Welcome To Netpreneur Now!

Welcome To Netpreneur Now


This site, in it’s various forms, has been online since the early 2000s. A lot has changed. There was a boom, of sorts, with people running all sorts of home business on the Internet throughout the latter part of the decade, but this appears to have slowed now. Partly because of unrealistic “get rich quick” type schemes, partly because of the economic downturn (which perhaps you’d think would encourage people to start, not leave), and partly because of negative connotations.

This is a shame. I’m rebooting this website because I believe there is still plenty of room for people to enter this business. Forget making millions overnight, and forget spamming and scamming, the core principles of Internet Marketing still stand.

You can view the “old” Netpreneur Now here. Please remember many links from there will no longer work, but it will stay live while I move anything worth saving, here.


Let’s start at the beginning…


My definition of Internet Marketing is simple. It is “Marketing”, i.e. advertising and promoting, on the Internet…

The Internet is a strange place. For one it’s a great leveler. Anyone can launch a website. There’s an incredibly low barrier of entry to launch a website, and with it a business.

Give your website some way of generating income and get people to visit it and that’s the bare bones of the system!

Of course that just skims over the surface, but I’ll cover much of this in more depth over the many blog posts to follow.


Extra cash? Your own business? A website, running on Autopilot? No need to handle stock? Do something you love?


These are the kinds of buzzwords that used to give this industry a bad name, but I’ve put them there because those – at least – are true. As I said, the entry barrier in cost and time is very low, and all the information you need is not “secret” or hidden away. You’ll find hyperbole and obfuscation along the way, but smash through that bull**** and I think you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised!

For now this is a “bare bones” site that is going to grow pretty quick. I’ve done it before, I know what to do. And along the way I’ll show you, too. I’ve literally got this far (minus the archive link) with a few button presses and a bit of prose here and there. It will get better, and I want you along with me on the ride.


Marketing Quickies Volume 3

This is the latest Marketing Quickies video membership site from Mike Mazella and Greg Lloyd. This is full of marketing related videos that each contain an exciting idea or two, designed to both educate and excite you.

One problem I had with this site is that from the homepage you get the idea that this has a lot of free content, but in actuality you only get one free video – an interview with Andrew Fox and Michael Cheny. I’m not saying that this isn’t worth watching but I did think that only providing one free video is a little miserly. So, to get the most out of this site, you need to upgrade to become a paid member.

Now, videos are not for everyone. Personally, I find I can read a lot faster than I can view a video, and I tend to absorb the information better by reading too, making notes as I go. However – we are not all alike. Watching someone explain something in a video, watching a “screengrab” video, or even seeing an interview as opposed to just reading it does benefit a lot of people.

You can join Marketing Quickies via the banner below but please remember, to make the most of this site you need to take the paid option. It’s very reasonably priced, you can purchase a months access for less than $10. But, whatever you do, it’s worth watching the interview with Andrew and Michael and you can decide to upgrade later.

There is an affiliate program attached if you’d like to promote this website. Apart from the lack of free content – just that one video – this is a useful site that will benefit a lot of folk.

7 Days To Profits Anti-Salespage & Purple Elephants

7 Day Profit System Ok. There’s this product – 7 Days To Profits – from David Bullock. At first glance it’s your usual Internet Marketing “system” that promises you the earth, and that may or may not work for you. That’s alright, it’s how most of these things work.

But start looking at the salespage… It’s almost an “anti salespage”. It’s clean, crisp, and looks good – but read that copy!

“Prepare to be blown away!” it says, followed by “Ok. I had to fill you with you BS there”. And “You already know how to do this!”. It’s refreshing, as sales pages go. Quite funny, with a little story about making his brother his guinea-pig in this system and dotted with little footnotes throughout. Sorry to keep on about the salespage but when you’ve looked at as many as I have the gems shine through. Of course, this all part of the ploy to keep you reading but what the heck, who says a salespage can’t be entertaining too?

Anyway – back to the product. This contains a mixture of video and bonus ebooks, all aimed at helping you dominate the niche(s) of your choice. The way it does this is by using sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages and Article Directories to build up the content for the niche of your choice, then monetize it via a variety of means.

