Profitable List Building

Louis Burleson’s new sale, called “Profitable List Building”,  covers (as you’d expect) the fine art of creating your own email list.

Since a well managed email list is a real cash-cow, and perhaps the biggest asset of your business, you should really be building one.

This product is split into three books covering Basic List Building, Advanced List Building, and Master Strategies.

Almost everything you can imagine is included, from getting started right up to running Joint Ventures.

If you want to start building a list, grow your existing list, or inject some new ideas into your current list building activities this is for you.

Just $7 with 100% Commissions.


No More “Free”

Have you noticed a trend thats sweeping this market?

People are moving away from providing free services and products, instead they do this:

They provide the tools, ebooks, services, and memberships at a low price instead, and offer 100% Commissions.

Let me show you an example:

Under the “old” model, a marketer would typically upload, say, an eBook and offer it at no cost. They would then try to recoup their costs and make a profit by adding an “upsell”, e.g. a One Time Offer, or perhaps include links/ads inside the eBook itself and the Download Page.

It’s a solid sales process used in all forms of business, online and off.

The benefits are obvious. The customer is happy, since they get a product. The marketer is happy, since he/she gets a customer (signup) and the opportunity of further sales. They also get the chace to make an instant sale with the upsell, in whatever form it takes.

But what’s happening now?

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PDF Profit Lock (Dimesale)

This is a cool tool that turns your plain old PDF report into an advanced marketing opportunity! Use it on any PDF you have the rights to, and make sure that the PDF travels with YOUR information.

This enables you to add password locks, branding, popups, and page-forwarding to your PDF.

This is priced at DimeSale prices, starting at $5 but rising. You can also earn 100% Commissions.


12 Niche PDF And Audio Reports

Have you ever tried marketing outside the IM community? There’s a million different subjects you can target, largely untapped by the majority.

Many people are thinking this is to way to go – “Niche” sites.

Today I’ve just seen this great package which is priced low right now. It’s TWELVE reports, in PDF and AUDIO form, in various subjects.

You can grab these for your own use – there’s a lot of interesting information. Or you can resell them – they have full rights AND a webpage. Or you can promote the site itself for 100% Commissions paid direct (the easy way!)

Here’s the subjects that are covered:

Student Loans
Healthy Choice: Coconut Oil
Criminal Records: What You Need To Know
All About Home Inspections
Home Inspection Mistakes
Sagging Floors + Broken Boilers
Understanding Your Home
Student Loan Consolidation
GPS Guide
Financing Your Education
Windsor Pilates Guide
What You Should Know About Vitamin B12

You can resell, or promote for 100% Commissions.

If you are interested in any of the subjects, read the guides or listen to the MP3s (great for learning on the move, in your “downtime” such as relaxing, jogging, driving).

More importantly: you can use these as the start of a new Niche to market to. For example, with the Home Inspection Guides, you could put up a website giving one away for a signup, and sell the rest as an upsell. Or you could sell direct. Or you could use it as the key to a new Home Inspection site. The titles of Niche guides like these alone are sometimes enough to spark ideas!


Frugal Friday Dimesale 18

Here’s the brand new Frugal Friday offer.

This week it contains two great products: Online Success Goldmine and “Unleash The Creative”.

The first one that’s included – “Online Success Goldmine” has already been part of some other dimesales, so you may own a copy. If not, this is a good opportunity to get one. It’s a fully comprehensive guide to marketing that takes you from nothing to running your own sites. Ideal for newbies, but full of tips for more advanced marketers, too.

The second product I’m not really sure HOW to describe! “Unleash The Creative New You” is a self-help manual, that can help boost your confidence, avoid procrastination, have more energy, increase intelligence, and above all be a creative problem solver.

It’s not the kind of title I usually go for, but I found myself engrossed. It’s also a very popular subject if you are aiming to resell.

The Frugal Friday deal is right now $5 and you get both products above. You can also earn 100% Commissions. The price is rising. Master Resale Rights are included with both products.


Keyword Cash Generator

For just $5 you can own Keyword Cash Generator – a tool that can convert any links on your website(s) into high-paying affiliate links!

It’s simple to use. Just specify the keywords and affiliate links, select your HTML files, and let Keyword Cash Generator turn a “plain” text page into a highly targeted passive-income generator complete with anchored text links!

Tip: Convert your PLR articles into webpages and run this tool on them to create the kind of content site Google loves, complete with paying links…

Download Here

This is a DimeSale – starting at $5 and paying 100% commissions.


Frugal Friday Deal Dimesale

This weeks Frugal Friday includes “The Magical Formula For Creating Life Changing Income”. This is a very packed 12 Week Training Program for Internet Marketing that comes with full unrestricted rights, including Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights. The course includes text and video and you can simply enjoy it for yourself, sell it on, utilise the PLR rights to sell it `as something else` or just provide it to your own readers/visitors.

The second package in this weeks Frugal Friday is IPC Audio Wizard, which will help you get Audio onto your websites in 5 minutes flat :-)

BOTH these for $5 (if you act right now) and you can earn 100% Commissions…


End Of Year Firesale

Here’s Sharlene Raven’s “New Year Firesale”. Please note that the price rises every couple of days then the offer ends, so get it while you can.Right now you’ll get around 150 complete products with Master Resale Rights… And although this is a `pile em high` offer just take a look at the site before you make up your mind… 

I’d say about 75% of the products there I don’t already own! Believe me, that’s an amazing achievement in a collection this size. And while you won’t need or want everything that’s in there I guarantee there’ll be a few products you’ll like, and for the asking price it’s a no-brainer.

Sharlene is actually running this Firesale to raise funds for her hubby Scott who’s been ill for a while now. Everyone has their reasons for venturing into Internet Marketing and you’ve just got to admire hers.

If the products don’t interest you perhaps the opportunity will. You’ll get 50% commissions on your referalls. And this is a hot seller…



15 Membership Sites To Resell!

Here’s Ian Del Carmen’s massive Reseller offer.

Basically, he’s going to allow you to resell memberships to all his sites! Click below for details on this limited time offer, and see what sites you can resell.

This is strictly for those serious about online marketing. Just think of the opportunities here…

1. Sell memberships direct. You just accept the payment, through whichever method you wish, and send your customer to the registration page of the site they are joining.

2. Provide memberships as bundles. Again, you have full control – perhaps offer “2 for 1″ or “Buy One Get One Free” offers.

3. Run your OWN affiliate program for these memberships.

4. Actually give memberships away as bonuses

…or whatever you want.

Full details here:

Opportunities like this don’t come around often – so if you can see the gold gleaming already be sure to grab your licence before they sell out!


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