Firesale Magician

Here’s a great new PLR product I’ve just discovered, that shows you how to run an Internet Firesale.

Firesales are something “brick and mortar” stores have used, now with this report you can learn the correct way to structure, run, and succeed with your own Firesale!

The best thing about this package is the amount of PLR goodness you get. PLR of course means “Private Label Rights” and it grants you the right to treat this package as if you had created it yourself, even down to renaming it or crediting yourself as the author. A boon for resellers.


The Firesale Magician Report – which you can brand or edit to your hearts desire.

A Giveaway Report – ideal for list building or tempting prospects to purchase your main report. This is also brandable, and it even comes with…

A Squeeze Page – designed to suck customers in to your free report, and from there onto your paid ebook.

Graphics, Templates, and more – so you can edit the site or use the images in your own promotional activities.

And to make it even easier, you’ll get prewritten blog posts, autoresponder emails, e-mail ads, a keyword list, and even an affiliate program you can use for extra revenue should you wish!

This is in all honesty one of the most complete PLR offers I’ve ever seen. The guide is amazingly useful for those who want to enter the exciting world of Firesales, but the PLR part of the project means you can build a complete site with lead funnelling and more to resell it.

Firesale Magician

PS. There’s a special offer on at the time of writing, where the first 50 people get a real bargain. Check the link to see if it’s still valid!

838 Products With Rights

This has been a very popular collection of resell rights material of late. I’ve promoted bumper packages like this before, and given you a ton of ideas on how to use them.

838 Products

I’ve often toyed with making my own mega collections, but why bother when other people have already done it?

You’ll get:

  • Resell and Master Resell Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Private Use Rights

On a wide selection of:

  • Scripts
  • Ebooks
  • Software
  • Videos

So what do you do with all this?

Why not, for starters…

  1. Rebrand the Private Label products and use them as giveaways or low cost sales (perhaps with an affiliate program) that lead to further products from the collection as an upsell? You will find more tips on utilising the hidden  power within every PLR product in this post.
  2. Use one or more products – or even better, rebranded PLR products – to build your list? Consider using Giveaway Events, too.
  3. Use one of the videos, streaming from a webpage, to use as a “squeeze” — or even upload them to YouTube or one of the many, many video sharing sites?
  4. Simply bundle together some of these to make your own sale?
  5. Or even just promote the entire package, as I have done. It’s the lazy way to be sure, but it works.

Most people will simply download the entire collection and do nothing. Don’t be one of them – and have fun :-)

Massive Video Pack Bargain

Here’s a great bargain at a really insane price, that will suit all kinds of internet marketers, such as:

  • Those looking for training, information, and guidance.
  • Those who need a newbie-friendly course to help them get started.
  • Those who want a powerful income-earning package.
  • And those who simply like bargains, or like to offer them.

It’s called the “Amazing Video Tutorials Mega Pack” and it includes 370 videos in 16 packs, all with Master Resale Rights, Commissions (on two levels), and immediate download!

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • Pay Per Click Powerhouse
  • SEO Education 101
  • Marketing Secrets for Newbies
  • How To Research A Product
  • Article Marketing Explosion
  • Traffic Generation Explosion
  • SEO For WordPress Secrets
  • Web Traffic Secrets
  • How To Stream Live Video
  • Yahoo Answers Secrets

And much more. Click Here for the full listing.

Here’s what’s great:

These are all video courses, so simply grab a coffee, kick back, and learn all about traffic, online video, and much more.

You can then promote this package to your list, at your site, from your thank you pages, or wherever – and earn 100% commissions on 75% of your sales, as well as 25% of the sales of those you sign up. Believe me, that can add up to a nice paycheck. It’s paid instantly to your PayPal to boot.

Or, since these come with full Master Resale Rights, add them to your own members area, blog, webpage or wherever. For example, they’ll make an ideal addition to your marketing – perhaps as an OTO?

Here’s the clincher.

It’s just $12.