This is proven stuff – but it’s nice to have it all in one place and it will help you make money. It doesn’t claim to be anything “new” (what is?) but the presentation is top-notch and if you haven’t tried this kind of marketing before this package is as good as it gets. It’s important you remember that this does work and it’s not some head-in-the-clouds idea you see so often these days.

The videos total almost 40 mins. Then there’s the e-books.

Guru Commission Stealer – horrible name, but interesting idea.

Squidoo Blueprint – a popular book about using Squidoo. You may already have a copy, it was everywhere once, but if not it’s a nice addition.

All in all a very nice package that will either show you a new technique you haven’t tried and give you the push to try it, or shows you something you already know but in a nice way – depending on experience.

[note]Don’t forget the purple elephant I mentioned in the post title.

Click the elephant image at the end of the salespage for an instant $10 discount![/note]

Rating: 8 / 10 – An excellent guide to using content and third party sites to dominate your niche.

7 Days To Profits

PS. You’re not supposed to mention this in salespages, due to paypal policies, but in reviews it’s ok. This offers 100% commissions.

Buying Incentives

So… you have a site, and you have a product on that site – and perhaps you’re even making sales. Now you want to increase those sales.

There’s a lot of obfuscation and plain BS in Internet Marketing, but only one thing counts, and that is profit. Simply put, your sales price minus your overheads. Or: Profit = Sales * (Price – Costs). You could go further,  such as as Sales = Visitors * Conversion Rate, but that just complicates things…

All you need to know is profit can be altered by a number of variables. You can increase the price of your product, you can increase the number of sales, or you can cut your overheads.

Here, I’m discussing increasing sales. And again, a number of variables come into play. You can increase the raw number of people who visit your site, which involves promotion (discussed elsewhere) or you can increase your “conversion rate”, which involves getting more of the people who do visit to buy your product.

When it comes down to it, marketing is simple, juggling figures, and I’ve talked about it before. But in this post I’m specifically going to talk about increasing your sales by increasing your conversion rate by using incentives.

Incentives are little tricks and tactics that can help urge a visitor to buy your product. You’ll have seen many in action yourself, and perhaps become jaded to them, but if you do come across a sales page using them make sure to make a note so you can copy it for yourself. Look to what works in the real world – after all, if others are doing it, perhaps you should to.

1. Reduced Stock

This simply means you only have x number of copies to sell. You can do this honestly, by using a script that counts down as each sale is made, or alter the salespage manually, or dishonestly by changing the figure every now and then.

And sell-outs are not neccessarily the end. You’ll often see marketers re-offering products due to new additions, refunds, or special events.

2. Increasing Price

By stating the current price is time-limited you can give prospective buyers a little push to urge them to buy, now. Again, automated scripts can do this – especially as “dime sales” – or you can simply increase the price at a set date. Again, it’s not set in stone.

3. Time Limits

By putting a product on sale for a specific time only, you can incentivize people to buy since it simply won’t be available after a certain date.

4. One Offs

Similar to the Time Limit, you can say this product will only be on sale now, and never again.

5. Extra Bonuses

Bonuses can can also influence someone to buy, but ensure they are relevant to your main product. Sometimes bonuses go way over the top, to the extent where they are worth more than the main product, but a well thought out bonus needn’t be too extravagant. You could even include this incentive as a time limited offer or only for x amount of sales.

6. Build The Buzz

By creating a buzz *before* the sale, you can attempt to generate an initial rush to your site. Usually this is accomplished via affiliates who are instructed to market over a certain period, during a pre-launch effort, releasing teasers and hints of what is to come.

7. Enforced Delays

Combined with the buzz, a deliberate delay can also help build anticipation for your offer. It’s debatable whether this works well, but it does give those who miss your original “deadline” a chance to jump in.

8. Early Adoption

For your new whizz-bang technique you’re promoting why not keep pushing the idea that “early adopters” will benefit most? This may help those sitting on the fence to come aboard so they don’t lose out later.

9. Page Elements

Various page features have been used over the years to get people to buy, but overuse can also turn them away. These include floating boxes (an evolution of the humble pop-in), on-page incentives such as discount codes or bonus codes, on-page ads such as corner or ribbon ads, or even a signup box with the promise of a discount. Don’t disregard the e-mail address, a followup message or two can help that initial ditherer take the plunge.

