Warning – This Advanced SEO Technique is… Fake?

The StomperNet guys stay on the cutting edge of SEO, and even in this fast moving world they tend to know what works.

So please watch this important video.

This new video is from Leslie Rohde. If you don’t know who Leslie is, let me just give you the quick description:

In 2002, Leslie was the very first person to advance the idea that Search Rankings could be affected by using the text in links that point to a page.

…Yeah, THAT Leslie Rohde.

Since he’s an SEO Engineer, and a StomperNet Faculty Member, I figure this video is going to cause trouble. Lots of trouble.

Just a quick note: When we were trying to figure out the
subject line for this email, one of our staff suggested:

“You can’t spell Bul**h*t” in SEO without LSI”. That’s how
controversial this video is.

(Believe me, I was tempted. :) )

LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. In 2006, Google
filed a whole bunch of patents that led a LOT of SEO folks to
believe that LSI was in FULL FORCE and EFFECT at Google.

(Too bad NONE of those patents were actually about LSI – they
just LOOKED like they were.)

No matter.

In this video, Leslie will PROVE to you that LSI is NOT having any effect on your Search Rankings. Which means, if you’ve been struggling to get Rankings on Google because you’ve been chasing LSI – STOP.

Do this instead: Leslie is going talk about an SEO Strategy that
you ARE going to want to know about…

…It’s called “Referential Integrity”, or “RI” for short.

Yes, this New Video marks the beginning of the SIXTH series of
StomperNet’s famous Going Natural Videos. (I heard a rumor they’re re-opening their awesome Stomping the Search Engines 2 and Net Effect Journal for just $1!)

If you want to stop wasting time on SEO and only getting
mediocre rankings, then you need to watch this video – more SEO Video Goodness from StomperNet.

P.S. You’re not gonna like the ending. But you really should opt in and see the 2nd part of the video. And if you opt-in, they’ll also send you a 7-part report from Jerry West called The 7 Deadly SEO Mistakes.

Opportunity.com coming back?

It seems John Reese is relaunching Opportunity.com

Back in the day, I was a member of the original opportunity.com which was then used mainly as a redirect service. Because I’m too lazy to change them, I daresay I still have opportunity.com links floating around the web :-) I wonder how much traffic he gets from these old links.

But that was the past. This new opportunity.com is going to be an exciting affiliate-program oriented site. It’s not going to be ready until March 7th but John has a very intriguing video up there, which you can see for free.

It’s about “Affiliate Commission Engines” – and how you can build as many of these as you want to service niche markets of all shapes and sizes.

I’ll have more on opportunity.com when the time comes but for now you can see that video here:

Opportunity.Com Affiliate Commission Engines

7 Days To Profits Anti-Salespage & Purple Elephants

7 Day Profit System Ok. There’s this product – 7 Days To Profits – from David Bullock. At first glance it’s your usual Internet Marketing “system” that promises you the earth, and that may or may not work for you. That’s alright, it’s how most of these things work.

But start looking at the salespage… It’s almost an “anti salespage”. It’s clean, crisp, and looks good – but read that copy!

“Prepare to be blown away!” it says, followed by “Ok. I had to fill you with you BS there”. And “You already know how to do this!”. It’s refreshing, as sales pages go. Quite funny, with a little story about making his brother his guinea-pig in this system and dotted with little footnotes throughout. Sorry to keep on about the salespage but when you’ve looked at as many as I have the gems shine through. Of course, this all part of the ploy to keep you reading but what the heck, who says a salespage can’t be entertaining too?

Anyway – back to the product. This contains a mixture of video and bonus ebooks, all aimed at helping you dominate the niche(s) of your choice. The way it does this is by using sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages and Article Directories to build up the content for the niche of your choice, then monetize it via a variety of means.

This is proven stuff – but it’s nice to have it all in one place and it will help you make money. It doesn’t claim to be anything “new” (what is?) but the presentation is top-notch and if you haven’t tried this kind of marketing before this package is as good as it gets. It’s important you remember that this does work and it’s not some head-in-the-clouds idea you see so often these days.

The videos total almost 40 mins. Then there’s the e-books.

Guru Commission Stealer – horrible name, but interesting idea.

