Three Master Resale Rights

Not 1, Not 2 – but THREE brand new titles for just $7 (but read on).

You’ll get:

Web 2.0 Tactics
Easy Blog Traffic
and Article Marketing 101

So if you want to learn about social networking web 2.0 sites like Digg, MySpace, YouTube etc — and learn about the techniques to drive traffic and profits to your Blog — AND discover how Articles are still one of the best promotion methods around grab this.

$7… but the moment you visit the page a counter starts – and if you decide it’s not for you on this visit the price will be $14. Not sure if I like this method but all I can say is if you want a bargain it’s there for the taking…

Video Web Wizard

Here’s a tool that can be used to quickly add video to your site. It’s called VIdeo Web Wizard, and it’s probably the easiest way to create streaming video.

Click Here To View

There’s just six easy steps you click through to get your video on your site.

This product is cutting edge technology, and it comes with full Master Resale Rights and the chance to earn 100% commissions.

Get It Here

(Visit that site for tons of screenshots, video demos, and more so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting)


Reseller Powercart

Here’s an amazing new Shopping Cart System.

Do you want an *easy* way to re-sell all those resellable packages you’ve been hording?

Well the “Reseller Powercart” may be just what you are looking for!

This innovative tool can be used to create a package, with salespage, and include bonuses, handle customers, manage affiliates, and monitor transactions – all from one Control Panel.

This is easy to use with full instructions and a walkthrough.

If you’re the kind of person who owns the rights to “stuff” you know you can re-sell, a cool Shopping Cart system like this is ideal.

Only $7 right now (shocking!) and you can earn 100% Commissions.


10 SourceCode PLR for $7

Are you in the mood for bargains?

I’m not even sure if I should promote this next one… 10 super-hot brand new marketing software titles for just SEVEN bucks. With a 100% Commission offer thrown in.

Talk about under priced!

These are even in PLR format, so you OWN the rights to the Sourcecode!

Until recently these were sold individually for much higher prices. And then I saw one well known marketer was bundling them at a bargain price. Now I see this ludicrous seven-dollar offer.

Anyway, it’s a great deal no matter how you look at it.

Titles included:

Fast Content Producer
HTML Brander
HTML Lockdown
Niche Sponder
Simple Sales Copy
Snap Video Pro
Spam Learner Pro
Viral Article Publisher
Viral Toolbar Builder
Website Sizzler

Put in this way, in the original Source Code Sale held recently where these were included started at $197. Here they are $7, with full rights, and a 100% Commission link…


Pick Your Own Price

Pick Your Own Price? What could that mean?Well… there’s a new product from Jahn on offer called “Site Sell Out” where he details a quick and easy way to earn online, that not many people are using right now.

And he’s decided to make the payment amount… voluntary!

So, if you think it’s worth $1, $7, $9 or $29 you just input the amount you’re willing to pay and away you go :-)

The guide is in PDF format and comes complete with master resale rights, all graphics, and an attractive salespage.


Free Video Ebook

Here’s a Video Ebook called “Ebook Secrets Revealed” that I’m going to give away as a free gift.

It’s by Louis Allport and it contains tips and strategies on making the most of your ebooks.

The videos include information on:

How to structure eBooks
Using Frames
Using Video in your eBooks
Collect OptIns through your eBooks
How to change the content – at any time
Tracking how many times your book is opened
How to password-protect your Book
Choosing between EXE and PDF

… and much more. This includes full Master Resale Rights – click the order button on the following page, but you won’t have to pay :-)


Write That Report

All the quality traffic is no good without a product at the end of it which can make you money, and while you could use Affiliate Programs or Resell Rights why not take the NEXT STEP and start producing your own reports?

In “Write That Report” from Jon Ledger you’ll discover exactly how to find the profitable topics to write about, how to write it FAST, and how to get an army of affiliates to sell it for you.

This is a well thought out guide to an important subject. Quick hard-hitting reports, coupled with strategic traffic generation, can easily bring you a nice income each day.

Write that Report is just $7 with 100% Commissions if you want to promote:


PLR Voodoo

Private Label Rights *won’t* make you rich…

That’s right. Even though PLR Products are an amazing time-saver and a quick way to make your own products, you will NOT make a cent unless you do it right.

In this brand new guide from Louis Burleson you’ll discover exactly how to convert all that PLR material you have on your hard drive into hard, profitable, products.

Discover important techniques such as:

. The Broker Strategy
. The PLR Power Player
. “Niche-ify” your Products
. PLR Flipped

and much more!

This is just currently $9.97 with FULL MASTER RESALE RIGHTS.

You’ll also get a special link to promote for 100%, instantly paid commissions, if you’d rather offer it that way.

PLR is HOT, but only if you do it RIGHT. Read PLR Voodoo and discover exactly how to create your own profitable products in no time at all. Highly Recommended.


Squeeze Page Mastery

Louis Allport’s video ebooks are always very popular, and here’s your chance to grab his latest for only $8…

In “Squeeze Page Mastery” you’ll learn how to create highly effective pages that suck in leads, and help you build a powerful mailing list on autopilot.

There are 5 videos lasting 88 minutes that show you:

How To Build functional and attractive mini-sites in less than 20 Minutes
How to create a Squeeze Page, Step by Step
How to use GetResponse and AWeber
How To Build a Survey Page
and more

This is only $8 as I say, but hurry – beacause the price raises every hour.

You’ll also get Full Master Resale Rights thrown in -AND you can promote for 100% Commissions via a special affiliate link!


Monster Marketing System

Today, I’d like to point you towards a fabulous new course I’ve come across called the Monster Marketing System:

This covers everything you need to know about running an info-product empire of your own!

This shows you how to set up a simple system from which you can earn. And once you understand this system, it’s easy to move on, rinse, and repeat :-)

For example – are you aware just how quickly you can create an ebook, put the all-important marketing mechanisms in place, and earn, say, $500 within the first few hours?

I advise you to look at this webpage right now for more information.

Right now there’s a special pre-launch offer and you can grab a substantial discount if you want to buy. You only pay $17 for the full course!

(100% Commissions Included)


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