Finding Your Niche

Back To Basics Part 2: Finding Your Niche

The introduction to this series can be found here

A “niche” can be any specific category you aim to market. For example, model cars is one, so is fishing, holidays to tenerife, brain training, the bridges of London, and of course – Internet Marketing.

You can go ahead and start to build a web presence around anything you wish… but you should really take a moment to think about a few key points.

1. Experience and Interest

If the subject you are going to tackle is of no interest to you, why bother starting? You will soon stall due to a lack of interest on your part. It also helps if you have some experience in that subject but that is not necessarily a requirement.

If, for example, you are a plasterer, or a policeman, a traffic warden, or an accountant – you have experience in those and related subjects. If your hobby is fishing, or stamp collecting, or you’re an avid historian, or a big fan of 1960s art decor – then those are other niches you can tackle.

It helps if you have experience or an interest in any niche you decide to tackle, but I repeat – not a necessity. If you happen to discover a hot topic you can learn as you go.

2. Other Peoples Interest

This point is more important. If no-one else is interested in your chosen niche then there is no money to be made. It’s that simple. If you spend a long time researching and developing a site that is TOO niche you’re heading for a dead end. Sometimes you can go more general, and cover your interest as a sub-niche, but otherwise just don’t bother.

For example: If you have a burning desire to create a site about an obscure 1900’s silent-era movie star but most people have forgotten him, why not create a more general site about the silent movie era instead, covering that star on a sub page.

3. Competition

If the niche you chose has a wide interest, but there are hundreds of sites targetting the same niche, you will have a lot more work to do. It’s still possible to succeed by bettering these other sites, or offering something they don’t, but in general it’s worth thinking about first. Some niches are big enough to allow a LOT of competition (think Internet Marketing!).

The ideal niche has a big interest but a low competition. These are hard to come by, so sometimes it’s better to compromise and head for a side niche of some kind. You’re unlikely to make a dent in the Credit Card market – but you could possibly make a go of it in the “how to manage multiple credit cards” or “winning with credit card awards” niches.

4. Profitability

Finally, since you’re in this for the money, you need to think about how profitable the niche you chose could be.

Some niches are obvious. Taking Credit Card’s as an example again, it’s easy to see that affiliate programs and maybe ebooks would be profitable. As for that silent movie era site, then DVD sales, posters, books, etc could work. All these sites could support advertising too.

If you target Golf – another big market – then you know that the average golfer is affluent, likes to spend on their sport, and avidly seek to better their handicap.

It’s worth thinking about these various points before you go ahead with your new niche.

But what if you can’t think of an idea at all?

First, there’s the popular news stories of the day. Sometimes you can quickly get a time sensitive site up to catch a buzz, but the site by it’s very nature would be short lived. For example, here in the UK there’s an election – but by the time it’s over any site covering it is long gone. The same for the recent volcano that stopped flights over much of Europe’s airspace. Hot news at the time, but gone right after.

You can also get ideas by looking at the problems people have. Find a problem, provide an answer, and you’re on to a winner. Perennial human problems include how we look, how we feel, our worries about our families, and debt, and so on. More specific problems include those wannabe gardeners who can’t get anything to grow, that fisherman who can’t get a bite, and (again) that golfer who just can’t improve his score.

Provide an answer to a popular problem and you’re set.

Other good sources of niche ideas can be found in the world around you. If you put your marketer’s hat on you’ll seen tons of ideas in your everyday life. Say you cycle to work, and are sick of avoiding cars. Or you spot a billboard advertising some holiday destination, and you start daydreaming about being there. Or you are talking to a neighbour who’s grumbling about the state of his lawn.

Advertising, in all it’s forms, focuses on various niches by it’s very nature. And magazine articles, or even problem pages, cover very specific interests.

There are millions of niche ideas out there. Just keep an open mind and you’ll find one soon.

