Fake ClickBank “Proof Of Earnings”

Here’s an interesting post over at the RichHermit Blog:


I always take “proof of earnings” with a pinch of salt, especially if I don’t know the seller. First, there’s no way to show the earnings are real (as above) and second, even if they are there’s now way to prove that the earnings accumulated are from the system the system the seller is peddling. They could have been made through some other process…


Important Google AdWords Changes

Google has made some important changes to it’s Adwords algorithms. Basically, sites that provide a `poor customer experience` have to pay much more for they clicks. Advertisers who used to pay 4 or 5c a click now find themselves needing almost 50c for a top-slot! Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and the like are the main offenders.

Read this report from Affiliate Classroom for more information on the issue.


Resell Rights Bargains – Roundup

Over the past few weeks I’ve occassionaly offered low-price products ($20 or less) you can promote and/or resell – just to say “thanks” and to give you a quick little boost.

Instant CD Products VideoBook (Louis Allport) – Less than $10

Impact Web Audio (Tool) – $9.99

Subscriber Seduction Secrets – Locked in at $17

Membership To The List FX (Audio, Video and Transcripts) – $10

10 Easy Website Programming Tricks (VideoBook) – $9

Following The Guru – $7.77

5 New Private Label Books and Bonuses – $19.99

Publishing For Profit
Just released – around $10 but the price is raising every hour.

Mini Ebook Goldmine – $9.99

Sonic├é┬áRedirect – $9

“Instant Author” Private Label Pack – Locked price at $17.40

Traffic Equation – $5

Google Traffic – $9

Web VIdeo Tactics – $15

10 Adsense Sites and Bonus Tools – Locked at $19.50

Instant AdSense Cash – $4.95

Normal service will resume shortly :-) If you are interested in any bargain product take action now. $27-$97 is the normal pricerange for marketing ebooks and resell-rights packages so the links above are great Value For Money. Unfortunately, we can’t offer them too often since it literally ruins our bottom-line profits. Grab them while you can!


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