Resell Rights For Newbies

Are you the kind of person who’s mind swiches off as soon as people start talking about FTP, Uploading, Domain Names, Webhosts, Order Buttons and the like?

In other words – a Newbie?

We’ve all been there, and sometimes we forget that other people starting out in this industry don’t know what we know.

Here’s a great new site from Liz Tomey to help you out, full of VIDEO tutorials intended to get you up and running with your site selling your first Resell Rights product.

Resell Rights For Newbies

This is 100% free, and it will have you selecting a domain name, a host, finding a product, editing the webpage and accepting payments in no time :-)


A Quick Note about Super Gifts

If you joined the Super Gifts site through my link and were a little confused because it was all about `list building`, then you entered through the partner site. It’s the same site, but you may have been mislead. I’ll make it easier for you:

1. If you just want to download the gifts and freebies, join here

2. If you want to add your own products, and build a list, join here

Hopefully, that will clarify things a little! This is a site well worth joining, with many opportunities for those who grab them…


New Private Label

I have a brand-new package from Liz Tomey called “Private Label Rights In A Box”.

Here you can get four brand-new products, which are:

1. The Newbies Guide To Internet Marketing
2. Profit Paths Riches
3. My First Website (Video Course)
4. The List Builder (Video Course)

These all come with full Private Label Rights including source files, source graphics etc. That means you can edit these, perhaps add your links, or even turn them into entirely new products copyrighted to YOU.

You have two options to grab these:

A. Purchase direct from me for an unbelievable $19! This is over at:

B. Purchase the “Ultimate Private Label” Upgrade Pack – which now contains over 70 PLR products including these new additions. And any new products that come along are added here, so this is a one-off membership for everything there now, and added in the future.


Members Sites – Dimesale

* Create Your Own Membership Site – And Earn Recurring Income! *

There are many problems with the traditional method of online-marketing. The biggest is you simply have to keep on sourcing new products, and making new sales.

However, there is one way to bypass all that. Create your own Members Site, and automatically receive the membership fees each and every month!

This is the “holy grail” of marketing. Automated, recurring, income.

With Ultimate Members Site you’ll receive everything you need to start this lucrative line of business.

And you can free yourself from the endless selling process, and instead concentrate on creating a quality site and providing content to your members.

Let’s do some simple math:

1. Traditional Sales

To make an income of $120,000 a year, you need to make 6000 sales a year at $20 profit a time.

2. Membership Sites

To meet that goal, you need 500 members paying you $20 a month. And if you wanted to take a year to reach that level, you’d only need to recruit less than 50 new members each month.

There are many other benefits to running a members site. And since the value of a customer is far more than just the up-front sales, and because you’re not limited to just one members-site, the possibilities are far, far more exciting than this…

For more information please click below:

This is currently under a special offer. Starting at $5, the price is rising by $0.10 every 30 minutes, so it will never be lower than it is right now.

You can also promote for 100% commissions, paid direct to YOU for every member you refer. And since the price is raising all the time, just one sale could put you in profit because people buying after you may pay you more than you paid!

After 7 Days, memberships to this site will revert to around $29-$49. So act fast if you want a true bargain!


The Super Gifts

I already posted this over at the Freebies Blog but it’s worth repeating here.

Henry Gold has launched “The Super Gifts” – an ongoing giveaway site. But it’s much more than that…

As a member you get 200 points just for joining, which you can `spend` on some great products. You can earn more points in many ways.

You can also post your own products to the Gift Site and get some valuable subscribers. Rankings are determined by referrals, so it pays to promote!

There are commissions to be earned, amazing products to download, and much more going on in this feature packed site :-)

Join Free Here


New Dime Sale – PLR Articles

A new sale has launched at Ultimate Dime Sale. And I have a VERY special deal for you today:

“Private Label Article Blowout” !

