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How To Earn Ad Revenue

You often hear claims of people earning “hands free, automatic income”. The good news is that this IS possible, albeit with a little work beforehand and some time spent on maintenance/updates.

The method most used is to set up content sites that target specific niches, and then serve ads on those pages. All that’s left in the equation is to drive traffic to the site.

Of course, nothing is ever really as simple as that so here’s a few tips to get you started:

1. The easiest way to run a content site is to use WordPress, or your blog/cms platform of choice. WordPress is a great staple because it’s very popular, has a lot of plugins and templates available, and is of course free.

Once you have decided upon your niche you only need to buy a domain name that has some of your keywords in it (or find an expired domain name), and then couple that new domain name to the host of your choice.

2. One of the most important steps is to build a list of keywords for the niche you are going to target. Luckily there are many online tools you can use for this.

Nichebot Classic (uses Wordtracker)
Google Keyword Tool
MSN Keyword Forecast (keyword counts)
MSN Keyword Tool

You can also use misspellings of keywords, and even misspellings of competitor domains:

Misspelled Keywords Tool

You can generate your own common misspellings by including run-on search terms (i.e. no spaces, such as “formulaone”), double letters, missing letters, and difficult-to-spell words.

You can find the keywords used by competitors, using

And you can even find those competitors, by using Quantcast:
(look at the “audience also visits” list)

Finally, for some quick and easy traffic, you can use keywords based on the front page (popular URLs), the Technorati top posts, Stumbleupon Buzz, etc. A site called contains a handy list of these top sites.

3. Your next step is to write articles on each keyword, in your new wordpress blog. Some of the best types of articles to write include reviews, how-to’s, and tips. To help drive readers, you can use topics such as:

keyword+ “controversy”
keyword+ “tips” “advice” “help” “tricks”
keyword+ “scam”
keyword+ “free”

etc. For example: “Ipod Tips”, “Ipod Tricks”, “Ipod Help”, “Free Ipod”, “Ipod Secrets”, or for other subjects:

“Rich Jerk Scam”, “Rich Jerk Controversy”, “Rich Jerk Review” for a business-opportunity type site.

Your article need not be too long, it should include the main keywords in the post title, and perhaps within the post itself, but don’t overdo it. Don’t use content verbatim from other sites because google penalises duplicate content.

4. To add income streams for your articles you can simply use an appropriate template, or edit one to include ads. This saves you adding ad code to each individual post – though that option is still there.

Adsense is very popular, and easy to implement. WordPress plugins such as:
Adsense Manager can help make it simple.

Alternately, a ready made adsense-focused theme can make it simple, such as those available at: Adsense Blog Themes

You can also edit your themes manually within wordpress to include adsense in other places. Popular areas include the head of the entire page, left-justified at the start of each post, at the foot of each post, or in the side-menus. Note that google limits the amount of ads shown on a page.

There are also other income sources you may want to pursue:

CPA networks offer to pay you on a cost-per-action basis. For example, a credit card company can pay you per application. That means no sale is needed, the visitor just has to fill in a form.

Popular CPA networks include:
http://www.CJ.Com (a mix of affiliate types)

There are many more, simply search Google for “CPA Network” :)

Kontera is a little different. It will turn relevant words on your site into paid links automatically.

Chitika can show “mini malls”, which include price information, small descriptions, etc for certain links. These can work well on some site types such as technology ones.

Clickbank primarily offers digital products such as e-books, with high payouts up to 75% per sale. A site such as can show these, or you can include relevant products manually.

Finally, there are specialist blog-advertising networks such as Blogads and PayPerPost that advertise more directly to your audience. You usually need a more established blog with good traffic to benefit from these.

5. At this point, if all works well, you should be able to get *some* traffic from the search engines, just from your keywords and article content alone. Of course you’ll want to increase this.

Commenting on blogs, and arranging links with blogs, can help your seo rankings. Try commenting on sites that are currently experiencing a buzz – such as the Digg front page, stumbleupon buzz page, etc mentioned earlier in this article.

Viral traffic from sources such as a branded report, branded video, free template, free salespage/product, that you release can have an excellent effect on your traffic levels. If you can include your link in the salespage/template/website etc you give away it can spread all over the web and increase your backlinks.

You can buy traffic from Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc, but you have to be careful. The keyword lists you built up earlier can greatly help here. Try to focus on “long tail” keywords rather than general ones for cheaper hits. For example, don’t try and buy hits to a term such as “dogs”, try focusing with “dog grooming”, “dog grooming in ohio”, etc. The idea is to have a great number of lesser-searched terms rather than a few high-searched ones (which can be priced exhorbitantly).

Remember: backlinks to your site help with your search engine position (along with other factors), so whever possible – by writing reviews, comments, testimonials, articles etc – link from keywords not just your basic URL.

Other search engine factors are harder to influence, but in general links from authority sites (try getting links from sites with a high Page Rank or even from .edu sites etc), one-way links, the age of your site (obviously only achievable over time, unless you are lucky and find an aged site that has expired or is for sale), and the content on your site are the most important.