Grab it while you can :-)

Amazing Video Tutorials

The Niche Virus

Here’s a great little product you can have for under five bucks that explains the ins and outs of running profitable niche sites. It’s called The Niche Virus.

A niche site is really just a site that covers a specific subject, so any focused website is – in effect – a “niche site”.

The trick lies in discovering what subjects have potential, and how to craft and monetize the resulting website. Throw in a bit of traffic, and it really is that simple!

The Niche Virus

There is also a bonus product. Well, I say “bonus”, but really it’s strong enough to be the  main offer in it’s own right.

It’s the Marketing Roadmap – a full 7 Video Course that will show you every step involved in running your business.

Don’t delay on this special, this is an impressive read at an impressive price, and once you find your niche and learn how the system works you can roll these out with ease.

Big Birthday Blowout

I was going to add this to the roundup you’ll see in the next post, but I thought it deserved some more explanation.

This is a massive collection of over 100 products with resale rights, all with salespages, so in effect it’s an instant repository you can use to build your own resale store, create bundles, create giveaways, create One Time Offers – or whatever you want.

The reason I like it is because instead of hitting the web to find products you can offer you’ve got it all here in one package! It’s only $27, but imagine how many packs and offers you can extract from it.

Want to create a bundle for Giveaways? Something to offer as a signup bribe for your list building efforts? Complimentary products you can use as upsells? Just grab this gigantic package :)

Big Birthday Blowout

Using Vouchers To Increase Sales and Traffic

Although the web is new technology, many of the techniques and methods we use are simply improvements on those that are used in the “old” world of bricks and mortar stores.

For example – everything from cross-selling, to mailing lists, to promotions have been used in retail stores for decades. The web simply makes everything quicker, cheaper and simpler.

Here’s another technique that has been proven to increase sales and traffic: Vouchers!

These are a special kind of promotion. They’re very familiar to the general public – a user can exchange their voucher for money off a product, or even get a bonus or free product.

In the real world you may find vouchers for, say, 2 for the price of 1 or 50c off a product. They are used by a retailer to get people into their store. They may have a time limit, for short burst of activity. The best part is they cost very little to honour since they are rarely provided at a lost. If for example an extra 100 people use the vouchers to get a dollar off something the retailers loss in potential profits on the item are more than made up by the increased sales of that item.

To put it more simply, take this example: A retailer makes $2 profit on every book sold, and he usually sells 10 of those books a day =  $20 profit. With a voucher offer, he only makes $1 profit per book, but he sells an extra 10. That means he still sells his original 10 books for $20 profit, but increases that by the extra sales to the tune of another $10. Then of course there are the supplementary sales that can be made from the increased visitors to the store.

It’s easy to  take this to the online world. You only need a space at the order form or on the main website to enter a code.

Of course, you could have a special “sales day” where the price is already discounted, but the fact a voucher is given makes the potential purchaser feel more privileged. They see the original price at the website and feel smug with the knowledge that they, and not the general website visitor, will get a special discount. It may even urge people who would not normally buy that product to purchase – especially if they are sitting on the fence.

And – as in the real world store – it will also get more visitors, i.e. more traffic, to the site. That gives you the chance to make extra sales, give you the chance to get more people onto your mailing list, and even find new fans of your site or products.

Basically, a voucher gives people a reason to visit.

You can distribute the voucher codes however you see fit. By e-mail, promoting at other sites, or by your affiliates providing the vouchers themselves.

For an easy way to implemement vouchers try “Voucher Machine”. This desktop software enables you to create voucher codes, one-off codes, expiring codes (great to imply urgency!) and more. I have found Voucher Machine available for just $9.95 as part of a four-pack of software (it comes with Affiliate Promo Machine, Rolodex Poster and Copywriting Automator) here:

Voucher Machine and more with MRR

These come with Master Resale Rights so you can re-sell the software yourself, and you can also earn 100% commissions with the affiliate program.