Squidoo Blueprint – a popular book about using Squidoo. You may already have a copy, it was everywhere once, but if not it’s a nice addition.

All in all a very nice package that will either show you a new technique you haven’t tried and give you the push to try it, or shows you something you already know but in a nice way – depending on experience.

[note]Don’t forget the purple elephant I mentioned in the post title.

Click the elephant image at the end of the salespage for an instant $10 discount![/note]

Rating: 8 / 10 – An excellent guide to using content and third party sites to dominate your niche.

7 Days To Profits

PS. You’re not supposed to mention this in salespages, due to paypal policies, but in reviews it’s ok. This offers 100% commissions.

Quick DimeSale Offer

I haven’t seen a good Dimesale in a while, they were all the rage once since the longer you wait to buy, the higher the price raises. It was a good gimmick, a great “call to action” that you don’t really see outside of the IM industry.

But Greg Lloyd of DimeSale Dollars runs these all the time, so here’s a quick plug for his latest. Because for what you pay, you get an awful lot!

He’s put together a massive collection of video training packages ready for you to either watch and learn from, or profit from. Or of course – both :)

The webpage says it all, so I’d rather you spend a few minutes just browsing that, but in summary today’s offer is:

1. WordPress Advanced Training

I’m a big WordPress fan, and even though I think it’s the most user-friendly blog platform out there I think that everyone will benefit from the 10 videos here. You’ll discover interesting techniques including auto-blogging, desktop blogging, and using your RSS/Feed to your advantage.

2. Article Marketing Made Easy

Another great selection, takes you through the steps of writing (or even avoiding writing them at all) right through to publishing and getting traffic from your articles. Six videos explain it all.

3. Make the most of Hot Trends

I’ve mentioned using Trends before for targetting some quick popular searches, but these 10 videos and 44 page report show you how to put it all into action, from as little as 30 minutes a day.

Bonus: PLR Vids

Includes: 1 hr 20 mins of extras, such as Branding Videos, Live Help Desk, and more.

As I write this it’s around the $5.40 mark for the whole lot, BUT the price goes up by 5c every hour…

Remember, 100% Commissions if you promote, or some serious wealth potentional if you put what you learn into practice :)

Greg runs these sales every week. To see all past promo’s, try this link.

I’m not always a big fan of video based training, especially screen capture ones, but for some folk it works wonders. But you can’t argue about the price here – and if it even helps you one little step to getting your own blog up and running, your own article empire started, or finding your own trend-based hot niches then this is one tiny investment you can’t afford to miss.

Immediate Cash Infusion – Free Videos

This video series is intended to show people how they can use the Internet to make some cash, quickly. They’re intended to help those who have perhaps lost their jobs or their income during these troubled times.

To many existing marketers, they may seem a little simplistic – but if you’re struggling to get anywhere online, through no fault of your own, this could be something that will kickstart your efforts.

You can start watching the videos right now, at this link:


I don’t want to spoil the content for you, but it relates to jumping on the Google Trends bandwagon. See what’s hot right now, see what sites are serving it, and then do it for yourself.

They’ll play online or you can download them. If you want them for your own site, or to make a product, the private label rights are only $5.

Stomping The Search Engines 2: Better Than Free!

I know I said I wouldn’t mention STSE2 any more, but I couldn’t resist – because the next stage of the incredible offer is now live.

Instead of “just” getting the Stomping The Search Engines 2 DVD and a trial issue of the new “Net Effect” magazine for free, the guys are now throwing in over $10,000 worth of bonuses!

Ok. Reality Check Time. We all know these bonuses are mainly there to help sweeten the deal, and are provided for free by marketers as it’s exposure of them. It’s probably safe to say no-one in their right mind would actually pay $10,000 for this lot, either. Even though that is what it would cost were you to buy them individually. Some of these products were originally $2,000 + seminars and similiar, which is where the cost comes from. But hey – the content still rocks! In fact, many of the bonuses such as those by Rich Schefren are part of their own main businesses.

Since STSE2 is truly an awesome deal these bonuses are just the icing on the cake. If you were planning to get a copy anyway (please do!) then the extras now on offer should be a welcome gift. And if you were sitting on the fence, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge.

