and the visitors to the giveaway site download your gift in exchange for your e-mail. It means you build your subscriber list, and have the chance to make extra money, usually via a “one time offer” upsell or perhaps branded into the product itself.

Giveaways were very popular, appearing whenever an arbitary anniversary is reached, such as Christmas Giveaways, Easter Giveaways, St. Patricks Giveaway, etc. However, I’ve noticed the market is a little quieter these days – the perfect opportunity to launch your own.

If you run the giveaway yourself, you have an extra benefit. You attract existing marketers to use your site as well as people looking for the freebies. Again, you build your list and can make money, but this time you’ll have arguably a more effective list.  The only real work involved is promoting the giveaway but people actively look for these, and you only really need add your event to the existing giveaway lists and directories that are online.

I’ve managed to find another site selling Giveaway Manager with a massive $100 discount. That makes this around 1/3 of the normal price. These guys have secured resell rights to the system, allowing them to undercut the original. Something to think about if you offer resale rights to your own product(s) yourself!

Giveaway Manager features all the back-end control you need, including managing contributors, users, downloads, gifts, OTOs and much more.

Giveaway Manager $100 Discount

P.S. Theres a full video tour of the system at the link above, so you can see how it works, and view the various back-office tools before you buy.

How To Win With Affiliate Programs

So, what is the best strategy to win with an affiliate program?

Most people starting out on the Internet will probably try affiliate programs first, as they are a great way to make money without having a product of your own. And there are affiliate programs for many, many different businesses.

Some pay only a small amount, so you must have a large volume of sales to make real money – this is true for sites such as Amazon. Some will pay big just for getting a “lead”, i.e. getting someone to submit an application or fill out a form, that is true for many loan and credit card companies. But the vast majority will pay a percentage of the sale, anywhere from 5% to 100%.

In real-world retailing, where you are perhaps selling anything from gym equipment to car parts, you can expect low commissions. On contract-based or financial items, such as mobile phones and credit cards, you can expect a lot more. It’s how, for example, mobile phone resellers can afford to throw in a free laptop… their commissions are THAT high!

But the big problem with these resell affiliate deals is that you are fighting with thousands of other affiliates, all selling the same product. It’s hard to differentiate yourself, and it will cost a lot in pay-per-click ads if you take that route.

In the digital realm, of re-selling ebooks, websites, video files and the rest you can make a lot more, and a lot easier. Most of these companies will pay you via PayPal or Clickbank, some even right up to 100% since their main profits come from their back-end offers. They are basically enticing you to promote their products, sometimes giving you the whole sale, in exchange for a new customer.

But after all this, who is really winning?

Answer: The Affiliate Providers!

So to get back to our first question, how to win with affiliate programs: run your own :)

Think about it. You need sales, and you need traffic. You might want a big e-mail list, or database of customers, or just people to visit your site. Instead of getting out there and promoting and chasing customers yourself, why not run an affiliate program and get other people to bring the customers to you.

And it’s easy to do these days. There are simple scripts you can use with PayPal, or even third party sites such as PayDotCom.Com – but by far the quickest, and perhaps the most professional company, are ClickBank.

ClickBank have been around almost as long as the Internet Marketing “boom” itself. You can offer up to 75% commissions through ClickBank, and your product / site will also appear in their marketplace. Affiliates can find you there, and through a simple link promote your product for you. ClickBank will pay the affiliate, and you, every two weeks.

You can sell almost anything, but ClickBank is geared for digital products in the main. That can be anything from e-books, to videos, to site memberships, to product bundles. The process is simple and elegant, you simply specify the landing page, so ClickBank will accept the payment and send the visitor to your page.

So the next time you need traffic, signups, and sales consider running an affiliate program. Instead of putting 100% of your effort into finding customers, put it into finding affiliates. Before long, you could have a digital army of professional marketers promoting your product for you – and giving you the chance to make money but more importantly finding customers. After all, a customer is worth far more than the initial sale.


For a great overview to running your own Affiliate Program, try the brand new Affiliate System Explosion from Rodger Hyatt.

In this series of videos you can literally watch over Rodgers shoulder as he shows you how to set up your affiliate account, find those important “Super Affiliates”, and provide them with the tools they need to promote YOUR product.

Rodgers videos show you how to master the technical side as well as the marketing side of your own affiliate program. And he’s even thrown in four very useful bonuses, such as “My Internet Marketing Newsletter” and “Deadly Webmaster Mistakes” – extra treats since this package is already priced at a very low point.

So for an in depth but easily understandable guide to running your OWN Affiliate Program and recruiting an army of affiliates to sell YOUR product, try Rodger Hyatt’s “Affiliate System Explosion”. Available for direct download, right now.