10. Exit Blocks

Again, these can annoy the visitor but catching someone as they leave your page without buying can garner a few more sales. Originally it was simply a popup box with a “Wait!” type message, but now you often see fake live message boxes offering further discounts. Or even a continuous cycle of cut-down packages and consequently lower prices.

As you can see many of these techniques can be combined on your sales page, and many have the problem of turning away potential sales rather than attracting them. It’s down to the individual to test these various methods to see what works. As they become commonplace, their effectiveness is reduced, but especially outside the usual IM markets they can work well.

Happy selling!

Traffic Techniques Master List

I’ve updated the Traffic Tips page at this site, so it’s in the new design and re-written. This is basically my master sheet of traffic generation methods. It’s every method that works, all on one page.

So if I get asked “How Do I Promote My Site” again, I can just point that person right there.

Seriously, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about driving traffic to your site. Although there are a myriad of more specific techniques, such as those that work for one specific service, or those that work for one obscure niche everything really falls into one of the categories here:

Traffic Tips

I’ve kept that page as clean and informative as possible and I’ll update as the need arises, so if you want to point your visitors somewhere for traffic tips, consider mine (hint).

I was going to make that into a blog post, but that would bring all of the rest of the blog (sidebars, etc) with it. And I really wanted it to be clean and quick loading for those that need it.

Traffic Tip: Tell A Friend

Tell A Friend systems have been around for a while, and the process is deceptively simple: the visitor recommends your site to his/her contacts.

This is a very powerful concept: It’s social marketing, to the nth degree. It can mean 2,3,4 or any visitors to your site per visitor that arrives. It can literally multiply your traffic.

Of course, not everyone will recommend their friends, so that is where an ethical bribe or two can come into play. For recommending, the visitor will receive a gift or bonus from you.

You can even direct new visitors to a special welcome page, with even more gifts, and ask them to refer their visitors too!

So this not just social marketing, it’s viral marketing.

While tell a friend boxes used to be prevalent on websites in the early days they’ve fallen into disuse lately. There is no good reason for this, yet it means the idea is not oversaturated. More chance for you!

There are various tell a friend scripts available, for free and for a fee, and there are also some commercial offerings. In fact, I’ve just come across a brand new program that does all of the above along with many more unique features. How about automatically importing the users address book for starters… Imagine the possibilities there.

Beware untried scripts: Some years ago I installed a “free” tell-a-friend at my site, and while it worked a dream it later became spyware, and tried to install more spyware and spawn popups on my visitors. The same thing happened with an exit-exchange I used at the time.

I’ll post a review of the new system soon. But this is a very useful traffic generation method you should be using on your website.

Update: As mentioned by Sean in the comments below, there’s a cool widget for wordpress, which I’ve started using. Roll over the button to see it in action :)

Parasite Piggyback Traffic

I’ve just come across a useful traffic strategy called “Parasite Hosting”. It’s actually something I’ve been doing for a while, but that term describes it well. The idea is you can piggyback the traffic from major sites and direct it to your own.

There are many, many sites you can be a parasite on. In fact, any site that will host your pages. Here’s some popular ones:


…and hundreds more!

You may already have noticed how it works. Each of those sites have been ranked highly by Google, Alexa etc and can help you in a number of ways:

1. Linking to your own site from them to increase your pagerank. These backlinks are from authority sites.

2. Direct traffic from the users and fans of the services themselves.

3. The ability to create strong keyword-based pages on them, to help with organic SEO.

So if you create a hubpage, squidoo lense, Blogger blog, and WordPress blog on your choosen subject, you can put content there and also link back to your own site.

For example, if your site has movie reviews, you can create sattelite sites on as many parasite hosts as you can find. Each of these will be a movie-related theme, and each of them will link to each other, and to your own site.

If done correctly Google won’t mind. Just as long as you provide real content for the end user.

