Tube Pros

Do you remember the Tube Pro’s multimedia training pack that came out a few weeks back?

Well know you can grab it for the princely sum of $7

This is everything you want to know about using Video in your marketing including:

Top 10 Secrets
Adding Special Effects
Using Viral Techniques
The Top 20 Fr-ee Sites
Add URLs to your Video
Fr-ee and Easy Video Editing
Creating Communities, Channels and more

100% commissions for promoters 😀

Squeeze Video Pages

20 Video Squeeze Templates

Video is popping up everywhere, so if you want to use it’s magnetic pull to attract subscribers why not consider using one of these ready made templates:

These are attractive, powerful templates you can use to save yourself tons of time.

There are a few stiles in many colours so I’m sure you’ll be able to use one you like.

And, as a bonus, there’s a pretty cool video tutorial on using Nvu (the Web Editor software I’ve recommended before). Almost worth the purchase alone.

These are less than ten bucks for the whole lot, and you’ll get 100% commissions if you’d like to promote.

Massive Birthday Package (Don’t Miss!)

You’ve probably seen multi-sales like this before, but wait – just check out their URL:

There’s a great collection there ready to be grabbed and used!

10 PLR Books,
6 PLR Reports,
The PLR Dozen,
Optin Rotator
and even the full Resell Rights Boot Camp !

An amazing package, and that little list is just the start.

I urge you to check the site and see what’s there. I’m sure you’ll love what you’ll see.

The price is rising but should still be low when you see this. My advice is don’t delay, grab it today.



Phoneix Podcast Studio

Podcasts are probably more popular than ever because of the iPod and the iTunes store.

With the Phoenix Podcast Studio you can have a place to create Podcasts AND have them in a compatible format to add to iTunes itself!

This easy to use product does a lot, right down to creating an enclosure file, and even turning a text file into an audio one :)

Cash For Content Course

Here’s a massive online course valued at $97 you can pick up for just FIVE bucks from Sharlene Raven:

This is the Cash For Content course.

This is a different kind of business model you might not have tried. It’s all about how to research and write content, that can be sold.

This content can reviews, blog posts, articles, ebooks – whatever you want to or feel able to write — people want to buy it.

There’s not many products that focus on this kind cash spinning idea.

You’ll even get full Master Resell Rights, an awesome sales page, or just promote for 100% comms…

Your choice – but grab this course. It’s not often you get unique information like this…

Recipe For Your Money Factory

“Recipe For Your Money Factory” is one of those guides that takes a bigger view of your marketing business.

This looks at finding your market, setting up reports, traffic streams and a site to serve it, then developing further income from it with affiliate programs. It also covers e-mail series that WORK and how to find the keywords you need to make the most of the search-engines.

This fantastic guide is only $9.95, a small investment if you take the time to appreciate the content.

16 New Private Label Rights

I’m sure you know what PL Rights are by now – basically, you have full control even down to changing the titles and authorship details — in other words you can spin these titles around into something YOU have created. Ideal for sales, giveaways, ebay, and more and branded with anything you want.

There’s a selection of titles including :

Extreme Persuasion Secrets
Explosive Influence Tactics
Customer Tested Buying Triggers
Covert Product Selling Principles
Blockbuster Cash Secrets
Amazing Advertising Tips
… and many more.

I’m sure the titles are enough to whet your appetite!

View full details here:

You can promote this for 100% commissions. Plus 50% on the back-end. PLUS 50% on further sales from the membership site and future promotions.

These are great titles, with full rights, coupled to an amazing affiliate program. What are you waiting for?

Wilie Crawford “Emergency Cash”

Here’s another great report from Willie Crawford.

Willie, in case you don’t know him, is a true rags to riches story and one of the most helpful guys on the Warrior Forum. He knows his stuff.

This guide is simply a quick no-more and no-less guide to making $1000 to $2000 within 24 hours.

It’s a real “emergency cash” guide…

Only $5 and you can even earn that right back if you promote!

Ignore the quick and dirty website – for once this is 100% content and 50% presentation (not the other way around).

Dominating Amazon

This is a new guide on how to make the most of Amazon’s Associate (affiliate) program.

If you’ve ever tried Amazon you’ll know they have some amazing tools for providing links, content, info boxes and graphics that will fit on any site. They are one of the first major affiliate programs ever to hit the web – and it’s pedigree shows.

But you’ll also think it’s difficult to make money here because of the low commissions…

You might be wrong. And this guide will show you why!

Just $7 today.

P.S. the page mentions Amazon UK but the techniques can work on all Amazon’s.

The Lost Traffic Saver

This is released as the new “Crazy Week” sale.

The title is not as world-changing as you’d think, essentially it’s a 404 Error Page tool.

Perhaps you’ve already replaced your error page manually (or via your host). Perhaps you have another tool that does the job. This however is more powerful, since it uses “intelligent selection” to show one of various new pages, depending on which page the visitor originally tried to get to.

If you don’t have a tool like this I’d say give it a try. It’s only around $5 now and you can get 100% Commissions.

The idea behind this is that whenever anyone lands on a page at your site that doesn’t exist – e.g. a bad link, a moved page, or a typo, then a standard, and unhelpful, “404 Error Page” is shown. With this you can replace that with your own much more useful page, perhaps showing your visitor where to go, or even promoting a product or affiliate link.

Get it here:

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