Note: I’ve specifically avoided Internet Marketing niches in this article because I didn’t want to dilute the message. But this is a good example of a general niche that quickly becomes ultra focused. People have trouble getting traffic, hence the Search Engine niches, sites about Article Marketing, etc. You might want to create more content, so there’s sites about articles, and creating products, and graphics. Or you may want a bigger subscriber list, so – you guessed it – there’s a proliferation of List Building sites…

The Specifics

The quickest way to research a potential niche is to use Google. Google’s Keyword Tool gives you approximate search counts for various terms.

Simply enter some keywords specific to your niche into the tool and you’ll see a list of keywords and their counts.

You can also use Google to find competition. Simply search for a keyword and see how many results are there. This can be deceiving, but it’s a good indication nonetheless.

Finally, Google’s Search Suggestions that pop up whenever you type a search at Google show some of the terms people have been looking for.


We are going to look into Disneyland as a potential niche. No particular reason, except I just – in passing – noticed an article about it. As I type it in, I notice search terms such as “Disneyland Paris” and “Disneyland Florida” come up. Also “Disneyland Paris Tickets” and “Disneyland Paris Packages”. I’m in the UK, so obviously these suggestions are location based.

At Google’s Keyword Tool I get these interesting results (chosen from the myriad provided):

Disneyland 9,140,000
Disneyland discount 90,500
Disneyland Package 49,500
Disneyland Information 5,400
About Disneyland 6,600
Disneyland Video 22,200
Disneyland Videos 9,900
Disneyland Jobs 18,100
Disneyland Discounts 22,200

And so on.

These give you some ideas on what people are looking for. Key amongst them are people want packages and holidays, discounts and information.

I also put in one or two other interesting results. People are looking for Disneyland Jobs, for example. And some search results double up – so About Disneyland and Disneyland Information are the same thing, as are the results for “Video” and “Videos”.

These immediately give me ideas for sites. How about a site showing the jobs available, how to get in, etc? I don’t know much about that – but I could research it, and even interview or work with someone who’s been employed there. I could also throw up a site packed with videos of Disneyland culled from Youtube and others.

In Google’s Keyword Tool you can also click on the magnifying glass icon to get a more detailed view of the results that make up that result in Google Insights. So “Disney Discounts” at 22,200 searches shows some interesting keyword terms such as Disneyland Coupons. Again, an instant idea for a site (where to get these coupons, maybe even provide them from an affiliated travel agent, etc). Insights also shows you “rising search terms”, or what’s hot at the moment.

Google’s Keyword Tool is a wealth of information. Use it well.

Now for the competition. As you can expect there will be a lot of competition for this niche. Clicking a result in the Keyword Tool will throw you right into the search results, but clicking a result in Insights will drill deeper through to even more specific terms.

Disneyland Coupons, for example, has 449,000 results. Many of these are sub pages in general travel sites or Disney sites, but there are some specific ones. There is quite a lot of competition here but I don’t see a *specific* Disney Coupons site. These other results can also, incidentally, give you ideas on how to approach your own site – or even information for your own research.

After this exhaustive look at Disneyland I hope you see how you can select a niche and quickly research it. Next time we will look at ideas for how to approach a site, and monetize it.

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7 Days To Profits Anti-Salespage & Purple Elephants

7 Day Profit System Ok. There’s this product – 7 Days To Profits – from David Bullock. At first glance it’s your usual Internet Marketing “system” that promises you the earth, and that may or may not work for you. That’s alright, it’s how most of these things work.

But start looking at the salespage… It’s almost an “anti salespage”. It’s clean, crisp, and looks good – but read that copy!

“Prepare to be blown away!” it says, followed by “Ok. I had to fill you with you BS there”. And “You already know how to do this!”. It’s refreshing, as sales pages go. Quite funny, with a little story about making his brother his guinea-pig in this system and dotted with little footnotes throughout. Sorry to keep on about the salespage but when you’ve looked at as many as I have the gems shine through. Of course, this all part of the ploy to keep you reading but what the heck, who says a salespage can’t be entertaining too?

