Crazy AdSense Formula

The Crazy Adsense Formula is a big package.

It’s an automated tool that will make you one of 155 different niche sites… at a press of a button.

Simple to use, and you only need to enter basic information such as your Adsense Id. This will then spit out the correct site, ready formated, for you to use!

The price is rising fast.

These are the same 155 AdSense Sites that have been doing the rounds for the while, but the fast is most people never get around to using them. It’s the automated configurer that makes the difference here, because you can just put in your details and a true ready to use site is popped out…

However if you do already own these sites, including as part of my mega Ultimate AdSense package then think before ordering.

Viral Article Publisher

“Viral Article Publisher” is currently just $5.22

This software is a submitter for your articles. It works something like this:

Write or find an Article
Load it into the software, and set your resource box, title, etc.
Select the sites you want to submit it to
Click Go…

It really is that easy.

It also lets you manually submit articles if you want more power and control.

Articles are proven to drive traffic and sales. With this software you can concentrate on the articles themselves – and avoid the tedium of submitting them.

100% Commissions on referrals

Frugal Friday Pack

This weeks “Frugal Friday” features not one, but TWO brand-new titles at a bargain price.

For just $5.50 right now, at…

You’ll get:

ClickGate Pro

“A simple way to create password-protected areas on your site. Ideal for protecting your files or adding members-only sections.”

The Making Of An Internet Millionaire

“A great new book teaching what it REALLY takes to succeed in the cut-throat world of Internet Marketing”.

The price is rising (it’s a dimesale) and you can earn 100% commissions, so visit here a.s.a.p !

Free Video Training

Ameer Salim, of Hot Marketing Videos fame, has just launched an amazing no-cost resource you can enjoy.

This is the “Hot Marketing Videos – Starter” site.

There’s absolutely no cost and you’ll get a number of components – including a selection of marketing videos, a 30 Day Plan, the Affiliate Marketing course as well as Ameer’s full Viral Video set !

Internet Marketing… Ambush!

Internet Marketing… Ambush!

Watch in full glorious video as Ian Del Carmen hijacks a ton of top Marketer’s, put’s them on the spot, and steals their best ideas!. By turns, unique, serious and funny this is great entertainment as well as a learning experience.

Because people like Mike Filsaime, Ewen Chia, Edmund Loh, Tom Beal, Frank Bauer, Aurelius Tjin, James Allen, Kevin Riley, James Brown, Dylan Loh, Bob Bastian, Jahn A. and many more are, literally, “put on the spot” the truth is revealed…

This is episode 1, and hopefully we’ll see more. Enjoy!


AdSpy Pro

Would you like a tool that will tell you what affiliate promotions and what campaigns will be profitable – BEFORE you waste money testing them ? 

Here’s a new tool/script from JP Schoeffel that essentially does the same thing as X-Ray Domination ($1500) and Undercover Profits ($291 a month).

However, in comparison THIS is only $47!

AdSpy Pro

So what does it do?

AdSpy Pro is an amazing tool that can literally tell you what niches will be profitable BEFORE you even start dipping your toes in the water. Used correctly, you’ll never make a mistake.

You feed it a bunch of quick keywords and a period for it to scan then it will run and analyse thousands of PPC ads. It discovers what are normal ads and what are affiliate ads, and will it monitor positions and other information.

In a nutshell it will do this: Look at your competition, see what works, and give you the information to go do the same thing yourself :-)

It means you will know which campaigns, keywords, and products are selling. What else can give you this info (apart from the high cost tools I mentioned…)?

There’s a lot of cool features here. It will recognise 15 affiliate networks, including ClickBank, Commission Junction, AdWords, Linkshare and more on the way. It will give you a simple “green light” to tell you what will go. You can monitor multiple campaigns, and you can use it all from a powerful but simple control panel.

With this information a profitable campaign is literally just a matter of creating quick PPC ads with the green-lighted info AdSpy Pro gives you, and pairing it with a powerful product of affiliate link of your choice!

There’s bonuses and more here, so give it a whirl. Just $47 during this launch period – then $67 after, but why pay more?

Click Here For AdSpy Pro


Easy Blog Traffic

“Easy Blog Traffic” contains a lot of great content, especially for the $7 asking price.

You’ll get:

Insider Interview with a Blog Traffic King
The “3C” Method
Blog Traffic Videos
Blog Traffic Special Report
Blog Profit Report

That’s 2 Interviews, 12 Video Tutorials and 120 Pages of pure content!

PLUS: You can earn 100% commissions with the instantpay affiliate program.

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your Blog, as 95% of Blog owners do, this is well worth a look…


Ebay Fortune Pack

Ebay is Brilliant! The first bucks I ever made online were with eBay. And whenever anyone ever asks me for advice on starting out, I always say to start there.

Ebay Rocks.

Ebay is a ready made market of millions, all in a buying mood, for every niche under the sun.

You can sell new, used, digital, or any kind of goods you can think of.

For marketers, it’s a place to try out new products, and new markets. To build lists. To drive traffic. To “seed” products.

So… you need to look at this:

That’s the new Ebay Fortune package from DimeSaleDollars. It’s around $5.55 right now.

For that you’ll get two new eBay packages with Private Label Rights, plus a bonus pack of five further complimentary products.

It’s literally everything you need to get started with eBay! And don’t forget that little fact that the main two guides are Private Label. You can do whatever you’d like with those – right up to making your OWN product.

The price is rising, so don’t delay. Grab your eBay pack today:

YouTube Clone Script

Here’s a unique and cool script that allows you to have your own “YouTube” Clone.

It gives you a way to build an interactive site where users can upload videos and view others.

Of course, you won’t complete with YouTube. But you don’t have to! Think outside the box and build Niche YouTubes….

For example, build a “Marketing Videos” site (there’s lots of content around). Or build a site where users can submit their holiday videos, their home-selling videos, poetry recitals, model car demonstrations, book reviews, — ANYTHING.

The point is, think of a niche and you can quickly build a Video Sharing site around it.

I’ve talked a lot about Niches there – I don’t think I need to tell you about the viral marketing effect, which in itself can drive a tremendous amount of traffic… 

Get the script here for just $7! (and earn 100% comms.]

(P.S. If you’re quick you can even claim 3 months free unlimited hosting…)



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