Affiliate System Explosion

A True Recession Busting Deal

Here’s an offer you should take a look at: All three of Wes Blaylocks succint, informative e-books – some of the best I have ever purchased!

You can have:

The Secret Followup System – a great way to earn more from every sale you make. Leverage in action :)

More Money Everyday – Some of Wes’ top tips and secret strategies for increasing all your profits.

And the original, “The Profit Funnel Report” – that shows you how to craft a path your visitors follow, where they are funneled into your list – and into your bank account. Comes completes with templates.

All THREE of these books are now available in one package, for under $10. A true recession busting deal…

Click Here For More Information

Immediate Cash Infusion – Free Videos

This video series is intended to show people how they can use the Internet to make some cash, quickly. They’re intended to help those who have perhaps lost their jobs or their income during these troubled times.

To many existing marketers, they may seem a little simplistic – but if you’re struggling to get anywhere online, through no fault of your own, this could be something that will kickstart your efforts.

You can start watching the videos right now, at this link:

I don’t want to spoil the content for you, but it relates to jumping on the Google Trends bandwagon. See what’s hot right now, see what sites are serving it, and then do it for yourself.

They’ll play online or you can download them. If you want them for your own site, or to make a product, the private label rights are only $5.

Other Ways To Make Money Online

I don’t usually post about the general “Make Money” methods that are prevalent on the web today – my subject is Internet Marketing, which takes a longer business-building view to creating an income.

However I understand that many people find the subject too technical and long-term for their needs and just wish a simple way they can earn money, and soon. Perhaps with some cash behind them they can then graduate to building websites and mailing lists, creating products and services, and generally aim for the big money :)

These usually trade your time for money. You won’t get rich doing this, but you will earn a few bucks you can perhaps invest in your future…

Offline Marketing

Just after I completed this list I came across this program, “Easy Offline Riches”. I’ll cover it in a little more detail in the future but it looks very promising.

The idea here is you contact businesses in your area, or further afield, and offer to get them a web presence. Many companies small and large would like a website, but have no idea how to go about it. Everyone from your local florist to the big car dealer around the corner is a potential lead for you. All the marketing is covered for you, giving you cards and ads you can use locally. You don’t even need to speak to the prospect yourself if you don’t want to…

The best part is you don’t have to create the business site yourself. You outsource it through this program, and earn up to $400 per sale! Take a look at this – and I’ll tell you more once I’ve researched it fully.

1. Ebay

Nothing beats ebay for it’s simplicity and it’s massive army of eager buyers. You can build a business here, specialising in whatever you want, or you can simply sell odds and ends you have that you no longer need. It’s both a glorified garage sale and a shopping mall.

Once you’ve sold your old ornaments, tools, clothes, CD’s, furniture and vehicles you can look into buying wholesale. There are many places that will sell you both new and second hand goods by the palette or container load. If you know your market, you can make a lot of money here – and fast!

If you want to make Ebay a full-time business (many do!) try SaleHoo for information on Wholesale Suppliers and selling direct.

2. Paid Surveys

There are many companies that will pay you to take surveys. Anything up to $40 per survey! You simply register with the correct sites and complete surveys as they are sent to you.

There’s a full guide to making $10-$40 per survey right here.

3. Writing For Cash

You can earn money writing anything from reviews, to blog posts. If you own a blog you can write posts to advertise certain companies, and they will pay you for the promotion.

At various consumer sites you can submit reviews, and earn that way. Some will connect authors to publishers, and other kinds of sites will pay you per page view of your article, and accept a wide range of articles. The idea is they get traffic from your content and make their money from affiliate programs or ads.

The pay will vary, a lot, but if you enjoy writing this maybe something you can do part time at least.

You can even reach for the big money by writing, if you can write technical manuals, ghost write for others, enter writing competitions, or even get the next best-seller. Let’s face it, it’s unlikely, but there’s nothing wrong with a little ambition.

4. Helping Others

If you have a skill, you can trade that for cash. Whether it’s a technical skill or an interpersonal one you can market yourself online. Good with graphics, web design, programming, copywriting, promotion ? Or can you help people use their computers, get a web presence, or even search for information ?

If you have spare time you can even trade that. There are many busy marketers who pay for tasks such as submitting to directories, writing articles, post to blogs and forums, write transcriptions, do translations or other such tasks.

The best places to look for work are forums such as the Warrior Forum or DigitalPoint and then there are freelance sites such as eLance and Rent-A-Coder. You can even get basic work from Amazon’s Manual Turk service.

The pay won’t be great… but it IS pay. So if you’re a stay at home mom or a broke student perhaps this is one way you can earn some pocket (or beer!) money from your skills.

