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Stomping The Search Engines 2 is now available again, and to celebrate the Stompernet guys are releasing some highly informative videos about various SEO subjects. These are like the “Going Natural” videos released a while back, and again they are 100% free, but change regularly.

This time around the vid is from Dan Thries and shows you interesting things like how to get on Google’s “secret” update list – where they’ll tell you of any algorithm changes to search results. And they show you how to use images on your site to help alter your pagerank. Plus: How to reverse engineer various search engine features!

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is again available with a $1 Trial Offer that includes a subscription to the “Net Effect” magazine. This sold out pretty quickly first time around, but the guys promise there’s no rush this time!

Please note you do not have to buy the package to see the video. The video is part of the sales page, right at the top, and once you get past the few seconds of Stompernet stuff it’s information all the way.

Inside The Herd Mind

Here’s an interesting, unique report that I have had the pleasure of reading. It’s called “Herd Mind Millions” from Wes Blaylock.

Wes’s guide shows you how you can profit from simple human nature – the way in which people like to follow, or copy, other people. It’s how almost every million dollar company operates – and you can too!

The Herd Mind can be thought of as common knowledge, or the ability for people to act like sheep. It’s the collective consciousness, and if you can appeal to that you can write your own check. Think of any important brand or product, and you’ll soon be half way there to understanding this phenomenon.

As he says – if you can tap into the herd mind, you can practically make buying decisions FOR your customers… To put this into practice, to try for yourself, you don’t even need your own product, much time to get started, or even much money.


  • How to make people mad, and even get money from it.
  • The real thing that people want to buy.
  • Who is in the Herd Mind – and how to benefit from it.
  • How to get people to refer others to you, easily.
  • Become a leader or authority.
  • Make your products contagious,
  • and much more!

Special Offer:

Currently, “Herd Mind Millions” comes with “Convert More Visitors” and “JV Simple System” absolutely free.

And the entire package is priced to be very affordable indeed – (go check, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised). Plus: You can get 100% commissions!

Herd Mind Millions

Review: The Conduit Method

This is a product from called “VIP Confessions: The Conduit Method”.

It’s the kind of report that I love. Short on hype, long on fact – and it gives you a system and strategy that you can follow with real world examples.

You know there are many overpriced products in the Internet Marketing world and a lot of them are style over substance. What I like to find are realistic reports, that are rich in facts, include something that will work and is something that can help me increase my profits — or even start a whole new income stream itself. In short: This is a bargain.

This is a SIMPLE strategy. It’s LEVERAGED – so you are working off the efforts of others. And it’s about Affiliate Marketing specifically.

The Conduit Method relies on the fact most people looking to buy a product online already know what it is they want. And it’s your job to step in and offer it – in the simplest way possible.

I’m pretty excited about the ideas in the Conduit Method. I’m going to try my hand at the specific type of site it tells you about right away – and it won’t take me long…

Here’s an example of the power of this simple system, from the report:

Chris Rempel (the Author) made $5.061 in Commissions from a 12-Page site with PR0 with just 4,151 unique visitors.


The Conduit Method is available at the link below, for only $14.95

The Conduit Method Report

P.S. This now comes with two videos describing the process and showing examples in more detail. The links to the videos are in your download package.

P.P.S. 100% Commissions on offer here, too.

Quick Links

( If you’re looking for  the $5 Traffic Review – It’s the next post [Click Here] – posted wrong link in the mailout )

You may have noticed I’ve started using Twitter to post small, quick links. These appear at the very top of this blog’s homepage, and you can also follow me at:

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the interesting sites I’ve linked lately:

1. You can get a free, full merchant account and start accepting Credit Cards from IPowerPay. This seems to be for US residents only, but if you want to accept payments without having to use paypal/clickbank etc. this is an awesome deal.

2. Here’s a fun website: Greedy People. Basically, this asks the question “What would you do for money?” and people post all kinds of serious and not-so-serious offers here.

3. Free Book from Harvey Seagal: The Ultimate Supertip. This has a very interesting and powerful income opportunity attached.

4. Commission Blueprint is a new business opportunity that is being promoted heavily right now. It’s an interesting way to promote affiliate products via Google, and the authors claim to have made almost $110,000 in 30 days from one ClickBank product…

5. Free Memberships! First is Membership Millionaire, and we also have MiniSite Profits Exposed

Remember, I’ll be posting many more links like this as and when I find them. You can view them right at this blog, or via the Twitter page as mentioned above.

Mafioso Marketing

There’s a uniquely flavoured package doing the rounds, called “Mafioso Marketing“.

As you can imagine this takes it’s image not too seriously, but the information and tactics it reveals surely are.

This is about Market Domination – about entering your choosen niche and going all out for success.

JD Swanson, the Author, is big on Niches. His tactics are mostly straight forward and ethical, and I’d say that anyone can follow them if they are serious about it. This is not for those who “play around”!