Super SEO 2008 and more – $7 !

I’ve just come across an amazing package that’s being sold as a “dimesale” at just $7.

This collection contains three very useful products that can help you design and market your own website, something nearly all Internet Marketers spend a great deal of their time doing.

For your small outlay you’ll get:

Web Design For Internet Business Owners:

This is an audio guide and an book focused on designing websites with a business slant. This isn’t your usual ebook since it concentrates on important factors like font selection, site navigation, color schemes and multimedia. There are tips here that can make all the difference on that important first impression! The guide comes with resale rights and PLR rights, though you cannot pass those on.

Super SEO Guidebook 2008

This is a very thorough guide to the intricacies of Search-Engine Optimisation. If you want to rank high in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others you need to know these basics as well as the advanced the techniques. Good SEO grows with you, and by implementing some basic strategies at the start and adding others as you go along you can have an “authority” site on a subject of your choice – by following the rules. This could be the only book you would need to own…

Super SEO Guidebook even has two useful tools included: Page Rank Ninja and Web Spider.

To round this package off there are five impressive and powerful “One Time Offer” templates you can use to quickly and easily add effective money-grabbing sales to almost any site you own. Just take the template, modify as needed, and watch the money roll in.

This package is $7 and comes with all the products above as well as some special bonuses on your thank-you page after ordering. You can even promote this for commissions, and I’m sure it can be some easy sales for you :-)

Web Design Dime Sale

New Dimesales

First we have the latest Frugal Friday deal.

You’ll get 12 really cool Squeeze Page templates you can use to build your list, the “Internet Marketers Guide to Web Design and Graphics” which is a great tutorial on web techniques, from a marketers perspective. And you’ll get 5 Ultra Simple Tactics for Traffic Generation.

You’ll also get a good beginners guide called “Newbie Money Making” there!

Frugal Friday Deal

This is, as I said, around the $5 to $6 price if you act fast. Plus you can earn 100% Commissions.

Over at Dimesale Dollars you’ll get some very nice video packages, with Master Resale Rights plus a couple more products for around $7. Again, this price is rising so it depends on when you act on this.

* List Building Basics Videos – Master Resale Rights
* Google Adwords Basics Videos – MRR
* Traffic Hybrid System – Master Resale Rights
* Niche Video Empire Video – MRR

And as a bonus: Video Game $$$ (personal use) all about the lucrative gaming market!

Dimesale Dollars

Again, 100% Comms.

Niche Giveaway

There’s a cool Giveaway event running right now, called the Niche Giveaway: Episode 1, Advertising and Traffic Generation.

That title pretty much sums up what kind of products are included and what you can download for free!

Here’s some of the goodies you’ll find:

AdFactory Pro, 8 Audio Reports, Secrets To Web Traffic Overdrive, Niche List Builder, Getting Started Bundle, Yoono Traffic Videos, and much more.

If you’ve never used a Giveaway before here’s what’s involved… You sign up to each offer, give your email address, and download the software/ebook/package.

There’s a lot of good stuff here but you won’t want all of it. My advice is to only download whatever product seems useful or interesting to you – and don’t use your main e-mail address. You WILL be on mailing lists but you can unsubscribe from any you don’t like.

Niche Giveaway

Script Dojo

Script Dojo is a “business in a box” site from Joel Comm.

Basically, it’s an Internet Marketing script review site where all the latest products are reviewed and promoted.

Setup is simple: Script Dojo gives you a personalised review site / store and helps you build your downlines and make sales. You simply add your Clickbank, Dealdotcom, Paydotcom and PayPal details and Script Dojo does the rest.

You can earn 100% Commissions right off the bat, and the first 30 days membership is just $0.01 ! (After that it’s $9.95 per month, but the first month at 1 cent should give you plenty of time to see if this works for you). Since the subscriptions are paypal-based you can easily end your membership before the first month is out if you decide to quit.

Give it a try… Get your own Script Dojo today!

Script Dojo

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