I’ve just bought the rights to a couple of products than can help you find and utilise these sites for driving traffic to your own. The first is “Taking Advantage Of Parasite Hosting” which is a full guide to this strategy, along with 13 Videos illustrating and explaining the concept. This also contains details of the best hosts to use, what content to put on them, and how to utilise the traffic-building potential to it’s utmost.

The second is “Profiting After The Sale” – a great guide to increasing the income you can generate from each main sale you make.

I’ve also thrown in a free copy of the 5-Minute Traffic Tip, since it really is a pretty cool technique in it’s own right :)

All three for only $7 — and that’s with full Master Resale Rights!

You don’t need this guide. This post outlines the tactic, so you can you try it yourself. But having everything in front of you in a PDF and Video form will certainly help you understand how powerful this underrated technique is.

Traffic Tools Pack

Brett Ingram has just released his new Web Traffic package.

This is a collection of tools that can help you increase the traffic to your web pages, in many unique and interesting ways. And, since traffic = profits , this is a very useful collection.

There are 15 products included in total, such as:

Give-A-Tron – How to get happy subscribers.
Intelligent 404 – Put your error pages to work
Exit Feedback Trapper – Interesting take on exit-traffic
PR Ninja – Boost your PageRank
SEO Spider – Essential competitor research
Content Clamp – Squeeze content!
Squeeze Buzz – Squeeze page maestro

Plus: a selection of top guides on List Building, Advertising and S.E.O. , the Multi Media Autoresponder software, and much more.

To see the full contents and to grab your copy, please click below:

Web Traffic Tools

(And… Shhh! …. Brett is offering 100% Commissions!)

Manipulating The Social Networks

We all know the big social networks can drive massive amounts of traffic to your own site. Unfortunately, for the small site owner, these networks tend to be dominated by big players.

The effect of the networks tend to snowball: traffic drives even more traffic. For example, the more stumbles or diggs you have, the more votes you will get.

The usual advice rarely works. Get in first with a big story, break news yourself, or have a unique page that will tweak the interest of the notorious fickle internet browsing crowd.

Luckily, there is a way to start the process off, and grab yourself a few diggs or stumbles. Swap votes with other people!

The idea is simple. In exchange for voting for someone elses site, they will vote for you.

Technically, this is an abuse of the system. The sites are supposed to rank popular pages higher, but in reality the system is already flawed. Popular sites will always rank high no matter what the content.

Here’s some sites you might want to try to get those all important first votes, and get your page rolling. These are either forums, or automated exchange services.

Please, Please, Please: Do NOT use these sites to submit spammy articles and links. I’ve listed these to help you get genuine, useful content into the systems.

The big networks that drive the most traffic are Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit . and most exchange sites work with these. Other networks that are often used include Yahoo Buzz, Propeller, Mixx, Technorati, Furl and Delicious.

If you want to promote a post or page, you can also include Digg, Stumble, or whatever buttons on the post to encourage visitors to vote. You can also arrange single exchanges yourself, in the popular forums covering marketing and seo topics, such as Digitalpoint. Just post your site and ask for votes.

SU Exchange
Social Traffic Exchange
Firestorm Forum
Social Exchanger
The Links Exchange
Stumble Swap
SU Magic
Trade Stumbles
Entrecard’s Forums

The Link Back Project

Forum Finder

Blog Engage – is a “diggg-a-like” that actively encourages bloggers to share comments, visits, etc.

Let me know of any others in the comments, and I’ll add them to the list.

Stomping The Search Engines 2

A Full Review, Details and How To Get It – For Free! Bonus Included.

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is the follow up to the product that first turned the Stompernet guys (Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon) into megastars. This time around, they’ve moved on from the originals CD format and now present a full DVD – and the launch of a brand new magazine.

Four years ago Stomping 1 was perhaps the biggest selling SEO product – ever. Now, Stomping The Search Engines 2 is destined to make even more online millionaires than the original.

As the title suggests, this is about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. STSE2 details the current methods used to get your site a good ranking. After all, if you are the top result for a good keyphrase in the natural-search listings at sites like Google you can literally write your own cheque.


There are actually two DVDs because you also get a copy of the original STSE. Remember, that sold thousands of copies at $300 a time !

Once you put the DVD into your PC it will launch into a videoplayer, giving you access to all the videos in the product. It starts with an overview of the pros and cons of SEO.

