The Silliest DimeSale Ever

You see sales and bundles all the time when you’re involved with Internet Marketing.

They are usually real bargains – a chance to buy up a lot of interesting books and software at a bargain price for your own use or to resell/rebundle.

Usually, with my own compilations, I like to use a theme. For example, a “Blogging Pack”, or a “AdSense Pack”.

But this time I have so much software I’ve purchased and obtained recently it’s a shame to leave it. So I’ve put together an awesome package of marketing-related downloads you’ll just love, and at a bargain price!

This is a Dime Sale. I’m starting the price at only $7 and it will rise every hour. But to give everyone a chance to get the collection at the start-price the $7 is locked until later tonight.

It means to get the possible price you can, you have to purchase right now.

As an added incentive you can promote this package yourself and earn 100% Commissions – that’s right, the entire sales price, direct to YOUR PayPal account.

And because the price is raising the person who buys from you may even pay MORE than you, putting you in profit with just one sale :-)

For full details of what’s included in the latest Ultimate Dime Sale please visit:

Ultimate Dime Sale

I’ve included software, video, ebooks, Web 2.0, Search Engine Tools, Website Tools, and much, much more.

$7 for these 20 quality products is, frankly, a little silly. And everything included comes with full Master Resale Rights.

So take advantage right now (Click Here)

And I’ll see you on the other side!


PLR Sale

Here’s a brand new DimeSale featuring some quality reports that come with full Private Label / Master Resale Rights.They are from the new “Dime Sale Dollars” website brought to you by Greg Lloyd (formerly of the popular Frugal Friday offers).

It’s only $5 right now but the price is rising fast. You can also earn 100% Commissions on every sale you make!

Here’s what’s in the package:

FIVE Reports that come with Microsoft Word format, so you can edit them or change them as you wish:

1. Laughing All The Way To The Bank
2. A Website That Sings – Audio on your Site
3. Silent Powerhouses – SEO Basics
4. Blogging is NOT a Dirty Word
5. The REAL way to put your responder on AutoPilot

Greg’s also thrown in two amazing bonuses, full PLR E-Courses with squeeze-pages:

1. The Road To PLR Riches, 7 Day e-course
2. Socializing For Profit e-course

These are Private Label, so you can change the titles, name yourself as the author, re-copyright, change the format, or whatever you like. In other words, you can use them to quickly make your own products or for content at your site/blog/ezine.

Remember, 100% Commissions if you promote – as well as an extra special lucrative incentive… I’ll let you visit the site above to find out what that is!

And if you want actual SOFTWARE with PLR, visit the next post.


Low Priced Private Label Collection

Here we have a great PLR Package from Scott Case. It seems he’s thrown in both products with PLR Rights as well as PLR Products that show you how to use PLR… Confused? Well – it includes:

Unleashing The Power Of PLR
Private Label Revolution
Private Label Blogging – Demystified

Those three show you how to use Private Label Products to create “new” products with your name on them, advertising and copywriting, organising Joint Ventures, Blogging with your PLR Content, driving traffic, and much, much more. In effect they teach you how to start from scratch with a PLR Product, turn it around into your own unique creation, and get it promoted and making sales.

That’s not all that’s included. You also get a further collection of PLR products to play with!

How To Write Killer Promo Emails
Digital Trash into Digital Cash
Affiliate PayDay
and the trio of online-courses One-Two Punch, 20 Explosive Techniques, and Stealth Tactics!

Everything there comes with full Private Label Rights so you can sell, pass on resell rights, re-format, re-author, re-name, or whatever you’d like to do with.

The price? Well that’s the best part. Around $7.00 as I type this, but it’s rising fast. You can also earn 100% Commissions paid directly to YOUR PayPal account.


New Private Label

I have a brand-new package from Liz Tomey called “Private Label Rights In A Box”.

Here you can get four brand-new products, which are:

1. The Newbies Guide To Internet Marketing
2. Profit Paths Riches
3. My First Website (Video Course)
4. The List Builder (Video Course)

These all come with full Private Label Rights including source files, source graphics etc. That means you can edit these, perhaps add your links, or even turn them into entirely new products copyrighted to YOU.

You have two options to grab these:

A. Purchase direct from me for an unbelievable $19! This is over at:

B. Purchase the “Ultimate Private Label” Upgrade Pack – which now contains over 70 PLR products including these new additions. And any new products that come along are added here, so this is a one-off membership for everything there now, and added in the future.


New Dime Sale – PLR Articles

A new sale has launched at Ultimate Dime Sale. And I have a VERY special deal for you today:

“Private Label Article Blowout” !

Over 1000 hot Private Label Articles you can use as you wish…

* Build content sites, perhaps with AdSense of Affiliate Programs included
* Create hot eBooks and Special Reports the easy way
* Submit to Article Directories, with YOUR links included
* Resell to other content users

With these articles you’ll never be short of content!

As with all our Ultimate Dime Sales, this is starting at just $5 but the price is rising fast. (You’ll NEVER get it lower than it is right now!)

And – with our amazing 100% Commission offer just ONE sale will cover your small outlay. But because the price is rising, there’s a fair chance anyone purchasing from your link will pay MORE than you did!

This is brand new, just launched, so be among the first to promote…


New Private Label Rights

A new package of Private Label Products was released yesterday. I’ve already purchased them and added them to – so if you’re a member of the Upgraded package there go login and enjoy.

The products are:

“30 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips”
“Guide To Giveaway Events”
“Network Marketing Survival”
“Network Marketing Pitfalls”

All with no-restriction rights, source codes, graphic files, salespage, etc.

If you’re NOT a member of, you have two choices:

There’s already a price war on this product. In the space of a few emails I could have purchased it for $27, $20, $17 or $13! So what the heck – they’re great products, and used correctly you can do wonderful things with them. They’re stupidly underpriced but I know it’s just going to get lower, so… Click Here to pay $12 for the lot!

Your other choice is to purchase the complete Ultimate Private Label package. You’ll then get these products and over 70 others. Normally, you’ll need to join as a standard member, then upgrade at the One Time Offer to get the super-duper package. But, just grab the upgrade directly below, and you’ll get the standard package thrown in. In effect, that’s a $14 saving.

(You can also promote and get 100% commissions.)


PLR Secrets Exposed

Aurelius Tjin and Edmund Loh have released PLR Secrets Exposed – a Membership Site all about profiting with Private Label Rights.

Click Here to get Gold Level Access worth $97 for free!

You’ll Get:

TWO Audio recordings detailing many PLR Tips and Techniques
PLR 101 & PLR 102 Video Training
PLR Resources Cheat-Sheet
Lucrative Income Opportunity…. promote this site!
Bonuses, and much more.

PLR Secrets Exposed



Ultimate Private Label Launched!

I’ve just launched

Here you can grab 24 hot PLR Titles for just $14.

AND I’ve created a 100% Commissions opportunity to reward affiliates. If you purchase you’ll get a link, and if you promote that link any further purchases will go direct to you :-)

This package is ideal for Affiliates, Product Creators, and Resellers. You have full rights to every item in the collection… meaning you can edit, reformat, sell, give away – whatever you like. Since they’re Private Label you can even re-title them and state yourself as the author!

I’ve also included free Private Label products from the homepage should you wish to try a sample before you buy.


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