Right-Click Protection

Protect your site from the Right Click thieves!

Stop your text, graphics and download links being stolen !


Brand new software tool can protect your downloads and add a “sneaky” income/traffic stream to your site. Try it out above.

This can be incorporated into any site. As you’ll see from the example – even a “thief” can be turned to your advantage…


Instant Cash Payouts

Here’s the popular “Instant Cash Payouts” that’s doing the rounds…


This is subtitled “How To Pump Out Hot Little Ebooks That Sell Like Crazy” and that about says it all.

This is a proven business model, and one that’s working well for many.

With this eBook/Course you’ll get:

The $7 Secrets Script/Book included
MP3 Audios
The Instant Cash Payouts Book

Only $7 and 100% Commissions – Grab it today!


Autoresponder Script

Do you want your own Autoresponder on your site?

Do you want full control of your list building, email sending, ecourses and all the great uses for an Autoresponder – without relying on a third party service?

And do you want this without the expense of the industry “standards”?

You’re in luck –

Here’s a great Autoresponder Script you can own for only $7!

Having your own Autoresponder is essential to your online business. You can use it to capture email addresses, automate delivery of emails in sequence, send ecourses, send product download details, and much more. Once installed at your site, it’s truly automatic and something you’ll come to rely on.

This Autoresponder is a full MultiMedia Autoresponder – meaning you can send text, web pages, Audio, Video or almost anything to your recipients inbox!

Grab it today – Click Here


Easy Blog Traffic

“Easy Blog Traffic” contains a lot of great content, especially for the $7 asking price.

You’ll get:

Insider Interview with a Blog Traffic King
The “3C” Method
Blog Traffic Videos
Blog Traffic Special Report
Blog Profit Report

That’s 2 Interviews, 12 Video Tutorials and 120 Pages of pure content!

PLUS: You can earn 100% commissions with the instantpay affiliate program.

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your Blog, as 95% of Blog owners do, this is well worth a look…



Ebay Fortune Pack

Ebay is Brilliant! The first bucks I ever made online were with eBay. And whenever anyone ever asks me for advice on starting out, I always say to start there.

Ebay Rocks.

Ebay is a ready made market of millions, all in a buying mood, for every niche under the sun.

You can sell new, used, digital, or any kind of goods you can think of.

For marketers, it’s a place to try out new products, and new markets. To build lists. To drive traffic. To “seed” products.

So… you need to look at this:


That’s the new Ebay Fortune package from DimeSaleDollars. It’s around $5.55 right now.

For that you’ll get two new eBay packages with Private Label Rights, plus a bonus pack of five further complimentary products.

It’s literally everything you need to get started with eBay! And don’t forget that little fact that the main two guides are Private Label. You can do whatever you’d like with those – right up to making your OWN product.

The price is rising, so don’t delay. Grab your eBay pack today:


Unstoppable Traffic 101

Here’s a popular book that’s recently been launched from Aurelius Tjin.

It’s called “Unstoppable Traffic 101″ and it does exactly what it says on the cover.

Right Now, you can grab this for just $5 !

This book covers a wealth of traffic building techniques, including:

The Three Kinds of traffic you need
What you need to do *first*
On and Off page SEO
5 Ways to Low Cost techniques
Why Blogs work so well
Four more ways to a Traffic Stampede

$5… from this link:


P.S. Just added a bunch of bonus reports!



Do you need a quick way to make your site stand out amongst a list of bookmarks or favourites?

Simple – just get yourself a Fave Icon !

For more information read:


This book is only $7 and covers everything you’d ever want to know about Favicons, including the software to use, image details, logos, how to add them to your site, and much more.

You can earn 100% commissions here.


The Pill Gates Manual

I just had an e-mail from Jo Han Mok about this…

He writes about a reclusive multi-millionaire he calls “Pill Gates” because he’s made his fortune from the health supplement market.

The figures are frankly mind-boggling. Just take a look at the samples on this web page:


The lowest amount, yes – the lowest – was $457,000

While I’m not suggesting you or I can do this, surely his methods and his thinking have to be looked at – right?

After all, if you only learn ONE thing from this book that opens your mind, it’s a worthwhile investment.

And what an investment: Just $9.97!


AND you can earn 100% Commissions.

This is not your regular ebook, rebranded PLR or Dimesale product. This is information from another level.

Grab it today:


(I simply LOVE this webpage, NOT your regular sales pitch :-) )

Apparently, Jo Han is only releasing this in ebook format because of a side-bet with the reclusive “pill” who claims eBooks don’t work. If you look at one site today, make it this, and at least appreciate the  balls-out boldness of it…


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