There are 7 modules, 36 videos in all. The introduction section kicks off short-term tactics you can use, and a look at what they call “agressive white hat” SEO. Then it moves on to discussions of the actual technology behind the major the major search engines, before it gets to the really juicy stuff.

For example, the videos on keywords and content structure will really open your eyes to how to properly design a website destined for high rankings, as will the shows about optimizing your site content, and your site structure.

Don’t worry if all this sounds a bit techy. The presentation is easy to follow!

By the time we’ve passed through the all important linking and promotion section, we’re well on our way to become search engine guru’s ourselves :-)

The final section may be the most important: measuring results, and tweaking your site(s) to improve them. After all, we can’t remain stationary – someone else may make a play for our enviable top ranks…

This is only an overview of the video content. If you’ve ever seen any of the Stompernet videos that have circulated online, you’ll understand how professional the presentation is, and how informative. It’s information you want – so feel free to take notes, pause or rewind where neccessary, or (as I did) jot down the times of interesting sections in the videos so you can revisit.

And once you’ve watched all the videos (first time around, anyway – I’m sure you’ll revisit them) be sure to check out the resources on the DVD. You’ll find the Stompernet Directory List (an invaluable links collection) and the Keyword Strategy Guide!

Whatever your current level of expertise STSE2 will help you aim for, and achieve, those high front-page Google listings…

Stomping The Search Engines 2

Other things I’ve picked up from these videos – in no particular order:

How to avoid accidental duplicate content
What you can get penalized on by the Search Engines
“Canonicalization” of your content
Don’t use – or trust – Google’s inbound link count
Some “competitiors” may acually be good partners
Target the head – but mine the “long tail”

I could go on, I’m only dipping into a few videos to give you an overview, but you should get the idea.

The Magazine

The new publication, called The Net Effect, is included with STSE2. Remember, this is a physical product, so it’s a hardcopy, printed out professionally for you to read anywhere.

It’s an Internet Marketing magazine that goes above and beyond anything you’ve seen before. You can read it all in one go, or dip in and out – and probably be buzzing with ideas to implement.

In this first issue you’ll find a great article on the “Keyword Heist” technique, 26 Things To Test, Twittering Your Way To Traffic, and much more.

I especially enjoyed reading the Social Media Survival Guide!

This is – again – just an overview of the magazine, there’s a lot more included (“armour-piercing e-mail” anyone?) and you may find the Monthly Action Plan at the end very useful, as it brings everything you’ve learned so far together into a single-page plan to follow. My advice? Photocopy it or cut it out and stick it near your PC.

The Net Effect is designed to keep you up-to-date in the fast moving marketing and SEO world. Let’s face it, how many ebooks or websites do you actually read? Nothing beats a real “hold it in your hand” product. You’ll be looking forward to your snail mail each month :) This is an ongoing monthly journal for high-end SEO and Internet Marketing. A serious trade publication. It’s your business, your livelihood – so make sure you’ve got all the latest information to hand. Insider information from the Stompernet pro’s.

All in all Stomping The Search Engines 2 is an excellent product that is sure to benefit anyone working in the IM field today, whether they are a bedroom dabbler, or head of a company.

You already know the best part – it’s hardly a secret.


And not just the “free” you see bandied about a lot in marketing campaigns. STSE2 is a very real $497 product, and “The Net Effect” magazine is worth $39 monthly…

The cat is now out of the proverbial bag. Get over to the website and claim your copy, before the Stompernet guys come to their senses!

Stomping The Search Engines 2

The page above is a good example of the professionalism of these guys. Look at the video, read the details, and get stoked up with what you could achieve. This is not some $7 screen-capture video product. This is not some re-hashed ebook. This is a very real SEO course especially designed for Internet Marketers, the people who really know how to make their livings online.

Once you decide to order at the above link, drop me a note via the support desk and I’ll send you a free bonus — even though STSE2 is free in itself…

P.S. Because the launch was delayed slightly due to demand the Stompernet guys have promised some special bonuses themselves as a “sorry” so be sure to check the link above to see what extras you get – above and beyond the review copy I’ve looked at here!

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