6. After all this is setup your site is mostly hands-free. You then have a few options:

Move directly onto creating another site in another niche.
Continue to write new content for your site.
Continue to seek out new backlinks, submit new articles, etc.
Start an e-mail list.
Create your own product to sell (such as an ebook), and get affiliates for your product.
Or even sell your site!

9 Proven List Building Techniques

Mailing Lists are simply a collection of your subscribers / prospects e-mail address and other details, such as their names etc.

They’re created so that you have instant access to potential customers, readers for your articles and ezines, and fans who can help you with future projects.

Creating an e-mail list is , in theory, quite simple. You just ask people for their details. But in practice that’s rarely enough. Here’s some techniques that have proven to work:

1. Use an autoresponder. You can create e-mail lists without one, including manually adding requests to a hand-built list (unbelievably, once done this way!). But why bother? Today’s autoresponders automate the entire process. They manage your contacts, manage unsubscribe requests, allow simple broadcasts, send out pre-made messages to a schedule, and much more.

You can install a script at your own site, such as “Autoresponse 3″ or you can use a third-party solution. The former means you have more control, and the second path may help with e-mail delivery since companies such as aWeber and Getresponse forge ties with the likes of Yahoo Mail to ensure your messages are received.

2. Use a bribe. If you have a form on your website asking for a prospects details, offering a gift in exchange for the information will help urge them to complete it. The gift needn’t be expensive to yourself: digital goods such as ebooks are often used. E-courses make especially good bribes since the material is provided over time, to the e-mail address, ensuring your subscriber stays with you at least in the short term and surely long enough to make an impression :)

3. Use a squeeze page. This is an e-mail request form that is in reality a front-end to the main website. In other words, you cannot access the site until you enter your details. In effect the entire site itself is the bribe.

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Joel Comm, Bestselling Author, has released version 4 of his famous Adsense Secrets book. And, unlike earlier versions of this comprehensive guide, this newly updated 2008 release is now just $9.97 !

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New Dimesales

First we have the latest Frugal Friday deal.

You’ll get 12 really cool Squeeze Page templates you can use to build your list, the “Internet Marketers Guide to Web Design and Graphics” which is a great tutorial on web techniques, from a marketers perspective. And you’ll get 5 Ultra Simple Tactics for Traffic Generation.

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The incredible true story of how one young bike courier retired at age 27 on $85,172.47 monthly revealed FREE inside. . .

This FREE CD is shipped to your door. “True MLM Wealth Online” reveals how almost anyone can make a small fortune using some basic techniques.

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Income From Membership Sites

You’ve probably heard this before: Paid Membership sites are ideal for generating recurring income.

It’s an excellent business model!

The appeal is obvious. Set up a site, and promote as you would any product, but this time you get paid every month that purchaser remains a member.

The main reason it’s not as common as you think is that people tend to think it’s difficult to set up and maintain a flourishing members site.

That’s where this new product comes in. “Membership Income Methodology” is only $9.95 but it’s packed with value.

Find and target niche, and create a Membership site around it. Your site can contain software, interviews, articles, and tutorials. Keep adding valuable content, keep promoting, and maybe include an affiliate program to really get those new members flooding in.

This product is a full video course on running and maintaining a Membership Site. It covers everything from finding your niche, choosing a model, using the right scripts, creating the content, getting the new members, and much more.

Membership Income Methodology

Even at this low price there’s still some interesting bonuses included, and it’s all ready for you to download right now.

Discover how to really make a Membership Site work – grab this course!

Butterfly Reports

Mike Filsaime and Rod Beckwith have just released a new site called Butterfly Reports, currently in Beta.

The idea is to give you brandable, viral reports you can give away that will help build your business as well as make direct sales.

This is free to join as a Silver Member:

Butterfly Reports

While giving away branded reports isn’t anything new (anyone can edit a PLR article and turn it into a PDF) this does make the process quick and simple.

Probably it’s killer feature will be the fact you can also add your own reports for others to give away. If the site becomes popular you could get some great exposure.
I see a number of potential problems, such as the fact you really need to upgrade to make the most of this and the branding is limited, but it’s still new and for free it’s worthing checking out.

Mafioso Marketing

There’s a uniquely flavoured package doing the rounds, called “Mafioso Marketing“.

As you can imagine this takes it’s image not too seriously, but the information and tactics it reveals surely are.

This is about Market Domination – about entering your choosen niche and going all out for success.

JD Swanson, the Author, is big on Niches. His tactics are mostly straight forward and ethical, and I’d say that anyone can follow them if they are serious about it. This is not for those who “play around”!

Here’s the best part. Mafioso Marketing usually costs $77 at ClickBank and the main site (go check if you don’t believe me). But… at the following link, you’ll find it for just $27 – a massive fifty-buck saving (until April 30th).

Mafioso Marketing

At the original price this is an excellent guide for those who are determined to succeed. At the new offer, it’s a no-brainer.

You’ll also get the “Lost Chapters”, even more information on the Mafioso Marketing Mindset, Creating Products, Membership Sites and much more. A valuable bonus.

Choose your niche and start taking over – Mafia style …

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