Over 1000 hot Private Label Articles you can use as you wish…

* Build content sites, perhaps with AdSense of Affiliate Programs included
* Create hot eBooks and Special Reports the easy way
* Submit to Article Directories, with YOUR links included
* Resell to other content users

With these articles you’ll never be short of content!

As with all our Ultimate Dime Sales, this is starting at just $5 but the price is rising fast. (You’ll NEVER get it lower than it is right now!)

And – with our amazing 100% Commission offer just ONE sale will cover your small outlay. But because the price is rising, there’s a fair chance anyone purchasing from your link will pay MORE than you did!

This is brand new, just launched, so be among the first to promote…


New Private Label Rights

A new package of Private Label Products was released yesterday. I’ve already purchased them and added them to – so if you’re a member of the Upgraded package there go login and enjoy.

The products are:

“30 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips”
“Guide To Giveaway Events”
“Network Marketing Survival”
“Network Marketing Pitfalls”

All with no-restriction rights, source codes, graphic files, salespage, etc.

If you’re NOT a member of, you have two choices:

There’s already a price war on this product. In the space of a few emails I could have purchased it for $27, $20, $17 or $13! So what the heck – they’re great products, and used correctly you can do wonderful things with them. They’re stupidly underpriced but I know it’s just going to get lower, so… Click Here to pay $12 for the lot!

Your other choice is to purchase the complete Ultimate Private Label package. You’ll then get these products and over 70 others. Normally, you’ll need to join as a standard member, then upgrade at the One Time Offer to get the super-duper package. But, just grab the upgrade directly below, and you’ll get the standard package thrown in. In effect, that’s a $14 saving.

(You can also promote and get 100% commissions.)


Ultimate Dime Sale

I’ve promoted a lot of Dime Sales in the past. I love them, you love them, buyers win, sellers win – what’s not to like? So I’ve gone ahead and launched my own!

At “Ultimate Dime Sale” you’ll find two great products starting at just $5. But hurry, because the price is raising by $0.10 every 30 minutes. You can also – in the spirit of past DimeSales – earn 100% commissions, directly to your PayPal account!

Today, you’ll get:

1. The Auto-Wordpress Script

This allows you to use the fr-ee WordPress Blog platform to create automatically built content sites! Ideal for adsense, niches, SEO, wherever you need content.

2. Easy Poll Creator

This fully configurable script allows you to add Polls to your site. They can be images, text, or a combination of both. Use them to find out what your customers want and what they need. And then send them to a URL of your choice, ideal for a quick upsell!

For more information on both these products please visit

This sale will last about a week, and then be replaced by another. But you’ll never get the price lower than it is right now…

Purchase, and promote, and make back your outlay with just one sale. And hardly anyone is promoting right now – because I just created the site and I’m the only one who knows about it! :-)


Traffic From Youtube and Google Video

Here’s a great new video training product that teaches you how to get traffic from free online video sites.

It will help you get indexed quickly, and start reaping a share of the hundreds of thousands of hits these sites get.

Viral Videos Traffic Secret Expose

In 10 videos lasting almost 70 minutes you’ll learn how to quickly create slideshow videos with or without audio, use inexpensive or free webcam software, how to brand the videos to get hits to YOUR site – and much more.

The best thing of all: You can do this with the windows software supplied with most PC’s!

Just $9.97 – and you can even earn 100% commissions on referrals you make.

Click Here For More Details


Travel To Germany FireSale

Henry Griner’s Firesale launches today. This is a promotion, with a heart.Henry’s son Nate is currently serving near Nuremberg, but will be travelling to Afghanistan in early January, leaving his wife and 15 month old daughter behind.

Henry, his wife, and son understandably would like to meet with Nate before he flies out, and this new Firesale is aiming to raise funds to enable this.

Some great products on offer, with a good price, and you’ll be helping a worthwhile cause. 

This ends on Nov 30th, so if you want to help Henry out AND grab a great collection of products, please visit the url above.


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