Remember: You only pay P&P. You get the full twin DVD pack, plus the issue of “Net Effect”. And now the bonuses!

Go to the webpage for this offer and watch the first video to see what you’ll get.

These bonuses won’t last. It’s only for the limited promotion (until Sep 15th). They all compliment the core ideals of Stompernet and mainly consist of training material you can put to choice right now.

So if you want some top-notch bonuses, on a free product, take advantage today.

Bonuses include:

Jeff Johnson’s own SEO Videos from his high-priced workshop.
Eben Pagen’s Copywriting and Persuasion training.
A Month with Ed Dale :)
Brad Callen’s Article Submitter Gold.
Shawn Casey’s Super Affiliate masterclass.
Yanik Silver’s “Underground Secret Society Dossier”

And much more. I won’t go on (watch the video for all the contents) but you should note from this quick review two main facts:

1. Stomping The Search Engines 2 is Free, apart from a small P&P. You can choose to cancel “The Net Effect” right away if that is what you wish.

2. The bonuses end on Sep 15th. These are NOT your average bundled-in ebooks. These are full courses, seminars, and training materials.

Go here for the videos, and to claim your copy.

You can read my original review here.

Income From Membership Sites

You’ve probably heard this before: Paid Membership sites are ideal for generating recurring income.

It’s an excellent business model!

The appeal is obvious. Set up a site, and promote as you would any product, but this time you get paid every month that purchaser remains a member.

The main reason it’s not as common as you think is that people tend to think it’s difficult to set up and maintain a flourishing members site.

That’s where this new product comes in. “Membership Income Methodology” is only $9.95 but it’s packed with value.

Find and target niche, and create a Membership site around it. Your site can contain software, interviews, articles, and tutorials. Keep adding valuable content, keep promoting, and maybe include an affiliate program to really get those new members flooding in.

This product is a full video course on running and maintaining a Membership Site. It covers everything from finding your niche, choosing a model, using the right scripts, creating the content, getting the new members, and much more.

Membership Income Methodology

Even at this low price there’s still some interesting bonuses included, and it’s all ready for you to download right now.

Discover how to really make a Membership Site work – grab this course!

Free Frank Kern Video

Ooohhhh… it’s been – what – over two months since the last post ?

Well, no excuses. I’ve had an “extended break” but now I’m back.

Here’s the first belated post of 2008. And it’s another great video / signup / package from Frank Kern.

Of course Frank is pushing a product here, and you can see he’s building up to a launch, but he’s the master of this kind of thing and even if the information here doesn’t interest you the methodology should.

Here’s the link to “Mass Control”:


The first video should load immediately, but there’s more if you sign up, including the catchingly titled “How To Make Lots Of Money Forever (It’s Working For Me Anyway)”! Come on, the best video title – ever 😀

If you can’t tell yet the videos ARE about list-building, selling, promoting. Basically, where the money is for those of us who do not run massive corporations.

Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you soon.


Squeeze Video Pages

20 Video Squeeze Templates

Video is popping up everywhere, so if you want to use it’s magnetic pull to attract subscribers why not consider using one of these ready made templates:


These are attractive, powerful templates you can use to save yourself tons of time.

There are a few stiles in many colours so I’m sure you’ll be able to use one you like.

And, as a bonus, there’s a pretty cool video tutorial on using Nvu (the fr.ee Web Editor software I’ve recommended before). Almost worth the purchase alone.

These are less than ten bucks for the whole lot, and you’ll get 100% commissions if you’d like to promote.

Internet Marketing… Ambush!

Internet Marketing… Ambush!

Watch in full glorious video as Ian Del Carmen hijacks a ton of top Marketer’s, put’s them on the spot, and steals their best ideas!. By turns, unique, serious and funny this is great entertainment as well as a learning experience.

Because people like Mike Filsaime, Ewen Chia, Edmund Loh, Tom Beal, Frank Bauer, Aurelius Tjin, James Allen, Kevin Riley, James Brown, Dylan Loh, Bob Bastian, Jahn A. and many more are, literally, “put on the spot” the truth is revealed…

This is episode 1, and hopefully we’ll see more. Enjoy!


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