5. Get Paid To…

These sites usually make their money from advertising, and so pass on a little of that to their users.

Get Paid To read e-mail. Very little, perhaps $0.02 per e-mail, but like anything it can add up. It depends on the network as to how many e-mails you receive and you usually have to total a minimum before you get paid.

Get Paid To complete offers. These companies earn from their affiliate income, so you will be asked to join various sites such as gambling sites, free trials at DVD rentals, etc in exchange for a cut of that income. An offshoot of this are the companies that promise free iPods, Playstations etc for completing similar offers.

Get Paid To network. There are some social networks, notably, that will pay you to make friends, create content, etc. Essentially the income stream here is again the traffic you generate from that, but it is something you could try.

6. Internet Marketing

I’ve already said this is the way to make real money. It’s not a straightforward “work for cash” as in the methods above, but it’s far better for a long term strategy.

The two important points here are (1) A website with an offer/sale of some kind, and (2) Traffic to that website. It’s setting all that up that can get people unstuck. This entire site is about that subject, so explore and enjoy :)

Parasite Piggyback Traffic

I’ve just come across a useful traffic strategy called “Parasite Hosting”. It’s actually something I’ve been doing for a while, but that term describes it well. The idea is you can piggyback the traffic from major sites and direct it to your own.

There are many, many sites you can be a parasite on. In fact, any site that will host your pages. Here’s some popular ones:


…and hundreds more!

You may already have noticed how it works. Each of those sites have been ranked highly by Google, Alexa etc and can help you in a number of ways:

1. Linking to your own site from them to increase your pagerank. These backlinks are from authority sites.

2. Direct traffic from the users and fans of the services themselves.

3. The ability to create strong keyword-based pages on them, to help with organic SEO.

So if you create a hubpage, squidoo lense, Blogger blog, and WordPress blog on your choosen subject, you can put content there and also link back to your own site.

For example, if your site has movie reviews, you can create sattelite sites on as many parasite hosts as you can find. Each of these will be a movie-related theme, and each of them will link to each other, and to your own site.

If done correctly Google won’t mind. Just as long as you provide real content for the end user.

I’ve just bought the rights to a couple of products than can help you find and utilise these sites for driving traffic to your own. The first is “Taking Advantage Of Parasite Hosting” which is a full guide to this strategy, along with 13 Videos illustrating and explaining the concept. This also contains details of the best hosts to use, what content to put on them, and how to utilise the traffic-building potential to it’s utmost.

The second is “Profiting After The Sale” – a great guide to increasing the income you can generate from each main sale you make.

I’ve also thrown in a free copy of the 5-Minute Traffic Tip, since it really is a pretty cool technique in it’s own right :)

All three for only $7 — and that’s with full Master Resale Rights!

You don’t need this guide. This post outlines the tactic, so you can you try it yourself. But having everything in front of you in a PDF and Video form will certainly help you understand how powerful this underrated technique is.

Stomping The Search Engines 2

A Full Review, Details and How To Get It – For Free! Bonus Included.

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is the follow up to the product that first turned the Stompernet guys (Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon) into megastars. This time around, they’ve moved on from the originals CD format and now present a full DVD – and the launch of a brand new magazine.

Four years ago Stomping 1 was perhaps the biggest selling SEO product – ever. Now, Stomping The Search Engines 2 is destined to make even more online millionaires than the original.

As the title suggests, this is about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. STSE2 details the current methods used to get your site a good ranking. After all, if you are the top result for a good keyphrase in the natural-search listings at sites like Google you can literally write your own cheque.


There are actually two DVDs because you also get a copy of the original STSE. Remember, that sold thousands of copies at $300 a time !

Once you put the DVD into your PC it will launch into a videoplayer, giving you access to all the videos in the product. It starts with an overview of the pros and cons of SEO.

There are 7 modules, 36 videos in all. The introduction section kicks off short-term tactics you can use, and a look at what they call “agressive white hat” SEO. Then it moves on to discussions of the actual technology behind the major the major search engines, before it gets to the really juicy stuff.

For example, the videos on keywords and content structure will really open your eyes to how to properly design a website destined for high rankings, as will the shows about optimizing your site content, and your site structure.

Don’t worry if all this sounds a bit techy. The presentation is easy to follow!

By the time we’ve passed through the all important linking and promotion section, we’re well on our way to become search engine guru’s ourselves :-)

The final section may be the most important: measuring results, and tweaking your site(s) to improve them. After all, we can’t remain stationary – someone else may make a play for our enviable top ranks…

This is only an overview of the video content. If you’ve ever seen any of the Stompernet videos that have circulated online, you’ll understand how professional the presentation is, and how informative. It’s information you want – so feel free to take notes, pause or rewind where neccessary, or (as I did) jot down the times of interesting sections in the videos so you can revisit.