Anyway – back to the product. This contains a mixture of video and bonus ebooks, all aimed at helping you dominate the niche(s) of your choice. The way it does this is by using sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages and Article Directories to build up the content for the niche of your choice, then monetize it via a variety of means.

This is proven stuff – but it’s nice to have it all in one place and it will help you make money. It doesn’t claim to be anything “new” (what is?) but the presentation is top-notch and if you haven’t tried this kind of marketing before this package is as good as it gets. It’s important you remember that this does work and it’s not some head-in-the-clouds idea you see so often these days.

The videos total almost 40 mins. Then there’s the e-books.

Guru Commission Stealer – horrible name, but interesting idea.

Squidoo Blueprint – a popular book about using Squidoo. You may already have a copy, it was everywhere once, but if not it’s a nice addition.

All in all a very nice package that will either show you a new technique you haven’t tried and give you the push to try it, or shows you something you already know but in a nice way – depending on experience.

[note]Don’t forget the purple elephant I mentioned in the post title.

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Rating: 8 / 10 – An excellent guide to using content and third party sites to dominate your niche.

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The Truth About Turnkey Web Sites

Turnkey Sites are everywhere. If you’re looking for an Internet Business, or if you want to add another income stream to your portfolio it’s easy to see why a turnkey site could be attractive.

The appeal is obvious. You’ll immediately own a ready-built site that is all geared up to accept payments, with little or no work from yourself.

But it’s never that easy… If you place a upload a website and make it “live” it is very unlikely to do anything at all – it will just sit there, most probably gathering virtual dust.

Turnkey sites come in many shapes and formats. They could be wordpress blogs, scripted sites that give you a service such as an auction, dating site, game site, or similar, or you could simply get a template – a basic outline where you are expected to fit in the relevant information for whatever market you hope to target. It could be a ready-built site that you simply upload to your web space or could even be a complete pre-built site, with it’s own domain, where you literally need do nothing to make it work.

You can buy turnkey sites from one of the main retailers of such services, or find them on eBay and other internet marketplaces. The price will also vary – anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred. But before you buy there’s one important fact you should take into consideration…


Unfortunately, many turnkey sites are not. Simply searching Google for some of the information that is preloaded into it will probably throw up quite a few similar sites, even exact clones. Unless you have paid especially for the site to be built for you, but that takes you out of the turnkey market and into something a little more expansive than this post.

You can fix it, by editing the site you have. If you’ve bought a turnkey site that is prebuilt into it’s own domain you might not have the technical knowledge to do this. But if you have a template or a site you upload to your own space you probably do. Simply altering the text a little may be enough to distinguish it from it’s rival, but adding your own content is even better. The best kinds of turnkey sites have back-offices built in where you can edit or add information.

Once you have a unique website, uploaded, and ready to run the second part of the formula comes into play. You need traffic. This where many a purchaser has fallen down. It won’t make sales, earn advertising revenue, or even attract readers if you don’t promote it.

You’ll need to get it listed, and ranked, in the search engines as well as pursue other avenues of traffic such as forums, articles, pay-per-click, social bookmarking, and the like. Take a look at our traffic page for some more ideas.

So, before you buy that turnkey site make sure you have the knowledge, aptitude, and stamina to make it work. You need to be persistent with your promotions, and able to fix any problems that arise (or pay someone else too). Making money online is never as simple as “just” having a site – after all, if it were – wouldn’t the people selling these sites just run them for themselves … :-)


If you do want to dip your toes into the turnkey market you can try this special offer from the Wacky Wednesday team. It’s a complete package of adsense-enabled turnkey sites, with some wordpress templates, and much more for around $5. You will need to upload them to your own webspace, and promote them, but apart from that everything else is there.

These are optimised niche turnkey sites for a variety of subjects that include article based content and adsense ads to earn you revenue. Alter them a little, add some more content, and even consider adding affiliate links for more direct revenue (I recommend searching Commission Junction, ClickBank, or even Amazon) and you’re good to go!

Turnkey, Blog Templates, and Niche-Sites Package.