Here’s the best part. Mafioso Marketing usually costs $77 at ClickBank and the main site (go check if you don’t believe me). But… at the following link, you’ll find it for just $27 – a massive fifty-buck saving (until April 30th).

Mafioso Marketing

At the original price this is an excellent guide for those who are determined to succeed. At the new offer, it’s a no-brainer.

You’ll also get the “Lost Chapters”, even more information on the Mafioso Marketing Mindset, Creating Products, Membership Sites and much more. A valuable bonus.

Choose your niche and start taking over – Mafia style …

Mafioso Marketing $50 Discount

*100% Affiliate Program Included 

Website Marketing 101

Here’s a very good article from the site called “Marketing 101″. If you’re just starting out or looking for some inspiration, give it a read for some useful advice and a good overview about creating a money-making website.

This one-page guide also links out to many other more in depth articles, making it a paricuarly good starting point. It covers everything from finding what sells through to promoting your finished site.

There are some commercial links and plugs for’s writing services, but overall this is an excellent, uncluttered and tip-tastic read! 

A Powerhouse of Knowledge

The “Warrior Forum” is a very popular message board where online marketers of all kinds share tips, tactics, information, strategies and advice. It was originally started by Allen Says as a paid membership site, but now the forum is open to all. The people who hang out here can help critique your site or business plan, provide special offers, and give away articles, ebooks and software. You’ll recognise many of the names there – many are VERY successful in their fields.

But as with any forum you can sometimes get lost if you’re just browsing or feel as if you’ve just entered some chummy, exclusive club. That’s where this site – Warrior Top Posts – comes into it’s own.

Basically, this is just a collection of the top threads found at the forum, both old and new. If you have a spare moment you can happily lose yourself there reading through the various topics. There’s literally everything there: from finding a Niche, to developing a site, to monetizing an exising site, right through to more general subjects as beginners guides and more specialised ones such as search-engine tricks, eBay and more.
This is a great place to find out what is really working for various folk around the web. Highly recommended!

Traffic Hybrid – Save $10 !

Note: The following link saves you $10 on the price of the new “Traffic Hybrid” System. Instead of paying $27 for this valuable and profitable information, you’ll only pay $27. This discount will appear once you click the order button – ignore the salespage which lists the original price.

Traffic Hybrid is a new system that literally mixes and matches the worlds of paid and free traffic. It’s the best of both worlds.

It’s Fast, Scalable, Lazy, Stable, Sustainable and … SAFE

This system involves getting other people to post on your industry forums, but with your links. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that – which is why you’ll need this guide for this unique and highly interesting system.

This guide is literally jam packed with information on finding the biggest and best forums, posting to them correctly, formatting and writing your “sig” files, and actually getting other people to the legwork for you!

It’s not often something comes along with a neat twist like this marvelous guide. And for $17 (with my discount link) you can’t go wrong.

Traffic is everything in this business: grab your share!

Traffic Hybrid System

Discount Link

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing is the ideal entry to Internet Marketing in general. After all, it’s the fairest system around: You promote the product, and you get a share of the profits. And that’s without having to stock, host, or support the product yourself…

1. First ensure that the product you choose to promote is paying you enough for the job. I’d say ensure the commission is at least 50%. The exception is the “bulk” type programs, such as perhaps eBay or Amazon, which only pay a small percentage but this can be made up in the sheer number of opportunities to sell.

2. Only promote products where you already have existing experience or at least an interest. If you have a site or list that covers a certain area, then this is easy. If you don’t that’s no problem, but having some knowledge of the products niche will help you find the right places to promote and allow you to get your enthusiasm across – and thus make those sales.

3. Don’t just use the ads, graphics, templates etc that come with the product to help you promote it. Think outside the box and create your own materials to help you stand out from the crowd.

4. If you rely on Pay Per Click or paid-advertising to promote the product, ensure you direct this traffic to your own landing page so you can (a) use your own URL and (b) capture the e-mail address of this visitor.

5. Try many different methods to promote the product, including Social Bookmarking, Writing Articles, Blog Posts, Offline Advertising (flyers, business cards, shop-window ads, newspaper ads), and more.

6. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Search for the product you are promoting, and figure out these other sites and doing business – then outdo them! A tool like the free SpyFu can greatly assist in this.


If you want a great starter pack of Affiliate eBooks, Videos, Audios, Tools and more try this amazing collection for only $10. Includes everything you need to master the (profitable) art of Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing Package

Toolkit and Bloggers Adsense Guide

Internet Marketing Toolkit -and-
Blogger Adsense Guide

Dimesale: Currently $7 and Rising…

The new Dimesale Dollars this week is a great offer that includes the full “Internet Marketing Toolkit” from Daniel McGonagle (with Audio and Video) and the excellent “Bloggers Adsense Guide”.

I don’t have the room to show you everything in these two products, so I urge you ot visit the URL shown above.

This special double-pack can be promoted for 100% Commissions and you can also sell the items yourself, individually or packaged.

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