And once you’ve watched all the videos (first time around, anyway – I’m sure you’ll revisit them) be sure to check out the resources on the DVD. You’ll find the Stompernet Directory List (an invaluable links collection) and the Keyword Strategy Guide!

Whatever your current level of expertise STSE2 will help you aim for, and achieve, those high front-page Google listings…

Stomping The Search Engines 2

Other things I’ve picked up from these videos – in no particular order:

How to avoid accidental duplicate content
What you can get penalized on by the Search Engines
“Canonicalization” of your content
Don’t use – or trust – Google’s inbound link count
Some “competitiors” may acually be good partners
Target the head – but mine the “long tail”

I could go on, I’m only dipping into a few videos to give you an overview, but you should get the idea.

The Magazine

The new publication, called The Net Effect, is included with STSE2. Remember, this is a physical product, so it’s a hardcopy, printed out professionally for you to read anywhere.

It’s an Internet Marketing magazine that goes above and beyond anything you’ve seen before. You can read it all in one go, or dip in and out – and probably be buzzing with ideas to implement.

In this first issue you’ll find a great article on the “Keyword Heist” technique, 26 Things To Test, Twittering Your Way To Traffic, and much more.

I especially enjoyed reading the Social Media Survival Guide!

This is – again – just an overview of the magazine, there’s a lot more included (“armour-piercing e-mail” anyone?) and you may find the Monthly Action Plan at the end very useful, as it brings everything you’ve learned so far together into a single-page plan to follow. My advice? Photocopy it or cut it out and stick it near your PC.

The Net Effect is designed to keep you up-to-date in the fast moving marketing and SEO world. Let’s face it, how many ebooks or websites do you actually read? Nothing beats a real “hold it in your hand” product. You’ll be looking forward to your snail mail each month :) This is an ongoing monthly journal for high-end SEO and Internet Marketing. A serious trade publication. It’s your business, your livelihood – so make sure you’ve got all the latest information to hand. Insider information from the Stompernet pro’s.

All in all Stomping The Search Engines 2 is an excellent product that is sure to benefit anyone working in the IM field today, whether they are a bedroom dabbler, or head of a company.

You already know the best part – it’s hardly a secret.


And not just the “free” you see bandied about a lot in marketing campaigns. STSE2 is a very real $497 product, and “The Net Effect” magazine is worth $39 monthly…

The cat is now out of the proverbial bag. Get over to the website and claim your copy, before the Stompernet guys come to their senses!

Stomping The Search Engines 2

The page above is a good example of the professionalism of these guys. Look at the video, read the details, and get stoked up with what you could achieve. This is not some $7 screen-capture video product. This is not some re-hashed ebook. This is a very real SEO course especially designed for Internet Marketers, the people who really know how to make their livings online.

Once you decide to order at the above link, drop me a note via the support desk and I’ll send you a free bonus — even though STSE2 is free in itself…

P.S. Because the launch was delayed slightly due to demand the Stompernet guys have promised some special bonuses themselves as a “sorry” so be sure to check the link above to see what extras you get – above and beyond the review copy I’ve looked at here!

Using Squidoo

I’m experimenting with Squidoo. My first impressions are very favourable.

Squidoo lets you bulld “lenses” on almost any subject. Each lense takes the form of a list of modules, so for example you can have text modules, links, comments, voting, amazon feeds, ebay feeds, youtube videos… and much more.

I’ve already created two lenses – early days yet, but you can take a look to see how they work. And I’d very much appreciate it if you could rate them :)

Internet Marketing Beginners Guide

How To Build An Email List

Some of the modules in these lenses are community enabled, so for example you can add your own tips, vote the links and tips up and down, or leave a comment.

While I wouldn’t use Squidoo as a main site it’s fun and powerful enough to create quick single-subject pages on whatever you fancy. You can earn from your lenses too, from the built in advertising, as well as add your own paying links.

Also, Squidoo lenses can have a good pagerank, so linking your own sites from your lenses has a beneficial effect on your own link rankings. That, and the direct traffic from the squidoo community makes this a great place to expand your website promotion strategies.

Like any site that offers freeform page creation tools I’ve come across many sub-standard pages that are little more than pasted in feeds and some youtube/amazon/links sections. It’s all too easy to do this. If you do decide to make your own lenses please add some real content. It only benefits everyone in the long term…

(If you do try and like Squidoo, you may also want to join the free Squidoo Secrets site.)

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