WordPress is an ideal way to run your own sites with a minimum of effort. There are many plugins available to show ads, accept payments, or even run a store – all from the wonderful back-office that’s built into every wordpress installation.

The Niche Virus

Here’s a great little product you can have for under five bucks that explains the ins and outs of running profitable niche sites. It’s called The Niche Virus.

A niche site is really just a site that covers a specific subject, so any focused website is – in effect – a “niche site”.

The trick lies in discovering what subjects have potential, and how to craft and monetize the resulting website. Throw in a bit of traffic, and it really is that simple!

The Niche Virus

There is also a bonus product. Well, I say “bonus”, but really it’s strong enough to be the  main offer in it’s own right.

It’s the Marketing Roadmap – a full 7 Video Course that will show you every step involved in running your business.

Don’t delay on this special, this is an impressive read at an impressive price, and once you find your niche and learn how the system works you can roll these out with ease.

Mafioso Marketing

There’s a uniquely flavoured package doing the rounds, called “Mafioso Marketing“.

As you can imagine this takes it’s image not too seriously, but the information and tactics it reveals surely are.

This is about Market Domination – about entering your choosen niche and going all out for success.

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A Powerhouse of Knowledge

The “Warrior Forum” is a very popular message board where online marketers of all kinds share tips, tactics, information, strategies and advice. It was originally started by Allen Says as a paid membership site, but now the forum is open to all. The people who hang out here can help critique your site or business plan, provide special offers, and give away articles, ebooks and software. You’ll recognise many of the names there – many are VERY successful in their fields.

But as with any forum you can sometimes get lost if you’re just browsing or feel as if you’ve just entered some chummy, exclusive club. That’s where this site – Warrior Top Posts – comes into it’s own.

Basically, this is just a collection of the top threads found at the forum, both old and new. If you have a spare moment you can happily lose yourself there reading through the various topics. There’s literally everything there: from finding a Niche, to developing a site, to monetizing an exising site, right through to more general subjects as beginners guides and more specialised ones such as search-engine tricks, eBay and more.
This is a great place to find out what is really working for various folk around the web. Highly recommended!

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You won’t want to promote everything – as I’ve said in an earlier email there seems to be quite a lot of junk appearing – but there are many gems there. They’re all categorised (it’s not all marketing) and hey, 100% aint bad!


Confessions Of A Niche Marketing Maniac

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These are simple strategies anyone can use right now, and start throwing up quick websites that do ONE thing (sell) and do it well.

This also comes with a bonus “Vision Form” and MP3 Recording. The price is under $6 right now, and you can even earn 100% Commissions…

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12 Niche PDF And Audio Reports

Have you ever tried marketing outside the IM community? There’s a million different subjects you can target, largely untapped by the majority.

Many people are thinking this is to way to go – “Niche” sites.

Today I’ve just seen this great package which is priced low right now. It’s TWELVE reports, in PDF and AUDIO form, in various subjects.

You can grab these for your own use – there’s a lot of interesting information. Or you can resell them – they have full rights AND a webpage. Or you can promote the site itself for 100% Commissions paid direct (the easy way!)

Here’s the subjects that are covered:

Student Loans
Healthy Choice: Coconut Oil
Criminal Records: What You Need To Know
All About Home Inspections
Home Inspection Mistakes
Sagging Floors + Broken Boilers
Understanding Your Home
Student Loan Consolidation
GPS Guide
Financing Your Education
Windsor Pilates Guide
What You Should Know About Vitamin B12

You can resell, or promote for 100% Commissions.

If you are interested in any of the subjects, read the guides or listen to the MP3s (great for learning on the move, in your “downtime” such as relaxing, jogging, driving).

More importantly: you can use these as the start of a new Niche to market to. For example, with the Home Inspection Guides, you could put up a website giving one away for a signup, and sell the rest as an upsell. Or you could sell direct. Or you could use it as the key to a new Home Inspection site. The titles of Niche guides like these alone are sometimes enough to spark ideas!


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